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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: Every household have their own treasured baby egg 14

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“This little debt collector, why did she keep crying in the middle of the night?”

Pan Xiuluo, who was awakened in the middle of the night, could only put on her coat as she got out of bed to pick up the crying Jiang Liunan.

“Did you pee, or are you hungry?”

The old lady immediately checked her granddaughter’s diaper with her hand. It was still dry. Omitting that first conjecture, the old lady finally concluded that this child is finally hungry.

“Wait. I’ll bring you some milk.”

The old lady lightly pinched her little granddaughter’s ass with her hands as she uttered the sentence unhappily.

During the day, she had tried to feed this little granddaughter several times. Still, she had continued to keep her mouth firmly closed as her face flickered from left to right, letting all the goat’s milk in the spoon spilt on her bib as she refused to take a bite. Obviously, this child had a good appetite before. She is also very enthusiastic when it comes to milk, yet she acted as such suddenly. If it were not due to the absence of fever and heat rashes, the old lady would have doubted that she was sick.

Regardless of anything, the old lady could only prepare the milk for her granddaughter to drink.

Children also need to be feed in the middle of the night, so Pan Xiuluo had specially prepared a pot of goat milk in the room. At this moment, she already put the goat milk on the stove to heat it. After it got warm, she fed the goat milk to the child.


After waiting for a long time without drinking milk, Jiang Liunan’s cries became more and more heartbreaking.

Half of it was because he was accustomed to demanding things from those who loved him arrogantly. Since he did not immediately obtain his wishes, he started to play around with his temper. Another half was partly because he felt sorry for himself, thinking that he would have to stay in this girl’s body for a long time. Hence, he could not help but wanted to cry.

Their environment easily affects small children. Because of his constant crying, Jiang Chaonan, who was sleeping, was awakened. Her mouth started to twitch as she began to sob softly.

“Don’t cry. If you cry again, Grandma Wolf will take you away.”

You should not expect the old lady to have much patience with her granddaughter. It was already her limit to take in these two granddaughters under the dissatisfaction of her older daughter-in-law. To ask this old lady to treat these two granddaughters like her grandson is already beyond her limit.

The old lady was worried that their cries would wake up the son and grandson sleeping upstairs. Although she understood that the baby could not stop crying just like that, she still irritably warned them as such.

“You can drink milk soon. Stop crying.”

The old lady held and shook the granddaughter in her arms as she picked up the rattle on the side and waved it in front of the other granddaughter to make her stop crying.

Yet, Jiang Liunan could not stop crying until he gets to drink the heated goat’s milk.

There was a bit of fishy smell, but he inwardly ignored the smell as he swallowed the goat’s milk in the spoon due to his hunger.

When he was full, his strong spirit finally withered away. Jiang Liunan yawned and finally fell asleep. The old lady hugged Jiang Chaonan on the side as she fed her milk and then coaxed her to sleep.


Jiang Liunan’s mood was very contradictory.

On the one hand, he didn’t want to be a woman, but on the other hand, he couldn’t bear the hardship that came from resisting. After being hungry a few times, he started getting afraid of being starved and finally cried for milk.

eIn these days, he constantly wandered between resisting to crying and begging for milk. Moreover, because of the depression in his heart, he took crying as a common thing.

During this period, he discovered a new joy. He felt that his cries could make people around him turn on their backs. Seeing that they were as grouchy as he was, Jiang Liunan felt much better.

Why should he felt tired all by himself? Shouldn’t it be that his Grandma, mother and several sisters love him the most? Then, isn’t it a matter of course for them to accompany him to endure hardship?

Jiang Liunan did not think that he had done anything wrong. Yet, he had forgotten who he is now.

After a few days of trouble, Yao Huilan finally could not help it.

“Mom, this fifth girl is so noisy these days.”

Yao Huilan vaguely made her protest: “She always cried heart-piercingly in the middle of the night. Not only we, but even Xiao Bao’er and his sisters also could not sleep well. Besides, you are also getting older. It is too much for your old body to get up four to five times to cater for her in the middle of the night. Jianjun and I are very concerned about you.”

This fifth girl was also too difficult to deal with. She was clearly behaving well when they first brought her home from the second’s house. She usually ate and slept. She also seldom cried. For her being obedient and sensible, Yao Huilan finally agreed to let her mother-in-law raise this child.

But now it’s different. It was unknown if some evil spirit had possessed her body. During the day, she had always refused to drink milk. She even vomited it out whenever they tried to feed her. Despite being in winter, they had to wash many of her bibs.

Not only that, this child who does not like to drink milk during the day will turn into a demon at night. He can cry eight to nine times in one night. Almost every time she wakes up, it would be difficult for her to fall back asleep. Yet before she could rest, she was woken up again by the baby’s cries. Yao Huilan could not remember if she had a fulfilling sleep in these last few days.

Besides, Jiang Jianjun also spent more than half a year making money outside. Consequently, the couple also spent less time together. Hence, every time they managed to stay together, they will naturally become intimate. After all, their husband and wife were less than 40 years old. Obviously, they were at the age where they were quite active in that regard. Yet, they did not manage to get any during these days because of this child, making Yao Huilan a little irritable.

If it were her own child, Yao Huilan would endure it, but Jiang Liunan was Lu Xiaohua’s son. These days, they had helped them raise the child. Yet, Jiang Xiangdang and Lu Xiaohua have never visited them once, nor did they inquire about their children. What’s more, they had never shown their gratitude for it. Yao Huilan still could not help but felt that she had helped the white-eyed wolf.

“Yes, Grandma. Xiao Wu is too noisy. If she cries again, maybe we should take her back to uncle’s house and let them raise her.”

Jiang Liu, who was eating noodles, said the word maliciously as he watched Jiang Liunan, who is currently on a hunger strike.

Did he think that he was still the treasure of the Jiang family? Did he think that his cries would usher pity from the family? Now that he is noisy, the pit he digs into will become even bigger.


Jiang Liunan stared at “himself” with wide eyes. Is that still a human language?

What kind of virtue did his younger uncle, Jiang Xiangdang, has? That man did not even regard his daughter as a human being. When he was still Jiang Liu before, he still liked this younger uncle very much. Because the other party had no sons, so he expected him to provide for the elderly in the later years. After his father’s accident, this young uncle had forced several of his cousins ​​to support him (Jiang Liu). Later, when he could buy a house and a car to marry his wife, his uncle, Jiang Xiangdang, also contributed.

However, now, as Jiang Liunan, he no longer like this little uncle anymore. He deeply understood how he would be treated as the other’s daughter.

In his previous life, his cousin Jiang Chaonan was also raised in their family. The uncle’s family also did not care about this daughter. However, after Jiang Chaonan started working, the uncle’s family started to entangle themselves again and asked her to give them monthly alimony.

Yet, would Jiang Liu agree? At that time, he regarded Jiang Chaonan’s money as his own. After all, his uncle was still afraid that he would not give him the pension in his later years. In the end, he finally gave up the idea of ​​asking for money from Jiang Chaonan.

Now, he has inexplicably become Jiang Chaonan’s twin sister, which means that he will repeat Jiang Chaonan’s destiny in his previous life and has to raise “himself” to death.

What kind of grudge is this!

Jiang Liunan felt that “himself” was extremely annoying. Unexpectedly, that person did not have ounces of sympathy and even uttered such a rotten idea. He could not help but wanted to hit “himself” in anger.

“What Xiao Bao’er said is right.”

Yao Huilan’s eyes flickered. Her mother-in-law loves her grandson the most. Now Xiao Bao’er has spoken, her mother-in-law should put it into consideration.


Jiang Liunan was panicked. He quickly drank the goat’s milk in the spoon in front of him as he appeared eager to be fed, as good as he could be.

This kid?

Pan Xiuluo’s heart suddenly had a premonition.  Did she understand their conversation?

It just that this idea was ridiculous that Pan Xiuluo buried it in her heart: “Let’s look at her performance again. If the fifth girl still making noise in the middle of the night, I will send the child back to the second household. I should not add much burden to Zhaodi so, I’ll bring some goat’s milk and let her take care of her younger sister.”

It is definitely impossible for that second couple to raise this child. Yet, Pan Xiuluo also felt that the burden would be too heavy for her granddaughter, Zhaodi if she were required to take care of Liunan.

Yao Huilan also let out a sigh of relief when she heard the old lady’s decision.

However, after this conversation, Jiang Liunan had no longer cried in the middle of the night. Even if she were hungry in the middle of the night, she would sob quietly as she lay in the cradle with her eyes open, obediently waiting to be fed. Perhaps because she thought that the two children finally became worry-free, Yao Huilan no longer proposed to send the fifth girl back to the second’s house.

However, the more the old lady thought about it, the more wrong she felt. Looking at the little granddaughter whose attitude changed so drastically, only one word came to her mind—evil thing!


“Happy New Year, ah!”

“Gōngxǐ! Gōngxǐ!”

Starting on the 27th, the villagers who went out to work finally returned to the village one after another. Those who work in the city, and those who go out to work, followed the etiquette and brought gifts to visit the homes of some people who were close to them.

Jiang Jianjun could be considered as the elder in the Jiang family. Consequently, even though he was not very old, many juniors came to see him.

In addition to that, everyone also knew that Jiang Jianjun had made a fortune outside over the years. Hence, everyone is willing to have a good relationship with the rich Jiang Jianjun. For that reason, starting from the 27th, there was an endless stream of people visiting Jiang’s house.

“Everything is good.”

Jiang Jianjun replied cheerfully. However, to everyone’s surprise, Jiang Jianjun, as the host, did not only greet the guests but continued to stand by the wall in the hall without moving even half a step.

Is there something interesting on this wall?

Everyone approached the wall curiously. As expected, besides the place where Jiang Jianjun was standing, a few framed award certificates could be seen mounted on the wall.

Hanging in the middle was Jiang Liu’s Certificate of Achievement as an outstanding student. While on the side, there was also Jiang Shengnan’s. She has always been the best student in the class. Since the first grade, she had managed to receive several certificates of achievement from her examination.

Originally, Jiang Jianjun had never considered mounting his daughter’s certificate. However, as his son told him later on, having only one certificate hanging on the wall was not good-looking. His son also told him that these things would only look conspicuous if there were lots of them hanging at the same time. By doing so, people can see these certificates at a glance and know how powerful he was to give birth to so many promising children.

Jiang Jianjun thought that it made sense. So he took all the certificates of award available at home and mounted them.

As for Jiang Shengnan’s certificate, Jiang Liu and his second sister, who stay in the same room with her, naturally brought it out. Each certificate was fixed with a wood frame that has been varnish with a layer of glass blocking the paper from outside, making it looked extremely high-end. 

“Look at this. This frame is lovely, showing how skilful the carpenter’s craftsmanship was.”

Jiang Jianjun finally realized that everyone was now paying attention to the appearance of these certificates. Yet, he did not directly mention the certificates but instead praised the wooden frames that contained the certificates.

“Sheng Nan and Xiao Bao are very outstanding, ah. They have won so many awards. They must be able to enter college in the future!”

“Uncle Jianjun is so blessed to have such two clever children.”

The visiting guests praised Jiang Jianjun so much that he wished they could boast him a hundred times more.

On the other side, Jiang Lainan was standing with Jiang Shengnan. Jiang Lainan knew that she was not good at studying; hence, she was not jealous of her younger brothers and sisters, who got good grades. She knew how hard Shengnan worked on her study, while Xiao Bao was her baby brother. Hence, it was a matter of course for him to get a good grade.

On the contrary, Jiang Shengnan, who saw those meticulously framed awards and watched her father and visiting guests praise her, could not hold back her eyes for a while.

The taste of being cherished and recognized is great.

“The little brother asked me to show them to dad. You see how much little brother cared for you, ah. So, don’t keep staring at him like a black-boned chicken in the future. It would be best if you did not always make trouble with him. What grandma said is right. We should always be nice to the little brother, okay.”

Jiang Lainan leaned to her sister’s side and whispered.

Jiang Shengnan grumbled. Yet, she did not refute what had always been preached by her second sister to her for the first time.

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