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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 147

Chapter 147: This is a wonderful misunderstanding 1


Early in the morning, as the morning sunrises, the whole city gradually wakes up as the streets and lanes begin to get lively.

The endless streams of streets were filled with busy people and early risers.

Yan Yicheng drove out of the villa in his own car. Instead of going directly to the company, he drove his car around a bend and went to one of his most frequent eateries…

In the city centre, Yicheng Media.

“Good morning!”

“Good morning!”

For others, it was just one night. However, for Xia Beibei, she has completely transformed once again.

Before going out today, Xia Beibei specially dressed up and drew light makeup. She, who had always adorned her hair in a long ponytail, had let her hair down today. She even specially used the hairdryer to blow out her hair, resulting in a relatively fluffy and cute look.

Xia Beibei: Is this baby having it easy? Look at me, sacrificing my sleep time, sacrificing my breakfast time! All just to achieve this beautiful look!


Perhaps because of what happened in the cafeteria yesterday, Xia Beibei was also a Yicheng Media celebrity.

Therefore, as soon as she went to work today, people around her would subconsciously greet her and then turned around to whisper at each other–

“Come here. Did you see that? She is the hapless person who was stared at by President Yan!”


“My condolence to her!”

After receiving the attention all the way, Xia Beibei could not help but straightened her back subconsciously- Today, this elder sister’s look sure turn one’s head ah. Hahahaha, there is definitely hope to snatch the Male God into my hand, ah…hahaha…

Everyone: …

This girl is sick…


On account of Yicheng Media being the industry leader, the planning department’s legal case was numerous. So much that your hand could cramps from it, ah!

For almost the entire morning, Xia Beibei was immersed in the mountain of copywriting. When she was having her lunch at noon, she still has not settled her work.

So tired…

Yan Yicheng was simply an evil capitalist! So much work, yet there is no processing fee. There is not even meat for lunch! I want to give him a bad review! Negative ratings! Let him lose ten points!

With endless resentment, Xia Beibei went to the staff restaurant and still found a remote place to sit. While eating, she scrolled down until she found Gu Yan’s number——


Send message?

Forget it, let just send him a WeChat.

Xia Beibei pondered for a long time and sent a message to Gu Yan through Wechat–

Xia Beibei: Senior, do you have time tonight? I want to treat you to dinner!

After the chat was sent, Xia Beibei felt that her heart was hung in the air that she could not help inwardly chant—Hurry up and reply, ah! Quickly reply to my message, ah!

It will be great if you have time for it. Even if you do not, we can still change the time and make another appointment!

Yet the result…

The whole afternoon had passed, yet, Gu Yan still did not reply to Xia Beibei’s chat.

Xia Beibei:…

The male god must be very busy. Yes! The big boss is always so busy. Why don’t you look at the Boss Yan of our company?

Boss Yan…

Thinking of Yan Yicheng, Xia Beibei’s expression suddenly changed. She nervously took out her phone and checked it several times.

Gosh, nearly ​​scared this baby to death! This time, this baby really did not have a hand slide and send it to the wrong people, ah!

Well, no, this baby did not have Boss Yan’s WeChat ID, okay.

Hey, since it was correct, why didn’t you reply to me…?

Although she has repeatedly comforted herself, Xia Beibei was still feeling very depressed. When she returned to her office from the cafeteria, she became even more worried as she looked at the pile of documents on her desk.


Taking a deep breath, Xia Bei Bei sat down as she tried to raise her spirit. She then lifts her hand and habitually flipped through the top file. As a result, she only flipped a few times before a red reward coupon fell out from the folder that she had been holding to.

Um, did someone sneaked in at noon to post an advertisement’s pamphlet?

Are the “no handouts” written below the office building a decoration? Are the security guards blind as well?

Xia Beibei was not surprised to face this kind of situation. She raised her hand and wanted to throw away the voucher. However, when the corner of her eye swept the name of the store, Xia Beibei immediately stopped her action–


Isn’t that the most famous hot pot restaurant in the city?


Xia Beibei was stunned for a moment. She quickly took the reward coupon and placed it in front of her to take a closer look. It turned out to be a 100-yuan coupon!

Is the owner of that restaurant crazy?

Or is it because I wanted to invite seniors to eat hot pot that I have such a strange hallucination?

Xia Beibei sat on the seat and shook her head vigorously. She then patted her cheek and finally looked at the voucher carefully for a long time. There is nothing but one truth—This is really a 100-yuan voucher! Moreover, it has not even expired!

This is simply a pie in the sky. Does God also wish to help me connect with Senior?

Xia Beibei was thinking about it inwardly when she suddenly received a new WeChat message on her phone——

Gu Yan: I am sorry. I saw your message at a meeting at noon. I am free tonight. What would you like to eat?


Xia Beibei jumped excitedly when he saw Gu Yan’s message. As a result…

The whole office looked at her with inexplicable sad eyes–

Girl, you are courting disaster, simply courting disaster! You are really courting disaster!


The smile on Xia Beibei’s face froze because she saw a tall and slender figure standing outside the office door.

There was no expression on that stern face, but those cold star-like eyes gave her a deep look.


Boss Yan, I did not deliberately do this on purpose. I am not absent-minded while working, ah!

Xia Beibei wanted to explain but saw Yan Yicheng quickly turned around and left.


There must be some urgent business for Boss Yan, right? He would not care about this little transparent person like me, right? Right?

You are not playing with me, right…

It was said that a security guard fell ill last year but still insisted on going to work and sticking to his post. Everyone respected him, but because he was sick, he took a few pills. He then squinted for a few minutes during the lunch break but was severely reprimanded and fired…

Boss Yan!

Come back quickly!

Is it already too late for me to explain?

With a tangled expression on Xia Beibei’s face, Yan Yicheng has long since disappeared…

Back in his office, Yan Yicheng, who had been showing stern expression, finally softened his face involuntarily as the corners of his lips slightly lifted.

In fact, he also deliberately looked at the entrance of the staff cafeteria at noon. However, just a glance at Xia Beibei, who sat listlessly in the corner, already made him aware that she was in a bad mood.

Today she deliberately dressed up and looked pretty good. Then why did she looked so depressed?

This question was obviously too difficult for Boss Yan!

Nevertheless, that is okay. After all, Boss Yan always have his own secretarial team!

Sister Ma Li, the chief secretary, claimed to be the number one gossiper in the entire office building. No, she is the number one expert in the emotional matter.

Hence, during the lunch break, Yan Yicheng called Ma Li into his office——

“Ma Li, if a girl wants to invite her sweetheart to dinner and deliberately dresses up very beautifully, yet she hasn’t told that person even after a long time, and she still looking unhappy. What the reason could it be for that?”

Ma Li:…

Boss Yan, did you watch any weird TV series recently? Or are you planning to switch our media company to a film and television drama?!

“Boss Yan, this…”

Ma Li pondered for a while. Um, is Boss Yan testing me on my qualification again?

Oops, this is not difficult! Watching dog blood TV series is simply a daily practice in the secretary team, ah! Any dog-blooded plot will not be able to hinder our smart and beautiful sister Ma Li!


With the solution and stratagem in her mind, Ma Li immediately looked at Yan Yicheng with a beaming smile and softly said: “Boss Yan, do you think that girl is afraid that her sweetheart will reject her, so she is very nervous now? Well, if you follow the usual idol dramas.No, I mean, in general, maybe that girl is someone in a poor financial condition? And perhaps, that man is very rich?”

Yan Yicheng: …

Why is Ma Li so smart? She can still guess this?

Everyone: …

Boss Yan, it is time for you to go home and watch TV series. Remember! Be sure to watch the fruit channel at 8 PM!

[T/N: It seemed that when Hunan Satellite TV introduce the fruit concept channel [Mango channel], many TV circles have been following suit, calling their channel with fruit name. I guess the 8 PM is a time slot for drama]

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