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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 148

Chapter 148: This is a wonderful misunderstanding 2


After being surprised that Ma Li could deduce the situation between him and Xia Beibei, Yan Yicheng nodded and said softly, “That’s right!”

He looked at Ma Li with a serious face. With a barely detectable eager tone in his voice, he continued: “Go on!”


Ma Li got the affirmation from her own boss and immediately burst into joy: “According to my years of watching TV, no, from my years of love experience, that girl must not know what she should ask the boy to eat. She might also worried that her money will not be enough to cover that dinner! Another thing, she might actually feeling worried in her heart that he will reject her. Usually at this time, the male lead, um, I mean her sweetheart! If he likes that girl, he should do this, that and all those sort of things. Boss Yan, do you think this is correct?”

Yan Yicheng: …

Falling in love is really a technical job!

That is right. The truth of the matter was like this. Therefore, when Xia Beibei returned from the lunch break, there was an extra one hundred yuan coupon on her desk.

Boss Yan was the one who quietly placed it there. It was no more than a hundred; hence, it would not arouse any suspicion.

Ahem, the most important thing was that this hot pot restaurant was the one Yan Yicheng frequent to. In fact, he has already picked up these vouchers from the shop in the morning. These vouchers were originally meant to help Xia Beibei pay the bill for their dinner at night. However, after listening to Ma Li, Yan Yicheng decided to give the voucher to Xia Beibei in advance…

After doing all this quietly, Boss Yan still felt it to be unreliable. He simply waited for Xia Beibei’s return in a secluded corner.

Because he was afraid that due to Xia Beibei’s silly character, she would treat that voucher as an advertisement and throw it directly into the trash can!

However, it turned out that Xia Beibei’s classmate is indeed quick-witted.

Um, no, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

Outside the Planning Department’s door, Yan Yicheng felt very comfortable seeing Xia Beibei jumping up happily.

Ahem, people who do not know the truth are always the happiest.

Boss Yan, you have to continue to hold on regardless of your future adversity and pain, okay!

Today was a very ordinary day for the employees of Yicheng Media. Still, there is one person in the company who was an exception.

That person was Sister Ma Li.

“Ma Li!”

When the internal telephone rang for the thirteenth time, Ma Li’s face that had been smiling suddenly turned a little stiff.

“Boss Yan! There is still 15 minutes before the time to clock off!”

Before Yan Yicheng could ask her the time, Ma Li answered quickly.

After a few seconds, the call was automatically hung up.

“Sister Ma Li.”

Shen Lu on the side looked at Ma Li inexplicably: “Boss Yan… is there something urgent today?”

For him to keep asking about the off-duty time is abnormal!

Boss Yan has always been the most punctual. Even without looking at his cell phone or watch, he can tell the time exactly to a second based on his own feelings.

Will such a god-like man need to keep asking others about time?

Weird! Absolutely weird!

Shen Lu squinted her eyes as she staring suspiciously at Yan Yicheng’s general manager’s office.

Ma Li, who was on the side, could not help raising her hand and tapping on the back of Shen Lu’s head: “Shen Lu, are you so idle? Stop gossiping. Is it really your job to worry about Boss Yan’s matter? Immediately go back to work!”

“Oh, I got it.”

Hearing Ma Li’s words, Shen Lu immediately nodded like a chicken pecking at the rice. She then returned to her seat and immediately get busy.


Ma Li inwardly murmured to herself. This kind of thing really makes sister Ma Li wishes to gossip.

Yet, speaking of it…Why the hell did Boss Yan keep asking about the time?

Could it be related to the thing he asked her at noon?

Could it be…

Someone wants to confess her feeling to Boss Yan?

Thinking of this possibility, Ma Li immediately could not keep her calm.

God! God! God!

So in my lifetime, I can still witness Boss Yan’s dating and gossip about his sex scandal?

As a generation of a gossiper, no, Ma Li, as a generation of emotional experts, she has been working at Yicheng Media for five years. Five years, ah!

In the past five years, the company’s secretaries had been changed batch after batch, and only elder sister Ma Li stayed.

Do you know why?

Of course, it is because your sister Ma Li is a splendid person with ​​both intelligence and beauty!

Everyone: Please speak human!

Well, that was because elder sister Ma Li had already been taken at that time while the other shameless little bitches tried to get Boss Yan’s attention. The final outcome was naturally an appalling scene of de-vas-ta-tion!

Stroking one’s hair coquettishly?

Yan Yicheng: Ma Li, this person is ill. Fired her! 

Applying makeup conspicuously?

Yan Yicheng: Ma Li, who is this person? Fired her!

Throw herself to Boss Yan’s arms?

Yan Yicheng: Ma Li, in the future, every time the Secretariat plan to recruit people, you must include a physical examination. Not only would they change their appearance every day. This person could not even stand steadily and lisping on their words. This kind of people should be omitted.

After five years, Sister Ma Li has finally had an all-around and solid understanding that her boss is a love idiot!

There was no difference between a woman and a piece of fat or a piece of paper in front of him.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?

To be angry for the sake of beauty?

How could this kind of thing happen to Boss Yan! Absolutely impossible!

Therefore, there was no chance for her to gossip about Boss Yan’s love scandal in her lifetime. Thus, this could be considered a great regret for Sister Ma Li.

But now, suddenly, the wind is surging, and the peaks are turning!

Almost subconsciously, Ma Li glanced at the small clock on her desk—

Ten minutes to get off work!

She suddenly felt a little excited…

Planning Department.

Ten minutes to get off work…

Xia Beibei worked extremely hard today to complete all of her tasks ahead of schedule. At this moment, she was calculating the time while staring at her mobile phone in a daze.

She had made an appointment with Gu Yan, and she was waiting to get off work!

Oh my god! Why did ten minutes feel so slow?

General Manager’s Office–


Yan Yicheng tried to compose his pounding heart. He finally calmed down.

His hands were almost uncontrollable as he desperately wanted to dial the inside line. However, at the last moment, he suddenly opened his eyes.

There were five minutes left.

Four minutes, three minutes, two minutes, one minute…

“Boss Yan!”

At the end of the day, Ma Li knocked on the door of Yan Yicheng’s office.

“Boss Yan, it’s time to get off work!”

“Well, I see, you go first.”

Yan Yicheng nodded at Ma Li. At this time, there was a hint of excitement in his tone that was not easy to be noticed by others,


Ma Li glanced at Yan Yicheng quietly, and then walked out of his office slowly——

Boss Yan should be waiting for someone. But who is he waiting for?

Do I want to…

Oops, curiosity killed the cat. Ma Li, sooner or later, you will be burned to death by your own burning gossipy heart!

Forget it, just die…

Central office building, 1523 on the 15th floor.

Xia Beibei rushed down the stairs, almost like a wind, after she got off work. Yes, it was the stairs. It was really not a wise choice to squeeze into the elevator at this time. Fortunately, the floor differences between Yicheng Media and Gu Yan’s Windrunner Planning Company was not much.

When Xia Beibei came to the door of 1523, she took a few breaths first and then took out the newly bought small mirror. She looked at her appearance that was reflected in the mirror. En, not bad. She is still a girl full of youthfulness!

Smile, smile!

With a bright and charming smile, Xia Beibei walked slowly into the front office of Windrunner.

“Hello! Miss, our company is already off work!”

The beautiful receptionist saw Xia Beibei’s figure and immediately smiled and said.

“Uh, I’m not here to talk about business, I’m…”

“She is here to find me!”

At this moment, a clear and pleasant male voice rang. Xia Beibei saw Gu Yan walking out with a coat in one hand and wearing a casual suit with a smile on his face: “Beibei, have you been waiting for a long time?”

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