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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 149

Chapter 149: This is a wonderful misunderstanding 3



Xia Beibei straightened her back when she saw Gu Yan’s figure and smiled at Gu Yan: “I just got off work and the time is just right. Senior, let’s go!”


Gu Yan nodded as he raised his hand and patted Xia Beibei’s shoulder: “Let’s go. I will go to the parking lot to pick up the car first. If we are going to Poinsettia at this time, the probability for us to face a traffic jam is quite high.”

Seeing those two people left while talking and laughing, the little girl at the front desk blinked as she quickly took out her mobile phone and dialled a number: “Hey, it’s me… Sister Jiang Xue…”

At this time, Yicheng Media.

The lights in the entire company’s office were already turned off, making the atmosphere very quiet.

Yan Yicheng still sat straight in his office.

It was already ten minutes after the time to get off work.

Yan Yicheng kept staring at the door, but unfortunately, the imaginary knock on the door did not happen.

This, perhaps, the longest ten minutes in Yan Yicheng’s life. It was even more difficult than the ten minutes before the time to get off work.

He lowered his eyes and looked at his mobile phone screen. There was a Weibo message he had sent one minute before the time to get off from work. At this time, the message on the cold-lighted screen appeared as if laughing at something silently.

Yan Yicheng’s eyes gradually became deeper and colder.

“Turn on the tracking system!”

He suddenly whispered. Immediately, a translucent panel appeared again in midair.

“Scan this plane and track the whereabouts of the member of the Star Villain Club, the Intermediate Villain, 109!”


Two seconds later, a huge red dot appeared on the map on the screen——

The red dot was currently in the middle section of Ulsan Road and currently moving at high speed!

Yan Yicheng looked at the red dot, and involuntarily squinted his eyes.

That is… the only way to go to Poinsettia from the company!

Yan Yicheng waved his hand gently, and the screen in the air disappeared. He stood up, picked up his windbreaker, and rushed out of his office.

“Yan, Boss Yan…”

As soon as he left the office, Yan Yicheng saw Ma Li sneaking outside the door.

Ma Li:…

Suddenly she had a feeling as if her end is coming. What excuse should she put forward?

Yan Yicheng glanced at Ma Li and passed her without a word.


Ma Li inwardly took a deep breath. What a stroke of luck! The black-faced Boss Yan must have not seen her. But…is that even possible?

“Ma Li.”

When approaching the corner, Yan Yicheng suddenly said in a low voice: “Follow me!”

“Huh? Oh!”

Ma Li was stunned for a moment and then reacted immediately as she quickly caught up with Yan Yicheng’s pace.

Ma Li’s small heart continued to palpitate as she watched her boss go downstairs in a natural and unforced manner before entering the car, started it, and then proceeded to drive like a lunatic as per his usual style.

Fortunately, she was familiar with Boss Yan’s driving style for a long time. She had already bought traffic accident insurance four years ago!

Still… this Sister Ma Li did not want to die, ah! If she dies, won’t those little biyatches go to take advantage of it and snatch her husband? 

While Sister Ma Li was thinking about it, she suddenly heard the sound of “crunch” as Yan Yicheng slammed the brakes. The car had stopped firmly in front of the entrance of a small alley.

This is…

Ma Li looked out the window dazedly. When she saw the bright “Poinsettia” red lantern, she immediately became dumbfounded——

Your mom, Boss Yan, are you driving a car or an aeroplane?

This hot pot restaurant is half an hour’s drive from the company, okay! How did you arrive here in mere 10 minutes?

Of course, this is not the point. The point is, what the hell are you doing at this small intersection? A feeling of being a stalker suddenly rose in Ma Li’s heart. Could it be…?

“Look at the door.”

At this time, Yan Yicheng, who was in the driving position, finally opened his mouth as he said in a low tone.


Ma Li nodded subconsciously. Did Boss Yan bring her here to spy on the enemy? Or… to identify some customer?

Ma Li was thinking about it when she saw a familiar Lexus parked in the parking lot in front of Poinsettia.


Ma Li looked at the car, as she could not help but muttered softly, “It is Chief Gu’s car, ah.”

Gu Yan was also very famous in the central office building. As the most gossipy person, no, the most informed woman in the entire office building, Ma Li was naturally very familiar with this highly eligible bachelor.

At this moment, she also saw another charming figure stepping out of Gu Yan’s car.

“Oh my god!”

Ma Li could not help but exclaimed again: “Xia Beibei!”

Xia Beibei was very popular in Yicheng Media recently. Sister Ma Li naturally knew about her. She was even informed about her more than others.

“Boss Yan. Xia Beibei, why is she with Gu Yan?”

Gu Yan’s Windrunner Planning Company and Yicheng Media is a competitor in the industry. Although the two companies have always been minding their own business, they could inevitably be considered rival working in the same trade. To avoid some bad rumours, the employees of the two companies never talk to each other.

Could it be that… Xia Beibei is actually the spy from the Windrunner side?

Therefore, the purpose that Boss Yan brought her here this time is to catch the couple on the act?

Uh, no, why does the word [catching the couple on act] feel so peaceful?

[T/N: Zhuōjiān – The actual meaning of this word is to catch a couple in the act (adultery, illicit sexual relations). Though, in a sense, it does reflect the situation, but at the same time, it doesn’t. LOL]

At this moment, without Ma Li’s reminder, Yan Yicheng naturally saw Xia Beibei’s figure. With his enhanced five senses that were higher than an average human, he did not only saw the smile on Xia Beibei’s face but also heard the conversation between her and Gu Yan——

“Senior, I heard that the hot pot in this restaurant is delicious! Well, do you like to eat hot pot?”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s question, Gu Yan smiled softly: “Well, I love eating hot pot.”

“That would be great. Let’s go in!”


Seeing the two people entered Poinsettia side by side, Yan Yicheng’s face completely sunk——

Gu Yan.

He also graduated from the same university as Yan Yicheng.

Therefore, he was also Xia Beibei’s senior.


The email from Xia Beibei that day was actually meant for Gu Yan. She, who was facing her upcoming death that day, had just sent Yan Yicheng a resignation letter. Because of her nervousness, she accidentally filled the wrong recipient in the contact column and incorrectly sent that love email…

Yes, that is the truth.

Sure enough, the truth was often a bit cruel compared to the beautiful misunderstandings.

At this moment, no word in the Xinhua dictionary can describe Boss Yan’s current mood.

His deep sea-like eyes followed Xia Beibei’s figure as he watched her and Gu Yan find a seat. His eyes continued watched the two of them sat at the dining table, chatting and laughing.

Inexplicably, Yan Yicheng’s emotions began to become restless.

“Ma Li.”

He calmed his mind and suddenly turned his head to look at Ma Li in the back seat.


Ma Li was startled by Yan Yicheng’s ugly face at this time: “Boss Yan, are you feeling sick? Do you want to go to the hospital?”


It was really uncomfortable.

He really felt very uncomfortable in his heart. This feeling was like being pressed by a big rock. He could not breathe; his head was numb, while his mood started to get uncontrollable.

Tonight, Yan Yicheng was finally taught the first lesson in love——

When you mistakenly thought that a person likes you, and you slowly like her, the ruthless reality will tell you that it had always been your own misunderstanding as you imagine that your love was being reciprocated. This feeling was beyond words and could painstakingly press you down.



Yan Yicheng turned his head and stared at Poinsettia’s glass window. Through the window and the crowd of tables and chairs, he could clearly see the appearance of Xia Beibei.

“Ma Li, if you like someone but that person doesn’t like you, what would you do?”

“Continue to pester that person.”

Ma Li replied without hesitation: “I managed to seize my husband home by constantly pestering him, I…cough cough, Boss Yan, I…”

Halfway through, Ma Li suddenly realized that she was talking to Yan Yicheng, and she immediately became embarrassed: “Boss Yan, I’m joking! This… There are plenty of fish in the sea!”

There are plenty more fish in the sea. Yes, ah. He had always listened to others saying this; even Yan Yicheng had always felt that those who could not extricate themselves from their love are being unreasonable. For him, human feelings are sometimes more of a burden than a joy.

But now…

His mind and heart were filled with the same face. After experiencing this, he suddenly understood that the so-called [There are plenty more fish in the sea] was the most helpless comfort.

There are countless people in this world, but there is no one else exactly like you.

After all, it is only you that could make my heart beat faster.

This is really a problem without a solution. 

T/N: Ouch the revelation is hurt. Boss Yan abusing his power and system LOL to stalk people

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