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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Every household have their own treasured baby egg 12

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“Fourth girls, fifth girls, you must be obedient and take good care of your elder brother when you grow up.”

Lainan hummed a little song. Like playing with a doll, she fed her two cousins ​​with goat milk with a small spoon.

Now that school is off, Lainan has taken over taking care of her two cousins from her grandma. She, who often mimicking her grandmother’s actions, had now started to instil the idea of taking care of her brother to the two younger sisters who had yet to understand the world.

“Little Boer is your lucky charm. You will surely love your brother when you grow up.”

[Jiang Liu] had long recognized Jiang Lainan’s appearance after thinking about it. At this moment, his heart despaired as he listened to the other party calling him fifth girl, as he silently imagined that all this was a dream.

How could he be born together with Jiang Chaonan? How could he become the child of that trash uncle and aunt?

Even more so, how could he be a girl?

Even though he refused to accept the fact, after listening to the name that other people had been chanting for so many days, [Jiang Liu] could only accept that he has become the fifth girl.

Yet, because he was still too young to turn over and could not feel the difference in his lower body, [Jiang Liu] had constantly brainwashed himself. Maybe that [fifth girl] was just a nickname that he was still a man.

“Lainan is a good girl.”

The old lady saw Lainan, who is currently feeding the fourth girl with goat’s milk while teaching the two babies to take care of her brother. The old lady was relieved and felt that the effect of her education for so many years was very significant.

For example, Lainan was adamant about her educational policies and resolutely put them into practice. Apart from other things, she is the best among the sisters in caring for her younger brother.

The old lady was not stingy with praise because she knew this could urge Lainan to make continuous progress.

“You have to listen to the second cousin’s words and take good care of your brother in the future, okay?”

The old lady hugged the fifth girl who had been lying in the cradle, thinking about his life as she took another spoon and nursed her.

Yet [Jiang Liu] ended up spitted the milk that had been given to him.

He felt that it was better for him to die now.

“Why won’t you drink it? Aren’t you hungry?”

Pan Xiuluo was a little puzzled. Yet, the fifth girl turned her head and seemed to refuse the milk. However, thinking that Lainan had fed her before, Pan Xiuluo put the child back into the cradle without thinking too much.


“Boss, why are you so good?”

A group of small radishes came down from the vehicles and walked around Jiang Liu as they made their way back to the village from the bus stop.

Today was the day when they go back to school to get their report. Because it was only an elementary school, more people scored double 100 points in the first and second grades. As for the upper grades, none of them managed to grab double 100 points this time around.

However, Jiang Liu is different. His score was even better than double 100.

In this year’s mathematics final exam, the mathematics teacher had added questions to the test paper. Because it was an Olympiad question, the difficulty was equivalent to the fourth grade’s math level. In the second grade, only Jiang Liu managed to get it right. Hence, his mathematics score is 110 points. In addition to his full score in Chinese, his total score led him became the first place in the whole year.

His brothers were envious, especially those in Jiang Liu’s class. When the math teacher took the report today, he used nearly half an hour to praise Jiang Liu.

Due to his good grades, Jiang Liu also won the certificate of outstanding students. The certificate was golden in colour, and there were many red flowers on it. It must be awe-inspiring to stick it on the wall at home.

There were also three pencils awarded for the first place, which was from the Zhonghua brand. They looked impressive.

“Of course? If not, how could I become your Boss?”

Jiang Liu raised his chin and walked in a kingly manner. He did not seem to feel shameful behaviour to beat a group of small carrot heads by relying on his top mathematician’s abilities.

“Boss, I failed the exam this time. Can I still address you as Boss?”

A fourth-grade boy sniffed through his nose. His eyes were red. He had been holding his two test papers and asked Jiang Liu.

Why is he so stupid? Boss managed to take 110 in math, yet, he did not even manage to get half of the boss.

“According to the rules, you can’t. However, I will make an exception this time around. During the winter vacation, you should honestly finish your winter vacation homework. If you did not understand anything, you could come to me. Additionally, if you can pass the first test at the beginning of school, I will still be your Boss!”

That fourth-grade kid was so big that Jiang Liu, who was two years younger than him, could barely reach his shoulders on tiptoes.

“I’ll work hard, Boss!”

The big guy was so excited, as he received the kind comfort from his Boss. He even half-squatted himself so that his Boss could pat his shoulder better.

Scheming bitch!

Although no such word existed in the current era, the first reaction in the hearts of all the younger brothers watching this big man who put himself up in front of Jiang Liu’s eyes was similar.

Especially those who did not pass the exam this time around. Many of them wondered why they did not think of this trick; otherwise, they would be the ones who could now get the opportunity to receive guidance from the Boss himself.

Everyone knew how generous the Boss is and how friendly the elders in his family are. With the New Year’s approaching, those elders must have many goods bought for the celebration. If they could use the excuse to visit the house for learning, would it not be possible for them to encounter those elders often?

In this way, sour plum powder, fruit peel, chocolate milk candy… these countless snacks could finally be eaten into their stomach.

What a miss calculation!

A group of younger brothers gritted their teeth, wishing to kill the big guy with their eyes.

“Goodbye, Boss. Boss, please walk slowly!”

Jiang Liu’s home was not far from the village entrance, so he was also the first to arrive home. Before parting, that group of loyal little brothers did not forget to bow deeply to their Boss and sincerely watched their Boss entered the door.


Because of the Chinese New Year, Jiang Jianjun finally returned home after a long time outside, trying to earn money. Hence, in the past few days, he had been sleeping late to make up his rest. So, Jiang Jianjun, who just got up and was about to brush his teeth in the yard, saw this scene similar to the army act of the soldiers saying goodbye to the old chief.

What the heck is this situation!

Jiang Jianjun was a little confused.

If he remembered correctly, the last time he went home, he found that the bear children in the village had united in fooling his cub. How could they change their attitude now and become respectful to their son?

Jiang Jianjun rubbed his eyes. Could it be that he had been sleeping for too long and was confused?


Jiang Liu’s clear shout made Jiang Jianjun realized that this was not a dream, and he was not confused. Everything he saw just now had truly happened.

“How, what—”

Jiang Jianjun opened his mouth wide, but he could not form the intended sentence out.

“Dad, the final exam results.”

Jiang Liu took out the two test papers and handed them to Jiang Jianjun. In the middle of the two papers was the certificate he received from the school.

“110 points! Since when did the full score become 110?”

Jiang Jianjun was originally holding a water cup and toothbrush. After taking the test paper with one hand and seeing the scores on it, he suddenly panicked. He did not dare to hold the water cup and toothbrush anymore, fearing that the water might wet the test paper.

“Full, full score!”

The surprise came too suddenly. Jiang Jianjun could not remember how many points his son had taken in the final exam last time. Still, he remembered that his grade was not much better.

It was just that he had never cared about his son’s test scores. In his opinion, the school was only meant to make him literate. He had thought about it a long time ago. If his son could not study, he will take him out after graduating from junior high school and let him take over his own small business.

Yet, it is not to pay attention to it, and it is another thing to be happy with the high score in the exam.

“There is also a certificate, outstanding student, ei you, ei you!”

Jiang Jianjun looked at the few lines on the certificate. He had never been so happy like this, even when he made money for the first time.

“Dad, I also got a perfect score.”

The siblings should have gone to school today. Still, Jiang Lainan felt uncomfortable when she got up in the morning, so she asked her sister, Jiang Shengnan, to help her get her final report card. Jiang Shengnan had been talking with her class teacher about her performance for a long time. She also had to help her second sister get the grade report, so she stayed at school for a while.

She took a later bus than Jiang Liu did. When she returned, she could not help but see her father holding his brother’s test paper.

This made Jiang Shengnan felt a little jealous. It seemed that his father had never been so happy because of her perfect score.

“Good, good, good. Very good.”

Jiang Jianjun put his hand into his pockets, grabbed a handful of change before putting it on Jiang Shengnan’s hands, and said: “Buy whatever you like.”

For his children, he had never been stingy with this pocket money.

Even when he handing the money to Jiang Shengnan, Jiang Jianjun’s eyes had never left his son, Jiang Liu’s test paper.

“Dad, you are partial!”

Jiang Shengnan pursed her mouth as she twisted the test paper in her hand into a ball. She then rushed inside and saw her second sister and grandma were feeding the child in the hall. Without saying hello, she dashed into her room.

Jiang Liu saw this and followed.

“What happened?”

The old lady was baffled. She sighed suspiciously as she watched her grandchildren, who disappeared into the room like a gust of wind.

“Mom, your grandson, my son got a perfect score.”

Jiang Jianjun was full of eyes that his son got full marks on the test and won the certificate. As for the third girl that had been accusing him of being partial, he thought that it would be fine to buy some food to coax her when the time comes.

Besides, isn’t it normal for him to be partial to his son? After all, he also did not mistreat this girl either. Jiang Jianjun still felt that the stinky temper of the third girl needs to be changed. He did not feel that he did anything wrong.


Sure enough, when he said that, Pan Xiuluo was also getting distracted.

“Hurry up and take it over for me to see.”

Pan Xiuluo looked at the full score paper and the certificate paper: “My dear treasure, he had brought honour to our Jiang family. Hurry up. Find someone to mount this certificate. Where should we hang it? Here or there?”

The mother and son discussed where to hang the award. As for the episode just now, it completely left their mind.

Yet, [Jiang Liu], who heard this conversation, was puzzled at this time.

Did he ever take a double hundred score when he was a kid?

Why did he never know that he was so fu*king awesome before?

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