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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 11

T/N: 3 chapters for today. Don’t wait up for more LOL~

In the evening, except for Jiang Jianjun, who was making money outside and Jiang Yanan, who was learning tailoring skills in the county town, the whole family looked at the two babies full and asleep while thinking deeply.

“Mom, these fourth and fifth girls have their own father and mother after all. So, I’m afraid it won’t be good for us to raise them up.”

Yao Huilan said slightly. She did not want to raise these two children for the second household.

These two girls were indeed very pitiful, but her family’s money was not coming from the wind ah. When there is one, there is two. In the future, if there is more difficulty in the second family, do they have to take care of the lives of their five girls.

Yao Huilan has three daughters herself. She has no shortage of daughters, and naturally, she did not want to raise two girls who are not related to her.

Her daughter-in-law’s words made Pan Xiuluo’s old face hot. Although the daughter-in-law said it tactful enough, Pan Xiuluo could still understand that she was to blame for being nosy and not caring about the first household’s benefits.

“You haven’t seen what happened during the day, Huilan. If the second couple raised these two girls, they would probably not going to live for many days. Even if they were small, it is a life, let alone our blood and kin.”

Pan Xiuluo looked at the two ignorant children. She understood all the principle. Yet, can she watch the children die? She could not make it through her heart.

“If it’s money, I’m still have a bit of private saving.”

Pan Xiuluo paused after speaking; she originally planned to leave those things to her grandson.

Pan family was a family with a background and wealth. In order to run away from the calamity due to the political situation of that time, the Pan family pretended to be refugees and settled there. When Pan Xiuluo got married, her mother secretly gave her a dowry. Pan Xiuluo had preserved those things well.

In fact, those things did not worth much. After all, she is a daughter, and her family has several brothers. Most of the money was definitely reserved for her brothers. Pan Xiuluo has some brocades, silver jewellery, and some delicate porcelain and bronzeware.

It’s just that in those days, she did not dare to use this thing at all. If they were seen, the whole family would suffer, especially during the famine years where no money could be used to buy food.

Pan Xiuluo endured heartache and burned the brocade that was most difficult to hide. At the same time, some valuable jewellery and ware were buried in the ground. They were not dug out until a few years ago.

Silver jewellery is a value-preserving item. As for the porcelain and bronzeware, the things came from the Republic of China period. They were all half antiques and worth a bit of money.

When the family was separated, Pan Xiuluo gave her younger son a tea set and a silver bracelet. The latter was confiscated due to the first over-birth with Wangdi. At the same time, an unknown family planning officer smashed the former.

Pan Xiuluo gave the most valuable gold ring to her elder daughter-in-law. The remaining silver was melted, and she gave her little grandson a set of bracelets and anklets.

Besides that, she had something left for herself, and the money was given by the eldest son for her. Every time he came back was enough to support two little girls.

Pan Xiuluo thought: Raising these two girls actually doesn’t cost much. How much can the little girl eat? If they get older, she can let them go to school and find a college graduate’s grandson-in-law in the future. These could be considered as a future help to her grandson.

“Mom, I don’t think these two kids will use much money.”

Yao Huilan was a daughter-in-law. Her status was weaker than her mother-in-law was, especially when her husband was still filial to his old mom. At this moment, her mother-in-law was determined to raise these two children. Therefore, what else could she say?

“Huilan, mom knows you are a good girl.”

Pan Xiuluo also knew about Yao Huilan’s grievances. She took Yao Huilan’s hand, planning to use feelings to touch other people’s hearts, and use reason to make others understand.

“You are the great hero of our Jiang family. You raised children for our Jiang family, and took care of the housework. Now that our family is living so well, you hard work is indispensable. Mom remembers your contribution.”

The old lady softly said: “Mom knows that this situation is quite awkward for you, but mom promises you. After this, if the second couple dare to trouble you and my eldest son with this, mom will not be the first to spare him.”

Yao Huilan was the kind of woman who respects people who respect her. She also the kind that eats soft but not hard. Now listening to the old lady praising her, saying that her life was also not easy, Yao Huilan also felt softhearted.

She thought that when she gave birth to three daughters in succession and when outsiders pointed out that she was a saline soil, it was the mother-in-law who stood outside the yard and quarrelled with those people. It was also her mother-in-law who asked her husband to raise the daughter and recruit a son-in-law in the future.

Although she knew in her heart that the mother-in-law wanted to hug her grandson and complained about her having three daughters in succession. Yet, her mother-in-law affirmed her in front of outsiders and did not force her husband to divorce her and find another woman to have a son. This one thing made Yao Huilan grateful to this mother-in-law.

Besides, over the past ten years, this pair of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have been getting along very well. The mother-in-law was not the kind of evil mother-in-law who was bias and indiscriminate. Now she begs her so much, could she continue to disagree?

It is just two female dolls. They could not eat much. At most, it is difficult to raise them when they were young. However, since the mother-in-law said that she would be responsible for it, there is a big probability that she will not trouble her with the twin. As long as the second child did not pick the fruit after the child grows up, Yao Huilan did not feel it is unacceptable to raise her nieces.

“Jianjun marrying you is really his blessing. You are not only beautiful but also virtuous. Whose daughter-in-law can accept the adoption of her next-door niece? If this news spreads, who dares to say that you are not good? If a stepmother came to visit, I can proudly say that my eldest son’s wife is the most kind and generous person in the whole world. She is simply a fairy descending to the earth with a bodhisattva heart.”

The old lady continued to spout one praise after another that the basket was almost overflowing. How could Yao Huilan defend against those praises, ah? She immediately defeated by the old lady’s offensive.

“Okay, okay, let’s raise them.”

Yao Huilan also felt that although someone would scold her for being stupid when this incident happened, she should still be praised for being generous. The reputation of her as a mother is good. Can the reputation of her children be worse? The eldest daughter would soon come to a marriageable age; therefore, this matter may be a good trick if handled well.

“Lainan, Shengnan, Xiao Bao, what do you think?”

Yao Huilan also asked those children for their opinions, but it was a pity that the eldest daughter was not there.

“Okay, during the holidays, I can still help feeding my sister.”

Jiang Lainan said happily. Her temper is soft. It was estimated that she feels good about everything the adults say.

“Raise it.”

Jiang Shengnan’s attitude was dispensable. Her temperament is a little lonely. These two were her cousin. No matter how it was still her relative.

“It’s great. When they are sensible, I will accept them as little girls, and they will follow me in the future. I will take good care of them and love them.”

Jiang Liu watched that the two did nothing but eating and sleeping. He had not yet revealed his special treatment to the twin sisters and only emphasized care and love.

For his little sister Chaonan, he would naturally care and loves her. As for the original body, he hopes that she can withstand the “care” from her brother.

Her son and daughters had agreed, especially her son, Jiang Liu, who showed a great desire for his sisters’ arrival. Hence, Yao Huilan’s only hesitation disappeared.

In the evening, Pan Xiuluo took Yao Huilan and said something to her for a while, mentioned that if they managed to cultivate the two girls well, in the future, they could become a support for Jiang Liu.

The Jiang family’s current yin was prosperous, and Yang was declining badly. Among the children of this generation, there were eight girls, and only Jiang Liu was male. Whatever happens in the future, Jiang Liu could only rely on his sisters and brothers-in-law. The better marriage his sisters were, the better his prospect will be. In fact, this matter will also help in strengthening Jiang Liu’s own capital.

The old lady’s remark made Yao Huilan come to her sense.

Of course, there is another prerequisite. They should not raise a white-eyed wolf. Yao Huilan decided that when raising these two nieces, they must pay close attention to their character. If the girl was crooked from the root, she would definitely not help Jiang’s second couple raise it.


Time flies quickly. The end of the elementary school’s final examination also ushered in the winter vacation. Subsequently, Jiang Jianjun, who had been earning money in other places, also rushed back before the upcoming Chinese New Year. He was already aware of what had happened at home recently. Hence, as soon as he returned, with the old lady behind his back, he went to Jiang’s old house to beat up his decadent brother. After coming back from the old house, he acquiesced in raising his two nieces at home.

The two girls were now more than forty days old. Some time ago, Pan Xiuluo had bought a milk-producing goat. The twins who finally drank the milk began to take off the red skin and became white and fat.

Perhaps due to the premature birth, the two children developed slower than normal babies did. Both of them did not like to cry and slept nearly 20 hours a day.

“What are the names of these two children? It would not be good to continue addressing them as fourth girl and fifth girl.”

Jiang Jianjun, who had been teasing his two nieces, asked his old mother.

“Since you are going to raise them now, it is better for you to name them yourselves.”

Pan Xiuluo also remembered that she had yet to name the two children. With the matter came to light, she decided to let her elder son help pick their names.

“Or maybe we can follow the way Yanan and her sister being name by including the word [Nan] in them?”

Jiang Jianjun thought for a while: “The fourth girls will be called Chaonan, while the fifth girls will be called… Liunan.”

Jiang Jianjun had attended a literacy class for a few years. Over the years, he had also delved into the business world and learned some words. Yet, letting him pick up a good name for the child was really difficult for him.

“Jiang Chaonan and Jiang Liunan. These names really sound pleasant.”

Pan Xiuluo never considered the significance of their name. After all, when they got married, most of the times, people around them will address them as so-and-so family’s daughter-in-law. 

The fifth girl’s name seemed to be a bit similar to her little grandson. Hence she could not help putting emphasis on it. One was Jiang Liu, and the other was Jiang Liunan, with an additional character at the end of it.

Nevertheless, Pan Xiuluo did not tangle too much with this issue and soon started calling her granddaughters with their new names.


[Jiang Liu] current day was full of confusion. There seemed to be noisy voices in his ears. Yet, the picture in front of him was blurry. He wanted to hear and see clearly, but his ability could not keep up with his intention. He was often fast asleep, but he can often felt a warm liquid flowing into the throat, which seems to be a good thing that keeps him alive. Hence, [Jiang Liu] had always been drinking very actively.

However, he remembered that he was already dead. His children were not filial at that time, and his wife only cared about her natal family. After he was sick and paralyzed in bed, they have been ignoring his existence. [Jiang Liu] remembered that he died in a very awkward manner. At that time, his bottom was already festered with urine and faeces. It seemed that he was so hungry that he tried to get the cold bread from the bedside table. Consequently, he accidentally fell off the bed and fell to death.

Where is he now? Is he in hell?

This was the question that [Jiang Liu] had been thinking about these days.

As the chaos lengthened, he was finally able to see clearly, as the conversation in his ears became distinct.

[Jiang Liu] watched the face of an adult man magnify in front of his eyes. The dusty memory unravelled as he recognized this person as his much younger father.

What the hell is going on!

[Jiang Liu] was shocked. Did he reborn?

A burst of ecstasy swept through his brain. [Jiang Liu] ‘s mind flashed through a series of a novel about a reborn stallion male.

[T/N: Stallion novel is a novel genre with Male Protagonist cruising his life while showing off and changing his female partner often. Compared to the harem novel, the stallion novel did not focus on the emotional aspect; hence, the female partners only there to mate with the Male Protagonist like a stallion, and hence why it called as such. The description is taken from Baidu, LOL]

He wanted to invest in stocks. He wanted to speculate in the real estate’s business. He also wanted to invest in Ma Yun and Ma Huateng, who have yet to succeed in their venture!

[T/N: Ma Yun (owner of Alibaba) and Ma Huateng (Owner of Tencent)]

God really treats him well. He no longer wishes to meet his vicious wife from his previous life. In this life, there will be countless beauties waiting for his love and affection. He will be the richest man in China!

The excited [Jiang Liu] did not even consider his true situation at this time as he began to dream of his bright future.

The next day, Jiang Liu came to see his two little sisters as usual. Since the thought of his rebirth was so pleasant, when the energetic [Jiang Liu] saw his childhood face magnified in front of him, he could not help but become panic-stricken.

After he was reborn, he saw his father and himself again, so whose body he had been reborn into?

An ominous premonition came to his heart.

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