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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 10

The follow-up effects of over-birth were obviously endless.

First of all, Lu Xiaohua, who was taken to the hospital for examination, was identified shortly because she had just given birth to two more children. After that, the Family Planning Bureau cadres brought a group of people over and took away everything that could be confiscated from the Jiang second household.

The chickens and ducks raised at home, the wardrobes, tables and chairs, pots and pans, and even the crops and vegetables grown in the ground that have yet to be harvested were all taken away.

However, even so, these confiscated things were still not enough to pay the fines for over-birth.

Some people know that Jiang Xiangdang’s eldest brother Jiang Jianjun was rich and wanted to ask Jiang Jianjun to pay the fine on behalf of his brother. Yet, that idea was finally turned down since the Jiang family has already been separated. Once there is such a precedent, the public grievances will not be able to be suppressed. Over the past few years, the masses and the Family Planning Office have reached a state of incompatibility. If it happens now that the younger brother has more than one child, the older brother will have to pay the fine compulsorily. They were afraid that many families would fall out. When the time comes, the family planning bureau will have to eat and die.

Yet, without paying the fine, the newly born twins couldn’t register their permanent residence. It was the same in previous life. It was not until Jiang Chaonan reached the age of primary school and need to register her permanent residence did the Jiang family tried to find a way to settle the fine.

Because they did not get enough stuff to cover the fines, the angry family planning staff simply smashed Jiang Xiangdang’s house, destroying two of the four walls, leaving only a few mutilated walls to support the roof as it teetered in the cold wind.

It was estimated that such a house could no longer be used.

In addition to the above-mentioned troubles, the most desperate person was Jiang Xiangdang, who was forced to undergone ligation.

For a pedantic and ignorant man like him, being ligated was equivalent to trample his masculine dignity under his feet. After this, everyone would know that Jiang Xiangdang was not a complete man. Just imagining what kind of expression those villagers would have, Jiang Xiangdang already wanted to die.

Jiang Xiangdang was frustrated and desperate. So was Lu Xiaohua.

She also felt that there would be no hope for the future without a son, and her old age would be miserable.

The two heads of the family were all decadent at the moment, and only the old lady Pan Xiuluo can cheer up and help run the family temporarily.

She asked the villagers to clean up the Jiang family’s old house. In the beginning, when Jiang Jianjun built a new house, he used the furniture newly made by the carpenter. The old furniture in the old house was still in good condition. Pan Xiuluo sorted out several sets of kitchen utensils, plus some old clothes that her elder son does not wear at home. She planned to let her younger son’s family live like this first.

Fortunately, Jiang Zhaodi and Jiang Pandi were already almost a big girl. With the help of the old lady, they can support the normal operation of the family.

However, there is one thing that little girls like Jiang Zhaodi can’t do, and that is to breast-feed their younger sisters.


“I said Lu Xiaohua, this is also your daughter, why is your heart so cruel?”

Pan Xiuluo admitted that she has been accommodating to her younger son’s family these days. She actually not a good-tempered old lady. But her little son and daughter-in-law had made her angry for days that her temper finally broke out after holding back for several days.

The old lady was angry because her little daughter-in-law refuses to eat, resulting in no milk to feed the child.

“Son, why isn’t that child a son?”

Lu Xiaohua showed a sad expression as she turned her head and did not want to see the two thin and small girls. She continued to babble, making people having a headache.

 “Do you really want to leave the girls alone? You think I am so cheap to cater all your mess. Since the child’s mother doesn’t want to care about it, why should I care?”

Pan Xiuluo angrily put the two granddaughters at the bed’s head and then turned to go out.

Yet, even though her words were cruel, in fact, she did not go far at all at this moment. She continued to look at the scene in the room through the gap in the door.

Pan Xiuluo was also a mother. She had five children, and one of them was a daughter. Although she was also a patriarch, her daughter was also a piece of meat that fell from her body. How could she not feel hurt from it?

When her three children starved to death and died of illness, Pan Xiuluo also wished to go with them, but she still had a living child to take care of, so she gritted her teeth and held back the pain and survived.

Yet, this pain has been buried deep in my heart. Whenever the night was quiet, she could not help but think of her three poor children. It was sad that they have not caught up with the good times. If they were still alive now, how happy would she be?

Pan Xiuluo also lamented that her family was too poor at that time, and she did not take pictures of her few children. Otherwise, she could not look at them whenever she started to miss them. However, when she turned her head to think about it, if she had the money to take pictures of her children at that time, these several children will not starve to death.

Pan Xiuluo felt that Lu Xiaohua would not really abandon these girls, so she pretended to be angry and ignored her granddaughter. She decided to secretly observe her. She felt that when Lu Xiaohua calmed down, she would still take care of the two children.

However, a scene that shocked Pan Xiuluo happened.

Lu Xiaohua stared at the two children and then moved her feet. Because of her movement, one of the two children rolled towards the edge of the bed. When she looked a little further, that child was about to fall out of the bed.

Because they were twins of premature birth, the two children were fragile. The fourth girls weigh three catties, while the fifth girl weighs two catties, which was not much bigger than a slap of an adult man.

Besides, Lu Xiaohua also lacked milk, and the two children were yellow and thin. These days, if Pan Xiuluo used millet to make rice porridge for them every day and soaked them with malted milk. If not, maybe these two children would not survive.

A carpenter made the bed in the old house of the Jiang family. It was half a meter above the ground, and it would be difficult for a child to climb up. If a baby of this size falls off, he or she either will die or become disabled.

“Lu Xiaohua, your heart is really poisonous, ah. People say that a tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs. You are not as good as a beast, ah. What kind of pot deserved what kind of a lid? My stupid second son is really a matched pair with you.”

Pan Xiuluo rushed in. Before the child fell off the bed, she stretched out her hand and hugged it into her arms.

Lu Xiaohua did not expect Pan Xiuluo to watch outside the door. Her heartbeat stopped in a fright. Her lips were moving, yet, she could not speak.

It had just occurred to her, by some accident, that if the children died, their family life would be better. Now the family was almost out of money and goods because of them. Therefore, it would be a disaster to raise two more children.

For that reason, she moved her feet quietly. If the two children fell and died, it would be the end of everything.

“Mom, I can’t help it either, ah. It also hard for me, but, my life is really bitter, ah.”

Lu Xiaohua cried miserably, but Pan Xiuluo was not softhearted. Lu Xiaohua was the one who adamant about giving birth to the child. She, as her mother-in-law, had never pushed her to do it. Was it her fault that she made her life so miserable?

Pan Xiuluo, who had more hard times in her life, could not understand Lu Xiaohua’s hardship and only hates her cruelty.

“Jiang second, you come out here right now, if you were still a man!”

Pan Xiuluo took the two children to kick on Jiang Xiangdang’s room. She did not believe that such a big movement went unaware by the other party.


Jiang Xiangdang stood at the door with a beard and a haggard expression, not looking at the two children in Pan Xiuluo’s arms.

“I should have given them to someone else to raise before. I have three girls. Wouldn’t these two add more to the chaos? Now it is all right. The wall of my house has been stripped, and I was caught and ligated. Mom, are you satisfied now?”

Jiang Xiangdang spoke as he blamed all this on the old lady.

If it were not for the other party asking him to bring the child back, perhaps the person in the family planning office would never know about his wife’s secret pregnancy, nor would he take away all the valuables from his family.

Even more, they will not hold him for ligation, and maybe he still has a chance to have a son.

Pan Xiuluo was annoyed by her younger son attitude of shirking responsibilities.

“You actually blame me now.”

The old lady trembled. She was speechless: “Okay, it’s me who is nosy. I do not want to care about your business in the future. Even if you go and beg for food, don’t come to me ever again.”

“As for these two girls, if you do not want to raise them, they will have nothing to do with you in the future.”

After that, the old lady turned and left with her two granddaughters.


As she walked out, Jiang Zhaodi, who had been hiding when her parents were arguing with her grandma, ran out crying. Her face was full of panic and fear.


Seeing such a granddaughter, the old lady sighed.

“Zhaodi, you are the eldest sister. From now on, you will protect Pandi and Wangdi. If anything happens, come to your uncle’s house to find me. Your parents are unreliable. You have to stand up by yourself.”

The old lady thought for a while and took out a handful of money from her pocket. Not much, just a dozen of yuan.

“Don’t let your parents know about the money.”

After that, he patted her granddaughter on the shoulder and left with a sigh.

After all, she did not teach her son well. Even though her mouth was cruel, saying that she would no longer care about the son, but he was still her son. Was it possible for her to truly ignore him?


Pan Xiuluo walked all the way back to her elder son’s house. At this time, her elder daughter-in-law, Yao Huilan, went out to buy vegetables, and several granddaughters and grandsons had yet to come back from school.

She put the two babies on her bed and finally calmed down after drinking a cup of cold water from the thermos.

Just now, she had said those words harshly, but these two granddaughters were yet to be a full moon.

Am I going to raise these two babies by myself? What should I say to my eldest son and daughter-in-law?

Aye, children are really their parents’ debt, ah! 

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