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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 9

“Don’t say too much. Take people to the hospital first.”

A middle-aged woman carrying Lu Xiaohua saw Jiang Xiangdang’s attitude and immediately guessed his identity. Facing the husband of this distant niece, she also felt a little guilty at this time.

Lu Aijuan was Lu Xiaohua’s distant sister-in-law. She married to the south a few decades ago. When this distant niece contacted her and said that she was coming to her to raise a baby and avoid the family planning officer, Lu Aijuan was very reluctant. After all, her man was a factory worker. If this matter was exposed, they might be implicated by it.

After the intermediary said that Lu Xiaohua was willing to give her living expenses and help with some housework, Lu Aijuan agreed to let this distant niece, who she had never met, come over.

Lu Xiaohua was indeed as meek and honest as what the intermediary had told her, even a little timid. At first, Lu Aijuan was embarrassed to let this big-bellied distant niece do the housework, but who knows that the other party could not stay idle and seemed to be worried that she will drive her back to her hometown. Therefore, she had been striving to perform at home. As time passes, Lu Aijuan also got used to throwing the work at home to this niece.

However, this throw had brought trouble back to her.

Just now, Lu Aijuan was choosing vegetable to cook, and Lu Xiaohua, who should be in the public pool, washing clothes, suddenly called out. When Lu Aijuan heard the noise, she saw Lu Xiaohua holding her enormously big stomach, crying out [Ei you. Ei you].

Lu Aijuan was an experienced person. Seeing her like this, she immediately reached into Lu Xiaohua’s pants and felt it was wet, hence, guessing that Lu Xiaohua was about to have a premature birth.

Now she was unsure whether Lu Xiaohua had a premature birth because of the twins or because she was so tired from washing clothes. Henceforth, she was a little guilty when facing her niece and son-in-law.

“Yes, yes, go to the hospital first.”

Lu Aijuan’s husband, who was also Lu Xiaohua’s uncle from afar, quickly took over the conversation. This group of people hurriedly stopped a tricycle and sent Lu Xiaohua to the nearest hospital.

Before the reform and opening of the trade to the outside world, Pearl City’s Textile Factory was also one of the province’s largest factories. However, in recent years, with the increase of Hong Kong’s businessmen and many self-employed individuals who came to the south for gold nuggets, the factories they opened had produced many cheap and fashionable fabrics. The state-owned textile mills who continued to stick to the rules ended up gradually being suppressed by these small factories. To the point where they could not even pay their employees.

However, the lean camel was still bigger than the horse. When the textile factory was making a good profit, a unit hospital was built not far from the family building. So Lu Xiaohua was able to be sent to the hospital immediately after.

Lu Aijuan consciously went through the hospitalization procedures and paid for the hospitalization fee. She did not expect Jiang Xiangdang to return the money to her. After all, their family’s cost of living in recent days has never come from her end.

A group of people waited anxiously outside the delivery room, all of them looking worried.

Jiang Xiangdang was worried about his son while Lu Aijuan and others were afraid that something wrong might happen to Lu Xiaohua. Lest they might have to bear the blame.

Perhaps because of the frequent work, Lu Xiaohua’s physical fitness was excellent. In addition to that, she has given birth to three children before. This time she able to deliver the baby smoothly. After three hours, the nurse finally came out of the operation room.

“Nurse, how about it? Is it a boy? How many boys?”

Jiang Xiangdang immediately rushed forward.

Since family planning started, nurses have seen more men acting like this.

“It’s girl, two girls actually.”

The nurse, who was caught by Jiang Xiangdang, awkwardly informed him of the news.

This answer was no less like a thunder in a clear sky for Jiang Xiangdang.

[T/N: Unexpected]

“How come they are two daughters? At least one of them must be a son. Did you change my son? Do you want to secretly sell my son and fool me with these two money-losing goods?”

Jiang Xiangdang could not believe this fact. He had given birth to three daughters. This time it should be a son.

“Comrade, please calm down. We are a regular hospital. How can we do something like human trafficking?.”

The little nurse who was held by Jiang Xiandang was almost crying in pain. Seeing Jiang Xiangdang’s gaffe, Lu Aijuan and others hurriedly stepped forward to stop it.

“Xiaohua’s husband, in fact, girls are actually pretty good too. Girls are caring, unlike boys who can only be naughty.”

Lu Aijuan was feeling fidgety. If she had long known earlier that letting this distant niece come over would cause such troubles, she would not be so greedy for that little living expenses.

“How can it be the same, with this, I’ll have five—”

Jiang Xiangdang wanted to refute. When Lu Aijuan heard that he was about to talk about the children in his hometown, she quickly stopped his words: “Now that the state has a policy, a family was only allowed to have one child, so you must accept your fate.”

She was afraid that Jiang Xiangdang would stupidly tell others that he already has three daughters in his hometown. If these nurses heard him, they would definitely inform the family planning office.

Jiang Xiangdang’s dizzy head became a little soberer. He walked to the corner in despair and squatted down as he desperately tugged at his hair while occasionally hammering his head heavily with his hands, with a look of grief.

At this time, Lu Xiaohua in the delivery room was no better than Jiang Xiangdang.

“Impossible. I did not give birth to these two money-losing goods. What about my son? Where did my son go? You return my son to me.”

As a husband and wife, Lu Xiaohua’s brain circuit was the same as Jiang Xiangdang’s.

She firmly believed that at least one of the two children she pregnant with this time was a boy. How can she accept the news that she had given birth to twin girls?

Thinking of her five daughters, thinking of her husband, who might be angry at this moment, Lu Xiaohua’s eyes went dark before she passed out.


“Good day, Boss!”

Different from Jiang Xiangdang and his wife’s despair, Jiang Liu’s career as a big boss in the school can be said to be flourished.

A group of followers greeted him as soon as they saw Jiang Liu walked into the school. When Jiang Liu walked into the classroom, someone graciously moved the chair for him so that he could comfortably sit down.

The people on the side were no longer surprised at this scene. On the contrary, many students looked enviously at those who can be Jiang Liu’s younger brothers. After all, they knew that if they can become Jiang Liu’s younger brothers and be recognized by him, they will be able to get a lot of snacks.

“How about the completion of the task that I gave you last week?”

The early self-study was yet to exist. Hence the first class would start at 7:30. Now, there was still nearly half an hour before the first class start.

Jiang Liu, who was sitting at the desk, asked while opening his schoolbag. He then took out a bunch of snacks and put them on the table.

Among them were lollipops. These lollipops were not the kind of lollipop with various patterns and shapes in later generations but a long, slender, colourful candy with a taste similar to maltose. These candies were wrapped in relatively thin plastic tubes, and you need to bite out the candies with your teeth.

This was the lollipop of this era. Ten sticks for a dime can last these children for a long time.

At least forty or fifty of such lollipops were placed in front of Jiang Liu.

There was also lard candy, which was a candy made from lard and flour. The taste was soft, smooth and sweet yet not greasy. These lard candies were wrapped in a semi-transparent paper coat. The paper coat was printed with a picture of a naive panda. Many children used to lick the paper coat after eating these candies.

You can buy three of these candies for a dime. Currently, there was a small bag of such candies in front of Jiang Liu.

Besides, there were also orange candies. This candy came with a shape of orange petals and sprinkled with powdered sugar on the outside. There were also rice crackers and dried sweet potatoes. At this age, these snacks were delicious delicacies that these children could not help but love.

“It’s done. Me first, me first!”

Yu Cheng, the first boy who dared to touch porcelain after Jiang Liu came to this world, took the lead.

He stood in front of Jiang Liu, prepared to make his move, as he took a deep breath.

“On the day of hoeing, sweat drips into the soil… there was bright moonlight in front of my bed, and I suspected it was frost on the ground… I have finished. I have memorized all the ancient poems that were required to be recited in the textbook.”

When he had finished, Yu Cheng let out a long breath. He really did not waste his whole Sunday.

“Very well, how many candies do you plan to borrow? You can borrow up to ten candies after memorizing ten ancient poems.”

Jiang Liu pointed to the pile of things in front of him and said.

“I want ten lollipops.”

Yu Cheng thinks lollipops are the most delicious. Furthermore, he can eat ten lollipops for a long time.

“Okay, this is yours.”

Jiang Liu counted ten lollipops and then took out a small book to write down the account. On a certain year, a certain month, and a certain day, Yu Cheng asked him to borrow ten lollipops. When he grew up and worked, he needed to repay 11 lollipops.

Looking at the small notebook’s thickness and the debts previously recorded under Yu Cheng’s name, it can be seen that this was not the first time they have done this.

After Yu Cheng, a group of younger brothers rushed forwards to perform in front of him.

Some recited poems like Yu Cheng. Others will let Jiang Liu gave them a quiz on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Anyone who passes the test can borrow snacks from Jiang Liu.

“Boss, why are we taking this test?”

A lean little man could not memorize those ancient poems proficiently, and now he cried and watched others eating candy with relish.

“Why don’t we test who can fight better? I can fight fiercely. Boss, is there anyone that pissed you off? I can help you fight whoever.”

The little guy really could not understand. Whose boss acting the same way the teacher and cares about their learning. They should find an opponent for fighting. After all, he often fought with another small gang in the village. Hence, he would surely get first place.


Jiang Liu patted the man’s small brain: “What’s the use of having muscles? Look at the real power on the battlefield. Who is not a staff officer standing in the rear while directing the movement of the army? If you don’t read and study, can you be as good as others?”

Jiang Liu was also idle and doing nothing. Therefore, he plans to reform his little brothers. Since they love snacks, so he tried to entice them to study hard by using those things. He did not ask them to learn well; at least they should not waste this hard-earned opportunity to learn.

In this era, many families still did not pay much attention to learning, especially in the countryside. Many parents’ goal for their children was not to let them be illiterate. After graduating from junior high school, they just can go home to the farm.

Yet, Jiang Liu, as someone who has been through it, knows the importance of knowledge. As long as he managed to lure a few of them into learning, the future may be different for them.

“Furthermore, I am your Boss, ah. If you fail the exam and stay in the hall, wouldn’t I, your Boss lose my face?”

Jiang Liu excitedly uttered such words. Additionally, he also did not forget to smack the table in an imposing manner.

Just because the movement was too big, some candies on the edge of the table rolled down.

Jiang Liu hurriedly bent over to pick it up, but he forgot how many clothes he wore today. Those pieces of clothes restricted his movement, and he could not even bend his waist. He looked like a little crab with teeth and claws, yet he still could not pick up the candy.

Fortunately, his younger brothers were really good and helped him to pick up the fallen candies and put them back on the table.

“Cough, cough!”

Jiang Liu touched the tip of his nose. It seemed that as their Boss, he had lost some of his face.

Jiang Shengnan happened to come to her younger brother’s classroom to find him. When she went out during the day, she accidentally took her younger brother’s lunch box by mistake. She only found out when she was just about to hand it over to the life committee.

She looked at this prodigal brother of hers. Obviously, she ought to be angry with him. However, after looking at her usual arrogant little brother, who acted as a small crab, she could not help but smile.

Forget it; wait for lunchtime to exchange the box with him.

Jiang Shengnan thought that his younger brother probably would not want to see her now, so she just took the lunch box and left without looking back.

Jiang Liu did not know about this episode. After regaining his composure, he began to assign tasks to the boys.

“In the next final exam, if you can get a double hundred, the reward will be three packs of sour plum powder and two packs of figs. If you get a hundred for each subject, the reward will be two packs of sour plum powder and one pack of figs. Those who have more than 90 points in both assignments will be rewarded with two packs of sour plum powder. If there is a single subject over 90 and the other over 80, you will be rewarded with one pack of sour plum powder. If anyone fails the exam, he will be expelled from being my younger brother and you do not have to call me your Boss anymore.”

Jiang Liu made a final plan for his younger brothers and then rushed his grimaces younger brothers to their respective classes.


Seeing the few candies left on his table, but the loan list was full once again, Jiang Liu could not help sighing.

It seemed that being a Boss nowadays was not a good idea, ah. Now is time for him to think of a way to make money.

Considering how much he was favoured at home, Jiang Liu felt that selling cute may be a good way to make money.


After living together for half a month, Jiang Zhaodi’s sisters became a lot more lively. Their changes were visible to the naked eye. Jiang Wangdi, the youngest and least sensible, wished to live in her uncle’s house from now on.

Yao Huilan also likes these three little nieces, especially the elder niece Jiang Zhaodi. This child was too sensible and always rushes to help Yao Huilan with work. Hence, Yao Huilan did not have any grievances about these three children living in her home.

Moreover, Jiang Zhaodi was indeed pitiful. Yao Huilan thought about what her son said inadvertently that day. She should send her elder niece to study tailoring and become a companion for her daughter.

It just that it’s not easy to do it. First, the apprentice has to pay the teacher tuition fees. Although the tuition was not high, only 20 yuan a month, this was not what the second Jiang willing to give.

Second, the big reason why Jiang Zhaodi must stay at home and cannot study was that the second family needs the help of this eldest daughter to do the housework and help taking care of the youngest, Jiang Wangdi. Now Lu Xiaohua was about to give birth again. She was afraid that it would be impossible for the second family to let the child learn tailoring.

After all, these children were not her own daughter. Even though Yao Huilan intended to mention this matter and probed the second household’s tone, she did not mean to force them to do it.


The whole family expected that Jiang Xiangdang’s couple would not return until at least two months later, considering that Lu Xiaohua had to be in confinement. Yet, Jiang Xiangdang was so ruthless that he returned with Lu Xiaohua and his two daughters one month after he left.

Counting the half-month time spent on the road back and forth, even if Lu Xiaohua give birth prematurely before Jiang Xiangdang arrived, the time differences were still not enough for her to leave the confinement.

Pan Xiuluo and Yao Huilan, who heard the news, rushed to the village entrance, just in time to see the second couple who came back with a dark face.

At this time, many people were at the circumference of the village’s entrance, and everyone pointed at the two children held by Lu Xiaohua.

“Old Jiang, what’s the matter with these two children?”

The caring person immediately guessed that Lu Xiaohua did not go to her distant relative’s house to help her relatives take care of the pregnant mother. Instead, she went to her relatives to hide and raise her baby. Hence, the babies she had in her arm should be hers and the second child of the Jiang family.

Looking at the couple’s expression, both of the babies should be girls. Therefore, the second Jiang has gathered five golden flowers! What kind of sin had he committed in the last life to let him give birth to five daughters in a row?

This was the idea of the ignorant villagers. In their view, Jiang Xiangdang and Lu Xiaohua can have so many girls without a son because they have committed evil. Hence, the retribution had fallen under the matter of children and grandchildren.

“Where did it come from? We pick it up along the way!”

Jiang Xiangdang’s tone was very aggressive, just like someone who had swallowed gunpowder.

There was a fire in his heart these days. He felt that everyone was laughing at him, and everyone will look down on him because of this incident. After this, he would no longer be able to raise his head in this village.

According to Jiang Xiangdang’s idea, if it was a girl, he planned to throw the child away or sold it to others as a child bride. However, before he left, Pan Xiuluo was afraid that he would do this and warned him in advance that he must bring the two children when he returned or else she would not recognize his son. Hence, Jiang Xiangdang could only face the situation and brought back the two lost money goods.

Because of his hatred towards his wife, who fails to live up to his expectation, Jiang Xiangdang asked to go home as soon as Lu Xiaohua could get up from the bed. He then bought the earliest train ticket available. If it were not for the difficulties of getting the tickets due to the New Year’s holiday, it was assumed that Lu Xiaohua could not even recuperate on the bed for more than a week.

Even so, Lu Xiaohua, who did not have a full-term pregnancy, looked pretty weak at the moment. She wrapped herself tightly against the cold weather with a pale and ugly-looking face.

Pan Xiuluo only looked at them, and she knew that her little daughter-in-law had fallen into an incompletely cured illness.

“Pick it up? Where can there be a child to pick it up? Old second Jiang, tell us so that we can pick one up too. But we wanted to pick up a boy, we don’t want a girl.”

It was unknown whose mouth was mouthing such condescending words in the crowd. Pan Xiuluo was so angry that she wanted to get someone to smash that blabbermouth with two bouts of her own.

“Send people home quickly.”

Pan Xiuluo stepped forward and took the two granddaughters from her little daughter-in-law: “Huilan, you ask Zhaodi to heat up the stove in the second child’s house and boil some pots of hot water.”

There is no one living in her youngest son’s house for many days. If the kitchen was cold, they could only take her younger daughter-in-law into her elder son’s house. However, since she was still in confinement, this matter should be considered taboo. As the old saying goes, Pan Xiuluo cannot be the master. She could only suggest that Jiang Zhaodi should go home and quickly put the stove on. It is best to heat the hard bed while burning the stove.

After listening to her mother-in-law’s words, the flame in Lu Xiaohua’s eyes went out.

She originally thought that her mother-in-law would let her rest in her elder brother’s house for a while. This showed the importance of sons. If she gave birth to a son at this time, her mother-in-law would definitely not treat her like this.

Lu Xiaohua’s heart was dying; she looked at the two babies in despair. Why, why can’t she give birth to a son?

When Yao Huilan saw the appearance of her younger siblings, she felt a little sympathetic. When she went home and called her niece, she did not forget to bring a packet of brown sugar and a basket of eggs.

It just that good things do not go out, but bad things spread for thousands of miles. Jiang Xiangdang came back with his wife, who had travelled for several months. The news that he held two baby girls quickly reached the village director, who hurried to inform the people from the family planning office in town.

Just before Jiang Xiangdang and a few people went home and heated the mattress, the family planning office rushed over there.

“You, Second Jiang is really good that you actually went out to give birth to a child. Didn’t your wife already wore the IUD? How could you have a baby? Did you go to the little black clinic to get rid of the IUD?”

People from the family planning office came in fiercely. Seven or eight people hit and looted the properties as soon as they walked in. Like bandits, they found the iron evidence when they saw the two children and searched for valuables in the family.

A tall and strong man held a hammer in his hand and smashed it against the wall: “You really dare go against the party’s orders, huh. Dare to give birth to more children without purpose, huh.”

Soon, a wall was smashed down, and the people in the room screamed with fright. Yao Huilan protected her younger siblings and several nieces. The old lady hugged the scared granddaughter and ran out.

“I didn’t give birth to them, but picked them up!”

Jiang Xiangdang recalled what happened after the third child was born and was immediately taken aback. He wanted to stop them but did not dare to stop them at the same time.

“I think you have decided to fight against the party to the end. It seemed that just putting a ring on your wife could no longer cure people like you.”

The female staff member of the Family Planning Office on the side stared at Jiang Xiangdang: “According to me, it’s better to just grab this Jiang second and let him go for ligation. Otherwise, even if we will put another IUD on his wife on the front foot, and they can still sneak away and took it off on the back foot. Isn’t this causing more trouble to the party and organization?”

Other colleagues present unanimously approved the staff member’s words. Then, under Jiang Xiangdang’s scream of resistance, several male staff members grabbed him and forced him to go to the hospital for ligation.

“You put down my man, or I will fight with you!”

Lu Xiaohua picked up a wooden stick from nowhere. She blocked the door to prevent the family planning bureau from taking her man away. She knew what ligation was. If her man were ligated, didn’t this mean that she would not be able to give birth to a son? Her future will be ruined.

Nevertheless, the people in the Family Planning Bureau were not afraid of her. Therefore, they caught her directly and wanted to take her to the obstetrics and gynaecology department for a detailed examination to see if she had just given birth. By the way, ask the doctor whether the situation can be wound and let them be sterilized as insurance.

The room was in a mess, and the screams of Lu Xiaohua and Jiang Xiangdang gradually became inaudible.

Pan Xiuluo sighed as she looked at the two granddaughters who were sleeping in her arms.

If she knew this a long time ago, she would harden her heart and let her daughter-in-law beat the child in her stomach. Now it was too late. The second couple probably hates these two children. What should they do in the future?



“Daughter, two daughters!”

Jiang Liu, who came back from school, was stunned when he heard the news. The original body should be in his aunt’s belly, right. Now the aunt gave birth to two daughters. One is the future Chaonan, but who is the other girl?

Is it the original body?

“Isn’t this a pleasant surprise? It is not an accident, though.”

001 floated in mid-air and asked a little shyly.

“Did you do it?”

Jiang Liu asked in surprise.

“En, en. Since it is an extra-created life form, the system has a little authority in changing the gender of the other party. But the soul of the original body that has not yet awakened in that body.”

001 explained in a low voice since it was unsure whether its host would feel happy with its own initiatives.

“001, you really are an advanced system.”

Jiang Liu swallowed his saliva. He could not believe it. After all, we talked about the system that ran strictly according to the program and even threatened to shock him when he was swearing when they first met.

“Is this a praise?”

001 asked. It has always felt itself to be a very unreliable and useless system for the host.

Jiang Liu nodded.

Do you think he dares to say no? Now he was thinking about whether he had offended 001 previously or not. After all, it was unknown if someday he would enter who know what world and ended up feeling the hollowness of his lower body.

However, since this method was applied to the original body, Jiang Liu only wanted to say.


The author has something to say:

Many readers have suggested that Chaonan should become a boy. In this case, there are actually many problems. The first was Jiang Xiangdang and Lu Xiaohua. The two of them will die happily. I do not know if you have ever met people who are extremely patriarchal in their lives. As long as they have sons, they feel delighted to be abused by them. Yet, they will return doubly to their daughters, the wrath of their sons. If Jiang Chaonan becomes a boy, the three girls of Jiang’s second family will be over. Jiang Xiangdang and his wife will crush them and let them serve their precious son.

The second question was Jiang Chaonan. If she becomes a boy, as a hard-won son, Jiang Xiangdang and his wife will spoil him, and they will ask others to serve his son unconditionally. Under that environment, what will he become? The person may be another replica of the original. But if she was reborn with memories, the world will be a little out of balance. What will happen to Chaonan when she wanted to choose a spouse in the future? She might get confused about whether to be with a girl or a boy. For her, it may not be a good thing.

Therefore, after consideration, I decided to let Jiang Xiangdang have five golden flowers to accompany him. Chaonan is still a girl.

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