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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 8

“You should not let Zhaodi and her sisters stay at home without adults watching over them.”

Pan Xiuluo finally spoke. When the brothers separated, the eldest son, Jiang Jianjun, had received the old house. In contrast, the younger son reapplied for a piece of land. At that time, in order to be closer to his brother, the younger son applied the land for their house not more than a hundred meters away.

It was just that the eldest son has made a fortune in recent years. Hence, he decided to build a building in pursuit of fashion. For this, he had reapplied for another land because he did not want to destroy the Jiang family’s old house.

At that time, there was not much vacant land left in the village, so the Jiang family’s new house was near the village’s entrance. It was a bit far from the old house and naturally a distance from her younger son’s house.

In this way, when Jiang Xiangdang and Lu Xiaohua were not at home, it was difficult for Pan Xiuluo to rest assured that all three granddaughters could live safely in their home without adult care.

“In this way, let Zhaodi and her sisters come to her uncle’s house for a period of time. Except for Sunday when Yanan will come back to live at home, most of the time she will live in the county town. The three sisters can live in Yanan’s room first. When Yanan came back on Sunday. she can squeeze with Lainan and Shengnan first.”

After thinking about it, the old lady felt that Jiang’s building was also very spacious. On the first floor was the room of the old lady and the three sisters. Jiang Yanan, the eldest sister, has her own separate bedroom, while Jiang Lainan and Jiang Shengnan live in the same room. Even though their room was the largest among the three rooms, it has bad positioning.

Jiang Jianjun asked the carpenter to make a high and low bed. The two beds are not small. Even with the addition of one more person, it will not look crowded.

“This is just right for these sisters to cultivate their relationship with each other.”

Pan Xiuluo waved her hand at her son’s remark. It was obvious that she was impatient to talk to this thoughtless son of her.

Jiang Xiangdang did not think too much. Anyway, he was used to the help of his elder brother’s family. Now that several daughters live in his elder brother’s house, he also saved him many living expenses.


The eldest daughter of the second household, Jiang Zhaodi, was one year older than Jiang Shengnan. She was exactly 12 years old this year. However, Jiang Zhaodi did not go to school but worked for the adults at home.

In April 1986, the year before the Chinese New Year, China had propagated the “Compulsory Education Law of the People’s Republic of China.” This was the first time that China has fixed compulsory education in legal form. This law stipulates that children of school age must receive 9 years of compulsory education.

In January 1988, when the law first stipulated, Jiang Zhaodi was exactly ten years old. In fact, she had exceeded the age of normal children in school, but it was still within school-age children’s scope.

It just that, whenever any policy was first implemented, there will always be a transition and adaptation period, especially in rural areas with low levels of general education. Due to cultural restrictions and patriarchal ideology, not every household was willing to let the girl at home went to school.

Jiang Xiangdang and Lu Xiaohua were among parents who unwilling to send their children to school.

Because of compulsory education, the school only charged a minimal amount of textbook fees. Yet, there were also many extra expenses for school, such as pencils, erasers and notebooks, and transportation and food expenses on the way to and from school.

Jiang Xiangdang did not want to pay the money, and Pan Xiuluo could not really let her elder son bear his several nieces’ tuition and living expenses.

Finally, under the repeated lobbying of the township teachers, Jiang Xiangdang’s second daughter, Jiang Pandi, who happened to be a school-age girl at the time, was lucky to become the only girl in the family who could study. Jiang Xiangdang chose to let this girl attend the rural elementary school where the teachers were relatively backward to save money.

Even so, the book fees and miscellaneous expenses still could not be saved. Because the family spends money on her, Jiang Xiangdang and Lu Xiaohua always feel impatient with her. In addition to studying, she has to be responsible for arduous household duties.

As for Jiang Wangdi, the youngest girl in the Jiang family, she was only five years old this year. When Jiang Xiangdang and Lu Xiaohua went to the ground, this little sister was taken care of by Jiang Zhaodi.

Before going to school, Jiang Liu also saw the three cousins ​​who had packed up and came to their house. Jiang Zhaodi, who was at the front, was dark and thin and somewhat restrained. However, the joy in her eyes proved her happiness at this time.

Jiang Zhaodi also knew that she would be much happier when she came to live with her uncle.

The old lady couldn’t help sighing while looking at such a granddaughter, but she was also a little helpless.

The children’s parents caused it all. She did not know how the second couple would react if those babies were also daughters this time around.


It was the first time Jiang Xiangdang went out far. His nerves were tense along the way. He did not even bother to watch the scenery along the way, even after arriving at Pearl City. He only let out a sigh after Lu Xiaohua’s distant cousin came to pick him up.

[T/N: Pearl City – Beihai City]

“This big city is really different. The building is really high!”

At this moment, Jiang Xiangdang finally felt a little at ease. He finally had a mood to watch the surrounding scenery.

The south was indeed the fastest growing place. The pedestrians on the road were all dressed up as fashionable as the stars on TV.

Jiang Xiangdang could not help swallowing. He looked at the fashionable girls wearing waist-pinch dresses and thin woollen coats with their slender legs exposed.

Despite the cold weather in the south, women still wear bare-leg clothes for the sake of beauty. Jiang Xiangdang has never seen this scene in his hometown.

The women here also wore bright red lipstick on their mouth. It looked good, but it looked more like a monster to Jiang Xiangdang. Some of these women were obviously married, but they still dress up like this. Jiang Xiangdang could not help but feel that they were restless.

Are all women here acted like this? His wife had been to the south for more than six months. Will those people influence her badly?

This was Jiang Xiangdang’s first reaction.

“Well, you don’t have any of these. This is the most popular outfit right now. You can’t buy such outfit for only one or two hundred dollars.”

Lu Xiaohua’s distant cousin obviously looked down on these poor relatives. It was just that Lu Xiaohua, who lived in his home, did not only give money but also help with housework. Therefore, even if he looked down on it in his heart, he was still holding a posture without saying anything, particularly excessive on the surface.

“Just one or two hundred yuan for such clothes?”

Jiang Xiangdang clicked his tongue, feeling that the people in the south were fed really well and had nowhere to spend their money.

If he had that kind of money, he would surely save it for his son. In the future, when his son would marry a wife, he will build a house for his son.

Thinking of his son, Jiang Xiangdang was enthusiastic as he hurriedly asked: “By the way, is your sister, okay, ah? Has the doctor told you when she will give birth to my son?”

At this moment, Jiang Xiangdang has determined that the child in Lu Xiaohua’s belly is at least one son and one daughter.

“Pretty good.”

The man gave a casual perfunctory sentence. After the cousin came over, she cleaned and prepared three meals a day for his parents. For a few months, she only went to the hospital once. Who knows if the baby in her stomach was good or not.

The two got on the tram. Lu Xiaohua’s cousin obviously did not want to talk about the child. He pointed to the area he passed along the way and showed it to Jiang Xiangdang.

“Did you see that the high-rise building under construction? Those has been contracted by a Hong Kong businessman. This is a big project in our Pearl City. Guess how much an ordinary three-bedroom apartment could be sell after this house is completed?”

Lu Xiaohua’s cousin was an ordinary person in Pearl City. He was still the kind that was not particularly well to do. Yet, towards these rural relatives, he has found his self-confidence and wanted to gain a sense of accomplishment through Jiang Xiangdang’s admiration and respect.

“How much do you think it will be?”

Jiang Xiangdang thought for a while: “Three thousand yuan?”

That kind of money can be used to build a huge and stylish building in the countryside, fully equipped with all home appliances.

“Oh, you hillbilly. Now the housing price in the Pearl City is at least 1,200 yuan per square meter.”

Lu Xiaohua’s cousin sneered and looked at the construction site where the shadows were getting farther and farther away, with envy on his face.

This was the first piece of land in Pearl Province that was auctioned off to the public. The Hong Kong companies won it for a price of more than 5 million yuan. After the house was completed, each suite was equipped with three permanent residence permits for Pearl City. Now there were so many wealthy businessmen from outside Pearl City who are waiting for these houses to be completed.

“Isn’t this stealing money from others?”

Jiang Xiangdang’s jaw was almost falling off. A house of 1,200 yuan per square meters? Then, one hundred square meters would cost 120,000 yuan.

Jiang Xiangdang could not breathe for how many zeros there were behind this.

“If I have money, I’ll wait for the house to be built and buy a set.”

Lu Xiaohua’s cousin sighed and continued: “Our earliest commercial house in Pearl City was built in 1981. It was sold for about 1,000 yuan per square meters at that time. Now it has risen to about 1,500 yuan. More and more people will come to the south for development. This kind of thing is limited. In my opinion, the housing price will only get higher and higher. If you don’t buy it now, you will not be able to buy it in the future.”

It was a pity that even after he emptied his family’s money, he did not necessarily have the ability to afford a toilet. What he said was just a delusion.

“It’s too expensive.”

Jiang Xiangdang mucked up his mouth, but he continued to listen to what Lu Xiaohua’s cousin had told him. If he bought a 100-square-meter house in 1981, he would earn 40,000 yuan for seven years without doing anything. Listen to the other party, in his opinion; housing prices will continue to rise again, showing that buying a house was indeed a profitable business.

It is a pity that the other party could not afford it, and he could not afford it even more. He was a person who had to borrow money from his eldest brother to pay the child’s over-birth fine.

However, seeing the big city’s prosperity, Jiang Xiangdang couldn’t help but think of his eldest brother; wouldn’t the other party make money outside? He did not know how much family wealth his eldest brother had accumulated over the years.

In this way, Jiang Xiangdang listened to his distant relatives’ showing off. At the same time, he was being carted off to the small building where Lu Xiaohua lives.

This area was the family building of the third textile factory in Pearl City. Lu Xiaohua’s distant uncle was an old employee of the textile factory. There was a welfare house of more than 20 square meters. Now Lu Xiaohua, her uncle and aunt were squeezed in this small house.

“Quickly, quickly, it will be born soon!”

“Everyone, help. The pregnant woman’s amniotic fluid has broken, so she must be taken to the hospital quickly.”

Before Jiang Xiangdang went upstairs, he heard a noisy sound from the top of the stairs. Hearing those words, his heart tightened as he rushed over.

“It’s only been eight months. Lu Xiaohua, how did you take care of my son?!”

Sure enough, the pregnant woman who was about to give birth was Jiang Xiangdang’s wife, Lu Xiaohua.

Seeing the woman who was too sweaty and in pain to speak, Jiang hurled a curse at her.

The author has something to say:

Regarding the housing price around 1988, it was determined after reference materials. It can be seen that such things as houses, no matter what era, people would feel that they could not afford it.

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