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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 128

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 128: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 7

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A long arc with long chapters. Though this should be consider as Jiang Liu’s vacation world, but I like the subject so, not bad.

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“Do you know who this boss’ elder sister is? I call this person my big sis, yet, you dare grabbing her lunch? Are you looking down on us brothers?”

A group of little kids was booing along with Jiang Liu. The black and strong boy was dumbfounded from this attack, unable to make head or tail.

“Then, what do you want me to do?”

If only Jiang Liu were here today, the black boy would scare and let him ran away obediently. However, Jiang Liu did not come alone. There were more than a dozen small little boys behind him. Even though they were in a different grade, the older ones were about the same age as this dark boy.

Since these dozen people rushed over together, it would be impossible for him to beat them also.

At this moment, he could not figure it out yet since when there was a big brother named Jiang Liu in the school. He also did not understand why these seniors would listen to a little kid who should be in his first or second grades. Yet, he still understood the way to tackle the current affair. Since he was facing these powerful enemies alone, he should try to use a soft way to approach them.

“First of all, return the lunch box to my sister.”

Jiang Liu pointed to the box of lunch in that boy’s hand.


Looking at the potato and chicken nuggets and the eggs in the lunch box, the other party could not help but swallow. He reluctantly returned the lunch box and then took back the lunch box that belonged to him.

“And then!”

Jiang Liu looked at him as if the matter was yet to be over and asked sternly.

“Then, what else should you be doing?”

A dozen of people behind Jiang Liu also stared at him. The strong, black boy was almost crying from the pressure. Is it possible for them to ask him to vomit all the hundreds of meals he had forcefully eaten before? Those things had already been digested. Even if he wanted to vomit it, it was impossible, ah.

His family conditions were also not good. It was already tough for his family to let him study. He was terrified that Jiang Liu would complain to the teacher and find his parents. His family cannot afford to pay the compensation for the meal either.

His classmate from the same village as Jiang Lainan clearly told him that Jiang Lainan was not like by her family at home ah. Her family seemed to value ​​boys and despise girls. Hence, they never care about the girls in the family. Besides, Jiang Lainan’s soft personality also made it easier to become a victim. Even after being bullied, she would never go to the teacher to complain. Who knew that her younger brother would be like a tiger and would actually protect his elder sister.

That strong and black boy regrets it. If he knew this matter a long time ago, he would not be so greedy for Jiang Lainan’s lunch even if it killed him.

“Apologize. After eating my sister’s lunch for so long, shouldn’t you say sorry to my sister?”

Jiang Liu patted the table, and those followers behind him also began to shout.

“I- I am sorry.”

The strong and black boy was ashamed. He lowered his head and said sorry to Jiang Lainan.

“No, it doesn’t matter.”

Jiang Lainan was so frightened that she waved her hand quickly, saying that she forgave him.

“Okay, all go back; I’ll have lunch with my sister.”

Jiang Liu was a little worried that his second sister’s temper would not be able to suppress the bad boy who sat next to her. So he remained in the fourth-grade classroom to eat. Fortunately, the school did not stipulate that students must stay in their own classroom during lunch break, so there is no problem with Jiang Liu’s approach.

“Okay, boss!”

The brothers roared in unison, letting the whole class shocked by their momentum.

“Really, Mom! Why did she prepared a fish for my lunch, ah? Didn’t she you know that I am not patient enough to pick up the bone?”

Jiang Liu opened his own lunch box. If Jiang Lainan’s lunch box seemed to be a top-notch meal in everyone’s eyes, Jiang Liu’s lunch was simply the Emperor’s level.

They basically could not see the potato in his potato and chicken nuggets. Most of the remaining chicken nuggets were packed in Jiang Liu’s lunch box. There were also two heavy-fried poached eggs. They could clearly see the browned and crispy edge of the poached egg. The two poached eggs are so greasy. In this era, where the use of oil and water was simply a luxury, its appearance simply inciting others to commit a crime.

It was said that the fish in the countryside is good for one body, so Pan Xiuluo especially filled two fishes for her grandson. Besides, there was also a side dish of stir-fried mushrooms with green vegetables, which filled one tray of the four-course lunch box with the rice served separately.

The strong, black boy on the side stared so much that his eyes were about to bulge out. What kind of life did the children of the Jiang family have? His lunch box was how his family’s New Year dishes were.

Yet, this boy seemed to dislike having fish for lunch. Hence, this strong, black boy could not wait to eat that lunch for him.

“Sister will help you pick the fishbone.”

Even if she was in favour of her grandma, Jiang Lainan also thought that grandma was too careless at this moment. How old is my younger brother, ah? What should I do if he got chocked because of the fishbone? Before putting these two fish in the lunch box, grandma should already tear off its head and picked out all the bone.

Nevertheless, it does not matter. There is still her in school. Jiang Lainan will never let her baby brother chocked by a fishbone.

“I like to eat fish belly part. I want the fried side. I do not want to eat the rest. You eat it for me.”

Jiang Liu arrogantly directed his sister; Jiang Lainan repeatedly nodded, feeling that his younger brother’s reaction could not be more normal.

“And this poached egg. Grandma used too much rapeseed oil. If you eat too much, you will feel terrible later on. You can help me eat the remaining one.”

Jiang Liu picked many things in his lunchbox and threw them into the lunch box of his second sister, Jiang Lainan.

Jiang Lainan jotted down his brother’s preferences in her heart. She then obediently picked up the things that his brother had put in her bowl and ate cleanly.


“Sister, I really feel that grandma is right. It is great to have a younger brother. In the future, we will get married and have a younger brother to support us. Therefore, no one will dare to bully us.”

In between class, Jiang Lainan could not help but went to find her sister, Jiang Shengnan, who was in the third grade.

“You are just being fooled by our mother and grandma.”

Jiang Shengnan rolled her eyes at her second sister as they sat at the edge of the flowerbed.

“What decade are you living in? Now men and women are equal. Hence, we should not adhere to Grandma’s antiques, old ideas and think that boys are good.”

Jiang Shengnan was very arrogant and dissatisfied with the differences in their family’s treatment towards their sisters and younger brother. Although she sometimes felt that her grandma was right, more often, she still felt that she and her younger brother should be equal since they have the same parent. Hence, they should not underestimate her just because she is a girl.

What is wrong with being a girl? The anti-Japanese hero like Liu Hulan and Jiang Jie in the textbook were also women. Yet, they also managed to do amazing things. The Chairman also said that women could hold up half the sky. The fact that only men can inherit the family and support their elders was already a past tense.

It’s a pity that Jiang Shengnan could not speak about it at home. Despite having three daughters in the family, she was the only one who thought so. Their elder has long taught the eldest sister and the second sister badly—especially the second sister, who was simply a pirated version of grandmother.

The two older sisters and younger sister from her uncle’s family were also not as good as her second sister. They were like a doormat and dared not assert their mind. Living in such a family, Jiang Shengnan was also very helpless.

“No, no, our Boer is different.”

Jiang Lainan retorted, “Do you know how good Bo’er is? He is simply the best brother in the world.”

Because of what happened today, Jiang Lainan once again ran towards the direction of being bro-con heedlessly. If anyone tells her that her brother is not good, she will be the first to counter it.

She then told Jiang Shengnan what had happened during the day and then sighed in conclusion: “Sure enough, there must be a boy in the family to support me. Today, Baoer came to my classroom for a stroll. After that, my desk mate no longer dare to talk to me loudly.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that your desk mate rob your lunch every day?”

Jiang Shengnan frowned and said angrily.

“It’s okay. In fact, Fat Hu’s lunch is not bad. When our brother was not born, the conditions at home were also not good. Our food was even worse than this.”

In the early years, there was no fix output quota for their household. In their family, there was only Jiang Jianjun who could be considered as strong labour. With one man, plus two women, Yao Huilan and Pan Xiuluo, it was not easy for them to feed these few children. At that time, their food was scarce. Jiang Lainan had to go up the mountain with her eldest sister every day to find edible wild vegetables.

Including a few years after her younger brother was born, their family life didn’t improve much.

It just that the third sister, Shengnan, was also young at that time. Therefore, she did not remember anything. She was only aware of the surrounding when the family had always had meat to eat for their meal.

Jiang Lainan had lived such a hard life, so she could listen to what her grandma, Pan Xiuluo, said, and cherished the beautiful life they have after her brother was born.

In her mind, her younger brother is the beginning of all good things. A treasure that no one can replace.

“I will go to your classroom for lunch after this. If that Fat Hu dares to grab your lunch again, I will beat him up.”

Jiang Shengnan waved a small fist and said seriously.

“Okay, Bao’er also said that he will come and have lunch with me every day from now on.”

Jiang Lainan nodded happily. It would be great is all their sibling could have their lunch together.


Jiang Shengnan snorted slightly. Seeing that the little brother helped second sister by mistake today, she decided to stop quarrelling with him. Nevertheless, in her heart, she still firmly believed that her brother was a demon, and it was absolutely impossible to change it.


Time flies quickly. In the blink of an eye, more than five months have passed, and New Year’s Eve will be approaching soon. In another week, the elementary school will also usher in the winter vacation.

There have been a few heavy snowfalls in recent days. The small road in front of the house was covered with thick snow. Everyone could not wait to put all their clothes on when they go out.

“Wear one more layer. Grandma promised this is the last one.”

Pan Xiuluo was afraid that her grandson would be frozen, so she had to watch her grandson put on the clothes he needed to wear every morning before she would let him get out of bed.

“Grandma, I can’t wear it anymore.”

Jiang Liu had already put on his clothes. There we already four pairs of pants worn on his body, yet his grandma still wanted to help him put on the fifth one.

The first layer of the trouser belonged to his father and had been altered to a smaller size. It was not that the family felt reluctant to use their money to buy a new one, but the elders feel that the worn cotton clothes were much softer and comfortable than the new one. The old lady herself also sewed the second layer of the small cotton trousers. With cotton inserted inside, the old lady tightly stitched it into trousers. The third layer was made of cashmere knitted wool which the old lady knitted. It was thick and chunky. On top of these three trousers, Jiang Liu still needs to put on school pant.

Originally, he thought this would be over. Who knew that the old lady also conjured a pair of fat cotton trousers like a magician. Obviously, before that, he didn’t know that there was still this pair of trousers.

It was estimated that the weather has been too cold these days, and the old lady seized the time to make a new addition.

“The last one. There will be no more after this.”

The old lady coaxed her grandson with kind words and then half-forced her grandson to put on the cotton-padded trousers made full of love.

Jiang Liu wore five pairs of pants, not to mention the clothes on his upper body. He could not even bend himself. His hands and body formed an angle of 30 to 40 degrees. The way he walked and moved totally looked like a penguin,

How could he, as a mighty boss, walked like a penguin? Jiang Liu felt that these clothes on his body had seriously affected his aura as a group’s boss.

However, the old lady was delighted when she saw her grandson dressed strictly to her requirement. She patted his butt and asked him to wash his face and brush his teeth. The toothpaste was squeezed, and the face wash was poured. After washing, he was just in time to have a hot breakfast.

For more than five months, Jiang Liu wanted to change the original body’s living habits subtly. He did not realize that the old lady’s skill was too high. He did not manage to change the original body’s habits, but instead, he gradually got used to it under the old lady’s coaxing. He eventually enjoys this fairy life when he only needs to stretch out his hands to wear his clothes and open his mouth to eat.

Jiang Liu inwardly muttered [How sinful] in his heart. He will definitely correct his habit tomorrow.

He would not admit that the taste of being pampered by the whole family was really great.

When Jiang Liu came to the main hall, his second Uncle had just come over. His face was beaming, and he seemed to have good news to tell the old lady.

“Second Uncle.”

Jiang Liu greeted him, but Jiang Xiangdang seemed to have no time to talk to him now.

“Mom, Xiao Hua is pregnant with two.”

Jiang Xiangdang just received a telegram. It turned out that there were very advanced machines in the city that can show how many children in the belly of a pregnant woman. It could not only detect whether the pregnancy is good or not, but it could also be used to identify whether it is a boy or a girl.

The hospital did not let the doctor tell the mother the sex of the child due to family planning’s reform.

This point made Jiang Xiangdang felt a bit of pity. Yet, this time his wife was really going all out. Therefore, Jiang Xiangdang felt that at least one of them should be a boy.

If his luck was great, maybe the two children inside his wife’s belly are boys. In this way, he can catch up with his older brother’s family whenever they talked about their offspring.

“It’s dangerous to be pregnant with twin.”

Pan Xiuluo’s first reaction was not whether the gender of those babies was a boy or a girl, but the fact that her little daughter-in-law was now pregnant with two children. Is it really safe to let her live with her relatives?

“So, mother, I will set off to the south after the Chinese New Year. Anyway, it is almost time for Xiaohua to give birth. I will definitely bring your grandson back to you.”

Jiang Xiangdang said cheerfully. As a birth father, how could he not be present when his precious son was born?

It is just that there are no adults in the family. Although the eldest girl was already twelve years old and can take care of the two younger sisters, Jiang Xiangdang still has to come to his mother and let her go and see those children occasionally.

Jiang Liu listened silently and then spat out the toothpaste foam from his mouth.

He was a little sympathetic to the daughters of the second uncle’s family. They would be miserable if the second uncle’s family suddenly added a boy to them.

It would be great if the original body became a girl. It just happened that this can make him realized the hardship of being a girl.

001 sensed the thoughts in Jiang Liu’s heart. It thought about it for a moment and then disappeared.

The author has something to say:

Yesterday, I saw the proposal from darling Wu. It is better to change the twin dragon and phoenix into twin daughters. To become a fragrant and soft girl, the original body should also be thrilled.

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