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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 6

“Xiu Luo, why haven’t I see your little daughter-in-law recently?”

This morning, Pan Xiuluo prepared lunch for the four dolls in the family and put them in the lunch box as usual before sending the four children on the shuttle bus to town.

The eldest daughter-in-law did the laundry and cooking at home. After sending off her children, Pan Xiuluo took a yarn ball and a needle before going to her old sister’s house to chat.

While knitting the wool, one of the old ladies remembered that she hadn’t seen the other daughter-in-law of the Jiang family recently and asked Pan Xiuluo curiously.

“Oh, one of her aunts from a distance asked her to take care of pregnant women.”

Pan Xiuluo paused and then told everyone about the excuses that the family had discussed before without blinking.

“Her family is a dual-worker, and her parents-in-law can’t take care of others. They heard that Xiaohua is careful and has had several children. They wanted Xiaohua to help her and pay her monthly salary. You know, my second child’s conditions are average. Since he not only help his relatives but he could also earn money. Naturally, he will not shirk.”

No one doubted Pan Xiuluo’s words. After all, the village women knew that Lu Xiaohua was already caught by the authorities and forced to undergo a birth control procedure. Who could guess that this family was so courageous that they already went to the black clinic to take off the ring?

“You know that girl nowadays is so lucky. Back then, even when we were pregnant, we still went down to the ground to farm. Who didn’t come work with a big belly, at that time? In those days, there was no such thing as confinement for a month. After giving birth, you had to wash diapers for your child the next day. In winter, you would not even bother to heat the water with firewood. Now, I always felt cold in my body because of that.”

Hearing that the people in the city hired a nurse to take care of their daughter-in-law during pregnancy, these old women in the village exclaimed.

“Yeah, ah. It was so difficult at that time, ah. It was simply bitter, especially when my first son was just born, and then I got pregnant with a small one. Nevertheless, my man only know how to talk but have no desire to move his hand. I might die first before he could even take care of the children.”

Speaking of the suffering of having children, these old people have many things to say.

Especially in their era, the mother-in-law was still the supreme authority. Who would dare to challenge their mother-in-law? Unlike nowadays, some ruthless daughter-in-law even dares to crawl on top of her mother-in-law and shit.

This makes some old people who have managed to become mothers-in-law but could not show their maternal prestige, feeling very dissatisfied.

“According to me, you should actually grind this daughter-in-law. Isn’t she just pregnant with a child? To think that she really wanted other to treat her like an ancestor. In the future, won’t she go over her mother-in-law’s head? What’s more, those people did not crawl out of your stomach. No matter how good you treat them, she will still remembers her own mother.”

While talking, this group of people turned the issues related to mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Pan Xiuluo did not interrupt. She continued to knit woollen trousers for her grandson neatly and then wrote down in her mind each of these women who said they wanted to grind their daughter-in-law. Their Jiang family’s daughters could not be married to such families.

The eldest granddaughter was already fifteen years old. The Jiang family was in good condition. Many people have come to visit Pan Xiuluo these days. She said that she was not in a hurry and she wanted to keep her granddaughter for a few more days, but she had already remembered numbers of people in her heart. All the homes in the neighbourhood with children of the right age were on her list.

In Pan Xiuluo’s view, the family that several granddaughters marry in was significant.

The elders must not be mean. Such elders would have too much control over their daughter-in-law, fearing that the daughter-in-law would move their things to help her natal family. If her granddaughter married to such a family, how could they help her baby grandson?

If the bridegroom’s side was too disappointing, no matter how capable his parents were, the family would decline in a hundred years in the future. Marrying such a man would hinder his grandson and let his grandson helped several brothers-in-law in the end.

Therefore, Pan Xiuluo wanted to marry her granddaughters perfectly. Hence she was unwilling to marry her granddaughters hastily just for the sake of the little bride price.

Although her thoughts were more about the profit that her granddaughters could bring to her dear grandson, it was still affordable for Jiang Yanan and her sisters. Women were most afraid of marrying the wrong person. Especially nowadays, free love was less, and blind dates were still the mainstream of society. The attitude of the elders often determines the success of a marriage.

So no matter what Pan Xiuluo’s purpose was, it was a good thing for her to carefully select suitable people for her granddaughters.

“By the way, Xiuluo, your little daughter-in-law goes out of town alone, can your second child really rest assured?”

While chatting, the topic suddenly came to Pan Xiuluo again.

The one who spoke was an old woman who had an ordinary relationship with Pan Xiuluo. Still, the other party had a good relationship with the owner of this house, so she often came over to chat.

Her words were strongly directed, causing Pan Xiuluo to frown.

“Why shouldn’t I?”

Pan Xiuluo sneered and threw the woollen needles in her hand into the basket: “Our Xiaohua is a respectable person. Besides, like I said, she went to the relatives’ house. So should I be worried that they will harm our Xiaohua?”

She knows what the person was trying to say. Isn’t she just trying to say that Lu Xiaohua might give her son a cuckold when she went outside? Do not say that Lu Xiaohua unable to do that with a child in her belly. Even if she was not pregnant, Pan Xiuluo does not think that the other party was that kind of person.

“Do not say that I didn’t kindly remind you.”

The woman saw that Pan Xiuluo was angry, twitched her lips. She felt that Pan Xiuluo was just trying to act calmly. If Lu Xiaohua really brought back a green hat for Jiang second son, she would like to see what kind of expression Pan Xiuluo have at that time.

“Then I have to kindly remind your daughter-in-law to be careful when your son is working outside. Who knows he might bringing back a sister for her?”

Pan Xiuluo directly went back. A young man in the village went to work with relatives in the south to earn some money. When he went out last year, he brought along a few interested young people in the village. One of them was the son of the old woman in front of her.

When the other party was about to go, his wife refused to let him go. She was afraid that her man would no longer want his wife and the children in the village once he stepped into the colourful world.

Those things were still vivid initially, but now that the other party abused her with this incident, Pan Xiuluo naturally stunned her back.

“Huh, I do not want to knit anymore!”

Pan Xiuluo did not continue to quarrel, either. Seeing that the fire on both sides began to flourish, she collected her belongings directly. She then talked to a few sisters who were close to her and strolled towards home.

“What kind of attitude is that? She doesn’t know how to appreciate others’ kindness.”

She walked freely and easily, leaving the old lady with fire that has nowhere to go. She deliberately wanted to chase and quarrelled with Pan Xiuluo. Still, She was stopped by the people around her as she continued to curse, making people around her frowned.


“Mom, who is making you mad?”

Yao Huilan was preparing the fish as she watched the old lady come back and threw the basket with the ball of yarn and half-knitted woollen pants on the back chair. When she closed the door, a substantial force was used on it. Therefore, she knew that the old lady was angry outside and unable to vent out the anger in her heart.

“Who can make me so angry? Is not all because of that second family household? I cannot live or die because of them. It was unknown how many indignities that I suffered every days because of them.”

The old lady harrumphed. This was just the beginning. There were so many women in the village who have broken mouths, and it was unknown what kind of reputation her second son and his wife would have during this time.

She was also worried about it. What should the second family do if the second daughter-in-law gives birth to a baby girl when the time comes?

“Mom, don’t worry, I think the younger sibling must have a son this time. With a son, the second child will be able to cheer up, and the life at home will be better.”

As a woman and the daughter-in-law of the Jiang family, Yao Huilan was the one who best understands Lu Xiaohua’s pressure at this moment. When she did not give birth to a son, although Jiang Jianjun did not talk about him, Yao Huilan saw the disappointment in his eyes.

At the same time, she was also the person who most intuitively felt her husband’s emotional changes after the birth of her son. If it had not been for this son, her husband would not have risked his life to go outside. If not, their family would not be so wealthy.

Now Yao Huilan has both son and daughters. Seeing her change, Lu Xiaohua, as a younger sibling, would definitely be more urgent. She would come up with such a faint move, which seemed reasonable to Yao Huilan.

Yao Huilan also hopes that her younger siblings could give birth to a son this time. Otherwise, according to her mother-in-law’s idea, her son might need to support the second household in the future. Jiang Xiangdang and Lu Xiaohua are not smart people. Yao Huilan was worried that her son would be dragged down by them. 

“Huh, I wish so.”

Pan Xiuluo sighed, but she did not hold much hope in her heart.


Huitong Primary School was the only primary school in Huitong Town. Except for the students in the town, children from other villages would give their lunch boxes to the committee members in charge of living and take them to the cafeteria for heating. After the last class was over, the committee member and some boys would take them from the cafeteria and then return the lunch box to the students.

In this way, every child can eat hot meals.

The conditions of the Jiang family are good. Even for girls, their daily lunch was much higher than that of other students.

For example, Jiang Lainan’s lunch today was the leftover chicken nuggets and potatoes stewed at home, as well as a hard-boiled egg and stir-fried cabbage.

The Jiang family likes to eat rice. Jiang Lainan’s lunch box contains dried rice that has just been steamed in the morning, without a bit of dried potatoes.

This dish stood out among those who still consumed multi-grain seed or dried potato rice, with pickles as the side dishes or stir-fried vegetables without the slightest oil.

The student who sat next to Jiang Lainan had an average condition, but he was big and fierce. After discovering Jiang Lainan’s temperament, he simply occupied her lunch and then threw his lunch to Jiang Lainan.

Jiang Lainan was timid and never complained to her family or teachers and silently took it all down.

Today, as in the past, as soon as the life committee took the heated lunch box, Jiang Lainan’s tablemate took Jiang Lainan’s lunch box smoothly as he opened the lid and prepared to feast on it.

“What are you doing, put down the chopsticks for me.”

At this moment, Jiang Liu swaggered over with his little brother.

He put his lunch box on the boy’s table with a “bang”, then pointed to his nose and asked, “Do you know who I am?”

In school, the original body had never taken the initiative to find his two sisters. Hence, Jiang Lainan’s tablemate, the dark boy, naturally did not know Jiang Liu.


Jiang Liu sneered and then took out a pack of sour plum powder and handed it to the little brother who was aside, then raised his head high and made a gesture.

“Huh, this is our boss.”

Thar little brother was also very good. He made a declaration with his chest raised up and then stuffed the sour plum powder into his pocket.

The other younger brothers behind them were envious and annoyed that they were not walking fast enough and thus failed to grab the nearest position next to Jiang Liu. Otherwise, they would have been the ones being in charge now.

Jiang Lainan’s tablemate was a little confused. Even if the kid in front of him is the boss, what it has to do with him?

“Do you know who this is?”

Jiang Liu pointed at Jiang Lainan, who was blushing and did not speak.

“I know. This is my tablemate, Jiang Lainan.”

The dark boy finally could answer right away.

“Wrong, this is my, Jiang Liu, elder sister. With me as her guardian, did I ever agreed for you to rob her lunch?”

Jiang Liu patted the table again. The group of little boys behind him showed aggressive expression, bluffing the dark boy for a while.

Nevertheless, Jiang Lainan was the most touched. Although she thought this was a new game that her brother found interesting, when she heard her brother say that she was his sister and the person he was protecting, Jiang Lainan inwardly felt wonderful.

The author has something to say: The evolution of the village’s tyrants.

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