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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 126

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 126: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 5

At this moment, Jiang Liu thought clearly. It turned out that the so-called “Little Overlord” reputation was fake. If it were not for the children in front of him to cooperate with each other to grab the red potion and candies, it was impossible for the original body to dominate this circle of friends.

It’s just that the original body himself was deceived, which also caused some subjective problems in the memory he left to Jiang Liu. Hence, Jiang Liu mistakenly believes that he was indeed a bear kid who loved to cause trouble and fight.

“Ha ha!”

Jiang Liu looked at these little shit boys who did not know what he had done wrong and could not help laughing.

Regarding this racketeer behaviour and acting skills, he could guarantee that he was the ancestor among this group of hairless little boys.

“Help ah, someone wanted to kill me. Wu, wu, wu, elder sister, grandma, Bo’er is going to be killed!”

Jiang Liu fell directly to the ground, tearing his sleeves and collars while he was rolling.

The original body’s clothes were fashionable children’s clothes that his dad bought from the south. There were very few defective products these years. These children’s clothes’ fabrics were firm and impossible to tear, but the clothes’ thread was easy to be rip off as long as you put enough force into it.

Jiang Liu was crying and making noises and soon turned his head turned into a mess. He did not forget to grab his hair and kick his shoes aside with his feet.

Groups of onlookers were stunned; can there be such an operation?

 Apart from panic, they did not know what kind of reaction they should have.

This place was relatively close to Jiang’s house. Pan Xiuluo, Jiang Yanan and others soon came out under Jiang Liu’s heartbreaking cries, including some people nearby. After hearing the movement, elders from the family came out to fight.

Before these adults came out, Jiang Liu knew that one should quit while ahead. He quickly got up as he covered his face, choked and ran towards home.

“God damn it! Bo’er, ah! Grandma’s little heart, who beat you like this?”

Seeing the messed up grandson, Pan Xiuluo almost did not pass away. Before, when Jiang Liu’s broke a piece of skin, her reaction was already the same as having the sky collapsed on her. Not to mention that her grandson looked so tragic now. Although there is no obvious trauma, who knows what hidden injured might be blocked by his clothes.

Jiang Liu’s current appearance was indeed bluffing.

One shoe was missing, and the other shoe was still tied to the ankle with only the laces left. The clothes were covered with dust, the sleeves were torn off. His beautiful and fashionable coat was also ripped apart. The collar was torn and loosen while the edges were crooked.

Because the bare skin was rubbed against the stones and gravel on the mud floor when he was rolling, there were many scratches on the white face. The original body was raised to be fair and fat. Hence the red marks looked particularly dazzling.

As for his hair, one strand was in the east, and the other was in the west. He appeared as if someone had been pulling at it hard.

At this moment, Jiang Liu’s eyes were still red with tears. Isn’t this the epitome of being bullied miserably?

“How did this happen?”

Seeing this, the adults of the nearby house unconsciously glanced at the hitherto confused group of children.

Those who did not see their own children were relieved, but those who saw their own children in the group started to get nervous. Thinking about how much the Jiang family treasured that child, it might not be easy for them to deal with this matter.

“Grandma, they beat me.”

Jiang Liu was crying. He wiped his tears with one hand and pointing at the group of little boys not far away. His crying was too miserably sounded.

“No, no, we didn’t beat him. He did it himself.”

The little boy, who had just staged the racketeer game, stepped up and argued nervously.

“You brat, you could not go three days without being mischievous, who taught you to lie?”

The little boy was called Yu Cheng. His family happened to live at the side of the Jiang’s house, and his father was in the crowd right now.

Father Yu squeezed in from the crowd, grabbed his own boy and patted his ass twice, and then said apologetically to Pan Xiuluo: “The bastard in my family is ignorant. Aunt Pan, it is also common for children to play around. If something happens, I will teach him when I go back.”

Father Yu felt that his child was too dishonest. Could it be that his child was the one who had turned this Jiang Liu into a sorry figure? Besides, who doesn’t know how spoiled the Jiang family boy is. He will groan and cry for a day after he breaks his skin. Can he be cruel and hurt himself?

Would he do it? Just to lie to adults?

From an adult’s point of view, Yu’s father firmly felt that his son and his friends had lied. They bullied the Jiang family’s kid, but they were afraid of the Jiang family’s scolding. Hence, they united and refused to admit it.

Not only did Yu’s father think so, all the adults around him thought so.

Who doesn’t know that Jiang Liu is the little overlord in this village? Whose children in the surrounding family he had not beaten? Who has not taken the children to Jiang’s family to file a complaint? Okay, this kid from the Jiang family has a proud and arrogant look. He felt that winning a fight is a great thing. With his nature, could he hurt himself just to frame others?

This was not something that his little brain can think of.

Under the influence of these stereotypes, no one believed when Yu Cheng tried to explain. Instead, he was caught and beaten by his parents, who came after hearing the news. Now, his father even apologized to Pan Xiuluo.

These adults were a little embarrassed at this time. They had always been the only ones who went to the Jiang family to file a complaint whenever their children were beaten. It was the first time that they experienced the feeling of being sued by the Jiang family.

Pan Xiuluo hugged her little grandchildren in distress and turned to the children who hurt her little grandson with a gloomy face.

It was a pity that she was an elder. She could not possibly tell them to let her grandson beat those children like how they did it to her grandson.

Pan Xiuluo did not speak, so the adults present did not dare to breathe. Fortunately, Jiang Jianjun heard his daughter report and hurried over.

“What is going on?”

Jiang Jianjun was anxious when he saw his son, who had been beaten up. Don’t look at him always saying that he would beat this kid. With how he put him in the apex of his heart, how could Jiang Jianjun possibly hurt his son? To be selfish, Jiang Jianjun would rather let his son continue to cause trouble and let him, his father, wiped his ass behind him. Unexpectedly, the darling in his heart was beaten like this.

However, Jiang Jianjun was calmer than Pan Xiuluo was. He held back his anger, and his face was still.

“Forget it. It is just a small fight between children. Don’t beat your children when you go home.”

It is best to beat up those brats. This was what Jiang Jianjun inwardly whispered at this time.

“All children are ignorant. Don’t worry, Jianjun, Aunt Pan. I will teach this kid well when I go back.”

The parents of the children around can’t be ignorant. They still say things that they will teach their children, especially Yu Cheng’s father, who directly hitting his son’s butt and making two heavy blows.


Yu Cheng was feeling wronged and broke into tears immediately.

“I said I didn’t hit him, he did it himself.”

He shook off his dad’s hand and walked to the scene of the incident to reenact the scene that had just happened.

“That’s it. After I finished rolling, he started to roll, and then said we hit him, we didn’t touch him at all.”

Yu Cheng played from how he acted like a racketeer to how Jiang Liu acted like one also.

The whole process was brilliant. In order to restore the scene as much as possible, he even tore his new clothes.

“Yes, we didn’t hit him.”

“Yes, he fell by himself.”

Those brats on the side rushed to second as all their grievances broke.


Jiang Jianjun was a shrewd man. After Yu Cheng demonstrated the scene that just happened, he noticed something wrong.

“Xiao Cheng, tell Uncle Jianjun, why did you pretend to be beaten by my little treasure just now, and then why did you rolled on the ground?”

After Jiang Jianjun raised this question, the parents on the sidelines also figured out something was wrong.

Yeah, these kids say that Jiang Liu rolls and deceives people, so why did Yu Cheng, who was the first to roll and deceive people?

“Huh? No, no, no—”

Yu Cheng realized that the stuffing was exposed. He scratched his head and then his cheeks, but he still could not come out with an explanation. He looked at his little friends who had cheated for years, but they all looked at their toes like the frightened quail as if there was something on the ground.

“Xiao Cheng, cheating is not good. You tell Uncle Jianjun, Uncle Jianjun came back this time with lots of toffee. Even the department stores in the county might not necessary have these sweet and fragrant candy.”

Jiang Jianjun used candy to tempt him. Listening to his description, the young Yu Cheng was quickly shaken.

“Yes, that’s…”

He flattered as his little hand clasping each other.

“In this way, Grandma Pan can put red potion on me, and Aunt Huilan will give me candy, so, so that is it.”

It seemed that he also felt that his actions were wrong. So when his behaviour was exposed, Yu Cheng seemed very unnatural, “It’s just that everyone did that. Tiedan, Erzhuzi, and even Dachun. All of them also did it.”

The little boy confessed his friends’ name very unscrupulously. The names of people he mentioned had also brought their parents and went to Jiang’s house to file a complaint.

It was inevitable for children in the country to bump into each other. They didn’t even remember who started it. What they know was that if Jiang Liu injured them, they could put on a red potion that symbolizes being a hero. Additionally, they can also have soft and delicious pastries and eat sweet candies. Over time, these naughty children in the village got used to letting Jiang Liu back the pot.

In this way, you can avoid the punishment of your parents and get benefits.

Besides, Jiang Liu, who was the Jiang family’s treasure, was also stupid. A tease can make him angry, and the other party seemed to enjoy the victory over people. He never doubted it. He was even ready to cooperate with them to finish the show play.

Over a period, the children who have tasted enough sweetness felt it even easier for them to stage the play.

If this incident had not happened today, I was afraid these children would continue to do this until Jiang Liu become sensible or until the red potion and sugar cubes no longer hold any appeal to them.

The children named by Yu Cheng bowed their heads one by one, not daring to look at their parents’ expressions at this time.

Jiang Jianjun’s heart trembled a little. It turned out that he had always misunderstood his son. Fortunately, he just wanted to beat him because of these things. If he managed to hit him, how sad his son would his son be at that time.

In fact, when the parents first filed a complaint, the original beating was real. However, several times later, his son told him that he did not beat anyone. However, because of the previous lessons, Jiang Jianjun did not listen to his son’s explanation at all. Instead, he coaxed those children who were “beaten” by his sons with good food and drink.

Jiang Jianjun began to reflect in his heart whether he was too arrogant or too partial to listen to others’ opinion. It was precisely because of his mistrust that his son simply gave up explaining the matter to him. He only admitted that he had done nothing wrong in the later period.

“You brat, you dare to lie!”

“You’re a bad thing, I’ll kill you!”

“Quickly apologize to your Uncle Jiang.”

After listening to Yu Cheng’s words, the elders who had taken their beaten children to Jiang’s family to file a complaint wanted to dig a hole and bury themselves directly.

How upright and confident they were when they filed the complaint. Now they have a guilty conscience.

One by one, they used their cruel hands as they beat the hapless children to the ground.

As for what Yu Cheng said just now, Jiang Liu’s story of rolling around and deceiving everyone he was beaten has long been ignored. Everyone’s focus was to teach their children and then think of letting the Jiang family calm down. By the way, they also need to return the apologetic gifts from Jiang’s family over the years and apologize to someone else.


“Hmph, how can I say, our Baoer is so good, such a simple child, how can he start beating people? Now it is clear that it was your blind kindness that gave the candy to the people that harmed our Baoer.”

Back home, Pan Xiuluo hurriedly instructed several granddaughters to boil water and then asked the baby grandson to take a relaxing bath in the bathroom.

As for her, she had caught her son and ready to teach him a lesson.

“Mom, aren’t you the same? Those kids come to the door, and you take the red potion most frequently.”

Jiang Jianjun could not help but mutter, but he was also guilty now.

“I also said, as the son of Jiang Jianjun, how could he be the kind of child who disregard good or bad and become a little bully, I also blame myself as a father for not believing in him. I really have wronged the child.”

Jiang Jianjun was scratching his ears and feeling uncomfortable at the moment. He did not know how to repair his father’s position in his son’s mind.

How well-behaved is his Baoer? So good tempered and obedient. He did not know how he was threatened by those bear kids when he was outside. To think that he suffered so many wrongs, and he gained such a bad reputation.

At this moment, Jiang Liu was innocent in the hearts of the whole family and was simply the embodiment of grievances.

“As long as you know.”

Pan Xiuluo responded.

“You are smart and courageous enough, so you can make a lot of money on the right time, but you also have bad temperaments. For example, you are too self-confident, sometimes because of this, you refused to heed to other’s advice to the point of being a little arrogant. This also one of your shortcoming. Mom hopes that this things that happened to Bo’er, you can change your own shortcoming.”

The old lady seized the opportunity to give her son an ideological education.

Her analysis was not wrong. The biggest reason for the Jiang family’s collapse in the previous life was due to the complacent Jiang Jianjun, who no longer listened to others’ thoughtful advice and deliberately invested most of the assets in that high-risk business. It was also a good thing for him that he can learn a lesson from this matter today.

Jiang Jianjun nodded and remembered the advice of his old mother.


“Bo’er, eat more chicken legs to nourish your body.”

At dinner, Pan Xiuluo picked up the drumstick from the remaining half of the chicken and sent it to her baby grandson. Because of what happened during the day, Jiang Shengnan, who loves to go against his younger brother the most, did not express any opposition.

“Bo’er, eat fish eyes, there is a lot of brain supplement in there.”

Yao Huilan was also in distressed as she picked a pair of fish eyes for her son. Although she was on her son’s side, Yao Huilan also felt that this little son was too naive and stupid.

“Ahem -“

As the most prestigious patriarch in the family, Jiang Jianjun gave a light cough and then took out ten yuan from his pocket: “If you are hungry and thirsty, go to the school shop to buy food, don’t starve yourself.”

The Jiang family’s sisters and brothers are all studying in the town’s elementary school. A small shop was run by the principal’s relatives, and there were many snacks that children like to eat sold there.

In the current time, five cents can buy a bunch of candies. Hence, ten yuan was a considerable sum of money, which showed Jiang Jianjun’s mentality compensation for Jiang Liu at this moment.


Jiang Liu took the ten yuan and put it in his pocket and then responded softly.

“Does the wound still hurt? Sister will feed you.”

Looking at the small scratches on his younger brother’s face and hands, Jiang Lainan took the rice bowl anxiously as she fed his brother with a bite of food.

This action was not a surprise to the whole family. Everyone is accustomed to Jiang Lainan’s behaviour of spoiling his brother without a brain.

It was definitely impossible to change rashly. Jiang Liu had no other choice but to adapt to it. Hence, he would not make trouble as he obediently ate. He should finish as soon as possible so that his second sister can also eat hot meals.

What kind of fairy life is this? How could the original body neglect his family who loves him in this way? Jiang Liu decided that he must represent God to let the original body deeply realize his mistakes.

After dinner, Jiang Liu took a jar of orange water and sat outside the door, listening to children’s cries coming from several houses around him. With this beautiful sound, he happily finished his dessert.

Sure enough, teaching those brats could also be considered a great accomplishment.



During the day, Jiang Liu went to the base where the children of the village often gathered. Of course, those children excluded him.

Most of the people present experienced the taste of mixed doubles for men and women last night, and some families even added grandparents to make it into four-person mixed doubles.

Club education was often criticized in later generations. Still, now, it was the trick most elders used to educate their children. Especially this time, the children’s mistakes are too bad, and the parents would naturally be ruthless.

However, the children in the country were solid. Even though they have been beaten, they can still run and jump the next day. It just that they cannot make it through psychologically. They complained about the culprit of all this. Hence, after seeing Jiang Liu approaching the base, they snorted and left.

“It’s okay if you want to go; anyway, I have a lot of delicious food here.”

Jiang Liu stopped the person and took a pile of sweets from his pocket.

“Who wants your candy, you villain.”

Yu Cheng gulped and said while grunting his neck.

“How come I’m a villain? You also did the same to me back then. You came to my house during the day to file a complaint. At night, my dad beat me. If you count how many times you have filed against me, I had been beaten by my dad several times more than you.”

Jiang Liu’s words are pure nonsense. With an old lady, how could Jiang Jianjun beat the original body?

Nevertheless, the innocent children believed it, thinking about their previous unkind behaviours; it seemed that they were really the ones who acted against Jiang Liu first.

“Really don’t want to eat?”

Jiang Liu asked, raising the sugar cube in his hand.

“Want this?”

Several five or six-year-old kids nodded first.

“What are your conditions?”

Yu Cheng and other older kid had watched some TV’s drama. Therefore, they always felt that Jiang Liu’s behaviour was like a traitor bribing the covert party member. Hence he must have some requirement for them.

“Hehe, my request is very simple.”

Jiang Liu stood on a small mound and said, “From now on, you will all recognize me as the big brother. If you follow me, there will be candy to eat and canned sweets to fill your mouth. As for the previous things, I will let bygones be bygones. After all, you all are my brother.”

Although the boys were useless, it was still good for him to be the group’s boss.

Nowadays, the township elementary school consisted of children from multiple villages. Generally speaking, the boss of the school was also the boss of their village.

If his memory served him right, the Jiang sisters’ life at school did not seem to be a happy one.

 Looking at Jiang Liu, who stood on a high platform and talking about idioms that no one understood, the children present did not know how to respond. They always felt that the easily coaxed Jiang’s treasured baby was a little different from before.

Especially the sugar cubes in his hand had tempted them silently, saying, come and eat me, come and eat me.

As for what Jiang Liu wanted them to do as a big brother, who cares.

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