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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 4

As soon as he entered his room, Jiang Liu plugged the door latch. This time he could finally absorb the memory of the original body.

Jiang Jianjun was both a ruthless and smart man. Because of his existence, the Jiang family managed to migrate smoothly from their village to the county town. Then, from the county town to the provincial capital. In the first 20 years of the original memory, he had been living the life of a privilege. He basically could get anything and everything he could ever want.

As the only boy in the whole family, the original body has been the family’s focus since childhood. This especially obvious after their prosperous life started to dwindle. Since the original body had been spoiled since young, his character was squeamish and could not bear a little bit of hardship.

If Jiang Jianjun lived longer, perhaps the Jiang family’s life would continue to be plain yet beautiful. With his father’s shadow, the original body would also be able to live smoothly and prosperously.

It was a pity that there were unpredictable circumstances. In the 1920s, there was a trend of pretending to be Hong Kong businesspersons to defraud local manufacturers to invest in them. Therefore, countless people have been cheated of their money, and this includes Jiang Jianjun.

In that incident, Jiang Jianjun was defrauded of more than three million yuan, almost half of his family property. The incident happened in the night. When the other suppliers heard the news, all of them, including the bank, had come together to ask Jiang Jianjun to pay off the payment and loan. As a result, the factory he built closed down.

Perhaps because their life was too smooth in the early years, Jiang Jianjun, who was in his fifties, couldn’t stand the blow. His cerebral hemangioma ruptured, and he died before he could be rescued.

For a long time, the entire family’s income was solely dependent on Jiang Jianjun. After his death, the Jiang family suddenly became a mess.

The family’s real estate was forcibly auctioned by the bank. The family moved out of the beautiful small villa and returned to the small county where they once lived in despair. This was a painful blow to the original incarnation of the proud son of heaven.

At that time, the original body was only 23 years old and had not graduated from university.

Jiang Yanan, the eldest sister of the Jiang family, was 29 years old and had already married with one son. She also ran a clothing store.

The original body’s second sister, Jiang Lainan, was 27 years old and had just been married for two years. Her husband was the son of Jiang Jianjun’s business partner. After Jiang Jianjun’s accident, the two families instantly became cold. Jiang Lainan’s status in her husband’s family has also plummeted.

The third sister, Jiang Shengnan, was 24 years old and just graduated from college. Her grades were the best in her family. She originally planned to enter the postgraduate entrance examination. Still, because of the family’s changes, she had to join the society early to earn money for the family.

As for the little sister, Jiang Chaonan, who was raised in Jiang’s first household, she was only fourteen at that time. Since her grades were also excellent, under the insistence of the old lady, Pan Xiuluo, she did not drop out of school and went to school normally.

When the whole family of women worked together to face the life after the change, the original body who should have stood up and sheltered his grandmother, elder sister and younger sister from the wind and rain decided to back down.

He was protected so well; hence he did not have the slightest sense of responsibility and endurance. When the crisis came, his only thought was that he had no money, and he could no longer eat, drink and play with his friends of a similar lineage.

He only cared that those who once wanted to please him were now laughing behind his backs. What he cared about was that his life was no longer the same.

He began to shut himself off. The only thing he did was to lose his temper with his elder sisters and younger sister at home. He kept complaining that they could not give him the same life as when his father was alive.

It was also a pity that the usual shrewd Pan Xiuluo became muddle-headed after being hit with her son’s death. She was constantly confused about matters concerning her grandson. Her involvement also caused the original body to go further and further in the wrong direction.

Even though the Jiang family moved to a small county town, but what happened in the Jiang family could not be hidden from people.

Coupled with the fact that the original body has been reluctant to go back to school since the family changes, he was even less willing to go out to find a job. Hence, his marriage has become a worrying matter for the whole family.

If a man wanted to marry a wife, he must at least have a house. Yet, the Jiang family’s homes have been auctioned off to pay off the debts. Hence, to prepare a wedding house for this little brother, the Jiang family’s eldest sister paid 20,000 yuan. The Jiang family’s second sister paid 3 000 yuan. At the request of her mother, Yao Huilan, the third sister Jiang, who just started working, turned in 800 yuan for the house. At that time, Jiang Shengnan, who was a fresh graduate, had just started working. She only had a monthly salary of 1,260 yuan. In the end, she left with no more than 400 yuan for the family living expense.

With his family and sisters’ support, the original body finally managed to buy a wedding house of more than 120 square meters and a full set of brand new appliances.

However, in the original body’s eyes, such a small county house was no different from a broken place.

Because of the house, the marriage of the original body became simple at once. Although he did not have a job, everyone knew that he had three promising older sisters and a younger sister who was likely to be successful in the future. Many people were willing to let their daughter married the original body.

Finally, under Yao Huilan’s choice, the original body married a girl who graduated from high school and had many brothers in the family.

At that time, Yao Huilan thought that with her daughter-in-law having many brothers in her family, they might help her son more in the future. Who could imagine that the girl who came out of that many boys’ family would also become a demon? She wanted to supplement her own family and kept coveting the money in her sisters-in-law’s hand. She has also been complaining that the old lady has been using her money to support Jiang Chaonan’s schooling.

The original body has soft ears and has no opinion. After marrying his wife, his greedy wife coaxed him and the Jiang family was ended up turning upside down.

The second sister Jiang Lainan, who had been dismissed by her husband’s family, ended up divorced. The dissonance between the first sister, Jiang Yanan and her husband also appeared. The only one who had a good ending was the third sister Jiang who managed to get out in time. After being harassed several times by his brother’s brother-in-law, the third sister’s heart became very cold. She decided to leave and went to other cities to develop. Since then, she never contacted her family again. As for Jiang Chaonan, who was raised by the old lady, she had always been grateful for her late uncle and his wife’s kindness for taking her in. Therefore, she followed in the footsteps of her several sisters and became the original body’s moneybag.

Because of this drag, she never got married in her life.

Until the last moment of his life, the original body did not feel that his behaviour was excessive. On the contrary, he thought his sisters were too useless to provide him with a favourable living environment.

Jiang Lianan, who was divorced because of him, ended up alone and never married for the second half of her life. Jiang Chaonan, who had never been married, did not even receive half of his pity. After they had no use-value, he abandoned them all.

On the contrary, the old lady regretted it. This time, the wisher was not the original body but the old lady who had been spoiling her grandson.

She hopes that someone can stop all these tragedies from happening and help her teach this badly raised boy.

As for the main system’s task, naturally, to spread righteousness and love. The main system required the tasker to change the mentality of several daughters of the Jiang family. They should understand that despite being a daughter, they should also strive for self-improvement and understand that women should not be subservient to men.

Besides, the system has another task that requires the tasker to influence the original body. The mission should let the original body understand his mistakes and possess the responsibility that a man should have.

Jiang Liu could understand the first task, but the second task made Jiang Liu a little confused.

Now that he has become the original body, how could he possibly influence himself?

“Ahem, there is actually a small error in system transmission.”

At this time, 001 stood up: “According to the original plan, you should be born with Jiang Chaonan in Lu Xiaohua’s belly. However, because of a small problem in the transmission, you have come to the body of the original body. As for this body’s original owner, he is now in Lu Xiaohua’s belly.”

001 felt embarrassed due to the frequent system errors as of late.

However, this is also due to the need for system separation. Not long ago, it had separated System 007 from its program. Perhaps it was for this reason that the system frequently had problems during this period.

[T/N: System 007 – The Xueba’s system]

“Remind the host that what is in Lu Xiaohua’s body at this time is the original body that has all the memories after experiencing the previous life. Of course, since this error was due to the system problems, the host can also get triple points after the current world mission is completed.”

The systematic answer explained Jiang Liu’s doubts.

There was actually a rebirth this time around. Jiang Liu could already predict how lively this world would be.

From Jiang Liu’s point of view, probating a scum who did not want to take any responsibility was a process of abusing that scum man into crying. Without a doubt, he will surely win that triple points.


After taking a nap, Jiang Liu took a candies bag and went out to play with friends, following the original body’s usual habits.

According to the memory of the original body, when he was a child, he was the bully figure in this group of kids. He beat everyone without a doubt. After attaining this new life, Jiang Liu decided to slowly change the original body’s image in everyone’s mind. Hence, he had to take a good look at the original body circle of friends and enemies.

“Jiang Baoer is here!”

“The Jiang family’s treasured baby is here!”

Pan Xiuluo’s pampering of this grandson had earned Jiang Liu this nickname. Hence, the village kids had often used it to make fun of Jiang Liu on average days. They felt that it was girlish for a boy to be called [treasured baby].

Due to this, Jiang Liu would often fight them angrily, precisely what the children in the village wanted to see.

“Jiang Bao’er!”

“Oh, the Jiang family’s treasured baby is still a baby who are yet to wean!”

A group of dark and skinny kids laughed as they chanted provocative words around Jiang Liu. All of them stared at Jiang Liu’s bulging pocket, sucking their noses and swallowing, wishing to grab the candy and start eating.

In the year 1987, the resources available in the rural areas are still scarce. Although it has been many years since the households have contracted the production and each family’s income has also increased. However, the frugal villagers are still reluctant to give their children pocket money. They were even unwilling to spend money outside of the festival just to buy those sweets and pastries.

Henceforth, for the children in the village, Jiang Liu’s life was too envious.

“Why don’t you do it yet?”

Jiang Liu listened to them humorously and did not mean to do anything. Finally, a boy could not help it and came up and gave Jiang Liu a push.


Jiang Liu raised his hand and just about to say something. Yet, the little boy who had just pushed him back a few steps fell to the ground and rolled a few times exaggeratedly and then began to howl with his throat.

“Wow-Jiang Liu hit me, my knee hurt, I want to apply red potion!”

This flamboyant acting is naked swindler, ah!

Jiang Liu laughed angrily. He reviewed the memories of the original body. Is the experience of having an invincible hand in the original memory when he was young was real? Could it be that those false wins were earned like this every time?

Thinking of his father, who was still thinking about spanking his ass at home, Jiang Liu felt wronged.

This is really a tragedy caused by candy and red potion, ah.

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