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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 3

T/N: This arc has freaking long chapters… averaging 4.5k of original words~

Because the old lady had been watching too tightly, Jiang Liu still did not find a chance to quietly accept the original body’s complete memory at the point of lunch. He just learned about his general life experience and some details of the problem and the reason for his arrival. As for this world’s specific tasks, he has to wait for the afternoon nap to absorb it slowly.

Soon, it was lunchtime, and Jiang Liu also saw other relatives of the original body.

Jiang Xiangdang, Jiang Jianjun’s younger brother, was also Pan Xiuluo’s youngest son.

Pan Xiuluo had five children, four of them were sons, and one was a daughter. Because of war and famine, only two of the five children survived. The eldest son Jiang Jianjun was actually the second son, and the younger son was actually ranked fifth.

Perhaps it was because she had given more births, yet only less survived, so she loved her two sons very much.

Jiang Xiangdang was five years younger than his brother Jiang Jianjun was. Because his mother and brother are more prominent, his courage was much smaller compared to average people. He basically has no opinion of his own. Even after reaching the age of 29, he still looked at his mother and brother for advice when dealing with things.

Following Jiang Xiangdang were his wife Lu Xiaohua and their three daughters.

Perhaps the Jiang family’s man has a genetic problem. The two brothers seem to be extremely difficult to get a son. Jiang Xiangdang and his wife, Lu Xiaohua, have been married for so long and have now given birth to three daughters in a row, but they have yet to get a son.

Compared with the introverted older brother, Jiang Xiangdang and his wife were more demanding for a son.

The three girls in the Jiang family’s second household were Jiang Zhaodi, Jiang Laidi and Jiang Wangdi.

Jiang Wangdi was born in ’82. At this time, family planning has been written into the basic national policy. Lu Xiaohua gave birth to this child in hiding, but it turned out to be a daughter. If it were not for Pan Xiuluo, who regarded all child with Jiang blood as theirs, these confused couples still wanted to throw the child away.

Because of Jiang Wangdi’s birth, all the chickens and ducks raised in the second household were taken away by the family planning bureau as fined. Not only that, but some of the silver antiques inherited from the ancestors were also taken away. The whole family was impoverished and often needed relief from the older brother, Jiang Jianjun.

Pan Xiuluo knows that those emergency relief would not be able to save the poor. She also knew that after her son got married and started a business, they were already considered two different families. Although the elder son was rich and the younger son was poor, she did not always let the eldest son subsidize the younger son. When the family having a delicious meal, she would call the youngest son’s family join the dinner.

Since the old lady can handle things well, Yao Huilan, the eldest daughter-in-law, didn’t have any major opinions about the occasional help to the second household. The whole family was just like that, and there is basically no conflict on regular days.

This was also the credit of the old lady.


Lu Xiaohua glanced at the old lady timidly, then touched her elbow to her husband before lowering her head to help out in the kitchen. Her eldest daughter, Jiang Zhaodi, also followed her mother timidly.

In terms of eating rules, the Jiang family still inherited the habits of the early years.

They would serve the table first for the elder and the men of the family. The daughter-in-law and granddaughter of the family need to help in the kitchen. They waited until all the dishes were ready before they could serve the table. Therefore, besides Jiang Jianjun and Jiang Xiangdang being able to sit down and have a drink, only the elders like Pan Xiuluo and the grandson, Jiang Liu, can eat first at the table.

“Why do you have a severe face? Your brother is back, you should be happy.”

Pan Xiuluo naturally noticed her son’s frowning face and the little movement when her youngest daughter-in-law left.

She wondered- Is it because the younger son’s family is short of money and wanted to borrow from the older son?

Whenever it comes to money, it is easy to hurt the feelings between people. Pan Xiuluo still has some pocket money that her elder son gave to honour her. She saved this money for her grandson, but if the younger son really needs money, she can lend it first and let the youngest son pay it back slowly.

“Mom, I…”

Jiang Xiangdang picked up a piece of pork belly. Seeing his mother’s serious expression, the chopsticks could no longer hold the meat. He put down his chopsticks, put his hands on his knees, and bowed his head but did not know what to say.

“Brother, there are no outsiders here, just tell me if you have anything.”

When Jiang Jianjun saw his younger brother’s appearance, he knew that something had happened; otherwise, he wouldn’t be so difficult to tell.

“Mom, big brother, Xiaohua, Xiaohua are pregnant again.”

Jiang Xiangdang watched his mother, eldest brother and his nephew staring at him and finally said it callously.


Both Pan Xiuluo and Jiang Jianjun were shocked. You must know that when his youngest niece, Jiang Wangdi, was born, those people from the Family Planning Bureau directly caught Lu Xiaohua and enforced birth control on her. In this case, how could Lu Xiaohua become pregnant?

“Mom, brother, my heart is bitter.”

Jiang Xiangdang picked up the wine bottle on the table before directly put it into his mouth. He then wiped his mouth with his sleeve and said bitterly.

When the little nephew was not born in the early years, the eldest brother has three daughters, and he had one in his family. At that time, the old people with broken mouths in the village said that their Jiang family had done something to damage the yin’s integrity. The proof was evident with the two brothers unable to have a son.

There were also those people who had a conflict with the Jiang family and laughed at their family all day long. They laughed at the four golden flowers they gave birth to and telling them that they could only live the life as a father-in-law [Yuefu].

[T/N: Means they could only have sons-in-law and will never have daughters-in-law]

Fortunately, Jiang Liu was born soon. Because of the arrival of this male, the nasty words in the village gradually disappeared.

It was precisely because of this that the whole family would spoil that child Jiang Liu so much.

In fact, at that time, Jiang Xiangdang’s pressure was not so great. After all, he was still young, and he had only one daughter with his wife at that time and another one in her belly.

Yet, after giving birth to three daughters, Jiang Xiangdang began to panic. He started to fear that his brother’s fate would play out on him.

What’s more, those people with a broken mouth in the village started to change their tune. They all joked that the youngest Jiang was not as good as his elder brother Jiang Jianjun in making money. Even his children’s luck could not be compared to his elder brother. In the future, his life would depend on his nephew.

No matter how good the relationship is between the sibling, Jiang Xiangdang knew that he was indeed not as smart and capable as his elder brother. Even the issue of children’s luck was not as good as that of his eldest brother. Hence, Jiang Xiangdang felt a little uncomfortable.

Besides, no matter how close he was to his nephew, it could not beat having your own blood’s son. Jiang Xiangdang was unwilling to work hard all his life to make wedding gowns for his nephew. Although he also knew that his nephew may not even look at it regarding his family’s money.

“At first, they did out the ring on Xiaohua, but we later found a doctor in a private clinic and took the ring off.”

Jiang Xiangdang lowered his head as he continued with a low, muffled voice.

“Xiao Er, ah, Xiao Er, what do you want Mom to say about you?”

Regarding the fact that her youngest daughter-in-law became pregnant, the old lady was not happy, only angry. She was outraged that she ended up laughing. She reached out her hand and hit her little son’s head: “Xiao’ er, you are usually so timid. Now that you are so courageous, I ask you, in the future, when this child is born, how are you going to raise it? Are you going to let those people from the Family Planning Bureau take off your house? What if it is still a girl? You already have three daughters, and none of them is well raised. Now you plan to add one more, are you planning to drink northwest wind for the whole family?”

Although the old lady’s words were ugly, it was also a heartfelt truth.

You must know that when the grandson of the old family was not born, the old lady thought about letting the three girls recruit the son-in-law to enter the family. So, in the old lady’s view, having a grandson is indeed a happy event, but life should go well even without one.

The old lady also looked down on the youngest son disregarding everything to have a son.

Their approach was purely a product of temporary frustration.

Once this child was born, there will be many follow-up issues.

“Mom, it must be a son this time, definitely a son.”

Jiang Xiangdang could bear the previous remarks, but his mother said that the fourth one might be a girl. Jiang Xiangdang could not help it: “My brother also have a son after giving birth to three daughters in a row. I… I also have already given birth to three daughters, and Xiaohua definitely has a son in her belly.”

Had it not been for this idea, would Jiang Xiangdang dare to go to the black clinic to remove the ring from his wife’s body?

“Furthermore, Xiaohua condition was different from the first few pregnancy period. From the time she was pregnant, she wanted to eat sour food. Hence, this time it must be a son.”

In the past, Jiang Xiangdang was too timid and weak. Now he dared to say so much in front of the old lady. He even dared to refute the old lady’s opinion, which showed how firm his attitude was.

It was estimated that if the whole family opposes their husband and wife’s pregnancy plan, they would also go elsewhere and secretly give birth to the child.

Jiang Liu searched for the memory of the original body. Sure enough, the child was born, but it was indeed a daughter, as the old lady said.

So far, Jiang Xiangdang was desperate in giving birth to a son. The family’s only property was overthrown by the family planning bureau because of the over-birth issue. The whole family was forced to live in the Jiang family’s old house, which had been distributed initially to Jiang Jianjun. After Jiang Jianjun made a fortune, he built another building in the vacated old house.

This time, the people from the Family Planning Bureau were even more ruthless. They directly arrested both couples for ligation. Male ligation was not something that ordinary black clinics can recover.

The life of Jiang Xiangdang’s family, which was already difficult, was even sadder. The couple blamed all this on the little girl. Regardless of this newborn little girl, the old lady could not possibly neglect the little girl who was just born. Therefore, she took it to her side to raise it. She also bought the little girl ahead of sheep for milk and brought the child up smoothly.

However, because of her situation, this little girl was unable to be registered until the beginning of school at the age of eight. For this reason, the old lady also paid a fine of more than 8,000 yuan, which was not a small sum in 1995.

Perhaps because her uncle had been forking his own money to raise her, the girl ended up addressing his uncle and aunt as her parents when she was already sensible. Subsequently, she addressed her own parents as uncle and aunt. In Jiang Liu’s memory, she was directly raised by the old lady to become Jiang Lainan’s second. She was full of eyes and worship towards the original body.

Excluding the fact that she was being brainwashed and became a big brother control, the little girl named Jiang Chaonan was still very cute. If there was no original body, this smart girl would be admitted to the university in the future and able to open a bright life.

“So? Since you two have made up your mind a long time ago, what do you want to say when you come here to find me?”

According to the old lady’s thoughts, she would directly kill the child in her belly cruelly. After all, the child was yet to be born. Therefore, she has no affection for this genderless child. However, she had been getting along with her other granddaughter for several years; hence, she didn’t want to mess up the youngest son’s life because of this child’s arrival.

Yet, this clever old lady knew the youngest son’s attitude. If she really forced him to knock that child out and ended up being a boy, she was afraid that this son would hate her and sever their relationship.

Pan Xiuluo wasn’t in the mood to eat anymore. She put down the dishes, stared at her little son, and asked.

“That’s right, brother, what do you want mom and me to help you with?”

Jiang Jianjun looked at the younger brother with a calm face and asked. He would never tell them the news otherwise.

“Now the village committee’s women’s federation is looking at people closely. In a few months, Xiaohua’s belly will be bigger, so Xiaohua and I decided to send her to her distant sister’s house. The other party married in the south. Hence, in the name of visiting relatives, I wanted to raise the fetus there and waited until she gave birth before returning. When it times for them to fine, then let them fined.”

Jiang Xiangdang’s eyes shined when he talked about his future son. If he could give birth to a son this time, he would be able to stand up and be a man in the village.

“What about the money?”

Jiang Jianjun asked in a cold voice. For no reason, why did a distant relative let you stay with them for so long? Living expenses and accommodation must be given to others. Not to mention that Lu Xiaohua was pregnant. Therefore the food should not be too bad, and it would cost money.

Besides, the child’s household registration was also a problem. The fine for over-birth was not cheap. When the household was registered, at least they would be fined one or two thousand yuan.

Can the second family spend such a large sum of money?

Jiang Jianjun asked the critical point. Jiang Xiangdang lowered his head, pulled the peeling on the fingers of his right hand from side to side, and said that he wanted to borrow money.

“Second brother, you can think about it again. This is not a small number.”

Jiang Jianjun wanted his younger brother to think about it again: “If one or two hundred, as the elder brother, I can give it to you, and you won’t have to pay it back. Yet, the money you want is not a small sum. Even if I am willing, your sister-in-law would blame me. Are you really going to owe a considerable sum of money for a child who you did not even know whether it is a boy or a girl? Money that may take you several years to pay off?”

Jiang Xiangdang was just an ordinary farmer. Now every family has a household contract. Their family’s fields have already been allocated. The chickens and ducks raised by the couple could only generate three to four hundred yuan a year. Not to mention, that was not a net profit. Excluding the money to buy the seeds and fertilizers, the fines for over-birth alone will be enough to burden the couple for several years.

“I’m sure.”

Jiang Xiangdang nodded heavily: “I must have a son.”

Jiang Xiangdang was also looking forward to it. If he can have a son, maybe he would have the courage to go outside and make a fortune just like his elder brother.

The villagers, including the Jiang Xiangdang’s family, did not know that Jiang Jianjun was wheeler-dealers outside. After all, this matter was still risky. If this matter were reported, Jiang Jianjun would not be able to eat, so he declared to the outside that he has a small business in the south. Even though being self-employed has a bad reputation these days, but it was legal.

Jiang Xiangdang was a little envious regarding the money his elder brother made outside. Still, Jiang Jianjun knew about his younger brother’s timidity and never meant to take him into this line. As early as the past few years, when the significant differences between being rich and poor occurred, the gap has already existed between them.

“Xiaohua’s aunt said that I need to give them thirty-five yuan a month, including food and housing.”

They also needed to avoid being fined temporary. The commodity’s prices have risen rapidly in recent years. The wages of some workers in the south have increased to 80 or 90 yuan. That place also the first place to comply with the reforms and has the most self-employed people. Lu Xiaohua’s sister-in-law demanding 35 yuan for one month’s living expenses was not considered too much.

Jiang Jianjun nodded and then returned to the room and counted four hundred yuan.

“Since my younger siblings really wanted to go to the south, you should have some money in your hand.”

Only after three or four months will the belly showed any sign of pregnancy. By then, Lu Xiaohua needs to go abroad to avoid any eyes. Hence, she may only live in her sister-in-law’s home for six to seven months. Counting the time for confinement, it would be less than eight months. The remaining more than 100 yuan was for Lu Xiaohua to use in emergency case. It was difficult for a woman to have a child, and no one knows what would happen then.

“Thank you brother.”

Jiang Xiangdang took the money, then quickly lowered his head as he wiped his tears.

“I will pay back the money.”

Jiang Xiangdang put the money in his pocket and then quickly raised his head and said: “The family has to prepare. I will not eat this meal today. When my son is born, I will invite my mother and brother to drink the full moon wine.”

With that said, Jiang Xiangdang got up and left. He felt embarrassed to sit here again.

When Jiang Xiangdang left, he called his wife, who helped in the kitchen but was not thinking about cooking. Seeing his expression, Lu Xiaohua knew that he had succeeded and immediately put a smile on her face.

Jiang Xiangdang wanted a son. Lu Xiaohua also wants it. In fact, in a family, women are more eager for sons than men are. For people like Lu Xiaohua, sons can give her confidence, especially in this backward small village. Her son was also her boost of confidence to communicate with others.

Lu Xiaohua wanted to have a son more than anyone else did.

“Why did my second child and his wife leave without eating? I had been calling them to stop.”

Jiang Jianjun’s wife, Yao Huilan, did not know about Lu Xiaohua’s pregnancy. She and the three daughters came into the house with the remaining dishes and asked suspiciously.

“There is something at home.”

Jiang Jianjun did not say much. He was afraid that the three girls would hear the news and leaked it when chatting with their little sisters. If Lu Xiaohua was arrested by the women’s federation and forced to abort, his brother would hate their family. He planned to talk to my wife at night before sleeping. After all, he just took the 400 yuan from the deposit box at home, and the wife who always counted the money every night must be able to detect it.

Thinking about this, Jiang Jianjun looked at his son again.

This kid was the naughtiest and the most open-mouthed. When he finished eating, he has to talk to this kid and let him shut his mouth.

Yao Huilan did not overthink. When the food was ready, she brought the three girls to the table for a meal.

Today, the old hen was stewed at home, and a pot of chicken soup was fragrant and delicious. Jiang Jianjun and Pan Xiuluo did not bother to eat chicken. These made the three gluttonous granddaughters cheaper, and half of the hen made the belly of three girls bulge.

Especially this time, Jiang Liu did not even grab the drumsticks like the original body. Jiang Shengnan divided half of the drumsticks, and it can be seen that the little girl was pleased with herself.


After the meal ended, Pan Xiuluo went back to the house and closed her eyes to calm her mind. She began to think seriously about the future of the younger son’s family. At the same time, Jiang Jianjun caught his son, who had been planning to slip back to his room, to settle the ledger with him.

Jiang Jianjun was also a strong labourer on the team in his early years, and he had a lot of strength. He carried Jiang Liu’s back collar as easily as holding a little chick.

“Your Grandma spoiled you so today I must teach you a lesson.”

Jiang Jianjun did not know how long he would stay at home this time. He planned to teach this son well these days so that he would be out of trouble all day long.

If you do not stop it, wouldn’t he want to pierce the sky in the future?

“Dad, I was wrong!”

As the saying goes, a person who knows current affairs is brilliant. Hence, Jiang Liu was quick to recognize his mistake.

He blinked his big, pure, and innocent eyes, hoping that his father could see his determination to admit his mistake in his eyes.

“Humph, your kid also has the best attitude when he admits his mistakes. It belongs to resolutely admit his mistakes, yet do not change his style after repeated teaching. This time I won’t be easily fooled by you.”

Jiang Jianjun was a little softhearted and quickly turned his head away from seeing his son’s face.

He decided to be cruel this time, and he must make his son realized his mistake under the stick.

“Grandma, father is going to beat my brother, come here soon!”

“Grandma, big business is not good; my brother is going to be beaten to death by father!”

Jiang Lainan deeply remembered her grandmother’s teachings. She hurriedly called out to the old lady when he watched his father carry his younger brother to the backyard.

As soon as Jiang Jianjun raised his hand, he saw the old lady who was supposed to be resting in his room carrying a feather duster towards him.

The eight-foot man was so frightened that he started to run away.

He tried to avoid and escape from the old lady, yet he forgot that there was the second girl in the house who acted as a mole. It seemed that the matter of teaching his son still have to come slowly.

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