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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 2

“Yanan, Lainan, and Shengnan are all back. Look at your brother’s hands, how they were all beaten up.”

As soon as the old lady saw the three granddaughters come back, she immediately sobbed in dissatisfaction. Before Jiang Liu could react, the old lady raised her hand and pulled him to show off in front of the three sisters.

“Look, it’s broken.”

The youngest Shengnan leaned forward and looked at the injury on his younger brother’s hand and could not help but twitch her lips.

This wound was only the size of a soybean. Not to mention that it was just a broken skin. There was not even much blood to bleed. When she helped her mother in the kitchen, it was unknown how many times the firewood had stabbed her hand.

Grandma was also biased. She only loves her little brother, dearly. She even treated this small wound as a big deal.

The three sisters of the Jiang family have very different personalities. Because the eldest sister, Jiang Yanan, was the first child in the family, her age had long exceeded the scope for the school’s enrollment when the Jiang family made a fortune. Hence she could only be sent for an apprenticeship. Several elders in the family felt that they owe this child. Of the three girls, her treatment was the best. She was the only one of the three granddaughters in the family who can speak in front of the elders.

Jiang Yanan usually had a short temper. Due to her eldest sister’s status, she has more control over his younger siblings and regarded as a half-elder.

Jiang Lainan, the second sister of the Jiang family, was the weakest of the three sisters. Since there was already an older sister in front of her, the whole family had been looking forward to a son. Jiang Lainan’s birth disappointed the elders in the family very much. You can tell from her name that she was not the one the elders were looking forward to being born.

During those years when the younger brother Jiang Liu was not yet born, Jiang Lainan was also the most neglected in the family. Fortunately, the eldest sister Jiang Yanan protected her. Hence, at home, Jiang Lainan and the eldest sister were the closest.

Probably due to the education instilled by grandparents and their parents since childhood, her life was much better after her brother Jiang Liu was born. Dad worked hard to earn money for her younger brother, so she also had the opportunity to study. Therefore, for Jiang Lainan, regarding this little brother of her, she almost reached the level of brainless maintenance.

She sincerely felt that her wonderful life came from this younger brother. Sure enough, a woman still needs a son to stand up.

As for the third child, Jiang Shengnan, although the elders in the family gave her such a name with the attitude of raising her as a son, but not long after she was born, her mother was pregnant with her younger brother, Jiang Liu. They were born only one year apart, and they were almost considered siblings who grew up at the same time. Because of the different treatments received in daily life, the relationship between the siblings was not harmonious.

Jiang Shengnan has a strong nature and naturally very dissatisfied that her younger brother got better treatment. However, the family’s elders only love and care about the younger brother, who only has one more meat than her. Hence, she loves to fight with his younger brother on a typical day. This resulted in her being scolded by the grandmother, who treats her grandson as her heart.

Now that she was older, Jiang Shengnan has also learned to be smart as she secretly teasing and teaching that stupid brother. Therefore, she no longer put her hostile attitude on the bright side.

Just like this, although she was very disdainful in her heart, she still said distressing words.

“Grandma, this is just a small injury, it doesn’t hurt at all.”

Jiang Liu’s face started to heat up. He was a great man, yet his grandma actually distressed this small injury. At the same time, his few sisters continued to cry in an upset manner.

However, based on this matter alone, he can also feel the original body’s status in this family.

With the elders who dote on children like this, it is strange for them to learn well.

“How can this be considered as a small injury?”

The second sister, Jiang Lainan, looked at her brother’s hand and stomped her feet urgently: “Grandma, where is the medicine that Dad bought previously? Let’s put it on the little brother quickly.”

The Jiang family has a bottle of red potion that Jiang Jianjun bought when he went out to sell the goods. In the whole village, only their family has this rare thing. On regular days, the family members would not use this potion even if they were injured. Only when the baby egg gets into trouble outside, and the children he injured came to the door did they use this potion.

[T/N: Red potion or Mercurochrome. An antiseptic. Due to the existence of mercury in it, it was no longer sold in USA, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Iran, and Germany] 

Perhaps the red potion was too rare that those bastards outside rushed to come to Jiang’s family to complain, with tears and snivelling their noses. However, as soon as they finished applying the red potion, they started to smile while showing off to their companions as if that potion is something to be proud of.

The Jiang family was wealthy. Apart from that red potion, the beaten children can also get candy cakes to eat. Perhaps, because of this, more and more people have volunteered to provoke the Jiang family’s little overlord.

That big bottle of red potion, it was unknown how long would it last.

“Lainan, you are right to care about your brother like this.”

Jiang Lainan’s urgency was in line with the old lady’s heart. She praised her second granddaughter without hesitation and gave her a rare loving smile.

Jiang Lainan was so happy that she did not even know where to put her hands.

“Shengnan, I know you are not convinced, and feel that I am being bias, so you will not love your brother, but have you ever thought why I am acting like this?”

Jiang Lainan’s attitude satisfied the old lady, but the little granddaughter made the old lady less happy.

As a ten-year-old child, how could she deceive her old lady? No matter how good the words are, the old lady can still see through at a glance.

“At the beginning, our Jiang family consisted of you three daughters. Did you listen how those people in the village poke at your mother and your dad’s backbone? What is the most important thing for our country folks? It is the land. Even now that your dad has been making some money, but for us, the land is the thing that we need to live and put our root. However, if there is no strong labor, no males, do you think that those villagers will let us have a share of the land? Yanan, you are the eldest sister; you remember early, you should know that when household divided the land, our village would not give a girl a share of land. What does this mean? It means that the roots of the Jiang family still depend on your younger brothers. In the future, if you are married, you will have to be supported by your brothers for you to have any confidence.”

The old lady never forgets to teach them this ideological education. She has to teach these three girls well before they can help her grandson in the future.

“And your dad, why did he take such a big risk to make money? It is all for your brother. I tell you, men are all about virtues. Even though they said, it is okay to have a daughter, yet, they still want a son in his heart. Otherwise, why didn’t he use his brain to make money a few years earlier?”

When the old lady said this, she subconsciously ignored that the national policy was only changed in the past few years. It was only after 1980 that there was a risky business of making money.

“You can be apprentices and study now, all thanks to your brother’s light. I don’t ask you to remember this grace, but don’t make trouble for your brother.”

When she said this, the old lady focused on her little granddaughter.

“It’s a good thing for a girl to be careful, but it must be done in the right place. Outside, you are all children of the Jiang family. The four-strand rope is tight so that it is strong and will not be bullied. Your brother is still young, and grandma hope when you are outside, you can take good care of your younger brother and do not let people bully him. When your younger brother grows up, he will naturally protect you. When you get married, your younger brother will be your confidence in your in-law’s house.”

Jiang Lainan was so excited by the words that she could not wait to express her attitude on the spot. She would take care of his younger brother, wholeheartedly.

The older Jiang Yanan was also thoughtful because what the grandmother said was indeed the opinion of the vast majority of people in the village. Look at the status of the women who have no sons in the village. They have no confidence in speaking or cursing. As for those without brother, after they were married, they were also like rootless duckweed, easily looked down on by their in-laws.

Jiang Yanan was a small adult, and she should be married in a few years. Thinking about her grandma’s word, Jiang Yanan also felt that she should treat her younger brother better.

As for Jiang Shengnan, she was particularly unconvinced in her heart. As for the little bully, it would be nice if he were not bullying others. There was no need for their sisters to protect him.

However, the old lady’s remarks did affect her, as can be seen from the expression on her face, which illuminate some guilty conscience.

“Your dad just came back and brought you the most fashionable clothes in the south. Later, Grandma will be distributed it to you. There were also toffee, which your dad bought specifically for your brother. Bo’er cares about your sisters and let me share your portion. When eating toffee, remember about your brother’s good.”

The old lady’s tactics of giving sweet dates after the lecture had an immediate effect. She immediately became happy when they heard about the beautiful clothes and delicious candies. Even Jiang Shengnan could not keep a straight face regarding her troublesome brother now.

However, Jiang Liu, as the person involved, knew that the original body had never said so much about sweets. All this was the old lady’s own idea, but she replaced the benefactor with the original body.

With this eloquence, this ability, it was a pity not to engage in MLM.

As for what she said just now, even Jiang Liu, a determined person, was almost moved by her. No wonder several older sisters in the original body had taken heart and lungs and wished to move everything from her husband’s family back to her natal family.

“Yanan, when you go and ask your uncle’s family to come home for dinner, you will say that your dad also brought a lot of things back for them.”

After finishing her daily education, Pan Xiuluo raised her face again and ordered her three granddaughters to do things.

“Lainan, Shengnan, you go to the kitchen to help your mother cook, kill chickens at home today. We will eat chicken tonight.”

The old lady waved her hand. When the three granddaughters were about to go out, she pretended to say casually: “Right, if you see your father hit your brother later, remember to come and inform me.”

The three sisters did not have time to think about why their father would beat the younger brother. They subconsciously responded, and then they were fooled by the old lady to do something.

“Good boy, grandma takes you to get the medicine, tsk tsk, watch the little hand hurting, Grandma really feel sorry for you.”

After such a long time, the wound on Jiang Liu’s hand had already healed and scabbed.

However, looking at the distressed grandma, Jiang Liu still followed.

He had a hunch that this should be a world where the chickens flying and the dogs jumping.

[T/N: Chaos]

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