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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Every households have their own treasured baby egg 1

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Since the system was unable to follow Jiang Liu in the last plane, there would not be any penalties even if he failed the task. However, if he was lucky enough to complete it, he will receive five times the original points.

The first task of this world was the request of the original body. He wanted to know whether his adoptive father loved him. The second task was the request from the main system. The mission required the task performer to influence Jiang Kun, the demon. Jiang Liu couldn’t know about it. Therefore, when he managed to complete these two tasks under unfortunate circumstances, naturally, he would be rewarded.

Including the sincere gratitude from the people of that world and the points he accumulated in the previous world, currently, he has 32,700 points. Hence, Jiang Liu could be considered a rich man at the moment.

There were only a few items in the system store that he could not afford to buy at least so far. Of course, this situation was on the premise that the system is yet to be upgraded. After all, there were only five shelves available in the system mall.

“001, what do you mean by fate?”

According to the usual practice, the system extracted all the feelings that Jiang Liu accumulated in the mission world after returning to the system space. Later, when he looks back on that memory, he would not feel the joys and sorrows that came from his own experience. Everything that happened in that world was as if a movie he has seen. He may be touched, but it would be challenging for him to put all his feelings into it.

This was a measure taken to allow the executor to better perform the task. Otherwise, the emotional stacking of multiple worlds can easily cause emotional imbalance among the tasker.

Jiang Liu could not help but asked 001 after his emotions were finished being tuned.

Just like Jiang Kun in the last world. Suppose the trafficker did not kidnap Maodan, even though Jiang Kun might have suffered from his wife’s death, with a son as his emotional sustenance, he might not embark into such a paranoid craziness. 

If Jiang Kun did not go crazy, many people would not die. Hence, the source of all this should be the human trafficker.

If there is no Jiang Liu, maybe those traffickers would be able to enjoy the money he made from abducting children. Maybe, even their wives and children would live a prosperous life because of this. People like Wang Fu also would not receive retribution, at least not while being alive.

Is this also fate?

“Host, I am just a sophisticated program created by the Lord. I may not be able to answer this question.”

001 is still a product of experiment and improvement, and it was too difficult for it to answer Jiang Liu’s question.

Even though Jiang Liu asked this question yet, he didn’t really expect the system to answer him in reality.

Perhaps even behind the system, those people also could not answer this question.

“Start the next task.”

Jiang Liu was a little tired, but he did not want to rest. Perhaps only by starting a new task could he let go of this unanswerable doubt.

As his voice fell, his consciousness gradually fell into silence, and a new task began.


“Mom, don’t stop me, I have to teach this stinky brat a lesson today.”

A bright and robust male voice reached his ears as Jiang Liu’s consciousness gradually recovered.

“Who scolded as stinky brat?”

A high-pitched female voice overwhelmed the male voice just now. Because it was too sharp, Jiang Liu could not help frowning.

“Of course I am!”

Jiang Liu could see the surrounding environment clearly. At this moment, his arms seemed to be held by someone. A man not far away held a feather duster in his hand, pulling the end full of feathers as he pointed its handle towards him.

“You still know that you are a stinky boy. With this old lady here, I want to see who dares to touch my treasured egg. I will fight with my life.”

The owner of the high-pitched voice who called herself [Laotaitai] was the one who had been holding his arm. Jiang Liu understood that he came at an unlucky time. It seemed the father was about to beat his son but was deterred by the grandma who was protecting him.

Obviously, now was not a good time to absorb the memories. Jiang Liu chose to stay silent for a while and watched the development of the situation.

“Mom, you clearly know that those [Stinky boy] words were clearly aiming at your grandson.”

Jiang Jianjun smiled bitterly and looked at the unreasonable old lady in front of him. Jiang Liu, this child, was spoiled rotten by her.

“Hmph, am I wrong? Do you meant to say that this old lady can’t call you a brat? When you become father, it seemed that your wings has grown hard. I tell you, I’m still the same mother w who chased you all over the mountains with a stick.”

The old lady grumbled and held her grandson firmly. Anyway, she would not let her son touch even her grandson’s finger today.

“Mom, let go of this kid. I have to beat him up today. Look at what kind of spoiled brat he is. He even beat that Zhou’s family kid. The teacher just complained about him a few days ago that he had been pulling his female classmate’s hair, and now he even hit those kid in the village. If this continues, once he became the village’s bully, who can control him in the future?”

Jiang Jianjun regretted that he had let the old lady spoiled the child too much. However, to be honest, not only the old lady, even he and his wife also spoiled this kid rotten. After all, this kid was their treasured baby egg obtained after having three daughters in succession.

After all, their daughter will marry out. Hence, Jiang Jianjun and his wife have to count on this son to provide for the elderly in the future. Is it possible for them not give him the best of things? For this son’s sake, Jiang Jianjun even risked being arrested and went to the south to become wheeler-dealers to save a lot of money for his future.

Nevertheless, pampering is pampering. Yet, Jiang Jianjun felt that it was wrong for them to pamper this kid too much. He did not only commanded his three sisters at home. He even acted as a little overlord in the kids’ group and let everyone listen to him. Those who went against him would be beaten. Since he entered elementary school, their family has to pay medical expenses several times for others.

Nevertheless, Jiang Jianjun and his wife were not the kinds of arrogant people. The parents brought the injured child to them. Hence, they had to nod and bow their heads to say good things. They bought fruit candy bars and paid medical expenses as well as the nourishment for the injured child. After a long time, Jiang Jianjun finally realized that he needs to take a stand. This child was no longer an ordinary little mischief but an utterly spoiled brat.

“Hey, old man, come and have a look. See how your son bullied his old mother. He dislikes me because I am too old. He doesn’t even listen to me.”

Pan Xiuluo saw that her son seemed to be determined this time, so she decided to sit on the ground as she patted the ground and started to cry.

“Mom, the ground is cold, don’t sit on the ground.”

Jiang Jianjun panicked and hurried up to help. Yet, the old lady ignored his effort. Instead, she pushed her son’s hand and then cried: “Bao’er is the only root of our old Jiang family. You now plan to break Bao’er. Are you planning to let your dad crawl out of the ground to find you to settle the account? You are an unfilial stinky boy, why did I give birth to you?”

The old lady’s trick of crying, making trouble and hanging herself is very skilful. It seemed that this similar thing has not been done once or twice.

Sure enough, Jiang Jianjun was defeated in the end. However, his eyes told Jiang Liu that he definitely going to be punished when the old lady is absent from his side.

“Your dad is gone?”

The old lady was also a great dramatist. She was still crying just now. Yet, after Jiang Jianjun left, she immediately collected her tears and got up neatly. She patted the dirt on the back of her ass and patted Jiang Liu’s head while saying [Good baby].

“Grandma didn’t scare you just now, right? Your dad is also making fuss for nothing. What is wrong with children playing around? When he was a child, he also fight chickens and dogs in the village all day long. At that time, it was either he beat someone until they cried or he was beaten until he cried. When that happened, I didn’t even find those parents to file a complaint.”

Pan Xiuluo was not tall; she looked to be around 148cm tall. Since her son has been making a lot of money, she now willing to use oil in cooking. She is also willing to eat meat. She was stout and fat with dark skin, making her looked like a very amiable, fat old lady.

At this moment, the old lady pouted her mouth. She looked as if she was disgusted with the little kids who cried and complain after being beaten.

Her little grandson was such a delicate baby. It hurt him more when he hit someone else. Besides, it was not like he was the one who released the punch during the fight. Wasn’t her little grandson been beaten by those kids too? Hence, seeing the little bit injured piece of skin on him made her felt so distressed.

“Anyway, good baby, you have to promise your grandma this time. Do not be too naughty in the future. What is fun in fighting? Obediently go home after class. Grandma will make you glutinous rice balls. Grandma can also teach you how to knit sweaters. It’s much more fun than fighting.”

The nine-year-old Jiang Liu was not much shorter than the old lady because of the good nutrition. In order to pat her treasured grandson, the old lady had to stand on tiptoes.


Jiang Liu’s complexion showed helplessness. However, looking at the old lady’s loving appearance, he still swallowed his objections.

In fact, knitting is also very good. It is technically a skill, ah.

“Grandma, little brother.”

When the grandmother and the grandson were warm and affectionate, the three granddaughters of the Jiang family, who were also the three older sisters of Jiang Liu, came back.

Jiang Yanan, the Jiang family’s eldest sister, was born in ’72 and already fifteen years old. She was already within the pool of girl ready to be married off. She had terrible luck in life as she was already grown up before her father managed to make big money. Hence, she had already been living a hard life and had already helped around the house since young. It was not until after Jiang Jianjun made his fortune that she found a job as an apprentice and followed an old tailor to learn how to make clothes. At present, she has yet to finish her apprenticeship.

Jiang Lainan, the second sister of the Jiang family, was born in ’74. She was already 13 years old this year. She was lucky and happened to catch up with the changes in the national policy. When Jiang Jianjun made a lot of money for her son, at that time, she was not too old. So the family had sent her to school, and she is now a fourth-grade student.

As for the third sister of the Jiang family, she was born in ’77. She was already ten years old this year. She started school earlier than her second sister and is now in third grade.

Due to the family planning rumour, coupled with the Jiang family’s dead heart, they thought that Jiang’s family would not have a grandson in this generation. So they named her Jiang Shengnan. At that time, the Jiang family made up their minds to let this daughter recruit a son-in-law to inherit the Jiang family’s incense.

From the three girls’ names, we know the hope of this family for their grandson/son. Just when the whole family gave up, the original body was born, only one year younger than his third sister, ahead of the strictest family planning’s policy. When he was born that year, the old man of the Jiang family was just dying. The other party died holding his grandson with a smile, which also established the original status in the heart of grandma, Pan Xiuluo.

He was the treasure of the whole family, the unshakable baby egg.

Children who grow up in this situation would have two outcomes.

One is to reciprocate the kindness because of parents and sisters’ love and return it twice when they grow up. The other was to ultimately grow crooked because of excessive indulgence and spoil. Due to all the pampering, they become a waste and an incredibly selfish individual.

The original body has obviously become the latter.

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