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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: God Stick 25 [Extra]

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Wang Fu and his wife, who bought the original body from a human trafficker, threw the original body at the orphanage entrance, unable to win favor after fawning over Jiang Liu.

Although Jiang Liu promised not to call the police when he threatened the other party, the first thing Jiang Liu did after he came out of Wang’s house was to take out his mobile phone and borrow the name of the National Security Bureau to ask the local police to focus on investigating the human trafficking case.

According to the law, this couple who had bought a kidnapped child will be sentenced to a maximum of three years in jail for the crime.

For this couple, the reputation that they have preserved all their lives was ruined. During these years in prison, they could only hope to repent of their actions.

Jiang Liu had always felt that the state’s penalties for those who bought and trafficked children were too light. After all, it was the existence of this group of people that led to the emergence of the high-profit industrial chain known as human traffickers.

Because of their own selfish desires, they have contributed to families’ destruction. These people’s sins are not much lighter than those of human traffickers.

According to the trafficker who abducted Jiang Liu, according to the clues provided by Wang Fu and the police’s vigorous investigation, they were finally arrested. The trafficker was caught together with three children yet to be sold.

In the past two decades, a total of hundreds of children have been abducted, and hundreds of families have been broken up. Because of the arrest of that huge human trafficker group, some abducted children were recovered by the police. However, it is a pity that some children were still sold to illegal organizations. Their hand and feet were interrupted, and they were forced to beg for money.

For these children, their lives have already been ruined.

Besides, many families have gradually recovered from the pain of losing their children. With the existence of other children in the family, while facing those who have been abducted and sold for many years, they did not know how to get along with them.

Many families will face this problem in the future. Fortunately, the rest of their lives will be long, and they will gradually become familiar with them and make up for the missing love to those children.

[T/N: Maybe I read QT too much, I viewed human nature at its worse. Like the parent bias and sibling taunting]

The arrested gang of traffickers naturally only need to wait for their death penalty or an extremely long sentence.

As for the flu caused by the bacteria in the ancient tomb and the evil spirits, it was cured by the monks and the medical experts’ joint efforts. The police followed the infected population and found all the lost funeral objects.

Everything finally returned to calm.


Today was the day that Jiang Liu and Su Zi got married.

After chasing away Qian Duoyu and others who wanted to make trouble in the bridal room, Jiang Liu returned to the room and opened all the cabinets. He then carried out little ghost Niuniu’s head in one hand and her small body in the other as he opened the door once again. After throwing it out, he finally put a charm on the door. With this, those ghosts and spirits would not break into the bridal chamber.

After all, that was when men were at their strongest and yet most vulnerable. Jiang Liu did not want to be scared by them and ended up having a dysfunctional.

After finishing all this, Jiang Liu felt that his preparations were adequate. He looked slightly at the mirror and adjusted his hairstyle before walking to the bride with a red veil over her head.

Since Su Zi liked it, they had a traditional Chinese wedding.

Then it should be time to uncover the red veil. Jiang Liu was about to reach out when Su Zi took the initiative to lift her veil.

It was said that the most beautiful time in a woman’s life is when she wears a wedding dress to marry the man she likes. Su Zi was also not an exception.

She used to have a cold outward persona. In the eyes of outsiders, cold and unapproachable women are more delicate. Perhaps because the rouge was a bit heavy, now, she had the appearance of a bashful maiden.

Jiang Liu had not gotten used to this kind of Su Zi before the other party held him down.

Su Zi grabbed him with one hand as she pulled him tightly by the collar with the other. She then pulled him onto the bed and pressed him under her.

“Although this is our first time, don’t worry. I have already done my homework in advance.”

Su Zi looked at Jiang Liu very seriously as she said. Inwardly, she thanked the roommates of the original body for letting her understand that there are so many things to do after the man and woman get married.

Nevertheless, it does not matter. After a systematic study, Su Zi believed that she would make Jiang Liu happy.

“I will be very gentle.”

Su Zi leaned down and untied Jiang Liu’s clothes. Perhaps because she felt that the buckle was too difficult to untie, in the end, Su Zi decided to tear it up impatiently.

This posture seemed a bit wrong.

Jiang Liu looked at the serious woman pressing on him, thinking in a daze.

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Such a legend circulated in the ghost emissary’s circle.

According to legend, there is such a ghost emissary in Yinzhou. He caught ghosts without relying on spells or magic weapons but instead relying on his mouth.

Because of the different cultivation directions, the focus of cultivation was also different. For example, Niu Hong was good at close combat; hence, his pair of iron hands are almost invincible under the effect of merits. On the other hand, Hong Ling used all of the Gu worms that she had raised. Therefore, she has a superb Gu technique that made people not help but retreat.

Everyone guessed that the legendary ghost ambassador Jiang Liu might have cultivated his merits on his mouth; therefore, he was able to speak with a lot of flowers and influence countless souls with just his mouth.

During Jiang Liu’s tenure as a ghost emissary of Yinzhou, there has never been a case of a Ligui injuring a living person in Yinzhou. Some people in later generations have speculated that it might be because the ghost emissary Jiang Liu’s mouth was so powerful that those resentful souls never dared to turn into Ligui to cause trouble. Of course, guessing is just guessing. Who knows what the truth is?


The Ligui of these years is getting harder and harder to catch. Su Zi could only catch this newly formed Ligui this month.

This Ligui was formed after being hit and killed by the rich second-generation racing on the road. He died miserably. When the rich second-generation’s sports car hit him, he was still breathing. As long as the other party called the police on the spot, maybe he could be rescued.

Yet, the scared rich second generation realized that he had hit someone. Instead of getting out of the car to check, on the contrary, under the influence of alcohol, he reversed the car and then ran over him again.

The dead cannot speak, and it was also late at night. Therefore the remote surveillance might not take a clear picture of him. No one will know who had hit him as long as the person is dead.

With this kind of psychology, the rich second-generation reversed his car and rolled back and forth twice. The victim was almost crushed into a pool of flesh before the rich second-generation left with his sports car.

The deceased had just received his admission notice for his postgraduate study. Before he could tell his parents of the good news, he had to say goodbye to them in this manner.

With this strong unwillingness and resentment, he turned into a Ligui and wanted to find the rich second generation to avenge his death.

However, before finding the rich second generation, he was caught and brought home by Su Zi, who had been struggling to find a Ligui all this month.

Now that Ligui has been getting harder and harder to catch, Su Zi started to get annoyed. She felt that she might have to cross the border to find these little things that her husband likes if this goes on.

Jiang Liu, who woke up in the middle of the night and was about to hug the wife beside him, only touched the icy bed on the other side. At that time, he shuddered as he prepared himself to open his eyes.

Sure enough, a fierce Ligui with a hideous face and no meat in his body appeared in front of Jiang Liu as he pressed close to him, face to face.

This kind of fright happened countless times in his life. Jiang Liu also wondered why his little wife had such a hobby of scaring people with ghosts.

Nevertheless, as a good and tolerant husband, when his wife asked if he liked it, Jiang Liu could only smile stiffly, nodded, and said he liked it.

Nevertheless, the advantages of this game were obvious.

When he saw these terrifying Ligui, Jiang Liu’s attitude had changed from being very scared at the beginning to a little scared now.

As for not being afraid, it is impossible. It is impossible for his small gut not to be afraid of ghosts in this life.

It is impossible to sleep anymore. Jiang Liu took this Ligui, who did not know how he died from his wife and brought him to his studio. He then let that person choose the super package.

This victim, who had just become a Ligui and yet to make any mess, was dazzled by the various super package as he looked at it with a dazed expression.

Because this ghost is also a victim, Jiang Liu allowed him to transform into a ghost to play tricks on the rich second generation for a period of time. He then gathered related evidence and threw the rich second generation into jail for drunk driving and intentional murder.

The Ligui who had washed away his grievances naturally had no resentment. He obediently went to the underworld to wait for reincarnation.

Jiang Liu finally completed such a set of procedures very smoothly. Of course, in the eyes of unsuspecting people, the shadow in his eyes seemed to indicate him being overindulged.

“Brother Jiang, do you know what it means by iron pestle ground into a needle? Even though you are still young, you have to be restrained.”

Qian Duoyu often comes to the incense shop to help. Yet when he saw that Jiang Liu was lying on the counter and yawning, he could not help but sigh.

“You do not understand.”

As long as his wife’s hobbies remained the same, his life will always endure the [small surprises] that occasionally appeared.

Fortunately, it seemed that due to his wife’s fierce name, the ghost in Yinzhou is very honest. Except for those who died with grievances, no ghosts dared to become Ligui casually. After all, Su Zi will catch it as a gift to Jiang Liu before they could make any mischief.

“This is marriage.”

Jiang Liu lit a cigarette and sighed meaningfully.

[T/N: Jiang Liu and Qian Duoyu conversation did not match up LOL]


The couple misunderstood each other’s [sweet mutual pampering] and left countless legends.

When Jiang Liu left the world at the end of his life, the familiar voice finally appeared in his ear.

“Ding – the plane task has been completed, now the current world points are being calculated.”

The 001 that disappeared from this plane had finally appeared.

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