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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 118

Chapter 118: The Villainess 1


T/N: Hey, long time no see… Sorry been a bit busy with thesis finalization. 5 chapters today. Will finish this arc by the end of this month [31st Jan]. There are 29 chapters in total.

“Ding! Intermediate villain 109 successfully took over the mission!”

[Mission world: Fictional novel world

Task level: Intermediate with medium difficulty (Suitable for intermediate villains)

Mission body: Gu Churong

Summary of the mission content: This mission world is the world of a military romance novel. The tasker needs to replace Miss Gu Churong, who had accidentally died. Gu Churong must return to the capital and become the fiancée of the Male Lead, Mu Chen. It would be best to use all means to destroy the relationship between the Male Lead, Mu Chen, and the Female Lead, Lan Xiao Wu. Please become a qualified and vicious villainess!

Mission reward: 18 months of life will be rewarded upon completion! In case of failure, 3 years of life will be deducted!]

The system’s voice still rang in Xia Beibei’s ears. Yet, in the next second, a huge explosion reverberated in the air.

A heatwave hits her body along with people’s screams, rapid footsteps, and endless crying…

This is Sucheng International Airport. A passenger plane that had just taken off had exploded!

And Gu Churong…

Was right inside that plane.

Its hurts!

WTF! Xia Beibei really wanted to curse. Can’t you let his old lady enter the mission world properly? Every time I will either be hit by a car or chop down by someone. This time around, it was even more excessive. A direct explosion! Do you want this old lady to become disfigured?

Before Xia Beibei could finish complaining, she gradually lost her consciousness.


Capital. 1st hospital, private ward.

A beautiful young woman was lying quietly on the hospital bed in the spacious and bright ward.

The private nurse inside the room carefully wiped her face. At this moment, the door of the ward was suddenly kicked open.

The little nurse shook her hand in fright as the slightly wet handkerchief fell on the woman’s face.

“What are you doing?”

The man adorning the black uniform looked at her with his sharp eyes.

The man who appeared at the door looked handsome while being shrouded with a cold aura. When he saw the wet handkerchief, his eyes became gloomier: “Who invited this worthless person to take care of my sister? Get out now!”

“Second Young Master.”

The guard at the door looked at the hard-to-serve Second Young Master Gu with a look of embarrassment: “Second Young Master, this special nurse is…”

“I asked for it.”

The woman on the bed suddenly opened her eyes. A pair of eyes looked radiant and compelling.


Seeing his sister waking up, Gu Shaoming, who originally stood at the door, almost instantly changed his face and became an obedient baby.

 “My sister’s eyes are always great. Oh, sister nurse, look at your handkerchief. I will help you pick it up!”

Little nurse: …

Wuwuwu, people is so scared. I do not want to do this anymore.

Gu’s sister and brother are all nutjobs!

“You are really good-for-nothing.”

Seeing Gu Shaoming walk in, Xia Beibei, who had been lying on the hospital bed, suddenly jumped up and kicked Gu Shaoming towards the window side.

All guards: We did not see anything. Second Young Master, take care of yourself.

Little nurse: Wuwuwu, sure enough, taking turns to get sick is the correct way for this sibling to get along.

At this time, Gu Shaoming, who slumped by the window, was holding his stomach in pain while looking at his older sister with a pitiful face: “Sister, what did I do wrong again? I rushed back to see you as soon as I heard about your accident, ah! Humph! Do not let this young master catch those people who hurt you. If I catch them, I will definitely strip them alive!”

“You are indeed a good-for-nothing!”

Xia Beibei raised her eyebrows. She was obviously a beautiful girl, but now, she gave people a very dangerous and bloodthirsty feeling. She walked down to the ground barefoot, as she moved her hand around: “What did I tell you before I boarded that plane? What did you promise me, eh?”


Before she boarded the plane?

That was three days ago.

Gu Shaoming concentrated as the memory played back for a moment——

Three days ago.

“I will take the plane back to Beijing this afternoon.”

His sister’s voice was as strong and concise as ever.

“I see! Sister, I am in the middle of drill right now, so I can’t go to see you. I…”

“Sergeant Major, Gu Shaoming!”

Gu Shaoming was interrupted by Gu Churong’s cold voice before he could finish speaking.


He subconsciously stood up as he held the phone tightly.

“I am handing you a task. You must win this exercise and advance in rank to the second lieutenant. Otherwise, don’t return to the capital!”

“Yes! Guarantee to complete the task!”…


The memory playback is complete.

At this time, Xia Beibei was already standing in front of Gu Shaoming with a smile: “Now there are seven days before the end of the exercise. Please explain to me the reason why you are in the capital!”

“Sister, I already told you that I came back to see…”

“Sergeant Major, Gu Shaoming!”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s roll call, Gu Shaoming immediately stood up and saluted as if it was a conditioned reflex.

“What’s the punishment for running away?”

Gu Shaoming: “Uh… dismissal?”


Hearing Gu Shaoming’s words, Xia Beibei, gave him a stern look. Seeing that, Gu Shaoming on the side immediately put on a pitiful appearance: “Major, please, don’t expel me. I want to be the pride of the Gu’s family and my sister. You give me a chance, will you? How about putting me in a solitary cell? Okay?”

Xia Beibei: …

It was unknown what kind of gene mutation happened in the Gu’s family over the years for this kind of weirdo to be born.

Perhaps because Xia Beibei had entered into the mission during the incident, Gu Churong’s injuries were not as severe this time around. Moreover, she was picked up by the Gu family with the helicopter on the same day and returned to the capital.

In the past three days, Xia Beibei, who has been idle, has long read the plot of this novel world——

The original body, Gu Churong, grew up in the military compound and has always been the eldest sister in the yard. She is also known as the iron lady. As for the Gu family, Mu family, and Lin family, the older generations of the three families are life and death brothers who have been on the battlefield together. These three prominent families were also the most famous military families in the capital.

Initially, these three major families stood in a tripartite state with equal strength. However, ten years ago, Gu Churong’s father, who was in his prime, died in an emergency mission. Since then, the Gu family has fallen into a decline.

Gu Churong has always been ambitious. However, she is just a woman. Therefore, she could only put all her thoughts on her brother, Gu Shaoming.

Yet, the second young master of the Gu’s family had been spoiled by his mother since he was young and grew up to be wimpy, unrestrained, and a good-for-nothing, second-generation ancestor!

When the old man Gu saw that he did not have much left in his life, he decided to throw his grandson into the empire’s most cruel army corps, the Thunderbolt Legion.

After that, Gu Shaoming began his own battered military career.

Nonetheless, Gu Shaoming was not so easy to compromise. As a qualified second-generation ancestor, he wanted to escape from the military academy repeatedly. Due to this, he tried all kinds of ways to make trouble and ultimately being expelled from the military. Unfortunately, every time something happened to him, Gu Churong will come forward to help him settle the problem–

With such a strong sister, the second young master Gu could only swallow his bitter feeling!

Gu Churong’s plane did not encounter any accidents in the original plot. She returned to the capital smoothly, but Gu Shaoming still failed to perform the drill.

After the failure, he was thrown by Gu Churong into a little-known team in the logistics department for training. It was there that Gu Shaoming met the Female Lead-daren, Lan Xiaowu.

Lan Xiaowu was just a girl of civilian origin. Yet, she loves the military so much and could be considered a military genius. However, since she was someone without any background, not to mention her weak body, she was assigned to the logistic unit to become an unknown soldier despite graduated from the Military Academy Command Department.

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