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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Weibo Incident 2


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Xia Beibei’s eating speed has always passed like thunder and move like the wind. Well, it can also be called to devour ravenously, cough, cough.

She had nothing to do when she was full, so she shrank in the corner and swiped on her Weibo. In fact, she had followed Gu Yan’s Weibo when she was in school, but at that time she used her own Weibo’s alternate account and didn’t dare to use her own picture and name.

Towards her crush, Xia Beibei felt that she has always been very professional.

For several years, she has been following Gu Yan in the name of a small fan and actively commenting on him. Unfortunately, Gu Yan seldom replies to her, and the occasional replies that she get were only polite holiday greetings.

Originally, Xia Beibei was desperate for his Weibo. What she didn’t expect was that Gu Yan actually took the initiative to follow her official Weibo. Although it was a Weibo registered when she joined Yicheng Media Company, but… …Does it mean that Gu Yan also cares about her own situation?

Oops, she feels so shy after thinking about it. Should she post another Weibo to test him?

“What are you looking at? For you to smile so wretchedly?”

A strange low voice suddenly rang in Xia Beibei’s ears.

Wretch? Wretch your younger brother-in-law, ah!

You are the wretched one…

Xia Beibei raised her head, seething, and then she felt that her whole person was not well.

At this time, the atmosphere in the dining hall was solemn and quiet.

Everyone seemed to embody the personification of a lady and gentleman instantly. They literally not making any noise while eating and speaking. Even the sound of drinking soup was so low that it was inaudible…

Xia Beibei looked at Yan Yicheng, who was sitting in front of her dumbly. She put down her phone, pulled the corners of her lips with the fingers of both hands, and looked at him with embarrassment: “Mr Yan. Mr Yan, you still eat by yourself, ah! It’s really a hard job.”

Yan Yicheng: …

Seeing Yan Yicheng staring at the table in front of him silently, Xia Beibei’s eyes began to dodge. Er, is it because there is no soup left? I didn’t drop any rice to the ground, ah?

It could not be that Mr Yan didn’t like his employees to overeat?

“Ahem, Mr Yan, I…”

Xia Beibei hesitated, thinking that this time she was initially able to return to work because of Yan Yicheng, so she should show him some kind of devotion, right?

At the dining table, Xia Beibei’s hesitation and cessation did not affect Yan Yicheng’s mood. In fact, he just came in and saw Xia Beibei sitting in the corner giggling.

The smile was so stupid and wretched that Yan Yicheng couldn’t bear to look directly at it.

But he was also inquisitive, what is this guy doing?

As a result, just seeing Xia Beibei’s mobile phone on the dining table, Yan Yicheng suddenly realized–

She was actually watching Weibo!

He had never seen someone who can laugh so wretchedly while looking at their own Weibo.

Yan Yicheng, you are really blind, how could you like this one…

No, it’s still unknown if you like it or not.

As a rigorous person, Yan Yicheng decided to take a closer look before drawing any conclusions.

The current situation is like this-

Yan Yicheng stared at Xia Beibei thoughtfully.

Xia Beibei was staring at Yan Yicheng in a cold sweat.

And everyone in the dining hall is quiet, wanting to see what the big boss is going to do when he comes to the dining hall for the first time? So for a time, the atmosphere of the entire dining hall was even more solemn than the atmosphere of the meeting room at the end of the month…

Damn it.

I can’t stop eating a meal.

“Mr Yan, well, I’m going back to work. I haven’t been to work for a few days, and I have accumulated a lot of files. I’ll leave first. You eat slowly, ah!”

Xia Beibei finally decided to take a risk.


Yan Yicheng just responded lightly to her words, and then continued to eat elegantly and gracefully.


Xia Beibei let out a long sigh from the bottom of her heart and left the dining hall as quickly as possible as if she had been given the amnesty.

Back at the office, Xia Beibei thought for a while and decided to mute her phone before she started to do her work attentively——

Being stared at by BOSS Yan is definitely not a good thing.

In Yicheng Media, who doesn’t know that Boss Yan is famous for being strictly impartial and incorruptible? It was unlucky for anyone who gets into his eyes.

That noontime, Xia Beibei has become a celebrity in Yicheng Media. Not many people know about Xia Beibei’s resignation. Still, everyone knows that the Cass she currently holds into was a mess left by Li Mei.

She was assigned such a lousy job and was stared at by Mr Yan. It was estimated that this person will not be able to survive in Yicheng Media. When everyone is guessing how this person named Xia Beibei had offended Mr Yan, a shocking thing happened–

President Yan, with shining orange big V, took the initiative to follow Xia Beibei’s Weibo account!

At this moment, all the old people in Yicheng Media and the sisters who were lucky to gossip all getting boiled–

Your mom!

Isn’t it a Weibo post about what to eat at noon that was sent during working hours?

Boss Yan, Boss Yan, as for you to go to the dining hall to stare at a little girl eating during lunch and still followed her Weibo after that?

What a crazy BOSS you are?!

All the employees who learned the news mourned for Xia Beibei for three seconds in their hearts and secretly warned themselves that they should never post on Weibo during working hours.

Ahem, as for the rest…

Everyone decides to continue to become a crowd of onlookers in silence!

The bitter Xia Beibei didn’t know at this time that she had become the most concerned “tragic figure” of the entire company.

She was busy doing her work all afternoon, and when she got off work, she packed her things and quickly went home.

Xia Beibei is now a person with a second job. Therefore, her schedule is too full.

She simply ate dinner downstairs and went back to her apartment. Because of Gu Yan’s reply at noon, Xia Beibei’s mood was very good. She went back to the bedroom and lay on the bed before she logged on to her Weibo account. As a result, a lot of news prompts almost made Xia Beibei’s knockoff phone jammed.

Shit, what happened?

Xia Beibei looked at her big group of new followers, and the whole person was blinded——

WTF is going on? Is this older sister going to become famous?

Uh, no, these IDs are too familiar, right? They are all company people! All come in a group!

Xia Beibei flipped through the new fan page, and all the new fans were really from Yicheng Media! Oops, ​​even Sister Ma Li followed her!

Your sister, there is actually Yan Yicheng… well, wait.

Mr Yan?

Xia Beibei stared, her mind flashed! She immediately felt that she realized the truth of the matter-

Is this the company’s latest event?

The boss takes the lead and interacts with employees?

Well, it must be so, this older sister has always been so witty.

Mr Yan was the first to choose her. He must want to see her recent performance and give her a chance to render meritorious service, eh!

She must work well and not screw up again…

Cheering for herself, Xia Beibei groaned for a while, then gave up the idea of ​​testing Gu Yan on Weibo——

Now her colleagues and BOSS are watching her performance! How could she use the company’s Weibo to talk about love?

Xia Beibei, you have to be dedicated! You have to strive!

“After dinner, continue to fight for my career.”

After posting a decent Weibo, Xia Beibei was satisfied and finally get off the line. Well, it’s time to fight in the mission world…

“After dinner, continue to fight for your career!”

At this time, in the office of the general manager of Yicheng Media.

Yan Yicheng is holding his mobile phone and staring at the Weibo that Xia Beibei just posted in a daze. Her Weibo avatar is a photo of her wearing a formal suit during company activities. It looks alike. Just like her. Same as her Weibo.


This person has never been reliable.

Yan Yicheng has decided to listen to Qing Zhi’s suggestion and observe Xia Beibei closely so that he can recognize his real inner thoughts as soon as possible. Therefore, he has already locked down all the planes under his jurisdiction. As long as Xia Beibei entered his authority, his space-time alarm will be automatically triggered.

And now, the space-time siren has sounded–

Okay, Xia Beibei, you really did it!

Yan Yicheng raised his head and glanced at the plane content prompted by the space-time siren——

This time, what she entered turned out to be a world of military romance novels.

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