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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 97

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 97: God Stick 1

T/N: God sticks [Shén gùn] refers to people pretending to possess superstitious power [Communicating with ghosts, etc.] to trick money from others.

I have so many things to say about this arc… It is looong~ 25 chapters in total…. Let me cry a bit…. and it also talks about the ghost… Aiyoooo~ I am a person who never watches horror movies nor read it okay…. I am not sure if I will be okay translating this.. hopefully, there is no too descriptive text or I will cry for sure…. I remember skipping this arc for this reason…. For me, it is better not knowing and skipping any horror arc than regret it… Remember to whitelist my site or remove ads-block for me, okay….

“Mom, dad is fond of Rolls-Royce the most. Your son is finally showing a promising prospect nowadays, so I’ll buy one for dad.”

“There is also a house. Since dad likes to raise pigs, we should buy two houses. One for dad, and the other one for him to raise those pigs, chickens, and ducks.”

“Now, everyone is using [Pear] mobile phones. I will buy a few more for my dad so that he can continue to use it whenever the electricity got cut off due to the typhoon.”

[T/N: I guess it connotes the Ap**e brand… There use this replacement to avoid free advertisement]

A young guy said proudly while the old lady next to him smiled with joy at his words.

“Mom knows you are the most filial. However, besides these cars and houses, don’t forget to buy something for your dad to wear.”

The old lady patted the back of her son’s hand and said with relief.

“Buy, let’s buy those Hermes and LV’s. Although it was not the best, it was the most expensive brand out there. We should buy all kinds of coats, padded cotton jacket, big gold chains, and leather shoes for dad.”

[T/N: The text used a different name when it wrote Hermes [ ài lǘ shì – Love donkey king] and LV ( Xiāng nǎinai – Fragrant Grandma). I was like, WTH??? I spent good 15 minutes googling its meaning] 

Jiang Liu looked at the mother and son silently. For the first time, he realized that a man could brag, even better than him.

“Wrap all those stuff for me.”

After he finished with his idle talk, the young man finally decided to pay up.

“A total of 2,350. I just rounded the zero for you. Therefore, it will be a total of 2,300.”

Jiang Liu counted the paper-tied villa, paper-tied car, and pile of paper-tied mobile phones and other luxury items selected by the young man. He then punched the number into the computer.

That’s right. Their location right now was inside a joss stick and incense shop. The shop mainly engaged in joss stick and incense offerings, with a sideline in paper offering products and burning services.

This shop is also the legacy left to him by the father of the body that Jiang Liu possessed this time.

“Damn, so expensive!”

The guy who had just finished showing off looked at Jiang Liu with wide-eyed eyes. His hands trembled when he took out his phone. Aren’t those things only made from paper? The price is almost half-month of his salary.

“Brother, these are all handmade products. Since it is handmade things, isn’t it normal for it to be this expensive?”

Jiang Liu pointed to the Rolls-Royce and the villa that the guy had just reserved. Although it was made from paper, it looked generous. Especially that small villa. That villa had not only doors but also windows and chimneys. If you glanced inside through the windows, you could vaguely see the bed and furniture in it. This stuff can be counted as a premium product; therefore, the total price is really not that expensive.

“Mom, otherwise, maybe we should let dad raise those pigs in the courtyard of his villa?”

Thinking about his savings’ balance, the guy thought for a while before he shamefully succumbed to reality. When he finally became rich someday, he would buy a big villa for his dad to raise pigs.

“Good, good!”

The old lady was still cheerful, “Your dad is going to live in a big villa, when shall we live in a villa, ah?”

Like a child, she asked while pulling the young man’s sleeve.

Jiang Liu only now noticed that there seemed to be some problems in that old lady’s spirit.

“Then, one less villa, how much is it now?”

That young man looked at Jiang Liu and asked. If it hadn’t been for the dream that he had of his dad yesterday talking about his bad life underneath and asked him to burn something for him, he would not be willing to spend this much money just like that. In his opinion, these things are very imaginary. As a progressive young man with modern education, he does not believe in ghosts and evils.

It’s nothing more than spending money to buy peace of mind. After all, he couldn’t let his dad suffer from the cold and poverty underneath.

“With one less villa, it will cost you 1,500. I’ll give you a discount. Putting all together, it will be 1,200. I will also give you 10 million coins.”

Jiang Liu looked at the old lady who had been giggling foolishly as he punched on the keyboard for a while. He then handed him the final price.

This is actually a big discount. But the paper bundles in the store were all made by the original body. Therefore except for the production cost, it didn’t really cost much. Thus, selling at this price is not a loss to him.

Jiang Liu felt that although the young man in front of him had a bragging disposition higher than him, he was still a good young man who could treat his old mother with mental problems well. Therefore, he deserved a discount.

“Thank you, Boss.”

When he heard that the boss gave him a discount and those pile of things only cost him one thousand and two hundred yuan, he finally became relaxed.

He has visited many shops, but this shop’s paper object is the most exquisite compared to others. Since he wanted to buy it, he decided to buy good stuff if he has excess money. Therefore, this price is still within its acceptable range.

“By the way, boss, do you also provide burning services on behalf of others?”

Now many communities had forbidden its residents from burning things privately. For those big villas, big sports cars, various appliances, refrigerators, and the like, he couldn’t bring it back home to burn. When he first entered the store, he saw a small print written on the board saying that the shop provides a burning service on behalf of the customer. Even though he still has to pay some service fees, it will save him a lot of trouble.


Jiang Liu didn’t know of such services, but it should be okay since the shop rules are written like that.

“If you know your father’s birthday and date of death, then please write it here. Then write your dad’s name, the location of the address where he died, and the address where your mother and son live now. Every week, we will burn and send those things underneath.”

Jiang Liu glanced at the small lines on the note next to the counter, then looked at the money and said.

“Okay, then I will choose to let you burn it on my behalf. By the way, could you please inform me on the day of burning? There is something at home that I want to burn to my father.”

That young man became more careful. He was afraid that the boss would use some guise and didn’t burn those things he bought for his dad and instead sold it to others.


Jiang Liu nodded. He could tell at a glance that this young man was overthinking.

However, it is natural for others to be extra careful. After all, there is no written contract and witnesses between them.

After paying the money, that young man left the incense shop with his mentally troubled old mother. After that, no guests came to the door. Jiang Liu simply closed the shop door early and returned to the original room on the second floor.


This time there was an accident in the transmission. Not only did Jiang Liu lose the memory of the original body, he even lost contact with 001. Fortunately, other functions can still be used normally. The system mall was also still open to him.

Without the memory of the original body, plus the lack of 001’s assistance, Jiang Liu felt somewhat uneasy, but he decided to comfort himself. With this being the case, with the lack of mission announcement in this world, does it mean that I can unscrupulously enjoy this world?

Otherwise, could it mean that the system wants him to guess what his task was? If it were so, then it would be too much.

Since he did not possess the original memory, these days, Jiang Liu had been living very carefully. Fortunately, the original body seems to be a very nerdy person. After he came to this body, no one seemed to take any initiative to look for him.

According to the short diary left by the original body and some documents in the original body’s home, Jiang Liu learned that the original body seemed to be an orphan. When he was young, he was adopted by the owner of this joss stick and incense shop. A week ago, the original adoptive father, who is the shop owner, had passed away. At that time, the original body was in his fourth year of university looking for employment, so he returned home from school and inherited his adoptive father’s shop.

Jiang Liu didn’t know why the original body brought him into this world, but he vaguely felt that this reason was related to his mission.

Unfortunately, without the original body memory, he didn’t even know what it could be.

When it comes to this shop currently operated by Jiang Liu, there is a question that Jiang Liu is very puzzled about and has yet to be solved. Those questions were related to the shop’s expenditure and income record.

After operating the shop in the past few days, Jiang Liu could only consider its average business. The main business involving the joss stick and incense candle has a monthly turnover of about 20,000 to 30,000. With some extra income from the paper object offering, the shop’s net profit only remains between 15,000 and 20,000, which is not high compared to the area where the shop was currently located.

You have to know that the rent expenses were not included within this net profit since the original shop was their property. And if it was not for that, he was afraid that this shop would have closed down from a long time ago.

But when the original adoptive father ran this store, its income and expenditure were not like this.

There will be an extra amount of unexplained income in the store almost every three or four days. It could be ranging from four to five thousand to even as much as 100,000 to 200,000. However, it does not take long for the money to be accounted for again. His adoptive father will soon withdraw most of the money from the book. Similarly, he did not specify what he did with the money.

But even so, at the end of each month, this small shop can make a net profit of nearly 100,000.

So after the death of original’s adoptive father, the original body received nearly 10 million in deposits and a small paved building in the custom street where he now lived.

But Jiang Liu never understood what was going on with the massive amounts of income and expenditure in the store’s record. Could it be that this store still operated some unknown services?

Even so, due to the lack of memory from the original body, Jiang Liu has no way of knowing this.



In the middle of the night, Jiang Liu was awakened by the sound of someone playing a ball. So late at night, which bear kid was still playing ball upstairs?!

Jiang Liu opened his eyes with a headache, but soon he remembered that the house he initially lived in was a small second floor unit in Fengsu Street. The top floor was an attic, which was uninhabitable. In this case, from where did the sound came?


The sound went from far to near. Jiang Liu’s heartbeat jumped to his throat as the sound approached.

Jiang Liu could not help but swallowed his saliva. He then started reciting [rational, democracy, civilization, and harmony] before he picked up the electric mosquito swatter on the side. Jiang Liu pressed the switch as he walked out of bed slowly and put on his slippers.

As he stood in front of the door, he held his breath as he quietly turned the door handle.


At this time, it seemed that something happened to hit the door, and the force was so strong that it hurt Jiang Liu’s hand that has been holding the door handle.

“Uncle, can you help me pick up the ball?”

In the darkness, the sweet voice of a little girl rang out.

Jiang Liu swallowed and looked down at his feet. How could this be considered a ball? At the moment, a round head was lying near his toes.

It was the head of a little girl. She was smiling sweetly at him. Her red eyes were looking at Jiang Liu, who was looking down at his feet.

Jiang Liu was afraid of ghosts. Yes. Even though he was a nine-foot-tall man, Jiang Liu was still scared stiff of these spirits and ghosts stuff. As he watched the spiritual event unfolded in front of him, his adrenal hormones could not help but soared.

Then he closed his eyes as he fainted and fell to the floor.

I hope my fainting posture can be more handsome. This was Jiang Liu’s last thought before he passed out.

T/N My reaction will mirror Jiang Liu for sure if it happened to me… T.T

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