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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Acrobat 13 [END]

T/N This is the end of the arc. See you all in November for another arc of Analect of Righteous Father.. BTW next month is my birthday month~ I have the same date as Gin-san~ So happy LOL…

Twenty years later

 “Don’t tease the kid. Go and call Master to come back for dinner.”

Xu Meihua who had become a little plump after given birth to her son glared at her husband and asked him to go and call the Master who had been playing chess in the park to return home for dinner.

“Currently Master are little invested in this hobby. If I were to pass by and interrupt Master’s thoughts, I am afraid that he will not let me go.”

Xiao Binbin, who is a little thin, sits on a blanket in the living room. He was currently teasing his one-year-old son with a small toy in his hand. This fat and chubby baby still can’t speak clearly.  He was grumbling and slobbering with saliva while his hand was waving in the air, trying to grab into the toys.

Xiao Binbin and Xu Meihua got married three years ago. Xu Meihua was two years older than Xiao Binbin, but both of them didn’t mind this. These two people grow up together and have a similar life experience. It lets them cherish the happiness that does not come easily.

After getting married, the two of them had never quarreled. Xiao Binbin performed his art while Xu Meihua was in charge of negotiating the business performances. One made money, and the other took care of the money. Over the years, the two of them have successively brought out their four sisters. After their sisters settled down, finally, this couple could rest for a while. During this period, the crystallization of love between the two was born. Their life became sweeter because of the arrival of this little guy.

Now all the villagers in Shi’ao Village have moved to live at the foot of the mountain. Xiao Binbin has made a lot of money over the years, but he still lives in the village. He also built a big villa at the foot of the mountain, next to the small bungalow of his Master’s house, to easily take care of his Master nearby.

“I told you to go, so just go. Otherwise, what should we do if Master got hungry? Besides, if Master doesn’t want to come back until he finishes playing chess, you can buy him a cup of milk tea and a cake to fill his stomach, okay.”

Xu Meihua lightly kicked her husband’s thigh with her toes, as she looked at him, with an angry expression.

Since getting older, Master started to like this sweet and soft food. But, Xu Meihua felt that eating this kind of food is unhealthy for his age. Hence, she had been preventing Jiang Liu from it. Counting the time, she hadn’t let Master drink milk tea for two days. Yes, it is not too much to let him drink it today.

“Alright, alright.”

Xiao Binbin put the toy in his fat son’s hand before putting on an oversized cotton-padded jacket and a gloved hat. After opening the door and went out of the house, he started to shiver violently. He quickly stomped on his feet as he rushed out against the wind and snow.

“Master, I bought you—”

Before meeting Jiang Liu, Xiao Binbin had bought Jiang Liu’s favourite black tea latte and double cheese ham pizza. He then happily ran to the village’s park, where the elderly frequent there to play chess. Once arrived, he saw his Master’s big eyes staring at his small eyes as he silently sipped the last bit of his milk tea. Jiang Liu then threw the milk tea bottle into the trash basket aside, wiped his mouth, and acted as if nothing happened.

“You’re here, hiccup—”

Jiang Liu had a full hiccup. There was a sweet and greasy smell of milk tea in his breath.

“You came just at the right moment. I played halfway through this game when I started to get hungry. Leave those things behind and go home first. I will be back after I finish playing the game.”

Jiang Liu shoos the person in front of him. Xiao Binbin could only put down the milk tea and the pizza in his hand, and then walked away from the village’s park. After being blown by the cold wind, he suddenly became sober.

He felt that the reason why Master had been getting so obsessed with playing chess these days was purely to hide from Xu Meihua and secretly ate things that he was not allowed to eat!

Xiao Binbin scratched the back of his head. He wondered if he should reprimand his Master. However, after thinking about the old man’s angry and instructive appearance, he shrank his neck. He still didn’t dare to control his Master’s action.

Anyway, he would take his Master for full-body examinations every quarter of the year. Since Master likes to eat these things, he should just let him be. If the three-high problem were detected during the health examination, then he will let Master correct his habit.

[T/N: Three high problem- Refer to high blood sugar, high blood pressure and hyperlipidaemia. Also known as Wealthy diseases in China]

Just as Xiao Binbin was about to go home, he met Xu Quanjun who had come home for the New Year.

“How have you been all these years?”

It felt awkward meeting up with the former brother.

“Wanna have a drink?”

At the invitation of Xu Quanjun, Xiao Binbin called his wife to inform before he followed Xu Quanjun to a mutton restaurant in the village. Xu Quanjun then ordered a lamb bones hot pot and two bottles of beer.

“I regret it, ah!”

Xu Quanjun finished a bottle of beer and said that while looking at Xiao Binbin.

After that incident, he went back to school. Yet, his grades were not particularly good, so he did not manage to the Senior high school, but instead went to technical school. Fortunately, he has a sweet mouth and a bit flexible mind. Later, he worked as a salesman. With minimum salary and commission, he can earn ten or twenty thousand in a month.

It’s just that it’s not easy to make money. He has to drink so much until he vomited on the table. He also has to treat the customer like an ancestor. Besides, Xu Quanjun’s education was not high. Even though his performance is better than many colleagues, his promotion rate has been slower than others.

He was now 29. He was two years older than Xiao Binbin, but he still hasn’t got married yet. All because his girlfriend had been demanding a fully-furnished house in the city centre as the bride gift.

But Xiao Binbin was different.

Xu Quanjun looked up at him. In the past few years, his acrobatic troupe has made a lot of money from touring everywhere. He heard that Xiao Binbin appearance alone would cost eight to nine thousand yuan for one commercial performance. Sometimes he will have multiple performances to catch up in one day at three to four differences places. Therefore, he can easily obtain tens of thousands of yuan each day.

The decoration materials alone for the small bungalows that he built are the best. The construction team originally spent 600,000 to 700,000 yuan on building the house. Not to mention the soft decoration of the interior, the overall cost alone is enough to buy a house in full.

Xu Quanjun has thought that if he hadn’t hurt Master in the first place, maybe everything would be different.

It’s just that Xu Quanjun is also very contented with the current outcome. Even though he had hurt his Master’s heart at the beginning, but Master has not done anything to retaliate against him. Now he can earn 10,000 to 20,000 a month, and slowly save money to marry a wife.

“By the way, do you know how Wang Gouzi is doing?”

Xu Quanjun changed the subject: “No, I can’t call him Wang Gouzi now. He had changed his name to Wang Nian’en.”

“He has been admitted to the civil service. Although the salary may not be as high as mine, he has good benefits, and he can save face when he talks to others. Their workplace is also flourishing due to the decline of a male worker. Many older sisters there wanted to become his matchmaker, which is also very good.”

Wang Gouzi’s mind may not be as flexible as Xu Quanjun, but he is a man who is pragmatic enough to support him through his studies. So he took it very seriously, and finally passed and was admitted to a college. He could be considered as one of the few local college students.

“Did you know? His father and mother came back to him because they thought that he could make money for them now. But Wang Gouzi has learned to be smart this time. He no longer listening to his parents’ nonsense and drove people out. When the other party tried to threaten him that they will report his behaviour to his unit leader, Wang Gouzi warned them that he would let them go on TV and jail for abandoning their own children. Wang Gouzi’s parents were so scared that they didn’t dare to come back again.”

Xu Quanjun chuckled. This is their parents, ah.

“They think that they will be able to rely on us when we are successful. Bah, is it related to them whether we are successful or not?”

 Xu Quanjun babbled while Xiao Binbin listened to it quietly.

“I regret it, but I still can’t face it.”

Finally, Xu Quanjun said such a sentence.

“You wait; I’m going to the toilet.”

After drinking two bottles of wine, Xu Quanjun stood up and said that he was going to the public toilet outside. Xiao Binbin didn’t think much about it. It was only after waiting for half an hour before Xiao Binbin realized something was wrong.

He stood up and found something on Xu Quanjun’s position.

There is a piece of paper and a bank card.

The paper asked Xiao Binbin to apologized to Master on his behalf. There is also 50,000 yuan in that card, which can be regarded as the apprenticeship’s fees for the Master had raised him for a year. The password of the bank card is the Master’s birthday.

Only after Xiao Binbin walked out of the box did he know that Xu Quanjun had paid the bill. The Xu family had passed away a long time ago, and the Xu family’s old house had already collapsed. Xiao Binbin realized that perhaps, today, Xu Quanjun had been waiting especially for him.

In the end, Jiang Liu donated the 50, 000 yuan to the children who needed it more, in the name of Xu Quanjun.

End of the Arc


Extra (previous life)

“Welcome to the World Extreme Discovery Channel. The guest we invited today is Jiang Binbin, who broke the Guinness World Record not too long ago.”

On a live broadcast channel of a satellite TV, the host applauded and welcomed the guest of the episode.

Speaking of Jiang Binbin, he also had been getting popular on the Internet recently. The other party has shocked the netizens with his strange ability that let him shrunk his bones.

His stature was about 165 cm. However, when he shrugs his shoulders up and down, his bones seemed to become compact, making all the gaps disappear while minimizing his skeletons. He was obviously an adult, but he can wear the clothes of two or three-year-old children.

In the Guinness Book of World Records, he relied on this ability to fold himself into a square ball. He then put himself into a small box of 40×40cm. This stunt is breath-taking.

He seemed to have broken the limits of the human body. Compared with ordinary Jiu-Jitsu, everyone is more curious about how he can flexibly control his bones.

Jiang Binbin also appeared in the live broadcast room at this time. He was not tall, and he was skinny. He was too inconspicuous if you put him in the crowd, but such a thin and small man able to create many miracles for everyone.

The host and Jiang Binbin did a routine intro before the host started to ask Jiang Binbin from where did he learn this ability.

“I used not to be Jiang but Xiao. It was my Master who was surnamed, Jiang. Later, when I had the ability, I finally changed my surname to his.”

Xiao Binbin, no, he should be called Jiang Binbin now.

He sat on the sofa in the studio, narrating his life in a remarkably steady tone.

“When I was a child, I was so poor that you could not imagine it. At that time, my dad had abandoned my mother, me and my two younger sisters. After that, my mother was diagnosed with uraemia. I was only four years old with two younger sisters behind my back. For more than a year, our whole family lived on wild vegetables that I picked up until my Master returned home in search for apprentices.”

Jiang Binbin’s eyes are very complicated as he thought of that time. He felt nostalgic yet also painful.

“My Master is the best person I have ever met. He taught me this skill and also lent some money to me so that I can take my mother to see the doctor. He knew that my family was poor. So, every day he will make cook so much that there will be too much leftover. With the excuse of not wanting to waste the food, he let me took the cooked rice and meat back home to give it to my mother and my two younger sisters. At that time, I also had two junior brothers. Although learning this skill was hard, we were very happy at that time.”

“And after that?”

The host couldn’t help asking. Jiang Binbin was lucky to meet such a good master.


Jiang Binbin’s eyes were a little dazed, “Later, my Master left, and the two junior brothers also left. Leaving me all alone.”


The host did not understand the direction of this story, nor did the audience who was watching the live broadcast.

“Because of a self-righteous and kind person, she ruined our peace and ruined my master.”

“Remember the child abuse case that smashed the Internet 23 years ago? A girl posted a video on the Internet. In the video, Master currently taught us, brothers, the skill. Learning this skill is different from other skills. To practise the joint of the bones, Master had to remove the joints one by one, and then reset it go back. Because of this video, my Master was attacked and abused by many people. Even though many people in the village tried to help my Master to explain it, those angry netizens did not even want to hear any of it.”

“They think my Master is a pervert. Otherwise, why should he teach us this kind of ability? But if our days were not difficult, who would want to learn this kind of ability?”

Jiang Binbin squeezed his fist tightly. He looked at the camera as if he wanted to accuse the person who had participated in the online violence 23 years ago.

“They think they are just. Yet, what is the result of their justice?”

“They attracted a few hungry wolves. Those couples who abandoned our three brothers were like vultures smelling rotting meat. They bite my Master like a piece of meat under the pressure of the public opinion. Yet, after they reap the benefit, the once loving father and mother shown on the camera once again disappeared by our side.”

“My two stupid junior brothers believed their parents’ nonsense. They turned their backs on Master and said those things against their will in public. Everyone cheered because they felt that they finally uphold justice. Haha, as a result, those two brothers were abandoned again.”

“The man who was named my father abducted my sister and locked me in the woodshed. He forced my mother to admit my Master’s fault. After getting the money, he took my two sisters like trash and threw them back to the village. Once I walked out of the woodshed, my Master was already gone. He took the betrayal into his heart and left this sad place.”

Jiang Binbin’s eyes were red. He was too emotional that his body trembled at this moment.

“Do you think you brought justice to us? You are just enjoying the pleasure of pointing at the ants from above!”

Many people in front of the camera were silent. Many of them vaguely remembered what happened back then. They always thought they were right, but Jiang Binbin’s accusation proved them wrong.

“That year, I lost my Master and my mother. My home was destroyed!”

Jiang Binbin gave a sorrowful laugh and stopped talking.


Because of this interview, the old things that had been in the dust for more than 20 years were mentioned once again. They wanted to find more evidence to prove that Jiang Binbin’s statement was wrong.

The more they investigated, the more it proves that what he said is the truth.

 The charity that had pledged to fund Shi’ao Village at the time forgot about the children of that barren village after the news passed. Only a handful of people received assistance.

Xu Quanjun becomes a gangster after dropping out from Junior High School. As for Wang Gouzi, after being abandoned by his parents once again, his soul was tortured as he became a little crazy. He started to wander in the streets and alleys, relying on picking trash to make a living.

Only Xiao Binbin, who had never appeared on the TV since he was locked inside the woodshed by Xiao Guohui according to his statement.

The only disciple who did not appear was the one who, in the end, had taught himself this skill, which they regarded as extremely cruel, and he was the best of them all.   

But is he lucky? Not necessarily.

Not long after the incident, his mother passed away. He was only seven years old and had to take care of his two sisters, who were only three years old. He had suffered all kind of hardships and wickedness. If it was not for these incidents, maybe he will live more easily with the help of his Master.

Not only these people. Even the two policemen who were in charge of the case at the time were also demoted to the township police station due to the public pressure. They have not been promoted for decades.

On the contrary, Xiao Guohui and others who took the 50,000 yuan in compensation and the donation from some kind people, were living freely and comfortably without any psychological burden.

Black and white were reversed. Is this the fairness and justice that they want to uphold?

Netizens started to hunt for Xiao Guohui and others. They’re also looking for Gu Xinxing, who thought she was kind for releasing that video. Once again, internet violence happened.

Jiang Binbin watched this absurd performance quietly.

Many years later, Jiang Binbin was interviewed again. Someone asked him if he hated the kind people who had funded them at the time. Those people who thought they were doing good deeds.

Jiang Binbin answered like this.

“I don’t hate them. They are good people. They just lived in an ivory tower and had not experienced the wind and rain. But like my Master, many people like us live in the world, and we were destined to face a lot of pain and hardship.”

For example, the skill he learned seems to be inhumane, but it is indeed a ray of life for many people who are struggling in the line of life and death.

Because of poverty and because of wanting to live better, these livelihood skills that require sweat and blood will always exist.

In this world, studying is not the only way out.

“Maybe one day, the skill of bone shrinking will disappear in my generation, or maybe at one of my successors, it will be cut off. That is also a good thing. My Master and I are not obsessed with passing this skill from generation to generation. It is because someone needs it, that’s why I taught that person. If one day, this skill be to cut off, it means that there will be no more people who need it. There are no more poor people living in this world.”

Across time and space, when the Master and disciple said this passage, they seemed to have a brief reunion with each other.

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