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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 95

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 95: Acrobat 12

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Even at this time, Chang Hong and Wang Fen still wanted to quibble.

They knew that they could only maintain their good life by stepping into Jiang Liu.

“Quanjun, you tell me, did it hurts to practice this?”

Chang Hong pushed her son a bit and asked.

Xu Quanjun was silent for a while. He looked at his Master, then at his parents, who promised to take him to live in the city. He then nodded.

“Then you don’t want to practice it anymore?”

Chang Hong pushed her son again.

Xu Quanjun nodded. He will leave with his parents anyway, of course, he won’t practice this suffering Kung Fu again.

“Look, the child is afraid of learning that thing. Don’t look at him still standing properly now. Who knows what kind of sequelae there will be in the future. Didn’t Xiao Guohui say that Binbin in his family can’t get up because of pain.”

Chang Hong continued aggressively: “Anyway, since the child learns this harmful skill without our consent, Jiang Liu should be held responsible for it.”

“That’s right. The child was crying miserably in the video. How could we, as the parents stand it? Jiang Liu must compensate us with a certain amount of money. Anyway, it is not like we will spend this money indiscriminately. We will use the money to let this child see the doctor. Who knows if he has any sequelae and will suffer in his old age due to this.”

Wang Fen gritted his teeth. When things had come to this, he could only continue to hold on.

“Dad, I—”

Wang Gouzi opened his mouth wanted to say that he doesn’t hurt. The Master puts ointments on him every day. Except for some pain during the exercises, the pain was almost negligible at other times.

When the word was about to reach his lips, Wang Fen was blocked by Wang Fen, who had guessed what his son wanted to say.

“Tomorrow Dad will take you away from here. Your brother is still waiting to see his older brother.”

Wang Fen knew what this son was looking forward to the most.

Sure enough, after Wang Fen said these words, Wang Gouzi’s eyes flashed with a struggling expression, and finally chose to keep silence.

Seeing the choice of his two apprentices, Jiang Liu was a little disappointed. But with the comfort of his eldest apprentice in front, his disappointment was not so severe.

[So, they actually wanted to extort money from the beginning?]

[Obviously, things should be clear now. These so-called parents who love their children have disappeared for so many years. They only come back because they feel they will profit from this after hearing the news. I am afraid they will abandon this place, their elder and children once they received that money.]

[Ai, my face is swollen. I originally watched the video and thought that Jiang Liu was a wicked person. I also thought that the police had misconducted his duty. Now I know that sometimes seeing with one’s eyes is also not necessarily true. In the future, I have to let the news ferment a bit before I made any decision to believe it. Or at least after making sure that there won’t be any reversal.]

[I think the fault on this matter was not on the netizens. The media is our first outlet to obtain information. When reprinting news, the media should first ensure the authenticity of the report. As netizens, it is easy for us to make our standpoint based on the information that we have received. If the media is not conscientious, those unscrupulous people could easily instigate the netizen because of the story reported by them. It is like today’s incident. If we never knew the truth, won’t we continue to scold Jiang Liu, a genuinely good man like before? We also might end up letting wicked people like Xiao Guohui reap the benefit and continue their good days immensely pleased with himself.]

[That’s right. Ei, I really can’t express my opinions at will in the future. A word of ours may become a knife for the wicked and hurt the genuinely innocent people]

Some netizens began to reflect on their behaviour concerning this matter. They also began to question the media as to whether they performed their responsibilities well as a public trustee for the society. Since such things happen frequently, shouldn’t they, as media people, take some responsibility?

Of course, there was also a small group of people who stuck to their guns, as if they thought it would be a shame to change their minds now.

[Emmmm, no matter what, he shouldn’t teach those children this skill. He is so rich, so it’s better to give the money to the children. Anyway, he doesn’t have a wife or children.]

[Yes, teaching this kind of Kung Fu shows that he is still an abnormal person.]

However, before it could ferment, these people were quickly sprayed by the netizens. After several rounds of whipping, finally, these people learned not to publish their wisdom of speech.

At the moment, Chang Hong, Wang Fen, and the others, who were still stubbornly resisting, unable to hold on for long. Soon several police officers arrived at the village. With the suspicion of extortion, all of them were escorted to the police car for investigation.

At that moment, the live broadcast has not yet stopped. Seeing the pale faces of Wang Fen and others, everyone felt happy.



The crowd gradually dispersed. Gu Xinxing bit her lip. With a hoarse throat, she said sorry to Jiang Liu.

She can feel the complaining and the disgusting eyes of the people around her. She also knows that her Weibo may have been attacked by the netizens who watched the live show.

Because in everyone’s eyes, she was the one who planned this farce and misled many people.

When she goes back, she will taste the bitter fruit she planted. Previously, those netizens had violently attacked Jiang Liu; however, this time, she was afraid she would be their next target.

But even now, Gu Xinxing felt that she was not wrong. Even if this kind of things were to occur in the future, she would still take the same action.

It’s just that she will not be as reckless as she now. She will properly investigate the ins and outs of the matter, and then appeal to everyone to donate to these poor children so that they will not have to learn this skill for life.

Being born in the greenhouse, she still couldn’t bear to see such immature teenagers gritted their teeth and held back the pain of tears to learn this kind of skill. Even if she understood that as long as poverty and suffering are still there, there will always be descendants of this kind of skills.

But at least, after she had seen it, she couldn’t just sit idly by.

After saying this, Gu Xinxing bowed and walked away heavily. She had to go to the village chief and the two policemen to apologize.


Xiao Guofeng and others were released after being in the police station for a few days. In the end, there was no conclusive evidence that can be used to prove their crime.

For example, Xiao Guofeng just asked his acquaintances to take the two girls down the mountain. As the father of the child, he has every right to do so. Besides, there is no way to prove that Xiao Guofeng had been planning to abduct the child.

In fact, Xiao Guofeng did not sell the two daughters in his previous life. He abducted the two daughters just to intimidate his wife and son. After the affairs of the previous life were over, Xiao Guofeng took the 50,000 yuan and threw the two daughters back to the village and let them fend for themselves.

But without the help of the original body, the life of the Xiao family suddenly became tough. The day after waiting for her daughter to return, Zhang Yanfen died due to the severe complication. She left the still ignorant two sisters with Xiao Binbin, who was still immersed in the guilt of extorting and blackmailing his Master.

As for the crime of extortion, it was also unfounded.

Because as parents, they can stand up and demand compensation from Jiang Liu with the excuse that they love their son. This kind of civil dispute was mainly based on mediation. It is impossible to imprison Xiao Guofeng and others for this reason.

After this incident, the reputation of these several people also thoroughly tarnished. Just after leaving the police station, Wang Fen and others received a text message from the boss of the workplace, saying that they had been fired. This time they came back, not only they did not manage to take advantage of it, but their life also turned into a mess.   

Just like when they came, the day after they left the police station, they hurried away again without notifying anyone.

However, Xu Quanjun and Wang Guozi were who was in fear and worry, still waiting for them to return to the village to take them to live a happy life together.


The heat of the news finally passed, and the village seemed to return to its original calm.

Xiao Binbin finally released from his confinement. Neither the Master nor the disciple talked about what happened these days. They continued to practise the exercises and ate as usual. No one mentioned anything about Xu Quanjun and Wang Gouzi.

About a week later, the old couple of the Xu family and Wang Gouzi’s humpback grandma brought the two children to the door.

Xu Meihua was about to pour the water that she had used to wash the fish into the vegetable field in the yard. However, when she saw them coming, she just splashed it at their feet before she snorted and walked into the house.

The old couple of the Xu family and the old hunchback of the Wang family felt a little guilty. Faced with Xu Meihua’s action, they could not say any word to blame her.

“Little Jiang, ah, look at this child, when should they come back to learn the Kung Fu from you, ah.”

Their words were muted. Although initially, they did prevent their son’s behaviour at the time, in the end, they finally compromised and did not stand up when others scolded Jiang Liu.

“No, learning this skill is too hard and tiring. Now there are many kind people who are willing to subsidize the children in the village on a one-on-one basis. In the future, Quanjun and Gouzi should study hard at school instead. They will be successful in the future, for sure.”

Jiang Liu looked at the two apprentices who looked guilty as he shook his head and said.

“Little Jiang, are you blaming the two children? It’s all my fault. The children’s parents, they are still young. They didn’t understand anything.”

Xu Quanjun’s grandpa was worried. There wasn’t even one among the hundred students that studied here managed to yield any promising prospect. However ever member of Jiang’s family who learns this skill managed to make a lot of money.

“I know, it’s just that I’m afraid too. I’m afraid that something like this will happen again.”

Jiang Liu still smiled slightly. Facing his smiling face, these several older people were speechless.

Perhaps seeing that Jiang Liu’s attitude was unyielding, these older people were still embarrassed to press him that they took the children away.

But Wang Gouzi broke free from his grandma’s hand and ran back.

He wiped his tears and said sorry to Jiang Liu. Just like how he apologized to the original body in the previous life.

“I forgive you.”

Jiang Liu sighed. This time he forgives him because of his age. Jiang Liu hopes that Wang Gouzi will remember the lesson after he learned it.

However, even though he forgives him, Jiang Liu still didn’t let Wang Gouzi come back in the end. Wang Gouzi could only look at his Master and walked back one step at a time before being taken away by the humpback grandma who came after him.

“Host, I thought you would accept them again?”

001 watched the whole process. It could not understand Jiang Liu’s approach. Didn’t he say that he would give the children a chance?

“I am willing to give them a chance to admit their mistakes when they make mistakes. However, since they make mistakes, they also need to be punished.”

Just like the Ultraman, that he didn’t get back then; not accepting them back is also a punishment from Jiang Liu to his disciples.

After all, if the person who made a mistake gets the same ending as the person who did not make a mistake, then how fair is it for the person who did not make a mistake?

001 thoughtfully, digesting what he learned from the host.

The author has something to say: This short story will end tomorrow, there will be a story after the death of the original body in the last world

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