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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 94

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 94: Acrobat 11

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Due to the sudden outburst, the reporters at the scene even forgot to press the shutter button. At the same time, the audience who had been following the live broadcast suddenly felt bad

Isn’t Xiao Guohui a good father? Why did Zhang Yanfen treat her husband like this in public? Or is there something hidden in this matter that they don’t know?

“My wife has been sick for too long. I’m afraid that she is currently muddle-headed.”

Xiao Guohui’s reaction was quick. He quickly wiped off the spit on his face and then hugged Zhang Yanhong, who was on his side. He then chuckled as he made a motion of wanting to take her away.

“Have you forgotten your daughters? They will arrive in Guangnan soon. You know what kind of woman I have in Guangnan, right?”

He slowly said his threat to Zhang Yanhong’s ears. However, to those who could not hear him, he looked like a good husband who felt distressed and was comforting his wife.

[Is it so?]

[How did it feel weird, ah…]

[Yes, ah. Zhang Yanfen’s expression seems like she really hates this husband. Xiao Guohui seems to be lying, ah]

Although Xiao Guohui was very good at covering up, Zhang Yanfen’s expression could not deceive other people.

There was a faint feeling in everyone’s hearts as if they were going to be beaten in the face.

“You let me go!”

Zhang Yanfen was struggling. It was just that she was a weak woman. How could she struggle to break from the confinement of someone as a young and strong man as Xiao Guohui? Fortunately, two young men rushed over and rescued Zhang Yanfen from Xiao Guohui.

Both of these young people came here after hearing the news. They originally planned to beat Jiang Liu to vent their anger. At this moment, they realized that there seems to be something hidden behind this incident. They wanted to know the truth more than venting their anger.

“This man is scum. He is a beast who can harm his own daughter.”

Zhang Yanfen was gasping. She then pointed her hand at Xu Quanjun’s mother, Chang Hong and Wang Gouzi’s parents. Their eyes were dodging her hand

“Do you think these few people are good?  You’re wrong. They are nothing but cruel and unscrupulous. Each one of them did not even raise their children. If it is not for this man telling them that they can squeeze some money from Jiang Liu, do you think they will come back? Will they act as a good mom and dad before your eyes?”

Zhang Yanfen regretted her action of forgiving Xiao Guohui. She could not believe that she will attach some value to this kind of man. For the sake of money, he is not even qualified to be regarded as a human being. He is a dog. No, he is not even as good as a dog. After all, for that kind of beast, as long as you feed it some food and water, it still knows how to shake its head and be thankful.

[ What is happening right now? Did this woman meant to say that these people had abandoned their children before, and now they came back to extort some money?]

[It seems to be like that. Still, Jiang Liu is not a good person, right? Don’t tell me that this is a dogfight or something?]

[Emmmmm, according to the development trend of this matter, I have begun to doubt whether or not Jiang Liu is a bad person.]

The viewers who watched the live broadcast were puzzled. They realized that things didn’t seem to be what they had thought.

“Zhang Yanfen, how could you say that? Who won’t raise the children?”

Wang Fen’s eyes flickered. He and his wife took one of their son’s hands as they defensively said: “I’m working outside all for the sake of earning money for the child.”

So many reporters are watching. If this matter got out of hand, he is afraid that their reputation will be ruined and they might be unable to keep their job.

“I, pei [onomatopoeia of spitting]!”

Zhang Yanfen wanted to spit on Wang Fen’s face again, but her mouth was dry after saying too much.

“You touched your heart and tried to repeat it. Did you even raise your son? If it wasn’t for Jiang Liu, who fed him with fish and meat every day and deliberately made an excuse to cook more food and let him take it home to your mother, maybe your son and your hunch-backed mother already starved to death. Jiang Liu even gave your mother briquettes to be used during the cold weather. Aunt Wang, if you have a little conscience, I dare you to stand up and say something. Did Jiang Liu treat you kindly or not?”

Regardless of Zhang Yanfen’s distress for her son’s learning of bone shrinking’s art, she is still grateful for Jiang Liu’s help this year.

And even if she was distressed because her son learned that skills, Zhang Yanfen knew that Jiang Liu was not the one to blame. After all, he did not have an obligation to teach her son, but her son, Binbin, have to learn it no matter what.

The hunch-backed old woman who was addressed as Aunt Wang by Zhang Yanfen saw the camera swept towards her, turned stiff and silent.

She looked at her son’s hopeful eyes and lowered her head cowardly.

Just when everyone thought that she was going to refute Zhang Yanfen, the silent old woman raised her head and lowered her head again, with heavy emphasis several times.

She acknowledged the authenticity of Zhang Yanfen’s words!

Those well-intentioned people were at lost. They were different from those reporters. After all, they did not come purely for clicks and sales. They really wanted to do good deeds, thinking that some children are being mistreated and tried to help them.

Before coming, they defined Jiang Liu as a callous and vicious man who was imitating devious acrobatics to fool others. However, Zhang Yanfen’s words seemed to describe a different Jiang Liu for them.

“But no matter what, he didn’t have to force these children to learn the bone-shrinking skill. If he is really good for the children, why didn’t he donate some money for the children to study?”

Gu Xinxing stood up. She still stubbornly looking at Zhang Yanfen. Do these children have to sacrifice their happiness and health for that kind of small favour?

She didn’t think it should be like this.

“You are also a mother. Are you willing to watch your children suffer? If your family is really in trouble, you can ask the society for help. Now there are so many kind people. There will be many people willing to help you.”

When it comes to Gu Xinxing, is she wrong? Obviously not. She is a kind-hearted girl who has not experienced too many trials and hardships. She felt that her motives are good. She thinks that there are 10,000 solutions to difficulties. However, learning this kind of skill is the most undesirable among the 10,000 ways in her mind and should be banned.

“Are you the girl who made such big news?”

Zhang Yanfen couldn’t hold it anymore at this moment. Her voice was getting a little weak, but she was still holding on.

“I don’t know whether I should scold you or not for ruining our good days.”

Zhang Yanfen’s first sentence made Gu Xinxing anxiously blushed. She desperately wanted to refute, but Zhang Yanfen stopped her.

“Do you know how hungry it is to have only a bowl of soup full of wild vegetables and only a few grains of rice for three meals a day?”

“Do you know what it’s like to be sick? What is like to walk to the edge of a cliff several times and wanting to jump off, but to hear the child’s cry and come back again?”

“Do you know the distress of a woman who almost could not feed her own milk to her two daughters, and longed to feed them with her blood?”

“Do you know a mother who knows how painful and tiring it is for her son to learn such skill, but still has to cooperate with him to pretend that it was easy for him to learn that kind of Kung Fu?”

Every time Zhang Yanfen asked a question, she staggered forward.

What she asked was something that most of the people present had not experienced. The people in front of the live broadcast may not even know that there are still a group of people who can’t eat at the corner of China.

Gu Xinxing was forced to back down again and again by her.

“You don’t know anything. You are an educated college student. You are very kind and innocent. Your parents should be the kind of people who can make money. How can you understand the sadness of those of us? Do you think that I did not love my children? I can’t wait to dig my heart for them.”

Zhang Yanfen’s breathing became more and more rapid: “If I can avoid it, do you think that I wanted to let my son learn this? The life is so difficult, but we still need to keep on living, ah. We also wanted to live well, ah!”

Zhang Yanfen almost screamed when she said those sentence.

Her life is too difficult. If she hadn’t had a sensible son, she does not know how she will be able to persist in this kind of life.

But when they were already living very hard, this group of aloof and standoffish people who have never suffered and have not suffered started to point at them and asked them with a relaxed tone as for what reason that their life is so hard.

This pointing out was not necessarily malicious, but it is so harsh in the ears of those who were struggling for life.

If you can, who doesn’t want to sleep in a high bed with soft pillows? Is there anyone who doesn’t want a life of luxury?

If possible, Zhang Yanfen also hopes that her children will be carefree and without worries. She wanted them to sit in the classroom and have soft cakes and smooth milk every day. She wishes that her son’s hand will not be full of calluses when he is still young. She also does not want her daughters to take over the household duties when they are still young.

No one is born to bear hardship and be put into trouble. Yet, life has forced them to look like this.

Zhang Yanfen panted violently. The villagers who were tearing their eyes because of her words hurriedly supported her and told her to stop talking.

Zhang Yanfen still wanted to fight with those people. However, at this moment, Jiang Liu, who had been standing outside the crowd, took the initiative to stand up.

He passed through the crowd. The people present recognized him as the protagonist Jiang Liu in a video that was reposted tens of thousands of times on the Internet.

The media reporters who had been in a low mood suddenly regained their spirits. All their camera and video recorder were all aimed at Jiang Liu. The interview drafts that they had planned previously had already been brewing to their lips.

“You obviously have the ability; why didn’t you help them in a better way? You also suffered from practising this Kung Fu when you were a child. Why did you want those children to suffer the same?”

Gu Xinxing, who was a little shaken by Zhang Yanfen’s repeated inquiries. Therefore, when she saw Jiang Liu appear, she rushed in front of the reporter and looked at him stubbornly as she asked.

In fact, this question is also a question that many netizens wonder.

According to the information revealed by the live broadcast, Jiang Liu is not a bad person like how they imagined. He seemed to have helped many people in the village who have had difficulties in life. But since he has the ability, why not sponsor the children to study? If the children managed to have a high prospect in the future, surely they will repay him, ah.

As for that kind of feudalistic and poisonous acrobatics, there is no need to continue this kind of tradition.

“Do you know what they used to call these people who learned this kind of skills?”

Jiang Liu didn’t answer this question directly but instead asked this question while looking at the camera.

[A juggler under the overpass?]


The reporters present and the netizens who watched the Livestream began to think of various terms.

“The low-class profession. Long ago, we, the jugglers, opera singers, matchmakers, dressmakers, pedicurists…were all called the low-class profession.”

Jiang Liu said in a deep voice: “Our reputation is not good. At that time, when we were doing our business, we had to look for marriage in the circle. The children born were also made fun of because those children were destined to learn these things.”

“But why did we continued to learn this?”

Jiang Liu asked rhetorically once again. This time he went on without waiting for everyone to answer.

“We who learn acrobatics are the same as those who learn to sing in the opera.  All of us is included in the ranks of actors. This kind of hardship began when we started to learn the art when we were young. We practice all year long, regardless of the coldest three months in winter and hottest three months in summer. The Kung Fu I learn is even more difficult. As you can see, when you are young, you have to practice the joints and muscles of the whole body. It is the most basic skill to press the muscles and stretch the tendons. The ultimate of this skill is to dislocate and reset the bones of your whole body at will. And to train the joints of the whole body into parts that can move freely. “

Jiang Liu’s remarks acknowledged the authenticity of the video. He did remove the child’s bones, as shown in the video.

“Since you know how difficult this is, why did you force those kids to learn it? It doesn’t matter if this kind of skill is lost.”

Gu Xin Xingjie asked again. This was the point she was most dissatisfied with Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu ignored her as he went on.

“Learning this kind of hardship did not only let you suffer in the process of learning but also has a lot of sequelae when you get older. For example, look, my body is short and thin. Because I practised this since I was a child, I also suffered from rheumatism. When it rains, my bone hurts.”

Jiang Liu self-consciously criticized the disadvantages of this Kung Fu, which puzzled the audience.

Isn’t he supposed to quibble at this time? Such as saying more about how much money can be made by practising this Kung Fu, or how good life can be achieved from practising this Kung Fu?

Jiang Liu played his cards entirely out of their common sense.

“I also said before that learning this profession has a bad reputation, and you still have to endure many hardships. Yet why are there so many ancient people who persist in doing this kind of low-class profession? During my grandfather’s generation, how many people want to learn this skill, but most of these skills were passed only to men but not to women, and even less to outsiders. It is a skill that will not be taught no matter how much money was given to attend the apprenticeships. Then why is there still someone willing to learn this skill until today? According to the girl, this skill is bothersome, that I might as well abandon it. From now on, no one else should learn it. But why did the ancients prefer to be called the lower class to learn it? Why do people still want to learn after knowing the hardship that they will face? It is because they are poor, and they can’t make it through, that they learned this. Because once they learned this, it makes people feel like they have some prospect to strive on!”

“Do I like doing this stuff? Of course, I don’t like it. When I was a child, I suffered a lot because of it. When I got older, I fell ill and have no children. My family heritage has broken in my generation, but I know that as long as there are poor people, as long as there are still people who can’t eat, even if I don’t teach this bone shrinking art, there will still be a person with surname Jiang or Hai who will teach them this skill. As long as the poor are still poor, this kind of painful and suffering skills that were handed down from the older generation will not be broken.”

The thin and small man stood in the middle of the crowd. His voice was not loud, but he spoke to everyone’s heart.

Even some people who wanted to question him were silent because of his remarks.

“A lot of people may want to say that these children should study and by studying they can change their lives. But the teachers here are under-qualified. An overwhelming majority of those children can’t even continue studying after junior high school. Most of them repeat the life of their parents after graduating from junior high school. Only a small number of people managed to go out and wandered. Even then, among those people, the ones who can make differences are rare. No one dares to bet that they could be the ones who leapfrogged the dragon gate on their own. Compared with unpredictable studies, the advantages of learning my skill are visible to the naked eye. Big houses, small trucks, meals with meat, and every meal there is also fish. This is an ordinary day for many of you, but for these children, it is the best life. Why can’t these children choose to be a little bit tired now and be able to relax a little bit in the future? Or is it that you must let the children live a life that you think is good for them to be considered having a happy life?”

[T/N: Dragon gate/ Lóngmén – Mythical Dragon gate where a carp can transform into a dragon. In this context, the poor become rich]

This question made everyone, including Gu Xinxing, speechless.

“I have lived here since I was a child. How did I practice when I was young, all the people in the village also know about it. Before accepting these apprentices, I signed several contracts with them. All of which were hand-printed by the elders of these three children. Even now, I still have the same sentence. If you didn’t want to learn it, you could go home at any time. “

Jiang Liu glanced at Xu Quanjun who had a guilty face as he stood next to his parents, before turning to look at the still ignorant, Wang Gouzi. Jiang Liu then moved to look at everyone else.

“I didn’t think about passing on this skill from generation to generation. Maybe one day, it will be cut off in one of my generations. That is also a good thing. This means that there will be no more people who need it at that time. There are no more poor people.”

These words resounded loudly in those people.

After that, Jiang Liu waved at the crowd. Xiao Tongtong and Xiao Shanshan ran over happily. One  of them plunged into Jiang Liu’s arms and the other into the arms of their mother at the side.

Following these two girls were two police officers who had been hacked on the Internet these days.

These days, they have lived a painful life from being slandered and maliciously fabricated in all kinds of jokes. Fortunately, their leader is sensible. They knew that this is the trouble caused by an ignorant little girl. Therefore, they have not really been dismissed.

“Let’s also clarify a few points. At that time, we received an alarm call and sent out the police to this village. However, after understanding the truth of the matter, we did not choose to arrest an innocent person. The village chief told us that Jiang Liu’s father repaired the mountain road you are currently used to go up the mountain with his own money, and Jiang Liu also has been putting money to repair it over the years.”

“Also, the last winter was so cold. It was the Jiang Liu who made money to buy briquettes to help the widows and lonely older people on the mountain to survive the cold winter. At that time, we don’t even know where these people had disappeared to.”

The young policeman was also angry in his heart. When he said this, he pointed to Wang Fen, Xiao Guohui and others.

Didn’t they like to play good fathers and sons? When their parents and children need them the most, where are they?

“Little girl, it’s a good thing to have a kind heart, but you have to use your brain to do things in the future. Not everyone is so idle and will lie to you to harm others. If you could listen to what we persuaded you at the beginning, instead of just listening to what you wanted to hear, there will be no trouble now.”

Before the little policeman finished, he sarcastically said a few words to Gu Xinxing.

If it weren’t for the fact that this little girl motive was to do good deeds and brought a lot of donations to people in need of help in the village, he already wished to sue the other party for defamation.

 He only hopes that after this lesson, she will use her brain before doing something.

“Hey, Xiao Guohui, where are you planning to run?!”

When he saw the police and two daughters who were supposed to have been sitting on the long-distance bus to Guangnan, Xiao Guohui realized that something had gone wrong and planned to sneak away when everyone didn’t pay attention to him.  However, unbeknownst to him, the middle-aged policeman who had been staring at him quickly press him under his body as he buckled his hands, and shackled him.

“You are suspected to be related to a child abduction case. Please come with us.”

With that, the young policeman also stepped forward, and together with the older policeman, Xiao Guohui was escorted to the police car.

“Let me go. What kidnapping? I only took my own daughter away!”

“Hurry up and let me go. Help!”

Xiao Guohui shouted loudly. The reporter who was still immersed in the amount of information revealed by those words quickly recovered. Facing such a completely reversed turning point, they picked up the camera and took a shot.

No matter what, you have to bring some materials back. This Xiao Guohui seems to be a good subject anyway.

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