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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 93

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 93: Acrobat 10

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“Parents, how do you look after my children? I haven’t come back in a few years, so you let the children learn that kind of terrible Kung Fu? If the children had some unexpected misfortune, I wouldn’t forgive you!”

Seeing the news and coupled with the instigation that came from the good for nothing Xiao Guohui, Wang Gouzi and Xu Quanjun’s parents came home one after another. The first thing they did when they returned home was to play the role of a loving father and mother. They were fighting with the elder at home for letting their child learning the so-called Kung Fu.

“Gouzi, Dad is back. Dad will take you to live in the city when this matter is done.”

Wang Gouzi’s father, Wang Fen, bought him a large bag of new clothes and toys. There were also many snacks that Wang Gouzi had never eaten before. Wang Gouzi felt like it was like the New Year had come.

From the time he remembered, he was jokingly called a wild child with no parents or mothers by the other children when they were playing together. Other children who had their parent working outside still sometimes received some snacks or toys from their parents.  But he had never heard anything from his parents since they left the village.

Wang Gouzi had heard from the other elders who came back from work during Chinese New Year, that his parents had given birth to another son outside. Compared with the little son who was raised by their side, he was brought up by his grandparents since he was a child. Therefore, he had rarely seen them. Naturally, to them that this eldest son was not worthy of their affection.

It was just that his grandparents have been coaxing him all the time, telling him that his parents still love him. It just because there is no money, so they can’t take him to live with them.

Wang Gouzi had always comforted himself that the latter is the truth. So he has to learn the skill and work hard to make money. Then he will be able to reunite with his parents.

Now that Mom and Dad are back, his dream seemed to come true.

Wang Gouzi felt that this might be his best present for his seventh birthday.

Yes, in half a month, it will be his seventh birthday.

“That surname Jiang is really too much. How could he teach that kind of crooked Kung Fu? Those surname Jiang should do it by themselves. Why did he have to harm other people’s children? Did he want to see other children being sick for him to be happy? I think it was his own problem. The heart is too poisonous; that’s why he could only die without descendants. This is retribution.”

Wang Fen didn’t have much patience to coax his son. After stuffing a bunch of gifts into his son’s hands, he discussed with his wife how much money they could get from blackmailing Jiang Liu.

Their youngest son will soon reach the age of primary school. They had to buy a house and settle down before their son went to school. Over the years, they also saved some money by themselves. If they can get three to four hundred thousand yuan from Jiang Liu, it will be more than enough for the down payment for a small house.

If there are more compensations, maybe they can furnish the house in one go.

“Fen’er, what do you mean by this?”

The hunched old lady was silenced after being scolded by him. However, when she heard the conversations between her son and her daughter-in-law about calculating Jiang Liu’s money, she suddenly became anxious.

“What do you mean? That Jiang Liu killed my son like this, can’t I sue him? He needs to either pay the money or go to jail.  He can choose either way.”

Wang Fen said eloquently.

Strictly speaking, he had also been helped by Jiang Liu’s father, Jiang Sanchun previously. However, those little favours could not be measured with the importance of having money. For people like Wang Fen, dignity and morality are not a necessity, but his own interest is the utmost importance.

 “I am your son. When this matter is over, I will take Gouzi to the city. From now on, we will take the children to see you every Chinese New Year. Didn’t you said before that you wanted to see your grandchildren?”

Wang Fen’s words were almost like a threat. He was sure that his son and grandson were the most important things to the old lady. How could an outsider like Jiang Liu treat her better? Compared with her close relatives, she should know who is more important, right?

Sure enough, after hearing his words, the hunched old lady was silent.

“But learning this Kung Fu is our own initiative, how can we ask Little Jiang for money?”

Wang Fen’s old lady opened her mouth and whispered a little fragilely.

“Oh, I only need a few hundred thousand. The old Jiang family has left a lot of money for Jiang Liu. Now he is the only one left in Jiang family. How much could he spend anyway? Maybe he doesn’t care about this little money. But it is different for us. With this money, I can support the travel expense back and forth, and also allow the two children to receive a better education. Mom, don’t you want to watch your grandson go ahead? Or would you rather watch Gouzi learn this skill and suffer?”

“Master is very good to me.”

Wang Gouzi vaguely understood his father’s words. His father seemed to think that the master had mistreated him. He quickly put down the toy in his hand and ran to his parents to explain with his head up.

“Gouzi, do you want to see your brother? Your brother always misses you. He keeps asking me what his brother looks like.”

Wang Fen didn’t acknowledge Wang Gouzi’s word. He instead squatted down, lovingly talked about funny things related to his younger son.

“Yes, I want to see my brother.”

Wang Gouzi nodded emphatically. Although occasionally he would be jealous of the younger brother who was raised by his parents, he still looked forward to the blood relatives whom he had never met before.

If he saw his younger brother, he would treat this younger brother like Big Brother Binbin treated his two younger sisters.

“Does it hurt to do the exercise?”

Wang Fen asked again.


After thinking for a while, Wang Gouzi chose to tell the truth.

“That’s it. In the future, you can not only live happily with your brother, but you can also stop practising this Kung Fu. Don’t you miss Mom and Dad? As long as you are obedient, Mom and Dad will take you out from here.”

Wang Fen started to tempt his son as he touched his eldest son’s head.

After all, this is also his biological son. If he can ask for some money from Jiang Liu this time, he will take this child away. If the amount received was not good enough, then it is a pity. He and his wife will only be able to raise one son well, and that child will only be the youngest son that they had brought up by themselves.

Wang Gouzi didn’t know the real thoughts in his father’s mind. He couldn’t help but feel a little silly while listening to the beautiful life that was being weaved in front of him.


“Village chief, this is not good. Those people have rushed up the mountain again. You and Little Jiang should avoid them as soon as possible.”

The villagers had kept guarding for several days, but they couldn’t hold back the people who wanted to make things worse. The journalist who had been stranded at the foot of the mountain had let some charities and good Samaritans gathered spontaneously after hearing the news

The people who had been patrolling the village soon noticed this situation and hurried to inform the concerned party first.

But how can their two legs compare to those who drive into the mountain? Not long after they learned the news, those people also rushed into the village.

“We are here to help you.”

This was a spontaneous remark that came from kind-hearted people. When they saw the tearful eyes of the children in the news, but still had to practice this inhuman skills, they were shocked and wanted to help them with their meagre power.

On this trip, they also brought a lot of supplies, such as some second-hand old clothes, and some brand new toys. They hoped that those children who were out of school could return to school.

It was Gu Xinxing who led these spontaneous masses and organized charities.

She never thought this thing would cause a significant disturbance. The wave of public opinion even far exceeded her previous expectations. Yet, Gu Xinxing felt that this kind of public opinion pressure was good. These things will help them to stop those children from learning such inhumane skills. It was also a good thing to persuade them to return to school.

If they are worried about the economic problems, she has found so many kind people and charities to help them. Therefore, their family could also eliminate this kind of worry.

However, for the village chief and police who did not act on this matter, as well as Jiang Liu, who insisted on passing on this inhumane skill, they should indeed be punished.

Gu Xinxing felt that she was doing the right thing, so this time she still ran ahead with confidence.

“What about Jiang Liu? Where is Jiang Liu? Did he ever think that his actions are too excessive? Does he know that his actions have violated the law?”

“Should he be fair to the children he hurts?”

Similar remarks were asked by reporters armed with cameras and video recorder.

“Have you finished talking? We all had told you that this a skill handed down by others. That person taught those children with a kind heart. Otherwise, based on our conditions, the children will have no chance to make a lot of money when they grow up. It’s not that Jiang Liu forced them to learn, but the children and the older people in the children’s family who allowed it. Why do you keep holding it on to Jiang Liu?”

The few left-behind youths in the village stopped these reporters. They wished that they could roll their eyes directly into the camera.

What a joke. Do those people know what kind of life did they live every day? What kind of life did the Jiang family live every day? If Uncle Jiang accepted the children outside the Jiang family as a disciple, they would also want to follow along.

Hardship is unbearable for people who are used to living a good life outside. However, for them, if they can eat white rice, have a lot of meat on each meal, build a house and marry a wife, this kind of bitterness is worth it.

Now those people arbitrarily scolded Jiang Liu. They only know how to blabber on. The villagers think that if they let them experience their own life, they are probably the one who are going to rush to learn this skill from Jiang Liu.

“Do kids at the age of seven or eight know what kind of decision they could have made? Are their grandparents in their 50s, 60s and 70s sure that Jiang Liu was not fooling them?”

Reporters simply can’t listen to those words. They all wanted something that can increase the clickbait and sales. So they pretended as if they did not hear their explanation.

“We came here today because the children’s parents are inviting us. They are the children’s guardians. The parents didn’t know that the children learn this Kung Fu. Jiang Liu’s practice constituted a crime.”

There were still too few people in the village. The reporters quickly broke through the line of defence, but before they could rush into the village, those reporters revealed the news that surprised everyone.

What did the reporters mean by that?


Soon, the reporters started to surround Jiang Liu’s house. Their heart was angry, and they were ready to scold this perverted kind man who tortured children.

The parents of the three children headed by Xiao Guohui stood at the forefront. Among the three pairs of parents, there were also Wang Gouzi and Xu Quanjun, who stood there, looking nervous.

“I really didn’t expect that when I was desperately making money outside, my son actually suffered such a sin in the village. This is my dereliction of duty.”

Xiao Guohui gritted his teeth as tears came out as he said the word. Except for the villagers who knew his character, everyone else was moved by his acting skills, thinking that he was a good father.

The media focused their cameras on him. At this moment, some people were still holding their mobile phones to broadcast live, preparing to witness the punishment of the bad guys.

“My wife has severe uremia. She can’t take care of those few children at all. Jiang Liu exploited this loophole and coaxed my six-year-old son to learn this art from him. Now the child is sick and can’t get up. When I just came out, the child was still on the bed rolling, saying [Dad, it’s hurt, Dad, I don’t want to learn].”

Xiao Guohui’s voice trembled as he watched his wife, who kept a stubborn face and refused to speak. Behind the camera, he twisted the flesh on her waist while giving her a warning look.

Zhang Yanfen remembered her two missing daughters and remembered Xiao Guohui’s words that his mistress was a prostitute.

She murmured, wondering if she should say something against her will.

Just when she was about to speak, she saw the Jiang Liu stood at the outermost part of the crowd and holding her two girls.

The other party unexpectedly did not stay inside his house!

And, her two daughters are actually beside Jiang Liu!

Zhang Yanfen didn’t have time to think about what was going on. Apart from relaxing her tense nerves, she did what she wanted to do the most.

That is, in front of all the cameras, she spitted thick sputum on Xiao Guohui’s face.

“Pei, you fu**ing dog!”

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