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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 92

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 92: Acrobat 9

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“Recently, there have been many strangers in the village. I believed you already knew about this matter from your elders. As early as when you start studying this exercise, I already told you that you could stop whenever you wanted. So if you want to give up halfway, I will not stop it either.”

After completing the basic skills exercise, Jiang Liu called three children and solemnly said.

Now public opinion was far from reaching its peak. If he remembered it correctly, Xiao Guohui should have returned by now. The reason why the original body was later ruined and even the opportunity to turn over was missing was all due to this man.

After he comes back, he will lobby some people in the village, and then find a way to get Xu Quanjun and Wang Gouzi’s parents back. At that time, the parents of these children will work together to sue him. Xu Quanjun and Wang Gouzi also went on to many show, answering multiple interviews with the reporters, and accusing the original body of his so-called “crimes”. This accusation utterly nailed the original body to the pillar of shame.

“I want to continue to learn!”

Xiao Binbin replied without thinking.

“I also want to learn.”

Wang Gouzi answered after Xiao Binbin.

Xu Quanjun, who was the most active in the past, was the one who expressed himself the slowest.

Recently, a lot of people have come to the village. Some media reporters want to interview the parties concerned, while some kind people came here to spread compassion.

For example, Gu Xinxing, who had caused this incident, had contacted several charitable organizations for the children in the village. With the popularity of this incident, she had raised a lot of donations.

They will support all the fees as long as the children in the village want to study. After they managed to enter the junior high school and senior high school and need living expenses, those kind-hearted people will also donate a sum of money every year according to the local average living expenses.

That money is enough to let him go to university. Therefore, this was indeed a big temptation for Xu Quanjun.

No matter how hard he learned these skills, in the eyes of his master, it was always the hard-working senior brothers and the better talented younger brothers. Xu Quanjun always felt that he was dispensable among all of his master’s disciples. Even if he learns these skills, he might not be as good as his two brothers in the future.

It’s just that even though there were other longings in his heart, Xu Quanjun has never made up his mind because he doesn’t know if he can or have the will to study. If he can’t go to junior high school like other children in the village, he won’t be able to get a high academic qualification. What can he do in the future if he did not even have any skill to back up?

In addition to that, this year, the master’s good food and drink have kept him alive. Master also often asked him to take the leftovers home. Because of this good food, his grandparents’ bones became much stronger. This kindness was not something that Xu Quanjun can forget.

So now he was hesitating and didn’t know what to choose.

After Xiao Binbin and Wang Gouzi finished their words of loyalty, Xu Quanjun also yelled out his dedication in a stammer. However, as for the things in his heart, no one could guess it.

“My remarks are still valid, no matter how long. As long as you don’t want to learn, just tell me. Don’t worry. I will not scold or beat you.”

Jiang Liu looked at Xu Quanjun, whose eyes were empty. He guessed that his will was already shaken all this time.

He didn’t say anything to persuade them. After dinner, he let those few children go.


“Binbin, Dad is back!”

When Xiao Binbin came home and was about to heat up the dished that he brought back, he saw an unexpected guest at home.

Xiao Guohui ran over with excitement, wanting to hug his son.

He looked very sincere now because, in his eyes, Xiao Binbin is his cash cow. With this son, he could severely tear off a piece of meat from Jiang Liu.

He has already thought about it. Now that the public opinion was loud, if Jiang Liu does not want to go to jail for child abuse, he will have to pay him at least three or four or five million yuan. His ancestors have passed down so much money to him. So why not spend this little money to buy his own safety. Therefore, Jiang Liu should be willing to lose those sums of money to him.

“My dad had already died early.”

Xiao Binbin widened his eyes and asked his mother, who was slowly coming from the back: “When did this extra animal come into our house?”

Someone who could abandon not only his wife but also his son is worse than a pig and a dog. Calling him as a beast is tantamount to insulting the beast itself.

“Binbin, how can you talk to your dad like that?”

Zhang Yanfen frowned. Although she understood that her son also resented Xiao Guohui as a father, it was still too much to scold his father as a beast. This kind of thing is might invite back-biting in the future.

“It’s okay. I haven’t come back to make money all these years. I am sorry for the child. Understandably, the child wanted to complain about it.”

Xiao Guohui scolded the little bastard in his heart. Yet on the upfront, he pretended to look like a caring father who tolerated his son’s bad words.

Seeing Xiao Guohui like this, Zhang Yanfen felt less worried. She felt that the relationship between father and son was persistent. Even if Xiao Guohui had no affection for her, he should care about his only son.

But, she was worried about her two daughters. Xiao Guohui left off without saying goodbye because of the two daughters that she had given birth to. She didn’t know if Xiao Guohui could take care of her two daughters after her death.

“What about the money?”

When Xiao Binbin heard Xiao Guohui’s words, he knew that he was talking nonsense. He felt that this man must have some conspiracy that had lured him to come back. Yet since he mentioned the word money, he should let the other party spit out those things. After all, this is something that he owed them to.

Zhang Yanfen’s condition has deteriorated a lot this year. They still couldn’t find a match kidney source. Since their family could not also afford the expensive dialysis fees, Xiao Binbin embarrassedly had borrowed a sum of money from his master, Jiang Liu and signed a promissory note. After he finished with the apprenticeship, he will deduct a portion from the money he earned. He borrowed tens of thousands of yuan, and asked his master, Jiang Liu, to help his mother buy a simple dialysis machine that he can operate at home.  With the addition of some messy herbs, Zhang Yanfen could barely survive until now.

Now, this home has a big hole. It was riddled with a lot of debt. If it weren’t for the kindness of his master, their family would have long been ruined. In Xiao Binbin’s view, the master is a god. He wouldn’t even be able to repay his kindness even if he was reincarnated as a cow or a horse in the next life.

His master not only taught him his family skill. Since his master realized that his family could only drink wild vegetable porridge every day, he will tell Mei Hua to cook more rice and dishes, just to give him enough leftovers to feed his mother and his sisters.

His master didn’t say anything about it, but he remembered it all in his heart.

And when his mother was sick and dying, if his master had not given him 20,000 yuan, perhaps his mother would not have survived. At that time, he was only five years old, and his two younger sisters were waiting to be fed. If his mother died, maybe the three of them will not live long.

Xiao Binbin always felt that he owed his master four lives.

He already vowed in his heart that once he made money in the future, and he would treat his master as his reborn parent. Master has no children, so, he will become the master’s son.

As for that Xiao Guohui. He didn’t care where he wanted to go as long as he did not dirty his eyes.

“I brought the money to your mother.”

In order to act more decisively, Xiao Guohui had stolen 20, 000 yuan from Yu Caiying. He was afraid that the other party already knows about it by now. Later, he will have to call the other party to comfort her.

“Then you won’t take it out?”

Xiao Binbin looked at Xiao Guohui coldly and said.

“Binbin, stop your infuriating words!”

Zhang Yanfen clutched her chest. She scolded her son with a pale face. In the future, his son will have to rely on his father. Now that their relationship is so stiff, what if Xiao Guohui doesn’t care about him in the future?

Although there is a simple dialysis machine at home, Zhang Yanfen’s body condition was still visible to the naked eye. Everyone knows that if there is no suitable kidney source, she might not survive during the next six months.

Therefore, after Zhang Yanfen became angry and showed a state of emergency, Xiao Binbin did not dare to attack Xiao Guohui again.

He hurriedly helped his mother into the house. Leaving the other person behind as if he hadn’t seen Xiao Guohui was standing over there.

“Tongtong, Shanshan, do you like the gifts that father bought for both of you?”

After eating, Xiao Guohui took out two dolls and handed them to the twin sisters.

The two children had no impression of their father. However, since their mother said that the person was the father, and paired with Xiao Guohui’s kind appearance, the two children had already felt a little bit affection to this father who had been with them since the afternoon.

“Don’t touch it. It’s dirty!”

Xiao Binbin patted the hands of the two younger sisters to prevent them from taking the doll.

“When I make money later, I will buy you bigger and more beautiful dolls. The important thing is that the doll I bought is clean.”

Xiao Binbin brought up the two younger sisters. Zhang Yanfen was in poor health and often had to lie on the bed. Therefore, in this house, Xiao Tongtong and Xiao Shanshan were naturally closer to their brother.

Listening to their brother’s word, the two sisters obediently withdrew their hands. But they still looked at the doll in their father’s hand.

Xiao Guohui withdrew his hand angrily. He started to feel that his son might be uncontrollable.

He didn’t know what the other two boys were like.

“I heard from the news that our son followed Jiang Liu to learn bone shrinking techniques? To learn that skill, you have to break all the bones and then reset it back. How can you let our son suffer this sin?”

Xiao Guohui looked at Zhang Yanhong and asked.

“It is all because his father is a scumbag and poisonous. He is a person with a terrible heart. The kind that abandons his wife and son!”

Xiao Binbin said in a chilly tone, as he looked at Xiao Guohui coldly at the corner of his eyes.

Xiao Binbin’s words choked xiao Guohui. However, for the time being, he did not want to care about this troublesome seven-year-old boy. His main goal was to convince Zhang Yanfen.

“This Jiangliu is also bad. He did not want to harm his own children with this kind of Kung Fu. Why does he want to harm the children of other families? Look at the size of the men in the Jiang family, none of them went over 160 cm. Once our son learned this skill, in the future, he will become a third-class disabled person! Furthermore, breaking bones is not a laughing matter. Don’t just look that the child could run away freely at the moment; it was all because the sequelae haven’t come out yet. I remembered that Jiang Liu’s father, uncle Sanchun, had rheumatism. This all came from the effect of learning this bone-shrinking technique. Don’t you feel sorry for such a good child to be ruined at the hand of that Jiang Liu?”

Xiao Guohui continued with an indignant tone: “I am coming back from this trip to take you away from here. However, looking at this, I can’t just leave. I don’t care how he treats his own son, but he is ruining my son now. Now that Binbin is young and the situation is not too bad, I have to ask Jiang Liu for compensation. Then we should go to the big hospital to treat Binbin’s illness.”

“I’m not sick; I’m fine. Before learning this craft, my mother and I had heard from the master about the sequelae that will accompany from practising this Kung Fu. I both accept it willingly because I wanted to earn money. I want to support my mother and my sister. My gratitude is to my master.”

Xiao Binbin had guessed Xiao Guohui’s intention for coming back. Sure enough, this man was full of evil intention.

“I am not sick. It is you who are sick. You are the one being plagued with greed!”

Xiao Binbin patted the table and stood up. He had been wondering why did this man come back at this time. It turned out that it was all for money.

“You child, how could you speak like that!”

Xiao Guohui looked at Zhang Yanfen: “Is that how you teach the children? I do it for his own good, and he even scolds me like this. Did he regard that outsider Jiang Liu as his relative and treats him even better than his own dad?”

In just over three years, how did this previously quiet son become so sharp-tongued so much that his father turned speechless because of his word? Xiao Guohui felt that his son must have learned bad things from Jiang Liu. In addition to the original guilt, he added another charge to Jiang Liu.

He had never thought that his son would have such a change and that he, the irresponsible father, would bear the brunt of the blame.

Zhang Yanfen was silent for a while. She looked at Xiao Guohui and said, “Jiang Liu is a good person. Don’t say these things in the future. My son doesn’t like listening to it, and I also don’t like to listen to this.”

Xiao Guohui thought that Zhang Yanfen, who usually credulous and lack of opinion, should be easy to persuade. Yet the attitude of the other party at this moment was different from what he had imagined. Isn’t she the child’s mother? Doesn’t she care for the child?

Xiao Guohui realized that he might have to think of another way.

Fortunately, it was not only his son, who learned his skills from Jiang Liu. One child is enough to testify against the culprit. He has already contacted Wang Gouzi and Xu Quanjun’s parents. They also wanted to come back to this shabby place for money.

“Alright, I am not going to say anything about it, enough yet?”

Xiao Guohui snorted and turned back to his room.


At noon the next day, when it was about the lunchtime, Xiao Tongtong and Xiao Shanshan, who went out with the little sisters during the day did not come back. Zhang Yanfen was anxious and planned to search the two children nearby.

At this time, Xiao Guohui stopped her and told her with a smile that the two children had been taken to Guangnan by his friends. He said that perhaps those children were already on the long-distance bus at the moment. The two daughters will settle down there first and wait for them.

Seeing Xiao Guohui’s smiling face, Zhang Yanfen’s heart sank instantly.

She realized that she seemed to have called a wolf back home, and that person intends to kill her child.

As for Xiao Binbin who had finished his exercises, he had been wondering on how to convince his mother to drive the man out. That afternoon, he went home with today’s lunch, but since then, he never walked out from Xiao’s house.

Xiao Guohui notified the people in the village that his son Xiao Binbin will no longer practice Kung Fu with Jiang Liu. The reason was that Jiang Liu had let his son practice this perverted Kung Fu without his consent. He asked Jiang Liu to pay him 500,000 yuan, or otherwise, he will bring Jiang Liu to the court and put him in jail.

His remarks caused a sensation to the whole village.

As for the concerned party, Jiang Liu, he was not sad, but instead very happy.


In the middle of the night, Jiang Liu stood at the courtyard of Xiao’s house. Through the gap of the wood door, he looked at the young man who had been tied up inside the wood storage room.

Jiang Liu put his hand over his heart.

“Did you see? You are not alone, not now, nor in your last life!”

Jiang Liu didn’t know for whom did he said this sentence.

However, for an instant, Jiang Liu felt a dull pain in his heart. As instantly did it come, it disappeared.

The obsession that was left by the original body finally relieved at this moment.

It’s a pity that if the original body knew about it in his previous life, how great would it be.

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