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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Acrobat 8

In the evening, a carefully edited video was uploaded to the Internet. Gu Xinxing was a famous travel blogger on the Internet. After she posted the video, it immediately caused a stir.

This video was very subjective. Gu Xinxing also specially put the landmark on the narration to attract the attention of the entire network. She also wanted to use this video to punish the police and village officials for their dereliction of duty.

All the netizens who watched this video were immediately provoked to anger.

[Damn, is this still a human?]

A netizen saw the child crying in the video, but the thin man still broke his bones with a cold face. He could not help but felt a cold sweat behind his back.

He had broken his arm once. Because the bone setting was relatively late, the joints had swelled a lot, so he could barely fell asleep after eating painkillers.

He is still an adult. Doesn’t it mean that the pain doubled when a child experiences such pain?

Especially when he saw the boy in the video who was overjoyed for a big white rabbit toffee while talking about the pain at the time, it made his anger reached its peak.

[What about the police, did the post owner call the police?]

[The one upstairs didn’t look carefully. The blogger called the police, but the police had a nest full of snakes and rats. Of course, they will shelter this paedophile. Ha-ha, the officer in China, I have seen it through!]

In addition to criticizing Jiang Liu, many netizens denounced the two police officers in the video clips.

They considered the photos of the two policemen shaking hands with Jiang Liu as a symbol of police’s egocentricity.

Especially in the narration of the video, the blogger also said that when she saw Jiang Liu abused the children, she immediately called the police in a hurry. The officer came to accept her case, but because of the other party’s sophistry, the police tried to whitewash and pretend that everything is going well. The ignorant villagers who had taken side with the evildoer also watched them unfeelingly while being driven out the village.

You should know that the police were considered as the original sin on the Internet. As long as the case was related to the police, no matter if the officer is doing it right or wrong, a few curses will be involved in it.

Especially in this edited video. The police were obviously shown as the party who acts on the dereliction of duty. A few more curses attracted a lot of echoing voices.

Some of the netizens who are familiar with the reporting process began to inquire about the location of the incident. They planned to make a joint report call and write a report note demanding an apology from these two dereliction police officers and expelled the two pests from the force.

[Those people are finished.]

[If the country does not deal with these assholes, I will lose my confidence in our country]

[In other countries, I am afraid that the child abuser can be shot directly on the spot. After listening to what the police said, they said that this is normal training and that the man is also kind. Really make me vomit]

Similar remarks also abound the net. In addition to Jiang Liu and the two police officers, the old village chief who appeared the most in the video was also being criticized by thousands of people. The old village chief was even scolded as old bastard because he reprimanded Gu Xinxing and others.

Of course, some genuinely kind-hearted people have paid attention to the matter itself.

They asked Gu Xinxing, who posted this video, where this happened and whether the local life was particularly difficult so much that these children had to learn these acrobatics to support their families.

If they can, they are willing to donate money to help these poor children. Either one-on-one or one-on-two, until those children were admitted to college. Those who have old clothes can also donate them to children who need it more. At least they must create a living environment where they don’t need to learn these skills so that they can live and go to school as normal as ordinary children.

Some charitable organizations also focused on this small mountain village that they had never heard of because of this video. They planned to send someone to interview it on the spot.

With the reposts of various big Vs, as well as the @ on many official law enforcement accounts, this matter has wholly become a big issue after overnight fermentation.

[T/N: Big V’s – In Weibo, the V’s account is a verified account of famous people, artist, etc.]

Just relying on such a clipped video, the media took their stand and released the news without even confirming the fact, first.

Countless netizens also cut the clips of Jiang Liu’s training several children in the video and make it into a meme, and put scumbags and beasts on his face.


In a certain urban village in Guangnan, a middle-aged man and woman were engaged in a fierce quarrel.

“I can’t live this kind of day anymore!”

That woman had a good figure even though her appearance was a bit plain. She was wearing black fishnet stockings and had a permed with yellow curly hair. Currently, she was yelling at a black and thin man in front of her.

She smelled of alcohol and cheap fragrance. Her face was covered with makeup and her mouth was painted in red. She was looking impatient with cigarettes stuck between her lips.

“Are you still a man? Why did I blindly fall in love with you in the first place? You couldn’t even earn this kind of small amount of money. According to your ability, when will you give me a house, ah? Just relying on you, this old lady might sooner or later become cold and hungry.”

Yu Caiying thought that she was also unlucky. To support her younger brothers to study, she had come out to work as a prostitute to make quick money. Finally, the younger brothers all made good money, but because they disliked the way their big sister earned money, they were unwilling to recognize her.

After this incident, she thought about it and considered that even her blood relatives were unreliable. From now on, she would only trust herself.

In addition to helping her family, Yu Caiying also saved some money over the years. She was also getting fed up with this kind of apprehensive livelihood. At that time, she met Xiao Guohui, who came from the country. She felt that the other party was honest and reliable, so she got along well with him.

Only after getting along for a long time did Yu Caiying discovered that Xiao Guohui only had a loyal and honest face. In fact, he was more selfish than any man.

Since being with her, Xiao Guohui has never gone to work. He continued beating around the bush by giving her various kind of justification.

Because she was dizzy and had already received the marriage certificate, Yu Caiying had tolerated all of this, but what she never expected was that, after her savings had been spent, the man actually had an idea of ​​letting her pick up customers again.

She is his wife, what did he take her for?

Yu Caiying was at a loss for a while. She was really short on money, and she was not used to hard work. Since she was accustomed to fast cash, she did return to her old business as Xiao Guohui suggested.

It’s just that Yu Caiying was smarter now. The money she earned has not been given to Xiao Guohui. Every day, she bought things from the market while Xiao Guohui was responsible for cooking. In the end,  she treated him like a nanny.

Only last night when Yu Caiying returned home after picking up a guest, Xiao Guohui actually acted as a pimp and followed her guest to pick up the money. This has made Yu Caiying felt unbearable.

“Yingying, they all say that one night as husband and wife will have a hundred days of grace. Look at how many nights we have been married, how can you treat me like this, ah?”

Xiao Guohui was a thick-skinned man even after being scolded by a woman. He was still smiling and looked happy. He wanted to get up to touch Yu Caiying’s cheek but was slapped away by her.

Xiao Guohui resisted the disgust in his heart due to her action. While still smiling, he tried to coax the woman in front of him with sweet words.

“Don’t give me this set. Let me tell you. I want you to find a job honestly. Whether it’s a security guard or moving bricks on the construction site, I don’t care. I want to see the money come in, or we’ll get divorced and split up. Anyway, we don’t have any common property; it just happens to be neatly divided.”

Seeing that scumbag, Xiao Guohui, Yu Caiying felt that she was blinded by shit at the beginning. To think that she actually thought that this man was worthy of her life. But it is still not too late to stop the loss in time.

Yu Caiying left the final warning. She then pulled the strap on her body and picked up the thin coat on the back of the chair and twisted her hips before she left the small room.

“Slut! Whore!”

After Yu Caiying left, Xiao Guohui immediately pulled down his face and kicked the wall heavily.

She thought she was something. If it weren’t for Xiao Guoyu’s kind-hearted heart, she think that anyone would marry her, this shit! She didn’t coax him but even dared to act like a master in front of him.

It’s just that even though Yu Caiying has given him an ultimatum, Xiao Guohui still didn’t take her words seriously. He knew that Yu Caiying couldn’t get rid of him. If the other party dared to divorce him, he would report to the police that she was prostituting herself.

Enduring his anger, Xiao Guohui walked to the kitchen, took out a bottle of beer and a pile of peanuts, and then went back to the bedroom to turn on the TV.

At that time, coincidentally, the story about Shi’ao Village was being reported on the news.

Hearing the familiar name of the village, Xiao Guohui stopped opening the bottle and focused entirely on the news.

After that news and other news was broadcasted, he turned off the TV, and then took out his mobile phone and started searching relevant information on the Internet.

After a while, he put down the phone and showed a frantic smile.

The day when Xiao Guohui becomes rich has finally arrived!


The people in Shi’ao Village felt very annoying. They initially thought that after Gu Xinxing and the others left, the village will become peaceful once again. Who knew that a few days after the other party left, a lot of people with cameras came to the village suddenly.  If they caught anyone, they would ask where Jiang Liu is or where is the old chief’s house.

When they couldn’t find these two people, they caught the villagers and asked some inexplicable questions.

It was the village chief who called the police. After the police arrived, they drove these people to the foot of the mountain. Then the village became peaceful again for a while.

But those people cannot be defended against. In these villages, patrols were organized by villagers between the ages of 16 and 55 to prevent those inexplicable people from slipping in.

When Xiao Guohui came back, he was discovered by the villagers.

“You are—you are Guohui, Xiao Guohui!”

One of the old men who were on patrol said in surprise. After all, everyone had said that Xiao Guohui had abandoned his wife and children and would not return. Yet, at this moment, Xiao Guohui actually appeared in the village.


After being away for more than three years, Xiao Guohui almost couldn’t recognize the people in the village. He called the other party vaguely and then walked straight to his home.

“Do you know about Yanfen’s illness?”

The old man didn’t let Xiao Guohui go and asked stubbornly, “You should not be without some conscience, ah. Yanfen gave birth to three children for you. How could you leave her like that?”

“Uncle, Yanfen is sick? I didn’t know about it!”

Xiao Guohui really didn’t know the news, and it was also not reported in the news.

After he left, he completely broke off the old relationship with the village. Zhang Yanfen’s illness happened shortly after he left. Therefore, it was natural that Xiao Guohui had no way of knowing.

“Didn’t I go out to make money? I didn’t make any money in the past few years, so, I didn’t have the face to come back. Now I have saved tens of thousands of yuan. I wanted to come back and live a good life. Yanfen is sick? I really didn’t know about this. If I know, I will come back a long time ago.”

Xiao Guohui’s face was tense. He had an honest look, so when he said that, he could bluff other people.

“It’s good you are back. It’s good you are back.”

The old man said these words over and over again. The older generations have the same idea. There must be a man in the family to keep up the appearances. Even if Xiao Guohui really abandoned Zhang Yanfen’s mother and son and left, but they will close their eyes on this matter as long as he comes back. Just forgive him with one close eye for now. With a body like Zhang Yanfen, those three children will have to rely on Xiao Guohui as their father in the future.

Not only did the old man think so, but even Zhang Yanfen herself, after the initial hatred, also felt a little bit softened by Xiao Guohui’s remorseful apology.

This softness is not because of Xiao Guohui, but because of her own children.

Zhang Yanfen felt distressed when she thought of her son, Binbin’s hard work every day. Now that her husband knows that he was wrong and comes back with the money, her son no longer needs to go to Jiang Liu’s to practice.

Although she felt sorry for Jiang Liu, as a mother, Zhang Yanfen also hopes that her son will grow up healthily.

Especially since she won’t live long, if the child has no mother, they must have a dad.

With this thought, Zhang Yanfen approved Xiao Guohui’s return with a silent attitude before her son, Xiao Binbin, returned from the Jiang’s house.

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