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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 92

Chapter 92: The Demon Girl 1


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Xia Beibei had a good meal at the food stall after ensuring that she managed to keep her job. When she returned home, she checked the time and prepared to enter the mission world once again.

Ai, a daily otaku life, is too dull. There is neither boyfriend nor any program to attend. She should have enough time to do the task for the next four hours and then go to sleep. By the time morning comes, she will get up and go to work.

Humph, if you think it this way, she had a full schedule for the whole day, hehe.

This time, Xia Beibei put on her pajamas before she laid down comfortably on the bed. Only then did she enter the password to turn on the machine, and then summoned 110: “Xiao Yao, is there any suitable Wuxia mission around? If so, help me to pick it up! Um, wait! I don’t want to become a man! I also don’t want to become a ladyboy! It must be a genuine female role, a human female role!”

Your mom, I have been a scumbag once. Xia Beibei already felt the trauma left by that experience. Suppose she were to become the flower thief in this wuxia world or were forced to practice some Sunflower canonical text. In that case, she really might end up killing herself…

[T/N: Flower picker – rapist; Sunflower canonical text: A martial art that will make the male practitioners become feminine]

“Got it.”

110 acknowledged Xia Beibei’s words and fell silent. After a while, it finally chose a mission world——

“Ding! Intermediate villain 109 succeeded in taking over the mission!

[Mission World: Fictional novel world

Task level: Intermediate beginner level (suitable for an intermediate-level villain)

Mission body: Ye Lan

Summary of the mission content: This mission world is the world of martial arts. The tasker needs to replace the Xueyi’s holy priestess, Ye Lan, who had an accidental death. Your mission is to assist the Xueyi’s sect master, Hu Yandian, in slaughtering the Wulin’s righteous sects. You must bring disaster to the land under heaven. You must also seriously harm, abuse, and deal with this mission world’s female lead, Yue Zhengxi, to promote the main story’s smooth progress.

Task reward: Upon completion of this mission, you will be rewarded with one year of lifespan! If the mission fails, the system will deduct one year of lifespan!]

[T/N: Xueyi Sect – Blood Garment sect]

Xia Beibei: …

It turned out that upgrading has both advantages and disadvantages. The rewards have increased, yet at the same time, the penalty was also unexpectedly corresponding with the bonuses!

One year of lifespan!

If you fail once, won’t you be directly transported to the world down below?

Your mom, to see the sun’s tomorrow, do I have to risk my life to complete this mission?

“Congratulations to Intermediate villain 109 for successfully receiving the mission. The mission time will take four hours from the real world. We are now connecting to the space channel! Ding! Start binding! Ding! Ready to send…”

The familiar voice rang in Xia Beibei’s ear, once again. She had gone through this so many times. Therefore, this time, she closed her eyes comfortably.

Yet, when the pain in her body suddenly came up, Xia Beibei only wish to explode–

Damn it!

Ye Lan, how did you die?! Did your body got dismembered by five horses?!

How can it hurt so much?!


Hearing Xia Beibei’s hissing in pain, the person on the side who was administering the medicine paused.

“A’ Lan, you finally woke up!”

That voice was indistinguishable between males and females. Despite its coldness, there is a hint of deep joy!

This is…

Xia Beibei slowly opened her eyes. At this moment, she was lying on a large bed with carved columns and pillars. Her head was resting on a jade pillow, and her black hair was scattered on her left side, neatly and tidily.

Xia Beibei raised her eyes to see this spacious yet empty room full of blood-red colours. There were red tables and chairs, red agate decoration, red screens, and red gauze curtains.

This place should be the general headquarters of the Xueyi sect.

These red represents blood, killing, and… despair.

“A’ Lan, how do you feel right now?”

At this time, the indistinguishable voice sounded once again. Xia Beibei, who was currently enduring the pain, gently leaned sideways. Only then did she notice the person sitting by the bed.

He had a full-bodied of red brocade robe and a long ink-black hair that trail over his shoulder.

This person also had a delicate gold butterfly mask that covered most of his face. Xia Beibei can only see his thin chin and the pair of eyes that are as deep as the sea and twinkle like those cold stars.

He is the Master of Xueyi Sect, Hu Yandian!

“Sect master!”

When Xia Beibei opened her mouth, her voice was hoarse, and another mouthful of blood came out. Hu Yandian’s eyes became grimmer when he saw her lips stained with blood: “The people from Wutong Villa dare to hurt you like this. A’ Lan, this Master really wants to flatten that Wutong Villa and avenge you!”

Xia Beibei: …

I’m so touched, so happy. Someone is getting angry for the sake of Beauty. Wait a minute. I seem to have forgotten about something.

“Sect master, don’t.”

Xia Beibei endured the pain on her body and stood up from the bed laboriously. At this time, the brocade that has been covering her waist slipped off. Xia Beibei finally realized that she only has her dùdōu covering her upper body!

[T/N: dùdōu – undergarment covering the chest and abdomen


Seeing Xia Beibei suddenly in dazed, Hu Yandian frowned with some worry: “A’ Lan, did you feel uncomfortable? Do you want me to continue healing your injuries with internal force?”

“No, no need.”

After regaining her senses, Xia Beibei went through the story of this world in her mind. She immediately raised her hand to surround her body: “Sect Master, Ye Lan has a presumptuous request.”

“What is it?”

Hu Yandian glanced at her with a puzzled look.

“Those people at Wutong Villa is bullying others intolerably! Ye Lan asked the sect master to give me some time. After I recover from my injuries, I will personally go to the Wutong Villa to massacre them. Be it chickens or dogs; I’ll never let any of them escape!”

This Wutong Villa is an elite sect in this novel world. It is also the home of the Female Lead, Yue Zhengxi.

Yue Zhengxi was the eldest lady of the Wutong Villa. However, she traveled worldwide with her Master since adolescence to save lives and heal the wounded. Therefore, she rarely returned to her home.

Xia Beibei will not let go of this opportunity. She will use this chance to harvest the Female Lead’s hatred value!

Hearing Xia Beibei’s request, Hu Yandian smiled. The two of them grew up together since childhood. Hu Yandian knows Ye Lan’s personality the best. He knew Ye Lan’s stubborn character. No one will be able to overthrow her decision. Not even he as the sect master.

“Well, I promised you.”

After he said that, Hu Yandian took out a brocade box from his sleeves: “Keep this box of pills. During this time, you should stay here to heal your wounds. I won’t let others come to disturb you!”

Xia Beibei took another glance at the brocade box held by Hu Yandian’s slender white hand, before lowering her eyes: “Thank you, sect master.”

“Is there any need for thank between us?”

Hu Yandian stood up. With his red dress, he floated away like a fairy.

Seeing him leave without looking back, Xia Beibei, who has been holding on for a long time, finally breathed a sigh of relief and fell on the bed. Now she yet has time to read the detail of this world and received Ye Lan’s memory.

After a while, Xia Beibei finally received Ye Lan’s memories as well as the plots of this world——

Ye Lan should be considered as a relatively important villain in this world. In short, she is vicious and merciless. She also a character capable of committing any possible misdeed.

She was the disciple of the previous sect master. She grew up with Hu Yandian since she was a child. When Hu Yandian inherited the Xueyi’s sect master’s position, Ye Lan was also selected to become Xueyi’s holy priestess. Adorning a red dress from head to toes, she hid various concealed weapons in her body, so much that it could fill up the whole sky. She had an outstanding yet terrible reputation in Jianghu’s community.

Among people in Jianghu, Yelan was also known as [Xueyi’s demonic girl]. She is indeed a cruel person. It was all because she had been cultivating the unique secret book of the Xueyi sect since childhood.

In this world, she would only be good to Hu Yandian.

And in this world, only she knew Hu Yandian’s secret.

They were not only sect master and holy priestess, but also inseparable close playmates.

After being familiar with the world’s plot, Xia Beibei finally understood the true meaning behind her mission this time——

For now, what Ye Lan has to do is to brush the heroine’s hatred value desperately. Once it reaches the top, she will successfully summon the Male Lead, Feng Yanwang.

Feng Yanwang not only has a mysterious background, but even his martial arts were also unfathomable. Yue Zhengxi and Feng Yanwang got acquainted in Jianghu. In the beginning, they only appreciated the talent of each other. However, they gradually got closer and became lovers.

In Jianghu, Feng Yanwang also has a nickname, which is [The King of Hell]. Regardless of the good or evil, he has a very casual approach to it.

After all, he never needs any excuses to kill…

Feng Yanwang and Hu Yandian were predestined rivals. One is the male protagonist, and the other is the enemy of the righteous sect and a big villain boss.

For the sake of Yue Zhengxi, these two people fought at Xueyi headquarters, and finally, Hu Yandian died in the battle.

After Hu Yandian died, Ye Lan also followed.

That is the end of this story.

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