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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 93

Chapter 93: The Demon Girl 2


The place where Xia Beibei recuperated was the forbidden place for the Xueyi’s members. It was a place where Hu Yandian used to practice and seclude himself on a typical day. Therefore, the environment here was tranquil. Every day, when it is time to eat, someone will come over to give Xia Beibei food and medicine. The little chef prepared the soup for Xia Beibei. Naturally, the ingredient selected was among the best medicinal materials available.

Xueyi has long been known for their depraved life in Jianghu. That’s right. We are not only well-off but also willful.

Xia Beibei laid in bed for two days, and finally, her injuries started to heal.

Speaking of the original body, Ye Lan, she was also a hard-working girl.

Ye Lan was sold to human traffickers by her biological parents at a young age. She managed to escape. However, it was a winter day with heavy snow. The six-year-old girl was frozen in the street before Hu Yandian’s mother rescued her.

“Do you want to live?”

The cold female voice clearly didn’t have any emotions, but that sentence and that voice sounded like a god-given sound to Ye Lan at the time.

The previous sect master was her saviour and her Master.

Therefore, since Ye Lan became sensible, she had always kept in mind that her life belonged to the Xueyi sect. She will live and die with the Xueyi sect. In this life, she will go through fire and water for the Xueyi sect. Anyone from the Jianghu who tried to wrong the Xueyi sect should all be damned!

Wherever she went, Ye Lan, the Xueyi’s demon girl, will let those people experienced a terrible situation.



Ye Lan, who had been cultivating ruthlessness since she was a child, has no idea what compassion was. Whether it is an elderly, a child, or a woman, in her eyes, as long as it is an enemy, there is no distinction between men, women, young and old.

It is necessary to eliminate the enemy until its root!

However, one person had become an accident in her life.

That person was…Yue Zhengfeng.

Yue Zhengfeng was the young Master of Wutong Villa and the female lead’s brother.

Although Yue Zhengfeng was born in a martial arts family, he had abandoned this and instead became a weak scholar.

On his way to Beijing for the imperial exam two years ago, he encountered a group of people molesting a beautiful girl. Although he knew that he was weak and frail, he still did not hesitate to help that girl.

In the end, that group of hooligans has been beaten away. Yue Zhengfeng was also beaten into a pig head. The girl in red who was rescued by him looked at him with twinkling eyes and a charming smile—

“My name is A’ Lan, how about you?”

That girl was naturally Ye Lan.

At that time, she was disguising herself. She was on her way to the Ministry of Justice at the capital. She had been planning to save a Xueyi member who had been captured and sentenced to death. She didn’t expect to encounter a group of gangsters who unable to tell good from the bad. At that time, she watched Yue Zhengfeng rushed in, desperately intending to save her. Ye Lan felt that this nerd was so stupid, but at the same time, she also thought that he was interesting.

The two went all the way to the capital together. Yue Zhengfeng has always taken the initiative to take care of Ye Lan as he patted his chest and promised her: “A’ Lan, rest assured, I will protect you!”

At that time, he didn’t know that Ye Lan had already killed the mountain bandits and gangsters that the two encountered along the way, and even the group of gangsters they met the first time. Since a long time ago, none of them remained…

This encounter was unexpected. In the next two years, Ye Lan had never reencounter Yue Zhengfeng.

Yet, the two met again, and it was five days ago.

That is to say, this time when they met again, Ye Lan was killed…

According to the original plot, Yue Zhengfeng was supposed to pass the exam as a second placer and then stayed at the capital to become an official. It was not until Wutong Villa was slaughtered two years later that he went back home with the government officers and soldiers to investigate. However, the imperial court and Jianghu always minded their own business. As a weak scholar, how could he have any ability to avenge his family?

He vomited a few mouthfuls of blood in front of the graves of his parents and family members that day and soon died of depression…

Yes, Yue Zhengfeng in the original plot should always be a weak scholar, and in Ye Lan’s heart, he has always been that silly nerd.

Therefore, five days ago, when Ye Lan suddenly met Yue Zhengfeng outside Wutong Villa, she was entirely unguarded. Until Yue Zhengfeng’s long sword pierced into her ribs, she couldn’t help but look at that man in disbelief–

Well, he is no longer the silly nerd she knew.

The man in front of her looked at her with eyes full of hatred.

The bright red blood spread between the two people.

“Ye Lan. The Xueyi sect’s demonic girl, Ye Lan. Ha, ha, ha.”

The expression on Yue Zhengfeng’s handsome face was also distorted.

Ye Lan also looked at him at the time, from stunned to indifferent: “It turned out that you are the young Master of the Yue family. No wonder.”

Ye Lan couldn’t feel any sadness or pain. She didn’t even know why she wanted to cry. That day, she was seriously injured but still fought against the people of Wutong Villa. Finally, with one last breath, she stood out and fled back to the Xueyi Sect.

She had always been so stubborn. She will not leave this world without seeing Hu Yandian for the last time. Even if there is only one last breath left in her.


After Xia Beibei finished receiving the memories, she couldn’t help sighing when she thought of what happened to Ye Lan.

Since ancient times, righteous and evil could never coexist with each other. Therefore, it is indeed justified to kill and pay for life.

However, there is no absolute good or bad in the world.

Perhaps their hands were stained with blood from their wicked way, and they would die paying for it. Yet, they were also humans and have their own feelings. When they were hurt by someone they like or even love, they will still feel pain. They will also feel sad and wanted to cry.

Even a demonic girl also has the right to weep and feel heartache.

She is also qualified to love someone!

“Ye Lan, ah, Ye Lan. Since you are dead, I will help you to exterminate the Wutong Villa and avenge you personally!”

Xia Beibei whispered to herself. She then once again seizing the time to heal her injuries…

One month later, at the main hall of Xueyi Sect.

Xia Beibei, who dressed in red, appeared in the discussion room of the main hall. All the elders, rudders, and deacons greeted her respectfully: “Welcome the holy priestess!”

Xia Beibei smiled enchantingly back at them. Step by step, under the respectful eyes of everyone, she walked up the high platform. She took a seat sideway to Hu Yandian’s red throne.

“A’ Lan, is your injury already healed completely?”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s figure, a flash of joy flashed in Hu Yandian’s eyes.

“Sect Master, the subordinates have recovered completely. I seek the sect master’s understanding to provide me with some people. This subordinate wants to… flatten the Wutong Villa!”

Xia Beibei firmly looked at Hu Yandian, who sat next to her. When he heard Xia Beibei’s words, Hu Yandian smiled slightly: “Since A’ Lan wanted to avenge yourself, I will naturally give you this opportunity! Go! This sect master will wait for your return in triumph!”

While talking, Hu Yandian threw out the Xueyi sect token of authority to her. This token can mobilize the entire Xueyi Sect’s disciple!

There is only one token in the whole Xueyi Sect. The only person who can make Hu Yandian willingly or even trust this token in the entire Xueyi Sect is only Ye Lan!

Ye Lan is his confidant, his family, and the person he trusts the most.

In fact, everyone at Xueyi Sect knew that the Xueyi Sect master really valued Ye Lan. Many people were rumouring in private that the relationship between Ye Lan and the Sect master was extraordinary. After all, they were not only childhood sweethearts but also a single woman and man.

Hu Yandian had never responded to those rumours, nor he denied it.

Ye Lan also laughed when she heard those rumours–



Hu Yandian and Ye Lan are not lovers or sweetheart. Instead, they were mutually dependent on life as… one’s close relatives.

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