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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 94

Chapter 94: The Demon Girl 3


The headquarters of the Xueyi sect was very mysterious. It was located on a steep mountain, deep in the woods, making it easy to defend and difficult to attack.

Xia Beibei took the token given by Hu Yandian and directly ordered several disciples to follow her. These people changed into casual clothes and then divided into several small teams before going down the mountain together.

Wutong Villa was a few hundred miles away from the Xueyi Sect. In order not to be noticeable, Xia Beibei decided to walk alone. Before heading to Wutong Villa, Xia Beibei chose to explore the situation first. With her light movement skills, she will reach Feng County two days earlier than the other larger group. 

Wutong Villa was located at the center of Feng county town. It was the largest Villa at that area that was owned by the famous family in the martial arts.

Although Ye Lan’s cultivation method was ruthless, her best skills are her light movement and hidden weapons.

After going down the mountain and leaving the sphere of Xueyi Sect’s influence, Xia Beibei looked around in a forest for a while. After ensuring that she would never meet any acquaintances from the Xueyi sect, she started to feel exhilarated. She immediately followed Ye Lan’s memory and tried to perform the light movement skills. As she was holding her breath, she tried to manipulate the skills and instantly able to leap onto roofs and vaults over walls——

Your mom, this baby is so excited, so…

Because she was too excited, Xia Beibei accidentally overstepped the limit. As a result, she fell from mid-air.

Xia Beibei: …


A chuckle suddenly sounded above Xia Beibei’s head. She quickly stood up from the ground and looked up at the direction of the laughter.

On an old tree, there was a man with an extraordinary appearance wearing a bamboo hat. He leaned to the left side of the thick branch as he swung his legs around.

His bamboo hat blocked most of his face. Xia Beibei could only see his thin chin and the black stubble on it.

“Old man, what are you laughing at?”

Xia Beibei stared at the man on the tree with an upset expression.

Since when did he appear there? Why didn’t I feel…


When the man on the tree heard Xia Beibei’s words, he almost fell from the branch: “You, who do you call an old man?”

While speaking, the man raised his hand and gently propped up the bamboo hat on his head. A man with a handsome face appeared before Xia Beibei.

Sword eyebrows and twinkling eye, accompanied by a languid expression.

“Oh, if you are not an old man, then, uncle?”

Xia Beibei shrugged as she flicked the dust on her body. Xia Beibei decided to ignore him and continued on her way.

“Little girl, which school are you from?”

With a swish, the bamboo hat man already fallen by Xia Beibei’s side: “Didn’t your elders teach you how to say hello to your fellow martial art’s senior?”

“Oh, my master already dead.”

Xia Beibei squinted at the man: “Senior, I have no grievances with you. I just passed by on my way to buy the soy sauce. Can I go now?”

[T/N: Buying soy sauce – Equivalent saying, I am just passing by, I know nothing]

After saying that, Xia Beibei continued to stride forward. The man no longer stops her but instead continued to stalk Xia Beibei without fail.

Xia Beibei’s eyes flashed, she stood still, and suddenly turned her head: “Hey! What are you doing following me?”

“Is this road, yours?”

The man with the bamboo hat looked at Xia Beibei and laughed: “I will go wherever I like to go. The reason I am following you is that that it is on my way. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

On the way…

Xia Beibei sneered from the bottom of her heart. However, outwardly she still had an expression of disbelief and helplessness: “Hmph, forget it, this girl is not in the mood to care about you.”

After that, Xia Beibei continued on her way. This time she deliberately accelerated her pace, but the people behind her still keeping up with her pace.

When she slows down, the people behind will also slow down.

In the end, Xia Beibei simply stopped paying attention to the people behind her. She ran lightly and galloped all the way, and finally reached a town after midday.

It was common for people in Jianghu to have a meal and sleep in the wild. However, Xia Beibei did not wish to do so.

In fact, she was a bit afraid of every kind of snakes, insects, rats, and ants that could be found in the mountain…


Xia Beibei had already seen the map when she left the Xueyi Sect. She had counted the distance and decided that she would stay here for one night. Tomorrow morning, she would be on the road at dawn. Therefore, she should be able to reach the territory of Feng County by night.

She found a good tavern in the small town. As soon as Xia Beibei sat down, she slapped a coin on the table and arrogantly called out: “Waiter! Order!”

There is nothing wrong with this. After all, being well-off means that you can be capricious!

So, with the waiter’s eager eyes, Xia Beibei also ordered eight signature dishes in one breath.

After a while, the hot and fragrant dishes were already on the table. Before Xia Beibei had time to move her chopsticks, someone had already picked up a piece of meat faster than her: “Well, this beef tastes good, it’s genuine! “

Xia Beibei: …

“Old man, why is it you again? Are you the soul of a deceased that has not yet been dispersed, ah?!”

Xia Beibei raised her head and realized that the man who robbed her food was the bamboo hat’s man that she met in the woods.

Although he was handsome, he should be in his thirties. Ye Lan was only seventeen years old. Given the marriage and childbirth age of this era, he can indeed be considered Ye Lan’s father.

“Girl, this is call meeting by chance in the mountains and rivers! We came across each other due to our destiny. You let the seniors beg for a drink and a piece of meat to eat with you, isn’t that too much?”

With that said, that man raised his hand and proudly called out: “Shopkeeper! Come and give me the highest quality nǚ’érhóng!”

[T/N: nǚ’érhóng – A kind of Chinese wine. If you play Royal Chaos, this wine was called daughter’s red during the wedding event.]

When the waiter put down the wine on the table, the bamboo hat’s man poured himself a big bowl with a smile. He then looked up at Xia Beibei again and said: “Girl, do you want a bowl?”

“I do not drink.”

Xia Beibei lowered her head dully. Forget it, don’t care about him. Anyway, she can’t finish these dishes, and wasting food is shameful behaviour.

Seeing Xia Beibei lowered her head and started to eat silently, the corner of that man’s lips flicked a meaningful arc: “Girl, since I take advantage of you, then I must repay it to you. I think it is worrying that you are on the road alone. Your Kung Fu is also nothing good to be said about it. Still, your Master led you wandering around like this. Ai, what a pitiful person. So tell me, where are you going? I’ll send you there. You don’t have to thank me too much. I also don’t want your money. Whatever you eat and live on the way, I’ll just follow along with it.”

Xia Beibei: …

Old man, are you a monkey sent by others to amuse me?

“I don’t need…”

Xia Beibei was about to refuse. The moment she raised her head, she saw that man drink the wine while using his internal force to dissipate the alcohol in his body!

This is……


Xia Beibei’s gaze condensed. Only a few such seniors in today’s martial arts could possess such a pinnacle of inner force.

“Old man!”

Xia Beibei rolled her eyes: “You can follow me. It’s pretty boring by myself anyway. Old man, how should I address you, by the way?”


The man hesitated a bit. He raised his eyes and smiled at Xia Beibei: “Since you like to call me an old man, how about you call me old man Ji in the future?”

Last name Ji?

“Oh.” Xia Beibei nodded indifferently after hearing the words. At this moment, she did not find any martial arts masters surnamed Ji in Ye Lan’s memory.

Is this person a hermit? Or is it a fake name?

Surname Ji……

This surname really made Xia Beibei worried a bit. After all, this name made her think of that Scumbag Ji involuntarily, Hehehe.

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