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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 119

Chapter 119: The Villainess 2


Gu Shaoming, who was thrown to the logistics department, met this sweet-looking Female Lead. His waywardness and second generation’s young master nature were immediately revealed. Immediately, he began to chase Lan Xiaowu. Gu Chorong, who had sent people to “supervise” his younger brother, was naturally very angry when she learned about this. She wanted to find a chance to teach her brother a lesson, but she accidentally discovered Lan Xiaowu’s talent!

At that time, Gu’s family was just in the process of employing people, and Lan Xiaowu looked innocent and very promising. Gu Churong transferred Lan Xiaowu to her side to train her carefully. She intends to introduce her into her own confidant and then match her with her brother. With this union, the Gu’s family will have more strength!

I have to say that Gu Churong has always been working step by step while making various calculations. Unfortunately, people’s heart is difficult to measure, the world is difficult to predict.

Due to the decline of the Gu’s family, the Elder had long been thinking about marrying the children to the other two families.

Elder Gu initially preferred the Lin family. The eldest master of the Lin family, Lin Yixuan, had served as a colonel and was also the deputy commander of the Leiming Legion.

However, Gu Churong didn’t like Lin Yixuan. In her eyes, Lin Yixuan was a sinister, smiling tiger. He was the kind of gentleman who smiled at everyone yet would stab you once you turned around.

In Gu Churong’s eyes, the union with the Lin family undoubtedly like asking a tiger for its hide.

She actually appreciates Mu Chen more.

Mu Chen was the only son of the Mu family. Although he was only a lieutenant colonel, he was still one of the strongest people in the Empire Thunderbolt Legion! When Gu Churong threw Gu Shaoming to the Thunderbolt Legion, he wanted his brother to learn from Mu Chen.

Unfortunately, it turned out that second young master Gu and eldest young master Mu are not people in the same world. Yet, it was incredible that these two men with different personalities fall in love with the same woman one after another.

Lan Xiaowu.

Speaking of Lan Xiaowu, she was indeed a rare commanding genius.

Gu Churong took her by her side because she admired her. That is why Lan Xiaowu and Mu Chen had a chance to get to know each other.

Xia Beibei could not bear to look directly at the plot behind it as it started to get a little bit bloody.

Although the Gu family and the Mu family planned union was tainted with an ulterior motive, Gu Churong undoubtedly liked Mu Chen. Nevertheless, Mu Chen actually opposed this marriage.

Due to the face and pressure from the family, Mu Chen applied to lead a border inspection after he got engaged to Gu Churong. As a result, he encountered a sneak attack by the blood shadow legion, the most famous terrorist legion in the alliance.

Knowing that Mu Chen was trapped, Gu Churong immediately volunteered to lead the team to rescue her fiancé. In this operation, Lan Xiaowu, her deputy, employed a series of interlocking strategies and beautifully rescued the trapped soldiers.

After this battle, Mu Chen fell in love with Lan Xiaowu at first sight!

Then, the big show came-

Mu Chen and Lan Xiaowu, who admired each other in various ways, started to birth all kinds of tacit romantic exchanges.

Like a simple little girl, Lan Xiaowu naturally had a good impression of the handsome and powerful Mu Chen. Nevertheless, she also clearly knows that Mu Chen is Gu Churong’s fiancé. Gu Churong had been nothing but kind towards her since their meeting. Therefore, she absolutely cannot do anything sorry to her benefactor.

Therefore, Lan Xiaowu rejected Mu Chen’s pursuit repeatedly. In order not to become an ungrateful person, Lan Xiaowu even decided to abandon her favourite military career and leave the army.

Initially, she would disappear quietly, but how could the Plot King-daren make the Female Lead leave so sadly?

At this time, Gu Churong, the assigned villainess, had to come out and die.

Gu Churong, who had known Mu Chen’s thoughts about Lan Xiaowu for a long time, had been patient. She was still as close to Lan Xiaowu as a sister on the surface. However, in fact, she had wanted to kill her.

Knowing that Lan Xiaowu was planning to leave quietly, Gu Churong had set up a trap and wanted to use this opportunity to kill Lan Xiaowu. Who knew that Lan Xiaowu was saved and operated her own strength to turn the tide. This could be considered an outstanding achievement! Due to this, the top member of the Imperial Army appreciated her.

Since then, the Female Lead has embarked on a life path of continually fighting the monsters and upgrading and finally married the Male Lead.

As for the vicious villainess, Gu Churong, she went farther and farther on the villain’s road and finally found herself utterly isolated…



Seeing his elder sister being dazed, Gu Shaoming hesitated a bit before he quietly moved to the door.

“Stop! Where do you want to go?”

At this time, Xia Beibei also recovered from her thoughts. She squinted her eyes and while looking at Gu Shaoming meaningfully.

“Sister, you are my sister!”

Gu Shaoming looked at Xia Beibei with an aggrieved look: “Elder sister, don’t you know, ah! The Thunderbolt Legion is not a place for people to stay at all. The head of the regiment was not only big but also abnormal and deviant. That deputy head, Mu Chen, was also a deadly neuropathy. In short, there is no normal person in the Thunderbolt Legion! I will die if I stay there. Don’t tell me that you want to see my corpse?”

Xia Beibei: …

It is challenging for Second Young Master Gu to find so many reasons.

Xia Beibei turned around as she smiled slightly at Gu Shaoming, and said in a low voice: “Oh, according to what you mean, Colonel Ning is a big, abnormal, and deviant? Did he molest you or something?”

Gu Shaoming: …

Molest? Colonel Ning is a male, how could… Uh, that seems a pretty good excuse.

“Elder sister!”

Gu Shaoming’s eyes started to turn as he immediately looked at Xia Beibei with a miserable expression.

“Sister, you don’t know, Commander Ning is in his 30s and has no girlfriend. People in the military introduced him to a prospective partner repeatedly. Yet, he shied away. He actually, he…likes men!”

Xia Beibei: …

Excuses, continue making excuses!

“Oh, according to what you said, the Regiment commander Ning seemed to like you? Did he ever molest you? Or perhaps push you down?”

Xia Beibei raised her head and immediately faced the other party. At this time, Gu Shaoming’s back was towards the door. Therefore, only Xia Beibei had a view of the door.

At this time, the two guard soldiers at the door were already holding their breath while cold sweat started to trail down their back——

Second young master, ah! You are really seeking death, ah!

The ward’s door was still open at this time, and a tall figure appeared there quietly. He stood there without a word, as calm as a mountain.

The tall man wore a black military uniform with a red thunderbolt logo embroidered on the uniform’s chest.

This is the uniform of the Thunderbolt Legion Army.

The man’s shoulders were embroidered with two bars of three stars, representing his military position. A cluster of golden flames was embroidered on his military uniform’s right sleeve, which was unique to the Thunderbolt Legion…

As for the man’s appearance, only Gu Shaoming, who turned his back to the door, was unaware of it.

He heard Xia Beibei’s question and immediately nodded his head vigorously: “Sister, look at your younger brother. Look at how handsome and cool I am. I am a proper male god and a little fresh meat, ah! In the Thunderbolt Legion, it is equivalent to a slice of meat being thrown into a cage of wolves! Sister, you must save me, for my soul, and for my body…”

“Well, it seemed very serious when I hear you said that.”

Xia Beibei couldn’t help but raised her hand and patted Gu Shaoming’s shoulder vigorously. Then she winked and looked at the man at the door with a smile: “Regiment Commander Ning, what do you think about this matter? Regarding this good-for-nothing brother of mine, did it cater to your taste?”

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