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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 120

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 120: God Stick 24 [END]

This incident happened when Jiang Liu went to the Wang family previously.

“What are you talking about? Wang Zongbao? I have not heard of that name before. I don’t know him either.”

Wang Fu, the owner of the small villa, was about to close the door in a flustered manner. Seeing his reaction, how could Jiang Liu not understand it?

In fact, before coming to the Wang family, Jiang Liu had a few speculations in his mind. After all, it was weird for a family with fairly good family conditions to cruelly abandon the eldest son while expecting their second child’s arrival.

The first possibility was that they did not abandon the orphanage’s original body. Still, a two-and-a-half-year-old child who was able to talk and walk yet has no ability to think was lost under the eyelids of his parents. If a human trafficker abducted the original body, it was very likely that he will be sold to a family in need of a son. As for sending him to an orphanage, it was simply thankless action.

The second possibility was the one that Jiang Liu thought the most possible. The original body was the son bought by the Wang family from the beginning. Perhaps before that, the Wang family had a hard time conceiving and wanted to purchase a child to serve as their own. However, not long after the child was bought, the wife became pregnant.

At that time, the Wang family lived in their own house and lived on Wang Fu’s salary alone. It was more than enough to raise one child, but it seemed a little tight to raise two children. Out of love for their own flesh and blood, they would naturally send the son previously bought to the orphanage.

The second guess also explained why the dean of the orphanage called the police to look for the couple who lost the original body but did not find the eligible Wang Zongbao from the family registry.

After the Wang Family took the original, before they could register the original body as a permanent residence, the family unexpectedly found out that they finally managed to conceive. Hence, the original body naturally did not have a registered permanent residence.

At this moment, the sudden changes of expressions in both Wang Fu and his wife’s face and their evasive attitude proved that Jiang Liu’s second guess was correct. Otherwise, why did they react like this when they learned their own son’s whereabouts?

“Mr. Wang, Mrs. Wang, I think we need to have a good talk.”

Jiang Liu stopped the door from closing with his elbow and then walked into the house with a strong attitude.

“You don’t want me to call the police now, do you? What is the crime of buying and selling people? Would you like to visit the jail?”

Jiang Liu’s threat made Wang Fu, and his wife hesitated. They could only watch Jiang Liu walk into the living room and sat comfortably on the expensive leather sofa.

Out of helplessness, Wang Fu could only become honest and frankly explained the in and out of the incident.

It turned out that the original body was really a child they bought from a human trafficker. Of course, Wang Fu would never admit this. In his statement, someone found him at the time, saying that the family had too many children. Since they could not support it, they hope that the Wang family can help raise one of their sons. Of course, the Wang family has to give the mother a little remuneration. After that, they will stay far away and never sought this son ever again.

At that time, the original body was more than a year old. His words were still unclear, but it could be seen that the parents had raised him very carefully. Wang Fu and his wife, who were eager to have a child, fell in love with this beautiful and clever child at a glance.

At that time, Wang Fu gave the man three thousand yuan, a huge sum in the 90s.

When he first bought this son, Wang Fu and his wife loved him very much. Yet, who knew that when the adopted son was more than two years old, Wang Fu’s wife finally got pregnant. The couple who had never been able to conceive for the last eight years will soon have their own children.

This was a great surprise for Wang Fu and his wife. At that time, the old man in the family said that perhaps it was the adopted son’s blessing that brought the child to them. At that time, although the couple had begun to be partial, their treatment towards their adopted son was still passable.

Nevertheless, as Wang Fu’s wife’s belly grew bigger and bigger, their expectations for this close relative became deeper and deeper. Therefore, the young adopted son in the family who still needs an adult’s care became an eyesore.

Especially at that time, the Wang family’s house had yet to be demolished. The couple wanted their child, who was still in the stomachs, to go to the best school and wear the most beautiful clothes. They wanted him to study abroad like other children when he grew up. Adopted children obviously would encroach on the resources that should belong to their biological son.

Therefore, the couple made up their minds and threw their adopted son to the orphanage in the end.

Fearing that the local police would find them, Wang Fu took a leave of absence and threw his adopted son into an orphanage in the next city, Yinzhou.

When the original body who lived in the orphanage reached five years old, Jiang Kun, who was desperate and hated the world, finally adopted him. He then officially changed his name to Jiang Liu.

Jiang Kun’s son disappeared when he was around one year old. The original body was sold to the Wang family when was around one year old. To ensure that this was not a coincidence, Jiang Liu used Jiang Kun’s toothbrush as a special sample and sent it for DNA test results.

The result truly indicated that Jiang Kun and the original body are indeed father and son.

All this seemed like a ring that kept going around. Jiang Kun finally managed to adopt his own flesh and blood, who had changed hands several times.

Yet, the two parties had no idea.

One, take his own son as a container.

Another one was sincerely grateful to the adoptive father who brought him to adulthood. Yet, when the bad luck came, he evaded painfully and did not dare to accept this fact.

This is probably the case of the God of Destiny makes fools of the people.

[T/N: Quirk of fate]

“What are you talking about?”

Jiang Kun, who had already decided to let everyone present became a blood sacrifice, was stunned. The sudden revelation also dumbfounded even the other people at the scene.

“You say that the way of heaven is unfair, but in fact, the way of heaven gave you a ray of life from early on.”

Jiang Liu slowly walked towards the man who was covered in black mist.

Many times, the fate of some people was destined. Like Xu Feng, who would die in that car accident. Or the original body would get picked up at the scene of the car accident and sold to the Wang family.

All this has nothing to do with Jiang Kun. Nor was it caused by his identity as a Xuanmen Sect member.

However, since he had saved many dead souls and accumulated a lot of virtue, even though he was not directly blessed, the accumulated karma was fulfilled upon his son Maodan.

This child, who was picked up by the trafficker and was supposed to be gone forever, finally went back to him again by mistake.

“When I was five years old, you adopted me and brought me home from the Lantian Orphanage. When I was around two years old, I was thrown at the gate of the Lantian Orphanage by my adoptive parents, and when I was around one year old, I was picked up by a trafficker at the car accident’s scene and was sold to my adoptive parents.”

At this moment Jiang Liu had already walked in front of the group of ghosts, and no one stopped him.

“At the time, I was wearing a patched jacket. I did not appear like a child from a rich family, but the little jacket I wore was pure cotton. It was white, with a sunflower embroidered on the neckline.”

Jiang Kun was stunned, followed by tremors all over his body.

Xiao Feng’er loves sunflowers the most. She embroidered a sunflower on every jacket she makes for her children. Only his wife knew about this matter.

Is this their son? Is this Maodan that he has been looking for so long?

“Dad, you have never properly looked at me, right?”

Jiang Liu had already walked into the mist. He was no longer himself as the soul hiding in the depths of his body finally appeared.

He gradually approached Jiang Kun, not caring about the wailing evil spirits around him. He walked in front of Jiang Kun, almost face to face.

“My eyes are the same as yours, but you always dare not looking at me.”

Jiang Liu pointed his eyes.

“My mouth looks a lot like Mom, but you dare not listen to what I said.”

“I have already returned to you, but you just wanted to use me as your container.”

“You already gave everything to me. If you want it, then take it.”

After saying all that, Jiang Liu closed his eyes and let the soaring resentment raging in his body.

The original body returned, and Jiang Liu finally accepted the original body’s memory.

Just as Jiang Liu guessed, the original body escaped precisely due to the matter that his adoptive father wanted to use his body as a container, and even more so because the adoptive father was his biological father.

According to the original development, Jiang Kun completed his plan. Yet, as soon as he completely integrated into his adopted son’s body, did he realized that the adopted son was his long-lost son Maodan.

Jiang Kun completely collapsed and fell into the devil way.

Not only those ghost emissaries and monks who wanted to kill him at the time, but even tens of thousands of innocent people also died along the way.

The original body was not clear what happened after that. Perhaps a god or Buddha descended and destroyed this demon who no longer conscious, or maybe this demon will choose to kill himself in despair.

The original body’s wish was simple. He just wanted to ask Jiang Kun whether he ever loved him. And not because he was his biological son. When he was still his adopted son, did the other party ever care about him?

Nonetheless, just after Jiang Liu said those words, the original body was relieved.

Perhaps Jiang Kun really loved him. That is why he never taught him any Taoism’s skill. Even if he knew that the more Jiang Liu learned, the purer the Yang Qi and the better container he would be.

Therefore, he divided the ghost emissary’s mark into two and gave it to Qian Duoyu. Perhaps Jiang Kun also hoped that his adopted son would never discover the secret of his identity, and he would be able to have a reasonable excuse to spare his life.

Although the adoptive father’s love for him was not as good as his obsession with his wife and children, the original body knew that the other party also care for him, and therefore, he is satisfied.


“No, no, no—”

Jiang Kun stepped back a few steps. This sudden news made him unacceptable for a while.

How could Jiang Liu become Maodan? How could this child raised as a container become his closest relatives?

“Not like this.”

Jiang Kun’s emotions were volatile at this time, causing those who were inspired to come and cling to him to get out of control and raging around him.

The ghost emissaries and the monks on the side picked up their weapons and talismans in their hands, ready to take this opportunity to hurt Jiang Kun, the demon, seriously.

Unexpectedly, Su Zi moved at this time.

Originally, she was standing inside the incense shop. No one knew her existence because Jiang Liu had blocked her from the view. Now that she has moved, she showed a striking power over the other party. Under her eyes, those who wanted to attack Jiang Kun had no choice but to stop their hands.

Because there was a hunch in their heart that if they dare to interrupt this scene of father and son reunion, this woman will never let them go.

As for whether the opponent has the ability to destroy them, the present ghost emissaries had already seen it on the day they dealt with the graveyard keeper.

Maodan, are you Maodan?”

Jiang Kun’s hand shook as he tried to touch Jiang Liu’s face. Yet, when he saw his raised hands that no longer resembled a human being, he quickly put them down.

How could he touch his baby when his hand looking like this?

“You are actually a Maodan. You are my son, hahaha, my son.”

The heaven had made a big joke on him.

“Are you crying? Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Jiang Kun saw a tear dropped from the corner of his son’s eyes. He was so flustered that he did not know what to do.

“Daddy will sing to you. When you were young, you liked to listen to it the most. As long as I sing, you will calm down.”

Jiang Kun recalled that when his son was born, he always cried day and night. In order to let his wife have a good night’s rest, whenever his son was making trouble in the middle of the night, he would take his son to the next room and hummed a little song to coax him.

[“In this world, only father is good.

The children who has father, is like a piece of treasure,

Run into father’s embrace,

Happiness can be enjoyed endlessly…”]

[T/N: Originated from Shi Shang Zhi you mama hao. I am not sure where I first heard this song, but I am familiar with the melody and can sing it LOL]

Jiang Kun himself improvised this song. He suddenly thought when he had just adopted this child from the orphanage. At that time, this child was also afraid of living in the new house and did not dare to sleep alone at night. Perhaps it was an empathy effect, so, at that time, he also hummed this little song to coax him.

At that time, the five-year-old kid did not point out the mistakes in the lyrics of the song he sang. He looked at him intently with his small eyes as he slowly falls asleep with the lullaby.

It turned out that his son had already returned to him at that time.

“Sorry, Dad loves you. Dad loves you very much. Dad didn’t mean to lose you and your mother.”

Such a magnificent ghost ended up crying like a child in front of them.

Now, he was no longer the demon who everyone wishes to curse and beat. He was just a poor and angry old man who has finally found his child but discovered that he had almost killed him. He was just another ordinary father.

“Sorry, sorry.”

Jiang Kun said these words repeatedly. Except for this, he did not know how to express his apology and guilt.


After that, Jiang Kun’s evil spirit gradually dissipated. Behind him, a ghost gate to hell was fully opened.

He voluntarily went to the underworld to accept punishment.

It turned out that God did not mistreat him. Heaven had let him enjoyed the happiness of family for more than ten years, but he did not know how to cherish it.

Jiang Kun was fortunate that nothing had come to a dead end. He did not need to wait until he had completely integrated into his son’s body and feel the same blood strength as him.

At that time, after realizing that he had killed his own flesh and blood with his own hand, he was afraid that he would go insane.

Fortunately, it is still not too late.

The ghost gate was wide open. Jiang Kun slowly walked towards the gate.

“Sorry, as a father, I haven’t given you anything.”

How reluctant Jiang Kun was. Just when he had learned that his adopted son was actually his own son yet, he did not have any time to compensate him for what he owed him all these years.

If he was alone, he could naturally be heaven’s enemy without caring. Now that he has found his son, Jiang Kun was afraid. He was afraid that his son would have to pay for everything he had done. He was afraid that the cause of his own planting would make his son bear the fruit.

Hence, he should immediately go to the underworld to pay for his sins.

“No, you have at least give me a wife.”

Jiang Liu pointed at Su Zi who was not far away.

“Introduce to you. That is my girlfriend, the one who will marry me in the future.”

“Haha, hahaha!”

Jiang Kun was puzzled at first. He then laughed after recognizing Su Zi.

“Good! Good! Good!”

Jiang Kun naturally knew what kind of existence he had summoned using the secret technique. Such a character became his own daughter-in-law, and there is no need to worry about someone bullying his son in the future.

“It’s a pity that I didn’t give you my ability.”

Jiang Kun sighed. He was a bit softhearted at the beginning. He did not know if he really wanted to use this child as a container, so he did not give him this body’s ability. Instead, he regretted it now. He did not give him the ability to defend himself. If there were to be a conflict in the future, will the saint of this different time and space violently beat his son?

Jiang Kun turned around with another sigh and walked towards the ghost gate without looking back.

Cannot wait any longer. The more he look, the more reluctant it becomes.

“Dad, go all the way safely!”

Looking at Jiang Kun’s back, Jiang Liu called out.

Jiang Kun paused. He then quickened his pace. Looking at his back, he appeared to be a little hurried.

Until the other party’s shadow was no longer visible, the ghost gate finally closed.

The escaping evil spirits were sucked in when the ghost gate was opened, and when the ghost gate disappeared, the scene returned to calm.

Those ghost emissaries and the monks, who had been anticipating a serious battle, watched the end of the confession drama, as the enemies were solved without any effort. They could not help but feel somewhat overwhelmed for a while.

Many people looked at Jiang Liu with sympathetic eyes. In their eyes, this day must be particularly tormenting for him.

His adoptive father turned out to be his biological father.

The adoptive father wanted to kill him to make him a container, but the purpose of killing him was to find him.

What a ridiculous thing. It was not only the heartache for the adoptive father to kill him, but also the joy for the biological father to find him.

However, this incident has involved the lives of too many innocent people. Although Jiang Kun was responsible for the incident, Jiang Liu will inevitably bear a heavy psychological burden on these people for the rest of his life…

Jiang Kun was relieved, but Jiang Liu was still alive. What happened on this day would inevitably become a painful memory that he could not get rid of for the rest of his life.

It was all quirk of fate.

Niu Hong and others did not know whether to comfort Jiang Liu or not. Strictly speaking, their relatives died because of Jiang Liu’s father. Looking at the man who stood still even after the ghost gate was close, Niu Hong and others could only sigh as they turned and left.

Those monks also evacuated. As for the National Security Bureau people, they have to eliminate the subsequent effects of this matter.

Soon, there were only a few people and ghosts left at the incense shop entrance.

“Um, I accidentally broke Niuniu‘s head just now.”

Su Zi approached Jiang Liu as she poked the soft flesh around Jiang Liu’s waist. She then handed little ghost Niuniu‘s head to Jiang Liu, as a small body quickly ran towards her head from a distance.

Jiang Liu’s face was full of black lines. Nevertheless, he could see that Su Zi was trying to make him laugh.

Ying Ying Ying–“

Little ghost Niuniu put her head on her neck and started to cry. She suddenly realized that her head and neck were separated again and jumped happily.

Niuniu is a good girl. She can already memorize the multiplication table.”

After playing with her own head, little ghost Niuniu patted Jiang Liu’s thigh as she stood on tiptoe, trying to make Jiang Liu happy.

This man cares about her grades the most. God knows why she has to study cultural classes when she became a ghost. Yet, since Jiang Liu is sad, Niuniu is willing to sacrifice her little happiness to coax this man.

Isn’t it just the multiplication table? She will learn it skillfully eventually.

“Well, these days, I still live in the incense shop. If you want to drink at night, come and look for me. When necessary, my shoulders are also powerful.”

Qian Duoyu raised his hand to the side. Although he was almost used as a substitute container by Jiang Liu’s father, he did not blame Jiang Liu. He could only blame his family for having too much Yang qi.

The old ghost was not good at expressing himself so he just stood silently.

All these people thought that Jiang Liu should be heartbroken at this moment. Therefore, they tried to comfort him, but they didn’t know that the saddest person had already gone with Jiang Kun.


Jiang Liu looked at Su Zi and asked.

His eyes were still red. Because his emotions were too intense just now, he spoke with a strong nasal voice.

“Let’s go!”

Su Zi nodded heavily, feeling distressed.

“Eat what, ah? This late at night and even on the 15th July, I guess we have no choice but to eat barbecue.”

Qian Duoyu started to interrupt.

“Did I invite you? You are such a light bulb!”

[T/N: Light bulb – Unwanted third guest]

“Damn, you kid who paid more attention to a lover than friends. Once you meet the opposite gender, you totally abandon your human nature. Careful that this elder brother will no longer lend you his shoulder after this!”

There was a sound of joking and laughing as it got farther and farther…

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