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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 119

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 119: God Stick 23

“How could it be you?”

The ghost emissaries and monks who were supposed to stay in the ancient tombs and the prosperous area of ​​Yinzhou all walked out of the nearby buildings. It turned out that the previous scene was just an official smokescreen, and these people did not go where they were supposed to go.

It turned out that Jiang Liu had gathered these people during the day and briefly told them of his conjectures. Although Jiang Liu’s guess was absurd, they finally obeyed Jiang Liu’s words and chose to come to this street and wait for that monster’s appearance.

They did not understand it before. Why did Jiang Liu so certain that the other party would come to him? Yet, when they saw that face, their doubts seemed to be resolved.

But Niu Hong and others still didn’t understand why Jiang Kun turned into a ghost. Is it because he planned everything in the beginning? Did he plan the death of those ghosts and the burial object explosion in the ancient tomb?

Hong Ling and the others’ eyes were red. After all, it was because of Jiang Kun’s emergency amnesty order that their relatives and elders rushed to Yinzhou and died in that fierce battle.

Knowing that Jiang Kun most likely plans all of this, he was naturally their enemy.

As for Jiang Liu, since his father did all this, did he aware of it?

Niu Hong looked at the expressionless young man standing under the light with an extremely complicated look. His dad died in that fierce battle. If all of this is really related to Jiang Liu, what attitude should he use to face this friend of his?


A hint of sarcasm and pain flashed in Jiang Liu’s eyes: “So I am your container, right? One who was adopted as a container from the very beginning?”

Container? The people on the side could not understand what Jiang Liu was saying, but Jiang Kun did.

“You knew it already?”

The man who was entangled with ghosts had some confusion in his eyes as he looked at the handsome and tall young man standing under the light. His eyes flashed with confusion, but it was fleeting.


Jiang Liu responded softly.

How did he know it, probably because too many impossible things were piled together, making the impossible person the only possibility?

First, it was the disappearance of the original body’s memory that he never could understand.

According to his experience in so many worlds, he will get two tasks in each world. One task originated from the original body, proposed by the person who needs him in this world. Additionally, the main system will also arrange another task for him. Most of them are related to the action of being a Holy Father.

The six worlds he had experienced so far were like this. Why does the original memory that should have been transmitted to his mind disappeared after arriving in this world? Jiang Liu guessed that perhaps the original wisher regretted it, and he began to hesitate.

Due to this world’s particularity, Jiang Liu did not doubt that the original body had this ability.

But what is the reason that can make the original body hesitate? Jiang Liu could only think of one person, which was the most important person to the original body. Jiang Kun.

In addition to that, Jiang Liu also doubted the graveyard keeper’s existence.

He had been hiding in Yinzhou for more than ten years. In the past ten years, he had detained hundreds of ghosts and used the lives of dozens of people to condense corpse energy.

Although he did it secretly enough, did Jiang Kun, as the ghost emissary of Yinzhou, never noticed that person’s existence?

If he had never known the graveyard keeper’s existence, how could it explain the ghost mark in Qian Duoyu’s body?

Su Zi had cross-space while bringing the identity of a female with a full yin aura from a different era to this world. Among these capable people in this world, how many can do this?

Jiang Liu assumed that none of this was a coincidence. He also assumed that someone deliberately did all of this. After thinking about it, he could only think of Jiang Kun.

Especially that night. The person’s look in the mirror and the painful and melancholy eyes further deepened Jiang Liu’s guess.

If it were that person, then everything could be explained.

It seemed that since his wife’s death and the disappearance of his son more than 20 years ago, Jiang Kun had started to make these arrangements.

The graveyard keeper, the monster in the ancient tomb, the yin girl who has traveled through different time and space, and the original body, who has been adopted by him since childhood and is very close to him, day and night.

These are the pawns he chose to make something. Perhaps they can be called Gu.

Flesh and blood of those ghost emissaries, the evil spirits that turned from the Linshan cemetery to the ancient tombs day and night, the soul of the yin girl, the body of the adopted son, and the live sacrifices of the entire Yinzhou. Jiang Kun wanted to use these things. He wanted to borrow the 15th day of the seventh month. He wanted to use the highest moment of Yin Qi throughout the year and refined one beyond the six realms, an immortal, the existence far beyond than a Jiangshi...

He was so insane; he wanted to be a ghost comparable to Heavenly Emperor Fengdu.

“I hesitated!”

Looking at the adopted son with sad eyes, Jiang Kun sighed softly.

Too many scenes of father and son flashed before his eyes. Perhaps because of the experience of being abandoned, this adopted son was very sensible. He was clearly aware of his indifference, but he always caters to these difficulties.

When he came back late at night, this son will hand him a bowl of porridge that had been warmed on the stove; when he was tired, he poured him hot water to soak his foot; he also saved his pocket money and gave him a stack of cotton underwear for his birthday… …

Jiang Kun often wondered if his Maodan was still around, would he be as good and sensible as his adopted son.

Obviously, before adopting this child, he told himself that he should not have a real feeling for him, but he finally softened in the day and night together.

Because of this hesitation, he did not teach the child the profound arts that he should learn, let alone told the child of his identity.

At the last moment, Jiang Kun split his ghost mark into two, leaving one to his adopted son and one to a young man he had seen in the cemetery, who was very yang.

That hapless boy Yang Qi was the most exuberant he has ever seen in his life. His similar aura to his adopted son’s body also making him a good second choice.

Jiang Kun told himself that if his adopted son never found out his identity and did not practice Taoism, he would let the child go and leave him a way out.

If he follows this path, it means that everything is destined.

Since he raised him up, his body should be regarded as a reward.

“How unfair to me is the way of heaven!”

Jiang Kun looked up to the sky and roared.

“I, Jiang Kun, have saved countless souls. They all preach about cause and effect. Yet, the woman I love was forever separated from me. My only son is invisible to my eyes. Where is the way of heaven?”

“It’s the heavens who lost me, so what if I subvert this world!”

That cloud of black mist and ghost aura boiled, and it was the day when the ghost gate was opened once again. Countless ghosts were summoned and uncontrollably absorbed by this cloud of black mist, and Jiang Kun’s resentment became more and more majestic.

“I have never loved a woman so much in my life.”

Jiang Kun’s face was a little fuzzy under the black mist, but Jiang Liu knew he was looking at him.

“She likes sunflowers the most. I always tease her by stealing her treasured sunflowers’ seed. When she chased after me, I will take out more sunflowers as a gift to her. She also likes beautiful dresses and pretty handkerchiefs. After I managed to pick up a job, the first thing I did was to go to the largest local mall and buy the most beautiful and fashionable clothes for her… The night she married me, I told her I would treat her right as long as I lived. I will never let her starve or cold, nor would I let her shed any tears.”

“Then, she died. I found her soul, but she already went crazy. She no longer recognizes me. She just muttered [Where is her son? Where is her beloved Maodan?]”

Jiang Kun did not show any move to attack as he narrated lightly.

“By the way, do you know how cute my Maodan is? His eyes are like mine, and the nose is like his mother.”

Maodan was only over a year old when he was lost. How can it be so easy to tell his features were. Yet, in parents’ eyes, children are always the most beautiful and most similar to themselves.

“The first time he called me Dad, though it was nonstandard, I still wish to give him all the stars and the moon in the sky.”

“Then my son disappeared.”

“Haha, hahaha! Heavenly Law, this goddamn Heavenly Law!”

More than 20 years ago, Jiang Kun was glad that he was a ghost emissary. In this way, even if he were a member of the Xuanmen gate, the five detriments and three deficiencies would not appear in his body. Unlike his father, who was physically disabled and died badly.

But when he lost his wife and son, Jiang Kun hated this identity.

If he had known this a long time ago, he would have resisted his heartbeat and will not provoke that round-faced girl. If so, she might still be alive now, even if she ended up forming a family with someone else.

Jiang Kun hates himself, hates this ruthless way of heaven, hates this vague reincarnation of cause and effect.

He wanted to subvert this way of heaven. Maybe at that time, he has the opportunity to prevent this tragedy from happening. Maybe he has the ability to go back to the past, back to the time when all tragedies have yet to happen.

Regarding how many people would die to achieve this wish, should he cares about it?


Jiang Kun looked at the adopted son in the distance. He sighed softly, and a tear rolled across his eyes.

Then he closed his eyes. Suddenly countless souls started to wail.

After Jiang Liu listened to Jiang Kun’s confession, his heart started to feel dull. This was the emotion of the original body.

Seeing that Jiang Kun was about to be out of control, Jiang Liu spoke quickly.

“Dad, I am your little Maodan!”

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