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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: God Stick 22

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The eyes of the original body were beautiful. It was slightly narrow and long. The corners of the eyes were a bit sharp, and the tails of the eyes were slightly upturned, making it appeared a bit elegant. Even when the person was not smiling, they also give people an appearance of cordiality. This is a standard pair of Ruifeng eyes.

[T/N: Ruifeng eyes – Almond shape eyes similar to the eyes of phoenix. Ruifeng eyes have always been considered as temperamental eyes while Taohua (peach blossom) eyes were often considered as most beautiful to Chinese people]

Jiang Liu would often go to the adoptive father’s room to sit in for a while every day. Naturally, he has already deeply remembered Jiang Kun’s photos in the mourning hall. Jiang Kun’s eyes are very similar to the original body, especially the eyes’ shape. Perhaps this is also why the villagers have never suspected that he was not Maodan.

Although Jiang Liu was in the dark, he could still see himself clearly in the mirror after adapting to the weak natural light.

Those eyes were particularly melancholy.

This should not be his expression at this time.

It was as if the person reflected in the mirror was not him.

“You want me to help you. I came here because you need me.”

Looking at himself in the mirror, Jiang Liu whispered: “You are in pain. Is it because you cannot accept what will happen later? You want to escape, so you call me over. Yet, you refuse to reveal everything to me.”

Jiang Liu’s voice was very light and soft. Still, the person in the mirror remained silent.

“You love that person very much. You wanted to protect him. Since you love that person very much, you could not accept the fact that he tried to hurt you.”

“Really? Is it true?”

“Tell me everything so that I can help you.”

Jiang Liu looked at the person in the mirror with a sincere expression. The atmosphere became quieter and quieter. Jiang Liu could not even hear insects and frogs’ sounds outside the window.


The two candles that had been extinguished were reignited. The bathroom returned to its previous brightness.

At this moment, Jiang Liu stared at himself in the mirror, as if everything that he had seen just now was an illusion.

The person in the mirror had the same actions and emotions as him. When he frowned, the person in the mirror made the same actions. When he showed confusion, the person in the mirror also showed the same emotion.

Could it be that everything just now was only his illusion?


“Mr. Jiang, the matter you asked us to investigate has finally shown some positive result.”

A few days after returning from Pingxiang, Jiang Liu received a call from the private detective agency. He had hired the private detective to investigate the news about the parents who abandoned the original body.

Unlike Maodan who was picked up by others, the parents who discarded the original body can still be found as long as he spent a little time and energy.

After all, the original body was over two years old when he was thrown away by his parents. A child of this age couldn’t grow up drinking wind. Besides, he still had his name when he was thrown away. As long as you spend enough time, it is not difficult to find a boy named Wang Zongbao who disappeared from his home at the age of two.

After all, even if the families who lost their children were unwilling to admit it, their neighbors, relatives, and some people around them will always remember a child named Wang Zongbao.

According to the private detective’s information, Jiang Liu found the Wang family, who had now moved to Xuzhou.

The family’s economic conditions seemed to be pretty good. They lived in a single-family three-story villa. According to the local housing prices in Xuzhou, this villa had a market value of at least five million.

Not to mention that according to the investigation data, the family also has many other properties.

Wang Fu, the head of the Wang family, the original’s father, is a small business Boss. His monthly salary was over ten thousand yuan. His wife was a homemaker. According to this family’s income, of course, they could not live in such a good house. The reason why their life was so affluent was due to the previous demolition funds. Before this, the Wang family lived in their own self-built house. Even though they lived well, but they were definitely not wealthy. Later, the house was demolished, and the Wang family was given eight houses as compensation. Wang Fu sold four of them and used the money to buy this small villa. The remaining four were rented out, and the family lived a happy life of the second-generation wealthy family.

The news that the Wang family had once lost a two-year-old son named Wang Zongbao was also revealed by a former neighbor of the Wang family.

Now the couple still has a son who was just two years younger than Jiang Liu. In other words, this child was born not long after the couple threw their original body into the orphanage.

This is weird. A family who lived in a spacious self-built house and whose husband could support two children should not have thrown away the healthy eldest son and risk having a second child in the family planning era, right?

This is strange, isn’t it?

At this moment, Jiang Liu was standing in front of Wang’s cottage and rang the doorbell.


Today was Sunday. Jiang Liu knew through private detectives that the family had not gone out.

The one who came to open the door was the family’s lady, as shown in the photo that Jiang Liu had received before. That is, this should be the mother of the original body. The other party looked at the extraordinary Jiang Liu and asked suspiciously.

A forty or fifty-year-old man with a big belly came over immediately afterward, also showing curiosity.

“Twenty years ago, I was abandoned at the gate of the Lantian Orphanage. My name was Wang Zongbao at the time.”

Jiang Liu said indifferently. Immediately the faces of the couple changed.


These days, Yinzhou had received several outburst news. There was an explosion somewhere in Pingxiang. When the surrounding villagers rushed to the incident place, they found several special police officers seriously injured by the explosion. A few bolder people started to approach the explosion site after sending those special police officers to the hospital. They discovered that there was an unexcavated ancient tomb. After the explosion, many antiques were exposed to the villagers’ eyes.

At that time, the people who knew of this news started to go crazy with greed. They immediately drove to Pingxiang, wishing to grab more antiques before the official knew about it. It was still a great thing either those things were sold off or left to future generations.

The scene was very chaotic. There was even an armed fight over the burial objects. It was not until the army came to suppress and drive the people away that the tomb’s surrounding area finally became calm.

For the residents of Yinzhou and ordinary people who read this news on the Internet, this is an interesting event. Many people even felt that this event was nothing to think about. However, for those ghost emissaries who had just dealt with the graveyard keeper and rushed back to their respective jurisdictions, this matter was no different from the ringing of the death knell.

As soon as they received the news, all ghost emissaries from the surrounding area, including some of the Xuanmen monks registered with the National Security Bureau, rushed to Pingxiang, once again.

As the ghost emissary of Yinzhou, Jiang Liu was the first to arrive.

“Damn it, every burial item is full of evil spirits.”

Zang Ye’s expression was hideous: “If ordinary people spend a long time with these yin-spirited things, and they can get sick. For people with serious illness, it could be fatal. Those stolen burial objects must be taken back. Otherwise, the consequences will be tremendous.”

The other Xuanmen’s practitioner had similar views as Zang Ye. In fact, before they came close to the tomb, they were already shocked by the majestic evil spirit.

Even the ancient times’ mass graves probably will not have this kind of great grievances. Who was buried here before?

“No matter what, we should get those things back first.”

People from the National Security Bureau almost passed out looking at the bombed tomb. They had sacrificed many monks and ghost emissaries to seal the monster inside. Now that the monster broke the seal by itself, they have to use even stronger force than before to seal it up.

Now that the whereabouts of the monster were unknown. If you could not locate it quickly, they were afraid the entire Yinzhou would become hell ah.

Regarding this matter, the official attitude was callous. It called for surveillance and visits to collect evidence. If the other party refuses to cooperate, the military will directly breakthrough and searches their house. Those who are not willing to return the buried goods will be arrested and made an example of felonies, forcing those who have stolen the antiques to return the goods.

Even so, it was inevitable that some fish will slip through the net.

The most worrying thing happened. Some people who had been in contact with the funerary objects began to suffer from dizziness and vomiting. After examination, their bodies showed an unknown virus, and this virus was extremely contagious and can be passed through air and blood. More than 100 cases occurred in Pingxiang and surrounding areas in just seven days. In the absence of specific medication, the first patient discovered with this disease died.

For a while, people in Yinzhou started to panic. The government issued a special order to isolate those patients. Special medical examination areas were set up at airports, railway stations, and long-distance bus stations. Once patients with corresponding illnesses were found, they were strictly prohibited from leaving Yinzhou. The local people felt as if they had been transported back to the ** period of that year.

[T/N I wonder what ** means? SARS? Anyway, I could not even laugh at the above text. The situation is still applicable with Covid19]


“I can’t find it at all.”

Niu Hong ran a lap outside. He looked at the silent Jiang Liu and gave a wry smile. Unexpectedly he called before and said that he wanted to get together. Yet, the two met again in this manner.

“Jiang Liu, it will be the 15th day of the seventh month in a few days. By that time, it will be the night of the ghost. The power of that ghost will reach its peak that day. If we could not find the monster before that, we may not be able to restrain it.”

Niu Hong recognized Jiang Liu’s mouth-cannon skills, but the monsters in that ancient tomb were different. None of them knew what it was. Jiangshi? Or maybe it was a Taoist who cultivated its demon body? Alternatively, it could also be a Ligui?

What they knew is that the monster had eaten people and seen blood. Therefore, it will not be easy for them to subdue it.

Back then, so many people from the Xuanmen sect and ghost emissaries died in the hands of that monster. After eating the meat of those monks, this monster was no longer something ordinary people can deal with. If you let him take advantage of the 15th day of the seventh month, who knows what he will do? With the cultivation of its immortal body, they were afraid that even Heavenly Emperor Fengdu himself would not be able to take down this monster.

The monks present had thought of this. They could not help but felt a little lost while being impatient and anxious these days.

Jiang Liu listened quietly, without speaking.


Regardless of everyone’s unwillingness, the 15th day of the seventh month arrived as promised. Some monks and ghost emissaries chose to stay in the tomb because the monster was likely to return to the tomb to practice on this day.

Some monks and ghost emissaries also choose to stay in places with many people to prevent the monster from killing people and stealing their souls.

Every ghost emissary was equipped with sirens. As long as one person sounded the alarm, others will feel it and come to support.

Everyone was holding his or her heart in anxiety. Yet, Jiang Liu has a feeling in his heart that this day has finally come.

He did not go anywhere. He continued to guard the incense shop’s entrance. He watched the end of the road as he sat quietly.

Because it was the 15th day of the seventh month, the usual bustling Custom Street in the past was empty at seven o’clock. After nine o’clock in the evening, the shops along the street started to close early. Except for a few dim streetlights, only Jiang Liu’s store with open wide doors appeared bright among the darkness.

In this dim night, it seemed like a pointing light from a distance. As if it was waiting for someone to arrive.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, a very tall shadow slowly walked across the street. The shadow under the light was bizarre. It was not like people or animals, but the momentum was terrifying, and it made people felt that they could not breathe.

“You seem to guess it?”

This was the first sentence after the group of things approached the incense shop.

Vigorous, with an echo.

At this time, he was very close to the incense shop, and the light undoubtedly revealed his appearance.

Although his figure became strangely distorted, that face was definitely Jiang Kun’s.

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