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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 117

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 117: God Stick 21

T/N Currently, I have been focusing on editing the earlier chapters of this novel. Since this novel is my first MTL of a Chinese-based novel, there are inevitably many grammatical errors. Furthermore, I am really not good at being detail-oriented. After all, English is not my first language, nor was it my forté to be honest~ (・ε・`*). As for hiring an editor, this site’s ads revenue was not that much to support second people, and I am also too ashamed to let people work for free.

In the end, Jiang Liu returned to his adoptive father’s hometown. He held a few banquets in the name of Jiang Kun to entertain his former fellow citizen.

Maodan, your dad has been suffering too. Fortunately, he finally found you. Now that he has gone underground, he can finally tell your mother this good news.”

Sitting next to Jiang Liu was the aunt who first recognized him as a Maodan. The woman in the country was so open that she poured out everything after having a few sips of alcohol.

“How nice your dad and your mother were at the beginning, ah. Your maternal grandfather looked down on your dad, who engaged in such crooked ways to deceive people. However, your mom believed in your father and insisted on marrying into the Jiang family. Because of this, your grandpa and your mother were in a cold war for three full years. They did not start contacting each other until you were born.”

Under Jiang Liu’s intentional guidance, everyone chatted and talked about the past of Jiang Kun and his wife, Xu Feng.

Jiang Kun’s father was a blind man. He was also a well-known [shaman] in the towns and villages. He saved a lot of money by relying on his ability. However, in the past few years, feudal superstition was strictly prohibited by the government. The old blind man himself suffered a serious crime during the most severe years and finally died due to serious illness.

In those years, no one dared to get involved with people with bad social status. After the old blind man died, his wife ran away. At that time, Jiang Kun, who was only seven or eight years old, grew up independently. He either went down to the river to catch a little fish and shrimp or went up to the mountains to find wild vegetables and dig some plant roots. After he grew up, the influence of the Cultural Revolution finally passed. He did not listen to the village elders’ opinions to steadily do farming work or going out to work. Instead, he regained his father’s skills of catching ghosts and checking the Feng shui.

It’s just that Jiang Kun was still too young at that time. Not many local people believed him. Instead, he was given the nickname of a [Liar Kun]. In many people’s eyes, Jiang Kun was no different from an idler man waiting to die.

Nevertheless, Jiang Kun has one advantage. That is, he was handsome and tall, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. Whenever he laughs, he can steal the soul of those young married wife and little young women around.

Additionally, he is especially good at coaxing people. Jiang Kun likes the girl from the Xu’s family in the village who was claimed to be the flower of the village. Jiang Kun will climb the back wall of Xu’s family every day to send her some wild flowers. He also save his money and bought hair bands and small handkerchiefs for her.

It was unknown where he learned a few crooked poems as he boldly sat on the wall of the Xu’s house and read it aloud.

Old man Xu will then held the nail rake to confront him. It was unknown how many times he drove this kid away. Yet, in every single times, he was stopped by Xu Feng, who already been hooked by this boy.

Thinking that he did not have the money to give the woman he like a happy life, Jiang Kun went out several times midway. After all, he is a person with real abilities. Many self-employed people who are emerging outside believe him. Jiang Kun managed to do a few businesses. He made money, went back to his hometown to build a new house, and bought a motorcycle.

Many women in the village still cannot forget that scene on that particular day.

Jiang Kun was wearing a fashionable denim suit. His hair was sprayed with a lot of mousses. The back of his head was brushed and looking shiny. The flies could not even stop on his head due to their slipperiness. The handsome boy came to Xu’s house on a motorcycle and a guitar on his back. At the Xu’s house’s front door, he sang a little love song that was popular among the fashionable young people in China.

At that time, no one had ever seen such a scene in the small closed village. Besides, Jiang Kun was handsome, and many young girls wanted to marry him, let alone Xu Feng.

Yet, the old man in the Xu family was more stubborn. He thought that Jiang Kun is taking the wrong side of the door. He worried about his daughter’s future if Jiang Kun ended up like his old dad. Even if Jiang Kun promised many gifts, he still refuses to agree.

Nevertheless, Xu Feng’s courage was great. She took her bundle of clothes and ran to Jiang’s house. Although old man Xu was angry, the rice was already cooked, so he could only agree in the end.

After marriage, the couple was very affectionate. Outsiders looked at Jiang Kun as having no serious work, but he can always bring money back every time he returned from a long trip. In the third year of their marriage, Xu Feng gave birth to their son, Maodan, and their life is even happier and sweeter.

But the good times did not last long.

When Maodan was more than one year old, Jiang Kun went out to look at a Feng Shui for an old customer. Because the department store in the city has some discounts and it was said that a batch of top-quality fur coats from the northeast has come, Xu Feng wanted to buy good winter clothes for her husband, who often travels far away. She then brought her one-year-old son to ride the shuttle bus to the city.

That night, when the Jiang family neighbors saw that Xu Feng had not come back, they realized that something seemed to be wrong. They quickly notified Xu Feng’s parents, and then a group of people hurried to the city.

In the meantime, Xu Feng’s father, who had made peace with Jiang Kun, did not forget to call the son-in-law from the public phone booth and ask him to come back quickly.

The group of people searched the city for a day but did not find Xu Feng’s shadow. On the third day, Jiang Kun rushed back, and the police found Jiang’s family.

It turned out that there was a car accident on the day Xu Feng went to the city with her son, Maodan. The overloaded truck crushed and swept her in at the time. The kindhearted person nearby sent her to the hospital. Since there was no evidence on her body regarding her identity, they have not contacted her family in time.

Now that she woke up, the nurse at the hospital asked her address, and the police came to find her relative.

Jiang Kun rushed to the hospital to see his wife. The first word that the other party said was [Where is their son, Maodan?]

It turned out that when she felt the danger was approaching her, Xu Feng’s first reaction was to throw his son out of her arms and then was caught by the truck.

It was also at this time that Jiang Kun knew that his precious son Maodan had disappeared.

The situation at that time was too complicated. All passers-by were busy picking up the truck and rescued Xu Feng. Those witnesses could not determine where the child was and who had taken him away during the chaos.

Besides, there were not so many monitoring equipment on the roadside at the time. Three days later, even if the police intervened, it would be difficult to find the missing people.

Xu Feng, who was already dying, knew the news that her son had disappeared. She cried and begged her husband to find their son Maodan. She did not even close her eyes after death overcame her.

A good home was destroyed like this.

His beloved wife passed away, and his beloved son disappeared. Every night after that, Jiang Kun could not fall asleep. He repeatedly tortured himself with question after question. Why did he have to take over this business?  Why did he leave home? Why did he let Xu Feng enter the city that day all by herself?

Since then, searching for his missing son Maodan has become Jiang Kun’s only hope for survival.

The villagers looked at the young man who used to smile boldly, no matter how bitter his life was or being called [liar Kun] in front of him. This man already had his hair half gray at a good age.

At that time, the villagers still thought that no matter how great the pain is, it would pass. After Jiang Kun forgets this pain in a few years, they will introduce someone to him to generate a few more children. Some people are dead, but they are still alive. Therefore, life must go on.

Only in the fourth year after Xu Feng’s death, when the child was supposed to be five years old, Jiang Kun no longer came back. No one knew where he went. He did not ask for compensation for the demolition of his house in the village. The money was directly donated to the village committee. At that time, some people thought that Jiang Kun might already dead.

It wasn’t until Jiang Liu came back not long ago that everyone knew that Jiang Kun was in the city and had found his son Maodan, who was taken away by somebody.

Among the population of these villages, Jiang Liu learned a different Jiang Kun.

In the mouth of the beef noodle restaurant’s owner, Zhu Sandao, the original adoptive father was a calm man. Yet, in the villagers’ description, it turned out that the other party was such an unruly youth.

All the turning points seemed to be in the accident more than 20 years ago.


Jiang Liu went back to the shop and brought many rural local products enthusiastically gifted by the villagers, such as dried vegetables and homemade salted duck eggs. Even though it was not very expensive, but it was difficult to buy authentic and clean local products outside.

Besides, there were also many sausages, live chickens, and live ducks. It was estimated that Jiang Liu only needs to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables for a long time.

He still had some gains on this day. A certain guess in Jiang Liu’s heart had already been faintly formed. Currently, he only lacked reliable proof.


“Did you really disappear?”

In the middle of the night, Jiang Liu stood in front of the bathroom mirror, looked at his face in the mirror, and asked.

Two white candles were lit next to the mirror, which was the only light source in the bathroom.

“Perhaps, you are still here.”

Jiang Liu raised his hand and pointed to his body. The person in the mirror did the same movement.

The next second, the candlelight went out.

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