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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 116

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 116: God Stick 20

“If there is a chance in the future, we can gather together for a drink.”

Although Niu Hong already returned to his own residence in Fenyang, he still occasionally called Jiang Liu. He admired Jiang Liu very much, and he also admired the big lady who had been following Jiang Liu. Now that he has a good relationship with Jiang Liu, maybe in the future, when a big Li gui is rampaging in Fenyang, he could ask Jiang Liu for help.


Jiang Liu responded with a smile.

“By the way, Niu Hong, do you know what kind of evil thing that was sealed in that ancient tomb in Pingxiang? I never heard my dad mentioned it. When I knew of its existence, my father had already died in that confrontation.”

Jiang Liu was still very curious about what happened during that time. He felt that it might be the key to the mystery surrounding the original body.

“That thing, ah.”

The voice on the other end of the phone got lowered. After all, his dad also died in that fierce battle.

“Actually, I don’t know too well. At that time, my dad left after receiving a letter from the ghost emissaries. The news came from your dad that he was in big trouble and needed the support from other ghost emissaries. At that time, all the ghost emissaries near Yinzhou rushed over. That big ghost is indeed as powerful as your father said it is. My father, he, was unable to return after that.”

“I’m very sorry.”

Jiang Liu said softly.

“Everything is already over. This is the fate of being a ghost emissary. The reason I was able to come back safely from our trip to Pingxiang this time was all thanks to you and your little girlfriend. You have provided me with a valuable experience. This is the first time in my life that I knew that ghost emissary could employ such tricks to subdue that kind of malicious spirits.”

Niu Hong laughed. Although many of them have been dealing with ghosts since they were young, they are still affected by traditional concepts. Therefore, they always face those ghosts with fear and vigilance.

They have forgotten that these ghosts were originally human. Hence, their temperament when they are alive will not change much after they die.

Since these humans have their own weaknesses, therefore, these ghosts also have their own weaknesses. As a ghost emissary, they should be able to manipulate it to control them.

Jiang Liu taught them a lesson, a very precious lesson at that.

His silly behavior has been sublimated to the level of being a famous master by these ghost emissaries who were too good at brain supplementing. Jiang Liu could not even deny it. After all, he is indeed such a good person.

After hanging up, Jiang Liu began to analyze the clues he currently had.

First, the mark of the ghost emissary had appeared on two people at the same time. The inheritance of the ghost emissary should come from the previous ghost emissary. Therefore, the source of the problem should be related to Jiang Kun.

At that time, Jiang Kun should have appeared in the ancient tomb where the evil things were sealed, just like other ghost emissaries. Therefore, it was quite impossible for Jiang Kun to personally marked Qian Duoyu, who was at the far away Linshan cemetery at that time.


Jiang Kun was not in the ancient tomb but had come to Linshan Cemetery for some reason.

Jiang Liu’s eyes became a little deep. Is that even possible?

The second thing that made Jiang Liu became even more suspicious was the arrival of Su Zi.

Now he can determine Su Zi’s origin. The other party seemed to have never concealed her past. From the other party’s words, Jiang Liu roughly outlined the environment in which she lived since childhood.

Her whole clan believed in Emperor Fengdu and had been practicing spells since childhood. Su Zi should have a high status in the clan. She seemed to live in a much-closed environment with no food and little contact with the opposite sex. Her curiosity towards man also led to her interest in Jiang Liu.

Again, Jiang Liu did not believe in coincidences, especially when there were too many coincidences being added together.

Why did Su Zi travel from the era she lived in to this body now?

Her birth characters showed that her body possessed the highest Yin aura. She is also a woman who has believed in the Heavenly Emperor Fengdu since childhood and is blessed with excellent talent. Yet, unexpectedly, she came into this world. It was as if someone had arranged it for a long time and wanted to use her to do something.

Finally, what Jiang Liu suspected the most was due to the disappearance of the original body’s memory and his system. He could not help wondering what kind of power prevents the system from interfering with this plane.

The notebook in front of Jiang Liu has already recorded numerous suspicious points, including the few things in Pingxiang. These seemed to form a circle, and a certain person has appeared too many times in this circle.

The pen in Jiang Liu’s hand touched that name many times, as the ink spread across the paper.

After a while, Jiang Liu put down his pen.

Will it be him?


Yanwang has received your petition letter and prepares to deal with those grievances souls with leniency.”

What happened here was not trivial. Jiang Liu used the special authority of the ghost emissary to summon the Underworld’s officer.

“By the way, the impact of your actions of burning the mansions and luxury cars for those wronged souls are too great. Many of the little ghosts who still live in the coffin rooms are getting very dissatisfied with the Underworld. Even though we have vast land, with you approving dozens of large manors, we are having problems building it due to the scarce location. Director Bai asked me to let you know that you should stop selling houses for the time being.”

The Underworld’s officer briefly told Jiang Liu about the instructions from the higher up: “Also, the Underworld is yet to recover from its financial inflation. When you sell those burial coins, please pay attention to them. Do not sell it more than 100 million at times. The quantity should be limited every year. So remember to stop when it almost reaches the quota.”

The Underworld’s messenger babbled and said many things, mainly related to the Underworld artifacts sold by Jiang Liu.

“My lord, I want to ask something. Is my dad’s ghost living underground?”

The state of affairs in the Underworld could be considered hectic. Therefore, it is not unusual if Yanwang did not intervene in everything, especially regarding the living world. For that reason, even though the death of the seven ghost emissaries causing a lot of noise in some circles in the living world, this news might not be presented to Yanwang, let alone the Heavenly Emperor Fengdu.

“Your dad? The ghost emissary, Jiang Kun?”

The Underworld’s officer looked at Jiang Liu: “That evil fiend had swallowed the souls and bodies of those ghosts emissaries. As for ghost emissary Jiang Kun, albeit that his body was intact, but his soul did not come down to the Underworld. I think his soul might get consumed in the process of suppressing the evil spirit.

This officer did not know what happened back then. However, this is an indisputable fact that Jiang Kun’s soul did not arrive at the Underworld after his death.

Seeing that Jiang Liu acted as if he still could not let go of his adoptive father’s death, the Underworld’s officer even comforted Jiang Liu with a few words before going back to the business.


“Ying Ying Ying–“

Jiang Liu was about to go out. Hence, the moment he opened the room door, he saw a little girl squatting in the doorway while looking depressed.

“My little ancestor, ah, didn’t I already burned you so many balls? Not to mention those leather balls, I even burn you a football, basketball, table tennis ball and golf ball. If you are still not satisfied, tell me, what kind of ball you want, I will find a way to burn it for you?”

Niuniu was squatting outside the room, enveloped by a small black air. When Jiang Liu opened the room door, she quickly hid the ball that she had been playing with happily and acted as if she had been wronged.

“I want to play with my own head, but I can’t take it off now, ying ying ying.”

[T/N: I really want to use Japanese sfx (shiku shiku shiku) lol]

Her previous head ball was so good, ah. It can also be used to scare those who can see her. Unlike now, she can’t even use a table tennis’ ball to scare people imposingly.

“Ha ha!”

Jiang Liu glanced at this [win an inch, want a foot] little girl. He went out to buy a box of things and returned. He then took the box to the room dedicated to the incineration of the Underworld’s offering and burned that box.

“How old are you? Have you done your literature and language homework? Did you already learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division? Before I came back, I want you to do these sets of exercises for the third grade of elementary school. If you make one mistake, I will confiscate your beloved ball.”

Jiang Liu put a box of elementary school textbooks in front of the little ghost Niuniu. Seeing the grievance expression on that mischievous child as if she had lost her parents, Jiang Liu immediately falls into a cheerful mood.

This little guy, heh, really thought that he can’t discipline her, huh.

After dealing with the little ghost Niuniu, Jiang Liu went out feeling refreshed. Yet, as soon as he thought his errand for today, Jiang Liu’s mood suddenly plummeted.

Hope this matter is not what he thought it might be.


“The disappearance case 21 years ago?”

The police in Pingxiang County were stunned. The higher up asked him to receive the people who came today. As long as the information requested by the other party was not confidential, it can be given to him. Yet for this kind of information from more than 20 years ago, he really may not have it here. After all, in those times, the information was stored using paper files and might not be preserved until today.

“I have to find it.”

The police hurriedly notified his colleagues in the archives room to help Jiang Liu find out if a man named Jiang Kun had reported the case more than 20 years ago.

Yet, even after rummaging around, they still failed to find the files requested by Jiang Liu.

“I am a veteran police officer, and I really have no impression of the disappearance case you mentioned.”

The police officer said questioningly: “Are you sure that the other party has reported the case? The conditions at that time were different from now. Some people who lost their children are more willing to find them by themselves.”

Jiang Liu really did not know if the original adoptive father had called the police to find the missing child.

Coming out of the police station, Jiang Liu went to the orphanage where Jiang Kun had adopted the original body. He confirmed that Jiang Kun adopted him when he was five years old.

“It’s already 20 years. Xiao Liu’er has already grown up this big.”

The old dean actually remembered Jiang Liu: “What a spirited young lad, ah. If your parents knew about it, they would definitely regret throwing you away.”

After talking about it, the old dean seemed to regret it. She did not meant to poke the old scar.

“By the way, how is the gentleman who adopted you back then?”

The old dean changed the subject.

“My dad passed away not long ago. This time I came here to find out the original situation and see if there are clues regarding my biological parents.”

Inexplicably, Jiang Liu thought that this point might be important.

“Your father and mother?”

The old dean looked hesitant: “It has been so many years. Why are you still looking for them? Although some parents are close, they may not be reliable. What’s more, since they could abandon you once, they can naturally do it for the second time. Even if they are willing to recognize you now, isn’t it because you have grown up and can earn money for them? Why should you trouble yourself?”

The old dean eloquently advised.

“The dean knew about my biological parents?”

Jiang Liu heard the implication behind her words. Otherwise, how could the old dean be so sure that his parents abandoned him?

“Not really, but if you really want to know, I will tell you too.”

The old dean sighed, as she speak slowly

It turned out that Jiang Liu was abandoned by his parents at the orphanage entrance when he was around two years old. At that time, he was not called Jiang Liu, but Wang Zongbao. He was neatly dressed, with a note in his hand. The note said that his parents could not support him, and I hope that the orphanage people can take care of him.

At that time, the orphanage reported the matter to the police, but no information about the child could be found. It was estimated that the child’s parents did not register him in their household registration.

This matter was common ten years ago. In order to hide from the birth-control policy, such a situation did exist.

Because they could not find the child’s parents, and the original body could not tell his situation, the orphanage could only raise him until he was adopted by Jiang Kun and returned home.

After coming out of the orphanage, Jiang Liu sighed once again.

It is a pity that people in Xuanmen could only divine others but not themselves. So much that, even the fate of the people related to them is vague. Otherwise, why would Jiang Kun at that time and now myself struggle to find the trace of their blood relatives?

Is the clue broken here?

As for that little Maodan, where he is right now?

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