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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: God Stick 19

Niu Hong and the others left embarrassedly. They turned around, planning to help Su Zi dealt with the more difficult graveyard’s keeper.

It’s just that when they got there, the fight between Su Zi and the graveyard’s keeper had come to an end.

They looked at the long sword cast by light and shadow in Su Zi’s hand. Following her leap, that sword pierced the graveyard’s keeper’s Baihui acupoint and plunged straight into his body.

[T/N: Baihui acupoint – the middle point on the top of your head]


The graveyard keeper could not even scream. His mouth wide opened as he felt the lightsabre raging in his body and destroying all his body functions. He never expected that he would lose in the hands of a little girl.

He was not reconciled. He was not convinced by this result.

Even so, he could only stare ahead with his eyes wide opened until his last breath

At this moment, Su Zi had just lightly landed on the ground.

These people had run to Jiang Liu for nothing, and even after coming to Su Zi, they were still unable to help.

Niu Hong and others began to doubt their life. Could it be that they are too weak? They originally thought that this time they might get buried here. As a result, the graveyard’s keeper was killed by this mysterious woman who appeared out of nowhere. Even Jiang Liu only needs to use his mouth to appease that cloud of malevolent ghosts.

In the end, the corpse puppets that were the easiest to be removed had entangled the five of them for a long time. At this moment, these five ghost emissaries had many injuries on their bodies, showing their struggles over their fight.

“Senior, you previous said that you came here to find someone? Who are you looking for?”

Tian Kui respectfully asked Su Zi. Even though the other party was younger than him, yet, as a cultivator, it was not wrong for him to call the other party a senior.

“My people are there.”

Su Zi pointed at Jiang Liu’s direction

Sure enough. As she had guessed, Jiang Liu was already very happy to play with that group of ghosts.

Su Zi pursed her lips. She moved lightly as she walked towards Jiang Liu.

The few ghost emissaries on the side looked at each other when they heard Su Zi said [my people] rather than [the person she was looking for].

Sure enough, nowadays, those big guys will only mess around with another big guys.


“You are very angry. You wanted to tell everyone that you have been wronged. It was that the boy who caused you to fall, and that boy had lied. I understand your anger.”

Jiang Liu threw the phone to the ghost groups, who were frantically trying to find their right house. He then concentrated on dealing with Liu Yanan.

“I know you are still sad. Because of this matter, your husband also died. He even hangs himself on that tree. He had sold his cemetery plot in this Linshan Cemetery and couldn’t bury his body with his wife, so he chose to hang himself in this place so that he could be closer to you.”

As he said that, Jiang Liu pointed to the old tree outside the cemetery, a faintly visible figure could be seen swaying with the wind.

That is where Liu Yanan’s husband had hanged himself.

“Do you know the end of people who committed suicide?”

Jiang Liu didn’t mind Liu Yanan’s silence, “It’s hard for a soul to become a human. Yanwang hates such people the most. Once these souls entered the Underworld, they will be subjected to hard labor for thirty years. After that, their soul will be punished to endure burning before they could enter the animal route. After the end of that circle, they will be subjected to living a life full of struggle before they could once again regain their luck. Do you hope that your husband will experience such hardship after death?”

Liu Yanan’s grievances became more intense, but when he heard the following words, the boiling resentment stopped. She watched Jiang Liu. Her face was full of pain.

“I told you, stop this. I can help you.”

Jiang Liu sighed: “Your body is already bloody. Although there is a cause for it, you will inevitably have to suffer a little bit after entering the Underworld. I can help you, and your husband negotiates with Yanwang and try to minimize your punishment. It is just that maybe you have to wait hundreds of years before you have the chance to reincarnate, but at least you can reunite in the Underworld. Your daughter may still be waiting for you down below.”

Her husband and daughter. Especially the latter, for Liu Yanan, was more important to her than her life.

At this moment, her expression became looser. Yeah, what she was struggling to pursue when she was alive was to be able to meet her daughter. Now this man told her that her daughter might have not reborn yet and still lives in the Underworld.

The prices there are high. Her daughter might have been hungry for so many days, and there is no incense for her to eat. If she promised this man, the other party assured that he will burn a house and a car for her, as well as the money during the festivals. With this she can go to the Underworld and take a good care of her daughter.

“I didn’t lie, he hit me.”

After a while, Liu Yanan’s resentment disappeared, and the black mist that had originally blocked Pingxiang gradually dispersed.

What appeared in the eyes of everyone was an ordinary, kind-looking old lady. Her eyes were flushed with tears, as she said softly.

“I know, I have told everyone that you are not lying. That you are innocent.”

Jiang Liu nodded and said seriously.

“That’s nice.”

Liu Yanan smiled and then disappeared in front of everyone. The souls that had been stranded in this cemetery for a long time also entered the Underworld, waiting for the Underworld’s arrangement.

At this time, the electricity in Pingxiang also returned to normal. Those hiding in a corner shivering and clamoring for the ghost not to approach them were also helped by some inexplicable family members/passers-by who could not see anything-abnormal happening in front of them.

The special hellish experience this time around may have caused many shadows in their later lives. This should allow them to be alert when typing on the keyboard, letting them know what should be and should not be said.

After all, if you said something wrong, a ghost might come to you!

Jiang Liu picked up the phone that fell on the ground, and Su Zi happened to walk in front of him at that moment.

“It’s time for dinner.”

Su Zi looked at Jiang Liu, “I brought money today. This time I will invite you.”

“That’s good!”

Jiang Liu smiled, and then naturally took Su Zi’s hand, preparing to leave the cemetery’s ground.

When passing Niu Hong and others, he did not forget to ask them to help with the aftermath, as he absorbed a wave of jealousy from people around him.


After everyone returned to the hotel, Yuan Ming and others who went to the sealed tomb to check have belatedly arrived.

Everything in the sealed tomb was normal. Yet, when they received the call from Zang Ye and the others, they ended up encountering the ghost hitting the wall. After the ghosts in the cemetery were eliminated, they finally able to escape from the invisible blockage.

[T/N – Ghost hitting the wall is the situation like lose in a maze]

As for why Su Zi didn’t encounter these, perhaps it was because she was strong enough.

Now the truth is very clear. Everything that happened recently in Pingxiang seemed to be originated from the Linshan Cemetery’s keeper.

He had been raising Li gui, and Liu Yanan was one of the ghosts he had cultivated. Because she had a strong resentment before she died, she attacked those who had hurt her and caused all these ghost-wounding incidents.

As for the disappearance case, it is not a recent phenomenon. That graveyard’s keeper has been looking for some unobtrusive homeless people for more than ten years and used the cemetery’s valuable burial objects to lure these people to the cemetery. Now, it seemed that he could no longer wait. Due to the arrival of the [Three evil days and three evil times], he needed more corpses to fill the quota. Hence, he started to act on the local area of ​​Pingxiang, which caused many cases of disappearance.

According to the police’s inspection of the graveyard keeper’s hut, a total of 67 corpses were found. The police blocked this news to prevent a chaotic end to the public.

Now that Su Zi had killed the graveyard’s keeper, and the grieving ghosts gathered in Linshan Cemetery finally being coaxed by Jiang Liu to enter the Underworld, the trouble in Pingxiang seems to have been solved.

However, Linshan Cemetery is no longer suitable to become a cemetery due to its own geomantic omen and the evil spirits cultivated by the land over the past ten years. The ghost emissaries asked the Pingxiang’s government to relocate the cemetery. This place should be sealed and never used again.

Since this matter did not relate to the big evil that was sealed that ancient tomb, this matter was considered a good thing for the people of the National Security Bureau and the ghost emissaries. Before this trip, everyone was already prepared to die on this land.

After knowing that the matter’s source was not due to that monstrous fiend, everyone was relieved. It turned out everything was done by this graveyard’s keeper who had been laying low for the last ten years and finally showing his feet after Jiang Kun’s death.

Only Jiang Liu was not so optimistic about the current situation.

Were all these accidents really caused by the graveyard’s keeper?

Then, what is the explanation behind the ghost emissary’s mark on Qian Duoyu?

There were also other problems such as the disappearing system and the loss of the original body’s memory. Hence, he felt that concerning the matter happening in Pingxiang, there are still many doubts waiting for him to solve.



Jiang Liu opened the shop’s shutter door. Since it has been a long time since it was ventilated, a heavy musty smell permeated inside.

While Qian Duoyu went to pick up his mom, Su Zi followed Jiang Liu back to his incense shop.

At the moment, the relationship between the two is almost semi-transparent. Of course, this is Jiang Liu’s thought. In Su Zi’s view, Jiang Liu is already hers.

“Do you want something to drink ?”

Jiang Liu ushered her in as he rolled up his sleeves and went to the kitchen to get Su Zi a drink.


 Su Zi said without hesitation. She likes this sparkling and sweet drink.

Jiang Liu walked to the kitchen and was about to open the refrigerator to get a drink, but was startled by the little ghost Niuniu who was unknowingly hiding in the corner of the refrigerator.

“Ying ying ying–” [Onomatopoeia for crying.]

The little girl sat on the ground and cry while hugging her knees.

“What’s going on here?”

Jiang Liu looked at the little ghost Niuniu and asked suspiciously.

At this time, Su Zi had also followed Jiang Liu into the kitchen. Seeing her appearance, Niuniu‘s cry got even louder.

Jiang Liu looked at Su Zi curiously. Could it be that Niuniu’s tears is related to her?

“I came here searching for you and she told me that you went to Pingxiang.”

Su Zi paused.

“At that time, her head fell to the ground, and she asked me to pick it up. I think it’s troublesome for her to continue having her head fallen off all the time, so I helped her to stick her head permanently someway or others.”

Su Zi explained the cause and effect seriously, which made that little girl’s cry got even harder. She had been set out to find Jiang Liu this day, so she really could not understand the reason behind this girl’s grievance.


Jiang Liu could not help but laugh.


Niuniu can’t play the ball game anymore, waa waa-“

Niuniu‘s cries matched Jiang Liu’s laughter.

Su Zi only has Jiang Liu in her eyes. Seeing him laughing so happily, the corners of her mouth could not help but raise.

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