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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 114

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 114: God Stick 18

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As soon as they met, Hong Ling and the others felt the difference between themselves and this mysterious woman who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The wailing ghosts on the side turned into ash as they came across Su Zi. From the gate to the graveyard keeper’s hut, Su Zi seemed to be in a land of no man.

The other party is not a ghost emissary, yet, she claimed that she is looking for someone. Who is she looking for?

 “Hehe, another one rushing to die.”

The graveyard’s keeper squinted his eyes as he raised his hand. Suddenly the wind blew loudly. Under his control, the corpses started to rush towards the six ghost emissaries, while the graveyard’s keeper himself focused on dealing with Su Zi.

He also perceived that this uninvited guest is a strong enemy.

“Jiang Liu, we will deal with these puppets first. As for that group of ghosts, we will leave it to you.”

The graveyard’s keeper was actually a difficult enemy for the ghost emissaries. Now that Su Zi had managed to restrain the other party, they could take this opportunity to deal with those corpse puppets and the group of grievous ghosts that have been imprisoned for many years.

In Niu Hong’s view, Jiang Liu is the strongest among them. Hence, he should be able to contain these malevolent ghosts for a period of time. After the five of them overpowered those corpse puppets, they would naturally help Jiang Liu.

As soon as he finished talking, Niu Hong and others rushed towards the corpse puppets, leaving Jiang Liu and the ghost facing each other.

Wait a minute. I am only here to make up the number. How could they leave me with these ghosts all by myself? Rather than killing them, I might be the one who ended up becoming a ghost.

Jiang Liu unconsciously gulped. Now, Su Zi and the graveyard’s keeper were already confronting each other. The graveyard’s keeper is worthy of being able to hide under Jiang Kun’s eyelids for so many years while creating this mass of resentment to cover the entire Pingxiang. Su Zi, who usually could handle the Li gui with ease, could not extract herself from the battle to help Jiang Liu.

As for Niu Hong and others, there are too many corpse puppets constantly crawling out of the ground. So much that the number far exceeded Jiang Liu’s previous estimation. One person obviously had to deal with seven to eight corpse puppets at one time.

The only question left is whether he wanted to run shamelessly and ask for help or face the situation and hold on for a while until the people on either side could help him.

Jiang Liu tried hard to think about this problem, but the ghosts around him did not plan to wait for anyone. While Jiang Liu was still lost in thought, the cloud of ghost fog had already approached him. Liu Yanan, who was the leader, even used her sharp ghost claws to rush towards Jiang Liu. She wanted to pierce his shoulder blades and tore off his arm directly.

Yet the echo of [whizz—] resounded in the air.

Contrary to the ghosts’ expectation, the cloud of mist melted once it touched Jiang Liu’s shoulders. When the mist touched Jiang Liu’s skin, that piece of skin instantly turned golden, acting as a natural barrier, blocking all the damage and ghost from touching him. Instead, the ghost mist that touched him was scorched under the golden light, causing the resentful ghost to howl.

The group of ghosts was scared by this sudden situation. Even the people around Jiang Liu, who noticed this scene looked shocked.

“Damn, how could a person golden light of merit was enough for them to wear it as clothes?”

Niu Hong gathered the golden light of his own merits into his palm. He had been practicing body-strengthening technique, and the golden light enveloping his fist allowed him to cause irreversible damage to the corpse puppets.

It just that, although ghost emissaries can use their merits to transform it into power, each ghost emissaries only have limited amount of it. Just like Niu Hong, he only dared to apply thin layer of merit into the palm of his hand, and only used it during perilous situation.

Yet Jiang Liu was different. The golden light on him looked so spine-chilling, especially under this gloomy weather. It appeared as if it was a special effect in the movies. His golden light was like a golden pillar of light soaring into the sky. That is how great the merit in him, ah. It is not an exaggeration to say he is the darling of Heaven.

Niu Hong could not understand how did Jiang Liu manage to accumulate so much merit when he was obviously younger than any of them. He wonder if Jiang Liu was a good man in his previous life and managed to save a lot of merit that, he can splurge all he wants in this life.

Niu Hong’s guess was correct. Now the owner of this body is Jiang Liu. He could be considered a good person who had accumulated merits for several generations. He may not be able to use something like this in other worlds, but it was different for this mysterious fantasy world. In this plane, his merit has become his life-saving talisman. No matter how powerful the ghost is, they could only endured the feeling of being burned by this golden light.

Yet Jiang Liu had not guessed the strangeness happening to his body. He only thought that there was a mystery power residing inside the original body that he was not aware of. He also thought that maybe his Golden thigh has secretly given him a life-saving talisman.

Moreover, the current situation did not allow him to think about it carefully.


Jiang Liu looked at the group of ghosts who dared not approach him while looking at him in horror. He coughed softly and then stood up straight. He no longer hesitated or looked frightened.

He felt that no matter what, the time for him show-off has finally arrived once again.

“I am a ghost emissary of Yinzhou. According to common sense, all of you ghosts who died in Yinzhou are under my control. Liu Yanan, you were subjected to injustice and died, but I have cleared the grievances for you. Although, you make troubled previously, it could be pardonable. If you stop this action now, I will go to Yanwang and ask him to be lenient to you. However, if you continue to be stubborn, I will not be polite.”

Jiang Liu put his hand on his back, looking like a master. His posture as if these resentful spirit roaring all over the sky, was nothing in his eyes.

“As for the others, all of you have been confined to this terrible place and cannot be reincarnated for a long time. I will also explain this matter to Yanwang and let all of you re-enter the cycle and reincarnate early.”

The majority of these souls were those who had died unjustly, therefore being able to reincarnate was their obsession. Many of them have been imprisoned in this terrible land for a long time and unable to reincarnate. Due to this, they have no way to vent their overflowing anger. Yet Jiang Liu’s words slightly recalled the trace of their sanity.

“I hate it, ah. I want to complain, ah. For more than ten years, we have been tortured by evil spirits every single day. Why did we end up being left behind while some people could easily enter the cycle of reincarnation? Your words could not convince me. I want to destroy this world. God, I want to let everyone taste our pain all these years.”

This group of ghosts was composed of many evil spirits. The one who had been clamoring with a hideous expression seemed to disagree with Jiang Liu’s words.

“Hehe, do you think that those people can be reborn as long as they enter the Underworld?”

When Jiang Liu heard their resentment, he could not help but smiled: “Does a person named Qian Zhenduo ring a bell to you?”

“I know. His grave is next door to mine. The land did not hold his soul, and he managed to directly go to the Underworld. It seemed that he has been dead for seven or eight years.”

These ghosts stopped their hands as they started to whisper one after another about Qian Zhenduo.

“Why can he go to the Underworld, yet we have to stay here and suffer all the torture?”

“That’s it, isn’t it because his birthdate character is too Yang? It’s so unfair.”

A group of ghosts started to talk to each other. None of them paying any attention to Jiang Liu.

“You think he already been reborn, but that is not the case at all.”

Watching these ghosts full of grievance started to complain one after another, Jiang Liu immediately explained: “Do you know how many people are waiting to be reincarnated in the Underworld now? It is estimated that 500 billion souls are waiting to be reincarnated within these 10 years. Even though Qian Zhenduo managed to enter the Underworld, he still needs to wait several decades before he could be reincarnated.”

The Qian Zhenduo in Jiang Liu’s mouth is obviously Qian Duoyu’s old man. The one who was beaten into a pig’s head because his son had burned fake money for him.

“Huh, 500 billion? Is it so hard to obtain the ticket to reincarnate?”

“How could the seat to reincarnate became so hard to get, ah? Even if we could not be born as human beings, could we not be reborn as a panda? Or worse, reborn as dog or cat?”

The ghosts who were anxious started to surround Jiang Liu and asked.

The other two sides are currently fighting fiercely, while the people on this site were passionately chatting. The scene was truly marveled to the eyes.

“You ah, this older brother is really ambitious, still wanted to be reborn as a panda?”

Jiang Liu looked at the male ghost who demands to be reincarnated as a panda. “Do you know that pandas only give birth to a few cubs a year? Those people who looked after them set these numbers. It is already difficult for ordinary ghosts to reincarnate as human beings, let alone, reborn as a panda.”

“Ei, it is not easy to be a ghost nowadays, ah. In the early years of family planning, every family only gave birth to one child. With so many ghosts waiting for reincarnation, the number of newborns simply did not meet the demand. Not only that, did you know about Meng Po? She had been monopolizing the patent for the soup. She is the only one selling [Mengpo soup] in the entire prefecture, and the daily number of soups is also limited. Therefore, the possibilities to be reincarnated, also becoming rarer and rarer.”

Jiang Liu started to explain why it was difficult for the ghost in the Underworld to reincarnate.

“Now, all these young people are too delicate. Back then, we didn’t feel anything giving birth to four or five children, but people nowadays are not even willing to give birth to two.”

An old lady said with feelings: “My daughter-in-law is totally like that. I told her that I would take care of the children for her, but she refused to help me give birth to a granddaughter.”

“Who wouldn’t say no? After all, raising children is expensive nowadays. If there is one, then that child can be raised carefully. But if there is two, even if they wished for it, their wallet might not be so powerful, ah.”

As the old men and old ladies started to talk about children and education, the topic began to shift once again. Due to various topics to talk about, they started to chat warmly, and the atmosphere was naturally got a lot better.

Jiang Liu looked at the grievance ghosts who were addicted to chatting and started to persuade them: “You shouldn’t feel that you have been wronged. It is really not good to be a ghost. Didn’t I tell you about that Qian Zhenduo? He did go to the Underworld early, but the price of the commodity in the Underworld is high. Even though he had been a ghost for more than seven years, yet he couldn’t even afford to own a scented candle. He finally entered his son’s dream and asked him to burn some coins. However, it ended up being a counterfeit currency. The Underworld’s officer beat him before he could even spend it.”

This group of souls who previously miffed could not help but gulp. Is the Underworld so difficult to mix in? Aren’t those coins the same from one to another? There is still indicator between real and fake?

Some ghosts started to gloat. Previously they were miffed whenever they thought that Qian Zhendou managed to enter the Underworld without a hitch. Who knew that he was beaten in the end.

“Speaking of which, you are all ghosts under my jurisdiction. It is also my negligence that all of you failed to enter the Underworld. In this way, in addition to finding relationships so that you can reincarnate as soon as possible, I will give you some compensation.”

Jiang Liu took out his cell phone while talking.

“What compensation are you talking about?”

The one who threw out this question was an old lady. When she heard the word compensation, her ghost eyes brightened as she started to rub her thumb and index finger. Her face was full of laughter, and there is no trace of resentment.

“Although I could try opening the back door for you, truthfully, my abilities are limited. Hence, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to reincarnate right away. In this way, after I take you down to the Underworld, I will burn a villa and a sports car for each of you. I will also burn Ming coins on your birthday, death day, and on the day of the Qingming Festival. This is the official currency for the Underworld, which is different from the fake coins sold outside.”

As he said that, Jiang Liu turned on his phone: “Come, come, come. Choose what kind of style you would like to have. If this does not work, you can specifically tell me about it. I’ll do it for you when I go back.”

Jiang Liu showed the cellphone’s screen in his hand. What displayed on it were the pictures of all paper products available in his store.

“Aiyo, this villa is so stylish.”

“This is a two-story villa. I want a four-story villa. I will pick up my old wife to live in it together. If my parents and in-laws are still waiting in line in the Underworld, it will be more spacious for the whole family to live in. Besides, if the reincarnations are so difficult to get, maybe I can wait until my children and grandchildren come to live there. Therefore, a two-storey villa will not be enough for me.”

Many ghosts agreed to this. Everyone started to look for villas above four floors and lamented that there was no such manor available.

“There is still a Ferrari. I didn’t expect to be able to drive this car when I was alive, but I would still be blessed when I die.”

“I like Bentley. It’s not that I think it is expensive, but that the chicken wings on the logo are lovely.”

A group of ghosts started to look at the photos and pointed at them. Jiang Liu also praised their choice from time to time, such as [Madam, you have a good vision, this villa is magnificent], or [You are handsome, and this Rolls Royce will match you]. His praise made this group of grievous ghosts amused.

But not all resentful ghosts are so foolish. For example, Liu Yanan. She did not participate in this topic at all. A mass of resentment still enveloped her as she watched Jiang Liu warily.

The golden light that came from Jiang Liu’s merits also hurt her. Hence, she was afraid and did not dare to attack him again.

The ghost emissaries who already managed to subdue all ghost puppets started to approach Jiang Liu to deal with malevolent ghosts. Yet, watching the lively conversation in front of them, their mind could not help turned mush.

Who am I? Where am I? Is that MLM guy in front of me still my colleague?

As it turned out, nowadays, ghost can still be subdued like this?

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The author has something to say:

Father Qian: For what reason that I got unjustly attack?

Originally, this chapter was about how to fight ghosts. Hence, the scene was a bit scary. After writing, deleting, deleting, and writing, finally, after thinking about it, I still decided to mix sand sculptures with the horror elements.

T/N: Sand sculptures – silly and ridiculous [Not in a bad way]

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