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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 113

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 113: God Stick 17

On the other side, Jiang Liu and others have entered the cemetery and reached the location of the cemetery’s hut.

Niu Hong who walked in the front, kicked the wooden door open.

This small house was not big. It was about 15 square meters in area. The furniture inside this house was also very simple. There was a bed, a simple wardrobe, and another partition for the bathroom, equipped with toilet and shower facilities.

There was no separate kitchen in the room. However, a small gas tank and a small stove were placed in the room with pots and pans placed directly on the ground aside.

Perhaps because of the frequent use of fires inside the room, there was a thick layer grease not only inside the room but also on the sheets and quilts, making it looked extremely dirty.

“Did you smell something? It smells so bad.”

Niu Hong was holding his nose. This was definitely not the smell of grease accumulated from cooking all year-round. This smell was more like the smell of rotting corpses.

“Smell it!”

Jiang Liu looked at this small room. It was unknown when Jiang Liu had an extra wooden stick in his hand. He picked up the sheets and quilt on the bed and the door of the wardrobe table. There were not many places to hide things in this small room. Yet, even after searching all the places possible for hiding, he still could not find the source of the rotting odour.

“I think there is something wrong with this graveyard’s keeper!”

Niu Hong could not find the source of the corpse odour, nor Zang Ye and others, so he was a little worried.

Now he puts the focus of his suspicion on the graveyard’s keeper. Whether it is Liu Yanan, whose ghost power has suddenly increased, or those who have disappeared near Linshan, they seemed to be inextricably related to this cemetery. Furthermore, the lame old man’s disappearance also further deepened Niu Hong’s suspicion.




Jiang Liu motioned Niu Hong not to speak. There seemed to be some noise.




The sound was getting louder, and faster. It seemed to be coming from the underground.

Jiang Liu and the others looked at the wooden floor under their feet. They looked at each other before the start to dig using the things in their hand.


Tian Kui was the first one who was unable to hold it. He ran to the side and retched. Jiang Liu and Niu Hong were better. However, their complexion was also very ugly.

Only a small half of the planks were dug out yet they could already see multiple corpses. Many of them had rotten bones, covered with maggots and insects. Some of the corpses were relatively complete and recognizable. Jiang Liu was able to identify and link it to the missing persons reported by the police before.

 “One, two, three… Twenty-nine.”

Jiang Liu counted the number of corpses he could see at the bottom of the pit, and the number far exceeded the number reported by the police.

His heart chilled. The person behind the scenes killed so many people and piled those bodies here. Yet it was unknown what he was planning on doing.

“Jiang Liu, Tian Kui, have you noticed that the rustling sound had disappeared?”

Niu Hong stared at the pile of corpses. His expression still steady, but his voice faintly trembled.

“It’s all dead, what is it that made noise just now?”

As soon as his words fell, a corpse among the pile suddenly opened its eyes and slowly stood up.

“Cough cough cough, I was discovered. You annoying ghost emissaries really could not leave people to live peacefully, ah.”

This person was small and thin, with sparse hair on his head. There were few pieces of rotten flesh hung on his scalp. He was so thin that his skin seemed to wrap his bones, making him look like a walking skeleton frame with sunken eyes and muddy white sclera.

Isn’t this person the keeper of this cemetery?

What kind of perversion to actually sleeping with these decomposed corpses?

“Living corpses! You actually use your own body to refine living corpses!”

[T/N: similar to zombie, chinese version]

Tian Kui obviously guessed what the graveyard’s keeper had been planning on doing.

“Oh, so smart.”

The graveyard’s keeper bent over as he covered his mouth with his hand, and coughed slightly.

“More than ten years ago, I lied to a stupid person and told him that the feng shui of this cemetery was excellent. Since then, rich people in Pingxiang and the surrounding areas started to flock this place trying to book a cemetery spot. Yet, they do not know that the living water in front was actually stagnant, and the old shaded trees behind have already withered their roots. This is actually a terrible place. Hahaha, cough cough.”

It seemed that the graveyard’s keeper felt that these just-graduated-ghost emissaries were not his opponents. Therefore he decided to take his time explaining his grand scheme.

“Over the past ten years, I have carefully selected suitable people to be used as the refinement tool for my body. I used their grievances and corpses’ qi to nourish my body. Whenever it is overcast, I will nourish my soul using those ghosts imprisoned in this land of death. In just a few incense sticks, my long-awaited period of [Three evil days and three evil times] will finally arrive. By then, I will swallow the Li gui that I have been cultivated and finally become the immortal living corpse. Before long, I will be able to break out from the confinement of these three realms. Even if Heavenly Emperor Fengdu descended to the mortal world, it is still unknown whether he can do anything to me!”

After saying that, the other party coughed slightly.

He behaved like a weak old man who was about to die, but his word was in contrast to his behavior, which was totally creepy.

“Then we just need to kill you before you become a living corpse!”

Niu Hong raised his eyebrows and directly attacked the graveyard’s keeper with his bare hands. However, before he get close to him, the corpses in the pit stood up one by one, and like a puppet, they started to form a wall around the graveyard’s keeper

“Hehe, even Jiang Kun didn’t notice my existence. You, young boys, are still dreaming of destroying me? Truly overestimating your own worth. If you can’t help yourself, then let my corpse puppet have fun with you.”

The graveyard’s keeper retreated behind the corpse puppets as he smiled gloomily.


When all is said and done, Jiang Liu is someone who has experienced several worlds previously. Despite the mischievous smile that often graced his lips, he is still someone with great wisdom.

He noticed a problem. He felt that it is weird for the graveyard’s keeper to be so talkative.

The other party has been dormant in Yinzhou for more than ten years. All for the sake of refining his own body as a living corpse. In Jiang Liu’s heart, this living dead who lives with the corpse all day long should not be someone who likes to explain his own path to success while facing the opponents. It impossible for him to act like a person who has encountered many setbacks and hardships in reality and turned to the Internet to show off his upcoming glory.

The way he talk was not like showing off but rather a tactic to delay the time.

But if the other party is trying to delay time, who made the rustling sound they heard from under the floor?

Jiang Liu did not have time to think about it. Hongling and the others, who had not been seen since they arrived at Linshan, has finally appeared. They have been fighting with something and currently retreating to meet Jiang Liu’s party at the graveyard keeper’s hut.

As Hongling’s group approaching their location, Jiang Liu also saw that the things that have been chasing Hongling’s group were a collection of grievous souls.

A thick black and red fog as well as the grimacing faces vying to come out of the thick fog, with twisted and hideous faces. Among them, the most powerful one is Liu Yanan. The ghost wailings were so terrible. Not to mention that these ghost powers seemed to be growing.

“This entire cemetery has almost become an invisible jar of gu in the making. These soul bodies are those who died unjustified and whose characters are already drenched with yin. Due to their inability to reincarnate, their resentment continues to accumulate.”

[T/N: It was said that various poisonous insects would be put inside a jar in making a gu. Of course, there is an incantation for it. These insects will fight and kill each other, and the last remaining insect in the jar will be the gu. Kind of like the last man standing. The similar principle was used above, where he used the cemetery as a jar, and all these Li gui will devour each other until the last powerful Li gui remains. If you are interested, Ghost Hunt episode 14 – 17 has a similar situation.]

Zang Ye, who got slightly injured, said: “How did this old man conceal his activity? He actually raised such this kind of Gui under your father’s eyelids.”

 He saw the graveyard’s keeper who has been hiding behind the corpse puppet and guessed the general context.

“Since you have killed so many people, aren’t you afraid of karma? Before you could become a living corpse, the Heaven would first strike you to death with a lightning bolt!”

Jin Zhuo was young and energetic youth. After hearing Tiankui’s brief confession, he glared at the graveyard’s keeper and said.

Now there are wolves in front of them and tigers behind them. It was unknown when Master Yuanming and others will arrive to support them.


The graveyard keeper smiled and responded: “Why should I be afraid of the Karma? These people ran to my graveyard to steal those dead people’s belonging—leading the owner of those things to kill those thieves. I just borrowed their useless corpses. As for these wronged souls, this terrible land was the one who trapped their resentful soul for their Yin energy. As for others who died due to their old age, isn’t it because their birth date character was full of Yang that they managed to go to the Underworld and reincarnate well? Therefore, what relation did it have with me? Do I have to bear anything from all these coincidences?”

This graveyard’s keeper was also once a member of the Xuanmen. Naturally, he knew what karma was. Hence, it took him nearly 20 years to play this big game. Now, no one can stop him.

“Did you kill my dad on Qingming Festival?”

Jiang Liu suddenly asked.

He still felt that this graveyard keeper is stalling for time. It just fine with him since he also has a few questions he wanted to ask the other party.

“Your dad? Jiang Kun?”

The graveyard keeper coughed a few times: “They have caused big trouble on their own. What does it have to do with me? I just want to train my living corpse.”

“Why did you spare my friend on that day?”

Jiang Liu then asked.

“Your friend?”

The graveyard keeper pondered: “You mean that kid? Cough, cough. His Yang energy is so heavy. Why should I leave him here? You think I am so foolish to damage my Yin feng shui?”

The graveyard keeper obviously remembered Qian Duoyu who had spent the night at his hut on the day of the Qingming festival as his face showed a touch of disgust. If the person who stayed that night has a body full of Yin energy, the possibilities that there will be many more corpses under the hut are unavoidable.

The graveyard keeper’s answer raised some question regarding Jiang Liu’s previous conjectures. Could it be that this graveyard keeper is lying? Or did his thought process strayed in the wrong direction? Could it be that some of the problems arising from this Linshan Cemetery have nothing to do with the death of the previous ghost emissaries? Yet why did the ghost emissary’ mark suddenly appeared on Qian Duoyu?

“Cough, cough. Have you kids finished with your question? If so, then I am going to take flesh and blood of you ghost emissaries and used it for my living corpse’s body.”

It seemed that the time has finally arrived as the graveyard’s keeper raised his head and looked at the moon that was covered by the shadow with a frantic smile.

“Dong Dong——”

Before the graveyard keeper could do anything, the cemetery’s iron gate not far away was knocked by something.

It was unknown when a girl wearing a black windbreaker and black sneakers stood outside the door.

She ignored the terrifying ghost puppets who stood not far away. Her lips raised slightly, as she looked inside the house and said.

“I am here to find someone.”

It seemed that Jiang Liu really likes these ghosts, ah. She had been wondering why he had not come to her for dinner for so many days. It turned out that had been running here to play with these little ghosts.

Standing outside the gate, Su Zi looked at Jiang Liu with eyes full of indulgences.

T/N: Su Zi really appeared like [the CEO only likes me] character, ah (/ε\*). I am jealous~

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