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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: God Stick 16

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With the revelation of the fresh pieces of evidence, the police force naturally issued an announcement related to this case as soon as possible.

The case overturning had caused some face slapped, yet it was unfortunate that the victim was already dead. Even if the police wished for the victim not to be wrong, because the perpetrator was underage and still lying in the hospital because of serious injury, the punishment was still pending.

However, what shocked the police was the public’s scepticism over their latest announcement. Many refused to believe the latest results given by the police. Instead, they insisted on their belief that the old lady truly scamming others and her husband as being poisonous and immoral.

[Hehe, the police force is acting cowardly. Were they scared by the recent rumours that they decided to confess lest the Old Lady Liu would go to them in the middle of the night? Are they treating us for a fool?]

[Precisely. I dare to eat three barrels of trash if this sudden overturning has nothing to do with that haunted case. These police officers are too useless. What decade are you living in? Do they still believe that the ghosts exist in the world?]

[Hahaha, upstairs, there may be ghosts in this world. While she was alive, that old lady was so shameless that she could even blackmail a young child. After death, she was naturally more fierce than the average person. She might turn into a ghost and fly into a rage out of humiliation. She might seek those people who degrade her for revenge.]

These people didn’t even read the announcement and the related evidence given by the police. The first reaction was to suspect the new announcement.

Of course, it’s not like there are no sane people in this world. However, truly sane people will not take sides with anyone without decisive evidence. Therefore, this wave of people has always been bystanders, and they have not taken part in supporting or satirizing both the old lady and Xu Bo. However, at this moment, with the appearance of these decisive pieces of evidence and the truth being restored, they finally expressed their regrets for the old lady Liu.

Some people even asked whether they could donate money to help the old Lady Liu’s surviving husband, old man Xu, after learning about the family’s situation.

 “Really, the evidence is so clear. Why did these people act like a blind man? Why did they continue to abuse and scold the old lady Liu? Aren’t these people afraid that old lady Liu will visit them at night?”

Qian Duoyu is an internet addict. He swiped the unsightly comments on the Internet and was about to explode in anger from reading it.

At this moment, he really wishes that the old lady Liu ghost will go to those netizens and grabbed these no-brainers, irrational, and ignorant scum with no moral values, and let them swallow the keyboard in front of them.

It was unknown if Murphy’s Law was at work. Yet, as soon as the word came out from Qian Duoyu’s mouth, the electricity inside the police station suddenly tripped, leaving the whole room in a dark mess.


Qian Duoyu was so scared that he jumped towards Jiang Liu. He clung onto his body and refused to let go.

Is the old lady Liu here? Thinking about it carefully, old lady Liu has retaliated against so many people, yet she is yet to attack the few police officers who handled the case.

Jiang Liu was also afraid in his heart, but his golden thigh was not there. He also could not arbitrarily hug Niu Hong beside him.

He was also a decent person, with the burden of having to maintain one’s image. Therefore, outwardly he still needed to maintain his face while facing these outsiders.

“didadi, didadi, didadidadidadi—”

Niu Hong’s cell phone rang suddenly. He answered the phone while looking around vigilantly.

“Bad news, Xu Yong is dead!”

Zang Ye’s voice on the other end of the phone was a little hurried: “We are a step too late. The other party hang himself, and his soul cannot be found. Liu Yanan’s ghost is getting crazy, and now the sky outside has changed!”

Xu Yong was Liu Yanan’s husband. When Liu Yanan was alive, he believed in his wife and received a lot of abuse on the Internet. Yet, he continued to stand erect and quietly sold his cemetery, letting his wife see the doctor for treatment.

Yet the money has already been spent, but the old lady’s condition continued to be unfavourable. Because of the pent-up frustration, she died soon after.

Although the older man was very sad some time ago, he still supported his wife and dealt with the funeral. People also saw him buying vegetables and cooking normally. Therefore, no one thought he would commit suicide.

They did not know if the old man Xu was worried about committing suicide in the rental house and causing trouble to the property owner, or if he wanted to be closer to his wife and daughter when he died. This morning, Xu Yong asked the property owner to refund the rest of the rent and then gave some of his own things to his relatives and neighbours in the rental house. He then wore his most decent clothes, before heading to Linshan Cemetery, tied a rope to an enormous tree close to it, and hung himself.

Hong Ling and the others were planning to rush to Linshan Cemetery to investigate the situation. As they arrived there, they saw Xu Yong’s body floating on the tree outside the cemetery. There was also a thick black ghost mist beside him.


The shrill cry seemed to resound like a thunder in the sky above Pingxiang.

Jiang Liu and the others not only heard the scream from the phone, but they could also clearly hear the scream at the top of the police station.

Li gui Liu Yanan’s grievance had increased with Xu Yong’s death. Yet, even if she had great grievances, she was just a malicious spirit which is yet to see blood. It has been a few days since her death, therefore how did she possessed such ability?

Someone is raising these ghosts!

This was the first reaction of all the ghost emissaries present.

This incident seemed to involve more than the evil fiend from the ancient tomb.   


“What the hell it is? The sun was still fine just now. Why did it suddenly become cloudy?”

“I wonder how the power supply bureau did their work.  How could they cut off the electricity without notice?”

When Jiang Liu and others came out of the police station, they heard many pedestrians’ complaints. These people did not even know about the incoming danger, yet they were still complaining about the sky’s sudden darkening and the sudden power outage.

Some people even took pictures and posted them on Moments and Weibo, sharing the sudden weather changes. Their reactions were comparable to ancient times when people thought a dog had eaten the sun (solar eclipse).

“By the way, did you hear the wail just now?”

“I heard it, maybe some neuropathy being too excited.”

“Impossible, my friend also heard it all the way from Huarun Building. It takes over ten minutes’ drive from here to there. Who can scream so far?”

“Maybe those neuropathies had some pact and howled from all over the place. Otherwise, are you going to say that it was a ghost’s wail? We are all people who have gone to school and received an education, okay?”

Many people are still interested in that inexplicable wailing, but no one really thought that wailing had something related to ghost or other supernatural events.

Jiang Liu and the others hurriedly got into the car and rushed to Linshan Cemetery. Simultaneously, Hong Ling and others tried to stop the Li gui Liu Yanan, but the opponent or the manipulator behind the scene was too powerful. Even with the three of them added together, there was still a faint feeling of them being unable to suppress the other party.

Zang Ye notified not only Niu Hong but also Yuanming and others who previously had been rushing to check the seal situation at the ancient tomb.

Linshan was on the edge of Pingxiang. Pingxiang was not small. When Jiang Liu and others arrived, more than half an hour had passed. They saw only a piece of scorched land and trees on the scene. There were many broken pieces scattered on the ground. Several poisonous creatures such as spiders, scorpions, and snakes ought to be something belonged to Hong Ling.

“Where are they?”

The ghost’s aura seemed condensed at the scene. Niu Hong swallowed his saliva and walked in vigilantly. Jiang Liu and Tiankui followed from behind. As for Qian Duoyu, Jiang Liu had thrown him many life-saving talismans and let him stay honestly at the hotel.

“I don’t know. The magnetic field was messed up somehow. I can’t use the compass to find the position of that Li gui.”

Tian Kui frowned and looked at the non-rotating compass in his hand as he replied softly.

Jiang Liu really missed his golden thighs very much. Although golden thigh has a special habit and liked to watch him scream and cry after being scared by those Li gui, at least when dealing with Li gui, the golden thigh has never let him down.

The closer they were to the cemetery, the quieter they were. The three of them could only hear their own heartbeats.


Their heartbeat jumped faster and faster.


Wang Ye is a native of Pingxiang. He was 28 years old and a NEET. He used to rely on being a keyboard warrior to pass judgement on everything.

Perhaps because his relatives and friends often rejected him, he had accumulated the anger that he did not dare to vent in reality. Therefore, he had been using the Internet to scold everything and anything. The Internet became his best vent channel.

The matter between Liu Yanan and Xu Bo happened in Pingxiang, and he naturally paid attention to it.

Like most people, when he saw this news, he believed that this was another elderly swindling others. He regarded himself as the cyber police officer, and he naturally took this opportunity to sanction Liu Yanan using the internet. He dug Liu Yanan’s experience and even left a message that Liu Yanan’s daughter deserved to die early for having a mother like her.

This morning, he saw the police’s clarification announcement. He also had carefully read the announcement and recent emerging evidence.

Yet, he still insisted on his previous ideas.

How corrupted the police force is nowadays? They must have forged these evidences. How can the netizen take it seriously? Perhaps some relative in the Liu family is an official who decided to shelter the Liu family and threatened the police to change their previous verdict.

How could Wang Ye believe that the evidence is true? After all, if he admitted that the evidence is true, wouldn’t that means that the words he used to scold Liu Yanan before are wrong? Then, wouldn’t he slap his own face? How could Wang Ye do such a thing?

Wang Ye, who finally felt refreshed after venting, felt the urgency and went to the bathroom.

As he was humming a little song while washing his hands, the power suddenly went out. The sudden darkness shocked Wang Ye. Fortunately, as an otaku, he had never gone anywhere without his mobile phone. Therefore, he immediately turned on the mobile phone’s flashlight.

Wang Ye continued to wash his hands. After he dried his hands and was about to trim his hair, his line of sight clashed with something in the mirror.


Wang Ye’s teeth knocked against each other as he shivered.

The light from the flashlight was not strong. Under the faint light from the mirror, he could see that there was a rickety figure stood behind him.

“I didn’t lie; he was the one who hit me—”

The sad and old female voice was so cold that it could almost pierce the bone marrow, sounded in his ears.


Wang Ye screamed crazily.

Such scenes appeared in many places in Pingxiang at the same time.

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