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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 111

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 111: God Stick 15

“The third screen on the first row, reverse to 6:45:37, and the seventh screen on the first row, replay to 6:47:02.”

Jiang Liu directed the police officer who controls the surveillance video.

 “The first screen on the second row, adjust the time to 6:49:31, and the second screen on the second row, adjust the time to 6:49:33.”

“Xu Bo is the one who lied!”

After issuing such instructions, Jiang Liu categorically came to such a conclusion. Not only did Niu Hong and Qian Duoyu who followed him get confused, but the police officers on the side also looked blank.

“Eh, no, how did you came to the conclusion that Xu Bo was lying?”

Qian Duoyu walked over to Jiang Liu and asked in a low voice. After getting along for a while, he found that Jiang Liu had a little hobby of being a pretentious prick like him. Still, Qian Duoyu believed that his hobby of being pretentious prick also depended on the occasion, unlike the current Jiang Liu.

Did he really think himself as a genius detective in a detective TV show, with a pair of eyes that can monitor a dozen screens at once and memorize every video in a short time?

He is overacting too much, ah!

“Mr Jiang, how did you judge that Xu Bo had lied? Our colleagues in the bureau have checked these dozens of video data hundreds of times. Even after repeated examination and comparison, we still could not turn up any evidence. It also includes the images you are now asking us to suspend. Therefore how could this help the case?”

The police officers present are already familiar with these dozen or so videos. They could already become proficient in recounting the time when different images appeared. Yet, Jiang Liu has hastily made such a conclusion just from seeing it for a short time. His action is so absurd and tantamount to ridicule their hard days.

“The two videos in the first row recorded the scenes of Liu Yanan and Xu Bo walking and cycling close to the crime scene.”

Jiang Liu pointed to the first two videos that were paused. He walked to the police officer, took over the controller, and started playing when he commanded the pause until they were no longer shot. He then paused the video.

“This is a math problem.”

As a top mathematician, Jiang Liu’s mental arithmetic ability has long been scary enough to be comparable to a calculator. At almost the same time as watching the video, he calculated the speed of their actions.

Liu Yanan walked very slowly as she dictated. When there is no special situation, an older person will not suddenly change their action frequency in a short time. Based on her walking speed, Jiang Liu inferred the duration of time that she needed to walk to the crime scene. The time that she arrived at the location should be 6:49:30, which included a margin of error.

As for Xu Bo, this kid is riding too fast. If he kept the speed as seen in the video, when he reached the turning point when the crime occurred, the time should be around 6:49:30.

Of course, because both of them have a blind spot for a few minutes during their respective journeys, no one can be sure whether they have changed their speed within a few minutes of the blind spot. Thus, Jiang Liu’s algorithm still has certain loopholes.

It’s just that Jiang Liu has two other pieces of evidence to prove that his inference is not wrong.

“The first screen on the second row. Let us zoom in on the rotating cylinder in front of the salon. As for the second screen, zoom in on the small round mirror in the upper right corner.”

After listening to Jiang Liu’s so-called math problems, the people at the scene had vaguely felt that Jiang Liu was still reliable. Therefore, after he gave the next instruction, they immediately picked up his energy and looked at the two long partial magnifications pictures.

“There is nothing!”

Niu Hong didn’t have much patience. He was tired of seeing these two pictures, and he saw no evidence related to the case.

“Could you please process the reflection scene to the highest level possible on this picture?”

Jiang Liu looked at the technical police officer and said.

Under the police officer’s operation, the originally vaguely reflective picture soon became clearer. At least, the outline can be seen.

This video was retrieved from the security camera of the small family shop opposite the hair salon. The location of this shop is very close to the three-way intersection of the incident. Still, the camera angle avoids the location of the incident.

What was astonishing is that the reflection from the rotating cylinder at the entrance of the hair salon actually restored the scene of Xu Bo riding a bicycle at that time after being magnified and specially processed,

In this freeze-frame picture, Xu Bo was riding a bicycle and was about to cross the three-way intersection. However, no old woman seemed to fall on the ground as he had previously claimed.

“Look carefully at this position.”

Jiang Liu clicked on the spot in the somewhat fuzzy and distorted reflection: “Look at this shape like a toe cap, but the corner wall is still blocking the figure. If I guess it right, this should be the shoes that Liu Yanan wore that day. When Xu Bo was riding a bicycle to cross the three-way intersection, she should be coming from another direction.”

“And Xu Bo’s state also shown on the screen!”

Although the picture is blurry, these people still can distinguish the silhouette of the rider. At this time, Xu Bo did not even have his hand on the handlebars. Let alone have the ability to ring the bell; he would not even be able to brake when he pass the fork in the road as previously claimed by the old lady.

“And this picture.”

Jiang Liu pointed to another picture that was temporarily being zoomed in. The reflection on this picture was much clearer than the previous one.

Some people like to hang a mirror in front of their homes. This is based on Feng Shui’s belief that it will block the robbery and return the bad things that should have entered their homes. The owner of the building in this video is obviously also superstitious. A two-dollar plastic round mirror hangs on the side of his doorway. It also happened to be nailed to the frame. This mirror reflects the old lady’s panic expression who fell in a hurry to avoid the bicycle that suddenly rushed out.

Now it’s clear. Everything is just like what Liu Yanan had said. She walked normally, and suddenly a high school student riding a bicycle came too fast and did not ring the bell to remind her. She managed to dodge yet ended up fell to the ground.

Although there was no direct collision, Xu Bo was responsible for the old lady’s injuries.

However, to evade responsibility, Xu Bo actually changed his mind after sending the old lady to the hospital. He started claiming that he saw the old lady fall, and decided to send her to the hospital in the name of doing good deeds, but ended up being blackmailed by her.

He didn’t mention the situation at the time of the incident. He insisted that the old lady had fallen when he rode over. He took advantage of him being a minor and the current public opinion against the elderly blackmailing fraud. He turned the black to white and framed an innocent elderly.

Even after Liu Yanan’s gloomy end, neither he nor the indiscriminate pushers of the public opinion could be considered as innocent.

Of course, there are still those who did not give the old lady an innocence instead continued to flame the fire. They should also say sorry to the old lady.

At this time, everyone present was speechless.

Part of it was to apologize to the innocent old lady, and another part was admiring Jiang Liu.

The police have considered the first point he pointed out. However, due to the existence of the blind spot for a few minutes, it was not included in the scope of evidence. Hence, the police have been ignoring these two later points of evidence.

Yet, this could not be blamed on them. After all, the police are not like Jiang Liu, who has a brain developed to the extreme in reaction and observation.

The police have also studied the glass cylinder’s reflection in the hair salon, which can be used as decisive evidence. Still, the light and the surrounding environment affect the reflection. Unlike Jiang Liu, at that time, they only glanced at it and did not take action to restore the picture at that time. After all, without any technical restoration, the picture recorded only lasted not more than one second in their naked eyes.

“At that time, the old lady Liu took my hand and said that she was not in the wrong.”

The deputy captain of the traffic police brigade in charge of handling this case has a bitter voice as he clenched his fists.

At that time, why didn’t he watch these video hundreds of times? If he found out, would there be such a tragedy now?

“Uncle Xu also told me that his wife has never lied.”

The young police officer on the side took off his cap while he took a seat at the side, looking dismayed.

The uncle Xu in his mouth is Liu Yanan’s husband. He has suffered successively in shock after losing his daughter, wife and being infamous. The other’s body is not as good as the previous days.

If this had not happened, if Xu Bo had not lied, if the police could have been more helpful, would this old couple still be able to live their old age of daily bread, rice, oil, salt, vinegar, sauce and tea happily?

Yet, there is no if in this world. Things have already come to this point and what left is only regret.

Jiang Liu sometimes thinks about this question. Is late justice could still be considered as justice?

However, he could not give an answer to it.

T/N: Despite the shamelessness of our MC and the comedy surrounding his antic, what I love about this author is not how she touches the greater issues of the world, but issues that are very close to us that let the reader could not help but ponder and reflect on our previous behaviour.

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