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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 110

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 110: God Stick 14

“I always feel that there is some problem with that Linshan Cemetery!”

Qian Duoyu resolutely made an analysis. He could not help but felt chilled after saying it aloud.

You should know that many people have disappeared in Linshan these days. Whether those people are dead or alive, it is still unknown. Although Qian Duoyu was still here, unharmed, he could not help feel that there is still a knife hanging on his neck. He did not know whether it is a good or bad that he did not end being one of the missing people and instead was branded with this strange totem.

“Hey, why did you finish eating all the duck intestines? This is already the last pieces, and I haven’t even tasted it yet!”

Just as Qian Duoyu looked at the depleted snack sadly as Jiang Liu silently ate the best duck intestines, leaving only the last piece.

Qian Duoyu immediately grabbed the last piece of duck intestines from Jiang Liu’s hands as he immediately sucked it into his mouth. As soon as the crunchy and spicy taste reached his tongue, and the panic in his heart instantly became lesser.

Sure enough, good food is a cure for everything.

“I think that graveyard keeper is suspicious. If you have time, you can visit that person with other ghost emissaries.”

Qian Duoyu was currently gnawing on the pig feet while talking with a full mouth. He did not dare to stop fearing that all those delicious snacks will end up in Jiang Liu’s belly.

“No hurry, no hurry.”

Jiang Liu waved his hand dismissively. Even if Qian Duoyu did not remind him, Jiang Liu still plans to visit Linshan cemetery eventually.


At three o’clock in the afternoon, all the capable people gathered under the National Security Bureau’s arrangement finally assembled. Jiang Liu also personally met the teammates who are going to fight alongside him afterwards.

Hongling, the only female ghost emissary on the scene, was originally from Jiangdong. The ghost emissary who was being stationed in that area came from the ethnic minorities who migrated here hundreds of years ago. It was said that they originated from the branch of Miao nationality and every ghost emissaries came from this tribe. In addition to the abilities bestowed by the Heavenly Emperor Fengdu, they also possessed a superb Gu and corpse control technique that could bring terror to the outside world.

[T/N: Gu technique. A curse techniques using a worm-like insect that feed on blood]

Jiangdong’s previous ghost emissary was also the tribe’s female shaman. Therefore, after inheriting the ghost emissary position, Hongling was also promoted as the female shaman of her tribe witch.

When Jiang Liu walked into the meeting room, Hong Ling, covered in black gauze, sat in the corner with multi-coloured poisonous spiders climbing on her. Apparently, many of the other people seemed to be afraid of this Miao woman’s Gu technique. Therefore, no one dared to sit beside her.

Jiang Liu was not only afraid of ghosts but also these multi-legged insects. Naturally, he chose a place far away from the Hongling to sit down.

The youngest of these people, Jin Zhuo, is from Jiangbei. He was barely fifteen years old. Perhaps his grandfather has guarded him since young; therefore, he appeared as a teenager full of youthful vigour yet not well-versed in life affairs. When Jiang Liu first came in, he heard Jin Zhuo argued with people from the National Security Bureau. He had been questioning the action of letting the ghost emissaries deal with something completely unrelated to the seal’s matter.

It can be seen that he and his grandfather have a deep relationship, hence his eagerness for revenge. However, after all said and done, his action is still rude and reckless.

The other three ghost emissaries were Jiang Zhong from Tiankui, Niu Hong from Fenyang, and Zang Ye from Xuzhou.

Among them, Jiang Zhong is proficient in astrology and divination. Fenyang’s Niu Hong has the ancestral body training technique. Even if he encountered Mao Zheng, he has the power to fight it without using the ghost emissary’s ability. Subsequently, Zang Ye has the inheritance of Vajrayana Buddhist scripture, which allowed its user became invisible. The one who was out of their expectation was the young Jin Zhuo. Although he inherited the mantle from his grandfather, he failed to learn the ancestral skills due to his grandfather’s unexpected death. Therefore, their family skills ended in his grandfather’s generation.

[T/N: Mao Zheng – Chinese Zombie]

While Jiang Liu was observing others, he was not aware that the people around him were also looking at him. In the eyes of the other five ghost emissaries, he should have inherited Jiang Kun’s attainments in Taoism. Therefore, naturally, this time around, they also regarded him as one of the main forces in extinguishing that evil spirit.

Of course, in addition to these six ghost emissaries, several experts and officers from the National Security Bureau also gathered at the venue.

One is a casual cultivator who claims to be Wuling Sanren. There were also two monks, Yuanming and Yuantong, who came from Lingshan Temple. Lastly, there is also a Taoist priest named Zhang Qianqiu to join their team.

These ghost emissaries and the other expert were indifferent to each other, and neither seemed to have any intention of talking to each other.

Jiang Liu probably understood after thinking about it. Everyone is a cultivator. However, due to the convenience of being an Underworld’s civil servant, the ghost emissaries has gained many benefits from heaven. They were also able to transform their merits into cultivation’s power. Therefore, for those struggling to find a way to cultivate, it could be considered too unfair.

As for those ghost emissaries, even though they enjoy many benefits, it also comes with many risks. They did not feel that they were taking advantage of the system. Hence, when facing jealousy from the other cultivators, they will naturally become angry.

Over time, the differences between both sides formed.

Nevertheless, the identity of the ghost emissaries has always been hidden. Except for the ghost emissaries themselves, only a few people in the world knew of their existence. Often, the ghost emissaries live the life of an ordinary practitioner. Still, this time they have come together to suppress the evil spirits from that old tomb. Consequently, the National Security Bureau made the six people identities as public, thus creating this distinct situation.

“Are you Jiang Kun’s son?”

While Jiang Liu was immersed in his thought, it was unknown when Niu Hong, the ghost emissary of Fenyang, sat beside him.

“Jiang Kun is very strong. How are your skills compared to him?”

Niu Hong had been following his father to learn the body technique since he was a child. Now he had trained his body to the level of having copper skin and iron bones. Generally, bullets can only leave a small mark on him. At that time, he thought he was already invincible in the world. Yet, his father told him that the Yinzhou ghost emissary, Jiang Kun is better than their father and son.

Later, his father was invited by the National Security Bureau to come to Pingxiang to suppress the evil spirits. According to the news he received from the National Security Bureau, his father was swallowed alive by that evil spirits. Jiang Kun had persisted to the last moment and finally sealed the evil monster. Yet, in the end, even Jiang Kun did not manage to survive. Still, his ability to stick to the end also proved his strength as a person.

Niu Hong believes that his current abilities are far from his father’s level. This time, he estimated that he would be playing with death. Whether he can survive or not depends on whether Jiang Kun’s son has obtained the handed-down techniques.


Jiang Liu thought for a while and said. For this one-tenth, he is obviously has decided to speak highly of himself.

The profundity of the Dao law has far exceeded the imagination of others. Even if he has improved his IQ in the previous world, it is still very difficult for him to comprehend this Dao.

However, from an ordinary person with no foundation to the present state, Jiang Liu has smoothly drawn the basic talisman. Without having a golden finger, Jiang Liu could already be considered as being extremely talented.

It’s just that the time is still too short. If he were to be given ten or twenty years of practice time, he might become a master by himself.

Of course, the premise is that he has to overcome his fear of ghosts.

“Hahaha, junior brother Jiang is so modest, ah!”

Niu Hong was motionless for a moment before he burst into laughter. He then patted Jiang Liu on the shoulder, while saying [Keep up the good work].

Of course, he does not believe that Jiang Liu has only one-tenth of Jiang Kun’s ability. A person with Jiang Kun’s character can’t ignore his son life and death. He was further persuaded. He observed Jiang Liu’s calm attitude as he casually said his level was far below Jiang Kun. All these clues made Niu Hong believed that Jiang Liu was not an incompetent person.

In Niu Hong’s view, he assumed that Jiang Liu has learned about 70% to 80% of Jiang Kun’s ability. The statement just now is just his modest performance.

“All you handsome young man really like to engage in these hypocritical things.”

Niu Hong sat boldly as he continued to pat Jiang Liu’s shoulders. His expression relaxed a lot: “Pei, Pei, Pei, junior brother Jiang, I am not cursing you, ah.  I am just praising you for your good looks. I, Niu Hong, really admire capable people. Since we belong to the same unit, you do not have to degrade yourself like this. If we can go back alive this time, we can keep in touch and ask each other for advice.”

Jiang Liu wanted to say something but decided to stop. Why did he not know that the imagination power of this brusque man could be so powerful?

Well, he should just let him think differently. At least with this little burst of confidence, maybe it will help him for the fight ahead.

Ever since, under Niu Hong’s exaggeration, everyone on the scene knew that Jiang Liu was Jiang Kun’s proud successor. Due to Jiang Kun’s former reputation, this team with little morale support suddenly became more energetic.

Now, Jiang Liu could not even say that he was actually a three-legged cat.

[T/N: Three-legged cat – Jack of all trades]


After the meeting, this group of people were divided into three teams. One team went to the ancient tomb to find out if there was a leak from the seal. The other team went to Linshan Cemetery, where old lady Liu was buried, to see if they could find old lady Liu’s ghost. The remaining team will investigate the victim and see if the old lady Liu’s grievance really caused these accidents.

Jiang Liu naturally chose the third team. However, instead of going to the victim first, he chose to go to the traffic police brigade to retrieve the previous case report.

“There were very few cameras in that village. At that time, we sent a lot of police and copied all the camera materials that could be retrieved. Still, none of the camera probes was directly aimed at the crime scene.”

Due to the reason that the upper-level leaders brought Jiang Liu and others, the officers from the traffic police brigade readily took out the information requested by Jiang Liu.

“The pressure of public opinion on this case was too great at the time. Everyone felt that Xu Bo was innocent.”

When he said this, the young police officer showed a touch of shame and anger on his face. Previously, he also believed in Xu Bo’s innocent. It was not until these days when the news of the old lady’s revenge after her death emerged as well as the successive accidents of those who had been involved in the case that he started to wonder if the truth was not what they thought it to be.

“Play all these videos.”

Jiang Liu pointed to the dozen or so videos and said to the police officer who coordinates the case.

“Play them all?”

The young police officer glanced at Jiang Liu. There were more than a dozen videotapes. Although the traffic police brigade does have the conditions to broadcast simultaneously, with so many screens, can this young man see it?

“Hurry up, don’t delay time!”

Niu Hong was impatient and urged on the side. He didn’t understand the reason why Jiang Liu has to come here. The police officer had been investigating the videotape for so long. If they could find out the problem, it should have been found out long ago. He felt that this was a waste of time.

As the people who dealt with the supernatural beings, wouldn’t it be enough for them to catch a few ghosts to retrieve the truth? Yet, it was currently daytime. Therefore, it was not easy to find ghosts who might hide in the house and watch the scene.


Seeing Niu Hong being urgent and remembering the chief’s order to listen to these people, the little police officer decided not to argue much. He gave that dozen videotapes to his colleagues and put them into the player. Soon, more than a dozen screens showed pictures from different angles taken by some cameras at that time.

Several of the videos captured Liu Yanan walking towards the crime scene. In comparison, some others showed Xu Bo riding a bicycle towards the crime scene.

It’s just that the screen time is very short. Both of them soon walked into the blind zone without monitoring probes, and no one would know what happened afterwards.

Xu Bo lied!

Jiang Liu memorized the pictures on the dozen screens in his mind, then cut and analyzed the fragments in his mind, and quickly came to such conclusion.

When he opened his eyes, the card is already upon his sleeve.

The author has something to say:

When I watched TV series before, there was such a detective or a genius who stared at dozens of large screens with his eyes. Suddenly he said that this block stopped for a few minutes and a few seconds, and that one stopped for a few minutes and a few seconds. He then closes his eyes and pretentiously said that what you are looking for should be here. At that time, I thought the protagonist was handsome. The one that gives shamefully handsome kind of feeling, hahaha.

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