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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: God Stick 13

“Hey, Jiang Liu, are you okay?”

Qian Duoyu noticed that Jiang Liu had been hiding inside his small hotel room as soon as he returned. Therefore, he decided to go to the small supermarket to buy a few beer bottles and some braised side dishes to go with alcohol. He then ran to Jiang Liu’s room, waiting to find him to share a drink and possibly help him solve the problem.

Speaking of it now, Qian Duoyu and Jiang Liu were also grasshoppers tied to the same rope. The two are tied together because of the totem mark behind their back. Before the mark on Qian Duoyu could be removed, his life depends largely on Jiang Liu’s protection. Subsequently, due to his worries that Jiang Liu might perform abnormally due to possible emotional problem, Qian Duoyu decided to tag along for this trip.

After all, he was still someone that needs to raise his old mother. Therefore, he could not play with his life and death so easily.

But Jiang Liu was really good to him. Before he joined this trip, Jiang Liu had arranged the life of his old mother properly. Even if both of them could not return alive this time, his old mother will be able to live well. Qian Duoyu kept this grace in his heart; therefore, he could not ignore Jiang Liu, who seemed to be drowned in depression.

“I’m fine.”

Jiang Liu opened the door and let Qian Duoyu in.

“By the way, have you seen all those ghost emissaries? What kind of people are they?”

Jiang Liu came back at a bad time. At this point, many people have the habit of taking a nap. Even if he wanted to visit those few other ghost emissaries, it would take a few more hours before he can. So, he hurried up and met with Qian Duoyu to inquire about the news.

“Are you okay?”

Qian Duoyu did not answer his question but instead continued to ask about Jiang Liu’s condition.

“I’m okay!”

“Puff–” Jiang Liu opened a can of beer and handed it to Qian Duoyu. He then opened another can for himself before rummaging from the pile of stewed flavours snacks brought by Qian Duoyu. He finally chose a braised chicken foot and started to gnaw on it. His appearance seemed to be intoxicated with food.

 “That’s good.”

 It was unknown if Qian Duoyu really believed him. Still, he seemed too put that matter aside as he answered Jiang Liu’s question.

“The people from the National Security Bureau said that there would be six ghost emissaries, but only five actually arrived.”

After he said that, Qian Duoyu paused.

Now the transportation is convenient. The ghost emissaries from the six nearby jurisdictions did not take much time to arrive at Pingxiang. In fact, many of them already arrived since last night. Therefore, based on this fact, Qian Duoyu believed that the sixth ghost emissary would not come to this convention.

As a matter of fact, he did not need to mention this matter. Even after Jiang Liu saw those five people, he should also be clear about this matter.

He just doesn’t know what kind of punishment that ghost emissary will have to face due to his action. Nevertheless, ghost emissaries is strictly a civil servant working for the Underworld. According to Qian Duoyu, even if the world government wishes to punish that person, the intensity range should be limited.

He believed that those ghost emissaries who attend this time around also aware of this fact. In fact, many of them willingly came largely for the sake of saving people and enacting their revenge.

Yes, the first seven ghosts emissaries were all died in that fierce battle. Even if these new emissaries came, there also knew the bad omen ahead of them. Although those who died before were all their loved ones, human beings are innately selfish. It was only natural for people to put forth their safety and not making any meaningless sacrifices.

“There is only one woman among the five ghost emissaries. The oldest is 37 years old, and the youngest is only 15 years old. Originally, the National Security Bureau did not let this small boy followed them. Still, the previous ghost emissary in his jurisdiction was his grandfather. He was also his only relative, so at his strong request, the National Security Bureau approved him to join the team to seal this evil thing this time around.”

Qian Duoyu had arrived half a day earlier. Yet he could not reveal himself in front of those people lest they know that he had an incomplete ghost emissary totem on his back. Once this matter was exposed, it will also bring to light that Jiang Liu, as the Yinzhou ghost emissary, did not receive the ghost emissaries’ inheritance and unable to use its power fully.

After all, those ghost emissaries were not completely harmonious with each other. Therefore, once this news was exposed, it might bring a hidden danger to Jiang Liu.

However, in this way, those ghosts’ emissaries with superpowers will inevitably look down upon Qian Duoyu, who is an ordinary person in their eyes. Therefore, it was natural not to disclose any confidential information because Yinzhou’s new ghost emissary is yet to arrive. Yet, since he was bringing identity as Jiang Liu’s representative, they still revealed some small news that is not too classified.

Consequently, Qian Duoyu could not investigate those people’s abilities or specialties and could only share some superficial information with Jiang Liu.

“Where is the location of that ancient tomb?”

Jiang Liu finished gnawing the chicken feet, and now he took a piece of duck intestines and started making sucking sounds.

“They didn’t say it, but it seemed that the people from the National Security Bureau asked us to deal with an unnatural incident happening in Pingxiang first. They suspected that this incident was related to the loosening of the seal.”

Because it was not certain whether the loosening of the seal caused the unnatural phenomenon, therefore, it was unlikely for the military to let them rashly approach the tomb unless it was the last resort. This is to ensure that any accidents could be prevented.

Now the National Security Bureau is preparing for the worst. Therefore, it will be best if this unnatural phenomenon had nothing to do with the seal’s loosening.

“Unnatural phenomenon?”

Jiang Liu put down the half-eaten duck’s intestines and looked at Qian Duoyu.

“It’s on the news that I’ve shown you before.”

Before Jiang Liu arrived at the hotel, Qian Duoyu had already sorted out the relevant news content. He now hurriedly passed it to Jiang Liu’s hands.

Jiang Liu did not care about wiping his hands either as he swiped up the screen on Qian Duoyu’s phone.

The unnatural incident mentioned by the National Security Bureau is precisely related to the blackmail case of the elderly in Pingxiang.

Originally, due to Liu Yanan’s death, this news has ended. Who knew that the ensuing accidents caused the news of the old lady ghost’s revenge to emerge.

First, the other person involved in the blackmailing incident, Xu Bo, accidentally fell downstairs and broke several bones. After he woke up, he claimed that the ghost pushed him downstairs.

On their way home, Xu father, who was driving the vehicle, deviated from the normal driving track inexplicably and ran into an oncoming truck. It caused the truck to roll over and its cargo to directly press against their car. After being rescued from the car, both husband and wife are still under observation in the ICU. Both are yet to pass the danger zone.

There was also Liu Peng, the first reporter who claimed that the old lady is scamming others. During the higher up visit, he unexplainably stripped off his clothes and danced a hula dance during the interview session. They could not stop him until the police apprehended and detained him for disrupting the public order. It was said that the other party was still looking dazed and even wanted to commit suicide with a sharpened toothbrush, but was rescued by police on patrol.

Accidents also happened to some neighbours who had been cursing and scolding the old lady after the incident. People who once said that the old lady deserved to have her daughter die early started to have some accidents one after another. So far, the number of victims related to this news has reached as many as 13 people. There is also a rising trend in the number of victims.

It’s just that so far, there have been no dead victims. Instead of letting those people die, the people behind the scenes appeared as if they wished for those people to live in fear and agony.

“What about this case?”

Jiang Liu flipped through the news, but could not find the final investigation result.

“Due to the lack of witnesses and video recording, plus there were also no traces of friction and collision on the ground, and on the bicycle, Xu Bo, the testimony of the traffic police was in favour towards Xu Bo. However, since old lady Liu faced difficulties paying the high medical expenses, the authority asked the Xu family to pay 20,000 yuan in compensation. It seemed that this should be the end of the case.”

Qian Duoyu added.

“Can you still judge a case like this?”

Jiang Liu was a little helpless when he heard Qian Duoyu’s words. As a matter of fact, aren’t they acting muddle just to gloss things over?

If Xu Bo didn’t hit anyone, he would pay 20,000 yuan in vain. If Xu Bo hit someone, the innocent old lady would have to face the high treatment cost. At the same time, the Xu family’s 20,000 yuan were shown as they were compassionate. It’s not strange if this verdict did not drive people angry to death. It’s absurd how they could come out with this kind of judgement.

“There is no other way. After all, there is no conclusive evidence. Therefore, the case must be closed.”

Qian Duoyu smiled embarrassingly before he stopped. He isn’t the traffic police officer who judged the case, why should he felt embarrassed for them.

“It is impossible not to have evidence.”

Jiang Liu shook his head. Based on the Locard’s exchange principle, whenever two objects come into contact, a transfer of material will occur. Subsequently, the evidence must exist. Yet, it may take dozens of times and hundreds of times of patience before it could be found and discovered.

Before obtaining absolute evidence, Jiang Liu would not judge which party said the truth and which party were lying just basing on their oral confession. He felt that to deal with Li gui, the truth of this matter was the key.

“Then, what shall we do now?”

Qian Duoyu tentatively asked: “Are we going to make a cameo as a master sleuth first?”

He did not have this kind of professional skill, either!

“By the way, I forgot to say one thing. In addition to the unnatural incident of the old lady’s revenge, the National Security Bureau also hopes to pay attention to persons’ recent disappearance. So far, six people have disappeared in Pingxiang. It does not include people who may disappear, but others were not being aware of it.”

Qian Duoyu showed an upright expression: “According to the clues currently held by the police, those people have disappeared near Linshan. The police found some of their belongings after searching the mountain. After identification by their relatives, it has been determined that the missing person wore those items before their disappearance.”

“There is a cemetery in Linshan, and no one will go on any normal day. The guards of the cemetery at Linshan Cemetery have also been investigated. The other party said that he didn’t seem aware of this matter and had not seen those people entering or leaving the cemetery.”

“Hey, Jiang Liu, do you remember that on the night of the Qingming Festival when my mother and I fell asleep in the graveyard keeper’s room. After then, the tomb-keeper woke me up and sent me off to the taxi. The totem on my back was likely branded on that day.”

Qian Duoyu pointed at his back. The atmosphere in that room suddenly became a little apprehensive.

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