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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: God Stick 12

T/N – 4 chapters update… We are closing in… there will be another 10 chapters ahead… I wonder if I can update adorable villain at this pace ah~ all these chapters are so long… T.T

Let’s all conspiracy theories fly~

It turned out that two months ago, Pingxiang had already undergone an abnormal change. At that time, the archaeological team had dug out a large ancient tomb at Pingxiang. However, it seemed that ominous object existed within the ancient grave. Out of 18 people from the archaeological team, only two survived.

This incident is not within the scope of natural phenomena. Therefore, this case was immediately submitted to the National Security Bureau.

As Yinzhou’s ghost emissary, Jiang Kun naturally has to come forward and deal with the murderous item under his jurisdiction.

Perhaps because this murderous item is too fierce, Jiang Kun also used the amnesty power he rarely used. He called several other ghost emissaries in the surrounding area to subdue this great terror. Besides, the National Security Bureau also mobilized registered Taoist to deal with this matter. However, the result was very embarrassing. All the capable people who went there died in the fight to suppress the evil. Jiang Kun also used his last breath to suppress the evil monster and died.

The people above then concealed this news. Since they were also worried that the seal would loosen, those people also blocked the ancient tomb, layer by layer. They strictly prohibit any living creatures from entering or leaving.

Even though it was a sad thing that many people were sacrificed in this event, at least the evil things were finally suppressed. Yet unexpectedly, during this time, ghosts activities started to ramp up in Pingxiang. It was unclear whether it was due to the loose seal or any other factors.

“Wait, you said that my dad finally sealed that evil thing, and all the others had died in the meantime? What about the bodies of those people?”

The body of the original adoptive father was still there. The neighbours in the neighbourhood also witnessed the cremation process of his body. Therefore, his body should not be fake. Yet, the corpses of those people, especially the corpses of the ghost emissaries from the other jurisdictions are something that was condensed with the ghostly power of Emperor Fengdu. For Li gui, that kind of body could be considered as a supreme tonic.

“Only some skin, flesh and a small amount of blood were left at the scene. After identification, it was those ghost emissaries and Taoist experts. “

The visitor continued sadly that this battle has directly damaged a small part of the National Security Bureau’s strength. He was afraid that they would not recover in 20 to 30 years, especially now that ghosts have started to appear in Pingxiang. No one knows if that great horror is coming back.

If it is, then it will be a great calamity to the Supernatural Expert and disaster to the surrounding people.

Things seemed to be worse than what Jiang Liu had thought. Since there were only flesh and blood left, it means that the ghost might have swallowed those emissaries body. Even before that, so many ghost emissaries still unable to completely seal it up. Yet, with the increase of its current power after swallowing the power of Emperor Fengdu, people like him couldn’t deal with it.

“Is it possible that those ghost emissaries did not die, but were seriously injured and found a place to recover?”

Jiang Liu still wishing for good news in his heart.

“Impossible. Mr Jiang is also a ghost emissary. Therefore, you should also know the ghost emissary’s special nature, right? After ghost emissary’s death, they will pass on the ghost emissary’s ability to the next in line. Your father is the last ghost emissary of Yinzhou.  It was also after his death that you began to show different abilities from the ordinary people, right?”

The visitor shook his head: “It is true that before we came to find Mr Jiang, we have already met with the six other heirs of dead ghost emissaries. They are also currently on their way here.”

Now that there were new ghost emissaries, it means that the previous ghost emissaries have died.

As a new elected ghost emissary, you must first pass the assessment from the previous ghost emissary. However, ghost emissary is also an ordinary person. Thus, it is also difficult for them to escape the control of the seven emotions and six desires. Therefore, the succeeding ghost emissary is often the descendants, disciples, relatives, lovers or friends of the previous ghost emissary. In short, it was unlikely to be people whom the previous ghost emissary did not know.

Therefore, when they heard their relatives’ death, these new ghost emissaries had rushed to Pingxiang wishing to avenge their predecessors.

These two people came here because they wanted to gather the previous workforce and seal that evil thing again.

It is a pity that Jiang Kun’s inheritance seemed to have some problem. Before Jiang Liu saw the incomplete totem mark on Qian Duoyu’s body, he had already doubted whether the original body had accepted the previous ghost emissary’s inherited memory. After all, Jiang Liu was unable to access the original memory when he took over the body resulting in him unable to use the ghost emissary’s power.

However, when he saw the incomplete totem mark on Qian Duoyu, Jiang Liu was certain that there was a problem with the inheritance from the beginning. Perhaps before he came, the original body was also at a loss for the changes that happened to him.

The new ghost emissaries themselves need a period to adapt to the abilities that they have suddenly acquired. It should not be more than a month before those new ghosts emissaries can fully integrate with their abilities when it all said and done. Therefore, they cannot wait to kill that evil monster who had slaughtered their predecessors.

Jiang Liu didn’t know whether to praise these people for being brave or laugh at them for being too stupid and naive.

“Mr Jiang, this is a request and also an order.”

Seeing the hesitation in Jiang Liu’s eyes, the two comrades from the National Security Bureau showed a little threat on their faces. They both believed that it was right to sacrifice a small number of people for the lives of many other people. They are also ready to be sacrificed at any times.

Now they are facing an evil monster that may slaughter thousands of innocent people after being unsealed. If capable people like Jiang Liu did not stand up at this time, will they just watch those people die? The greater the power one has the greater responsibility that they need to uphold. This sentence may be suspected as moral kidnapping. Still, it is also something that is constantly happened in the course of history.

“Tomorrow I will leave for Pingxiang.”

Jiang Liu sighed. He has to go to this place. He could not imagine that a person, who was so afraid of death like him, would someday be forced to become a hero.

“Mr Jiang, don’t worry, we will try our best to ensure your safety. Even if we die, we will die before you.”

After getting Jiang Liu agreement, the two men breathed a sigh of relief and firmly assured Jiang Liu.


After this interlude, Jiang Liu was no longer in the mood to sleep. He prepared some offering; cast away Qian Duoyu and others before he went to his adoptive father, Jiang Kun, room.

Although he was not the original body, and he has no memory of the original body. However, these days, eventually, he still needs to offer Jiang Kun incense and say something.

It is said that the soul of ghost emissary would enjoy many privileges in the Underworld after death. Nevertheless, Jiang Liu felt that Jiang Kun and others’ souls were most likely to be scattered. No matter how many incense and offering he burns, it may be unlikely to reach to Jiang Kun.

Still, if the original body is still alive, he probably will continue to do this regardless. Jiang Liu found out that the relationship between the original body and the adoptive father is very deep. Therefore as compensation for borrowing his shell, Jiang Liu felt that he should solve whatever leftover obsession the original body might have.

“Dad, I will go to Pingxiang tomorrow. I do not know what kind of monster there will be, but I will do my best to avenge you. If you are alive in the sky, please bless me.”

Jiang Liu lit three sticks of incense as he muttered such words.

“Although I think that when I go, there is a high probability that I will become a snack to that monster, I can’t let the murderer who hurt you get away. Maybe if I go, we can still be reunited.”

Jiang Liu knocked his head three times. He then wiped the photo with a clean white cloth. With a big sigh, he turned and left.

That ghost is so fierce. So many ghost emissaries have been fighting it, yet they cannot deal with it. He should not contact his Golden Master for this matter. Even though the other party is so fierce that she could let others trembled, she is still a little girl who transverse by an unexpected turn of event and ended up possessing her current body. It will not be good if he let the other party hurt the body she currently possessed just for his convenient, ah.

While Jiang Liu was thinking about that, he did not notice that the black and white photo seemed to change a little once he turned around and left the room.

The other’s gaze seemed to become deeper.


The next day, Jiang Liu arrived at Pingxiang as scheduled. Yet, he did not rush to the assembly point as agreed. Instead, he sent Qian Duoyu over while he rushed to the original adoptive father hometown in Pinxiang, a small village in the county.

Now that the new countryside’s construction is completed, the old, dilapidated village is no longer, what it was once upon a time.

Jiang Liu inquired several people but received a negative answer. None of them ever heard of his adoptive father’s name until he saw an 80-year-old man who sat under the shade of a tree.

The older man’s ears are a little bad, so it was quite troublesome to converse.

“Who, who are you looking for?”

“Oh, are you looking for that Liar Kun, ah?”

It was the first time Jiang Liu ever heard that the original adoptive father had such a nickname.

Liar Kun. Did these people in his adoptive father’s hometown think that his skills are deceptive?

“Juan ‘er, ah, Er Yao’er, someone is asking about that Liar Kun!”

Although the old man’s ears were bad, his voice was still loud. After his roar, many people came out of those neat little villas and looked at Jiang Liu as if he was a rare animal.

“You are?”

A woman in her early fifties who was about the same age as the original adoptive father, Jiang Kun, walked up to Jiang Liu and asked curiously.

“Jiang Kun is my dad.”

Jiang Liu replied. Originally, he wanted to see if his adoptive father left him anything in the old house. Still, he did not expect to find out such a secret nickname.

Strangely speaking, the original body seemed to have never returned to his hometown. He has lived in the incense shop since he can remember, and his adoptive father never intended to take him back home.

Of course, Jiang Liu inquired all this information from the owner of the beef restaurant.

After listening to Jiang Liu’s words, the woman first showed doubts. Then she revealed a surprised expression: “You are that Liar Kun’s Maodan. It seemed that your dad finally found you.”

[T/N: Maodan – Chinese people always give their baby (who yet to be born) a nickname, like little pig etc. Maodan means Young egg]

“Hey, it’s really Maodan, ah. Do you know how sad your mother was when she died after you were abducted? Your father has been looking for you everywhere. He has almost gone crazy. Everyone has been persuading him to marry another and give birth to a few children. I didn’t expect that he found you in the end!”

Everyone started to surround Jiang Liu with excitement, “How is your dad now? Did he still use those old tricks to fool people? Since he has found you, then tell him to settle down and stop engaging in feudal superstitions.”

“Hey, Maodan, you are so handsome. You should be 24 this year, right? Considering your age, do you have a girlfriend? If not, I can introduce one to you.”

Jiang Liu finally broke free from these enthusiastic folks. After rushing to the assembly point, he did not even have time to meet those people and instead went back to the hotel room alone to digest the news that he just received.

Jiang Kun adopted the original body. Everyone near the incense shop knew about this. Jiang Kun never seemed to shy away from this fact. The father and son also have a good relationship. Everyone said it was a great blessing for the original body to be adopted by Jiang Kun.

Since the original body was adopted, where did the adoptive father’s son Maodan go? Did the adoptive father find him?

Jiang Liu felt that these things surrounding the original body seemed to be getting more and more complicated.

T/N: Some forewarning. This is actually a very sad story.

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