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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 107

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 107: God Stick 11

T/N This is the last one for now~

“How’s your date? Did he like the gift you prepared for him?”

After Su Zi returned to the dormitory, a group of gossiping roommates surrounded her as they asked her about her date.

As a pure-hearted saint, Su Zi was not accustomed to this way of intimacy, but she thinks that she still needs to adapt to this kind of life eventually. Even though her body stiffened slightly, she did not resist this kind of intimacy between little girls.

“He seems to be very excited and keeps screaming. Does this mean that he is happy?”

Su Zi asked hesitantly. At first, she thought that Jiang Liu should have been happy with the gift she prepared for him. However, after taking a closer look, the other party seemed to be more scared than happy. So she was unsure if it this her illusion or what.

Since she never had any similar experience, Su Zi, who was humble and studious, decided to ask the aborigines of this world for advice.

“So happy that he screams with excitement?”

Su Zi’s several roommates stared at each other. They were afraid to imagine the scene of a big man screaming excitedly. They started to wonder what kind of gift did Su Zi had prepared for her boyfriend.

“Probably like Yang Yi, who received the limited edition lipstick bought by her boyfriend before?”

Su Zi said uncertainly.

At that time, Yang Yi was also screaming and hugging people everywhere. She could not stop hanging on them like a koala while crying yet laughing at the same time. Now that Su Zi thought of it, Jiang Liu’s performance today was similar to Yang Yi.

It should be, maybe, about the same.

The ignorant Saint thought obliviously.

As the audience, Su Zi’s several roommates could only restore the situation based on Su Zi’s description, which naturally regarded Jiang Liu’s reaction as happy.

“Su Zi, what did you give your boyfriend to make him happy like this?”

Everyone is very curious. Yang Yi is lipstick control. At that time, her boyfriend gave her an out-of-print, limited edition lipstick. That is why she was so excited and happy. Men’s emotions are more restrained than women are most of the time. They started to wonder what kind of gift could get him so excited.

“Is it expensive?”

There was a gossip flame in the eyes of several girls as they asked curiously.

“Not expensive.”

Su Zi shook her head. She could catch those Li gui with a little effort, and the world’s currency can’t be used at all to buy it.

“But it should be considered a relatively rare thing?”

Su Zi said hesitantly. At least these roommates in front of her should have never met those things before.


Several gossiping girls sighed in unison. In their understanding, Su Zi’s gift should be a handicraft work that does not cost much but requires a certain amount of time and effort. Therefore, it should have a special commemorative significance but was not a particularly expensive gift.

After receiving such a gift, the boy can be so excited. It seemed that he really likes Su Zi.

The girls in the dormitory took out some snacks. Since the car accident, Su Zi’s temperament has changed drastically. They are worried that she will be immersed in the accident and could not get out of the misery. Now that she has started a new relationship, Su Zi could consider this a good chance. Yet, they were still worried that a bad man who played with other people’s feelings might deceive Su Zi. However, listening to Su Zi’s description, the other party seemed to be an innocent young man.

“By the way, Su Zi, after you give him the gift, did the other party do anything to express his feeling apart from being excited?”

Yuanyuan, who has the best relationship with Su Zi in the dormitory, poked Su Zi in the waist. She winked at her and asked with a smile.

“Expressing his feeling?”

Su Zi blinked: “Well, he hugged me and held me very tightly. Does this count as a sign?”

She recalled the scene that night. Jiang Liu has been hugging her so tightly that she was almost out of breath. This should be what the roommate means, right?


A group of little girls howled excitedly as if they were the ones who have been hugging their boyfriends.

“Comrade Su Zi, you are no longer pure!”

“There’s more, there’s more, besides hugging, isn’t there a kiss?”

Several girls simply climbed onto Su Zi’s bed as they surrounded her.

“No kiss.”

Su Zi shook her head. There was a red glow on her face, and her eyes became a little erratic.

Kissing? I wonder how that would feel like.

“But he seems very excited. His eyes were red as if he was about to cry.”

Su Zi hesitated for a while and asked: Is this really an expression of excitement?

“Ah ah ah ah, little milk dog, ah. Su Zi, I, this lady, truly envy you too much. To think that nowadays there is such a man who can act coquettish and spoiled like that?”

“It’s over. It is a little milk dog ​​who can act like a baby! Isn’t this fate? Su Zi, you are like an Iceberg Queen nowadays. This is just perfect for you. With such a weaker little milk dog ​​who will act like a baby, both of you really complement each other.”

Those people started to gush excitedly. Their excitement instantly extinguished the uncertain doubts in Su Zi’s heart.

So, he was actually acting coquettishly to her?

Jiang Liu is really an adorable boy, ah!

Su Zi felt that what she needs to learn now is how to coax this little fairy Jiang Liu whenever he started to act like a spoiled baby in the future.

[T/N: 小妖精/ Xiǎo yāojing/ Little fairy = This is not the actual little fairy per se. Suppose you ever read the palace harem story. In that case, a concubine who is usually favored by the emperor will always act spoiled or flirtatious to seduce the emperor. Then the emperor will say, (You are such a little fairy). So Su Zi here is quite manly since she is from a matriarch tribe; therefore, she regards Jiang Liu action as seducing her]


“Damn, Jiang Liu, had you been plagued by ghost last night? Why did you look like this?”

Qian Duoyu had temporarily taken a long vacation from his company and stayed at the incense shop. He no longer dared not go anywhere since he was afraid that he would become someone else’s dish when he was out of Jiang Liu’s sight.

Yet this incense shop is different. This is the official shop marked by the Underworld. It also maintained a dharma’s seal. Even if a Li gui came to haunt him, this seal could provide a certain resistance. At least until Jiang Liu came back.

For the sake of his own life, even though he knew that his behavior of asking for leave might cause dissatisfaction within the company, Qian Douoyo still did it. He was even ready to be fired from the company.

After all, to do anything, life has to come first.

Today, he was preparing to open the shop just like a few days ago and ran into Jiang Liu, who just returned from his trip last night.

In just one night, the other party seemed to have been tortured by something. His hair and clothes were messy. There was also a shadow under his eyes and short stubble on his face. This appearance was completely different from the energetic form he had before going out last night.

“I haven’t been plagued by the ghost, but it’s almost the same.”

Jiang Liu waved his hand. His heart was more tired than his body.

Last night he was chased by two scary-looking Li gui. Nevertheless, his Golden Thighs stood on the side, looking at him with joy and encouragement. Jiang Liu had exhausted all the Taoism spell that he had learned during this time but only managed to hit that Li gui half-dead. Only then did his Golden Master personally took over and killed those two ghosts.

In the end, the Golden Master also rewarded him with a touch of affection, as she smoothed his hair like how Niuniu did to Ahuang.

Jiang Liu has been analyzing the deep meaning behind the Golden Master’s move along the way. Could it be that that the Golden Master felt that it was too inferior of her to accept a younger brother like him and wanted to train him instead?

However, thinking about his Golden Master’s performance last night, Jiang Liu felt that the other party seemed to have a different meaning to her action.


Jiang Liu scratched the back of his head. His brain hurts whenever he thought about it. Forget it, no need to think about it anymore. He should quickly get some sleep instead.

“Excuse me; is this Jiangjia Incense Shop of 2333 Lanhua Street?”

Just as Jiang Liu was about to go upstairs, two men in suits and leather shoes appeared outside the shop. They glanced at the sign at the door and then looked at the people inside the store respectfully and asked.

They first looked at Qian Duoyu before quickly moved away, as if he was not the person they were looking for. Their gaze turned to Jiang Liu’s body and paused for a while. The other person was somewhat similar to the person in the photo. However, the photo’s person is more energetic, and this one appeared as if he had excessively indulged in debauchery.

“I’m Jiang Liu, the owner of this store. Who might you be?”

Jiang Liu looked at the incoming person and stopped himself from going upstairs.

The two men in suits looked at each other. They then walked to Jiang Liu as they took out their credentials: “We are the National Security Bureau’s security consultants. The reason we are here is related to an important matter. We need to ask for Mr. Jiang’s cooperation.”

“There are only trustworthy people here. Just say it directly if you have anything to say!”

National Security Bureau? Jiang Liu had a question mark in his heart. He could see that the two men seemed afraid of having Qian Duoyu appeared at the scene. Therefore, Jiang Liu simply signaled Qian Duoyu to close the store door. He took them upstairs to discuss in detail.

“If I’m right, the late Mr. Jiang has passed on the skills to Mr. Jiang now?”

As soon as he sat down, the man in the suit went straight to the subject.

“To be quite honest, the National Security Bureau has always been aware of the existence of the ghost emissaries in this secular world. We have also been providing various conveniences for ghost emissaries, such as eliminating social influences after the unnatural events, helping to cover the ghost emissaries’ activities, and using special methods of punishment when dealing with supernatural perpetrators. However, correspondingly, when unnatural phenomena occur in the country, ghost emissaries must also provide certain assistance. Right now, we are in trouble!”

Jiang Liu could not help but felt goosebumps as the two men in suits looked straight at him. Moreover, the amount of information revealed by them we too large. So much that Jiang Liu did not know what kind of expression he should show.

Under the explanation of two comrades who claimed to be the National Security Bureau’s security consultants, Jiang Liu generally understood the relationship between the ghost emissaries and the National Security Bureau.

Roughly, the ghost emissaries will not be monitored or regulated. However, necessary, ghost emissaries as a citizen still need to contribute to the country. Especially when unnatural phenomena related to ghosts’ mischief occurred. Since this thing falls under their jurisdiction, the ghost emissaries should take care of it.

Surprisingly, from these two people, Jiang Liu finally learned the secret behind the death of the original’s adoptive father. 

The author has something to say: 

Saint: If you love him, you must give him his favorite things.

Jiang Liu: I am not. I do not. I have not.

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