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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: God Stick 10

“What do you want to eat?”

Jiang Liu started by inquiring about Su Zi’s preferences.


Su Zi flipped through the memory of this body. The other party’s had a mixed appetite. She could eat everything from sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy hot. There was almost nothing that she did not like. Since Su Zi had never tasted those flavors, she naturally did not know what she liked.

If she had to make a choice, she could only tell that the flavor of the river flower’s dew tasted better than the flavor of the grass’s dew. Yet this is an exception for the dew from the tea leaves, as it tasted sweet and refreshing.

“Eh, anything?”

An alarm sounded in Jiang Liu’s heart. Whenever a girl said [anything], it signifies the most difficult time for the boy.

Because the [anything] range is too wide, it is difficult to know whether the things you imagine the opponent likes are within the opponent’s [anything] range. If you are not careful, you will be strikeout from her range.

He finally found this golden thigh after so much difficulty. How could Jiang Liu let himself lose due to this [anything] word?

First, he should exclude hot pot from the list. After all, not all girls like to eat spicy or greasy food. Especially when the core of this body may come from another timeline. Therefore, more sophisticated dishes may be suitable for her taste.

In the same way, Jiang Liu also decided to exclude Western food. After all, he was unsure whether the other party would be able to use a knife and fork properly. What if the other party refused to let him hug her thigh once he failed to satisfy her heart, ah?

After thinking about it repeatedly, Jiang Liu decided to bring Su Zi to a private restaurant. The food in this restaurant is not only expensive, but even the decoration is also very high-end. As for the signature dishes, they include Cantonese, Hunan, and Zhejiang dishes. Therefore, to be on the safe side, Jiang Liu ordered a few more dishes with different flavors. After all, there should be one that will match with Su Zi’s liking.

No matter how smart Jiang Liu was, he could never think that the girl in front of him was really a little saint who grew up drinking dew.

The dishes in this restaurant are indeed very good—especially the twice-cooked pork [huíguōròu]. Jiang Liu was full of praise for that dish. Later, he even forgot about holding the thigh in front of him as he happily enjoyed the food by himself.

Su Zi did not have much expectation for these things. However, watching Jiang Liu eat so happily, she could not help but having the urge to try.

In the first bite, the strange sweet and sour taste made Su Zi felt a little baffled. Yet, the crisp and soft texture that followed was completely different from the dew she used to drink, which made Su Zi unable to adapt.

It is just that Jiang Liu was eating so deliciously that Su Zi could not help but taking the second and third bites.

Soft and fragrant white rice, sweet and sour twice-cooked pork, and the savory steamed in broth sea fish…

A magical world seemed to open to Su Zi.

After eating so well, Jiang Liu finally realized that he had been neglecting the Miss golden thigh in front of him. However, after seeing the clean rice bowl belonging to the golden thigh and shining eyes that melted her cold air, Jiang Liu felt that the other party should also be satisfied with this [anything] lunch.

“Tomorrow, I will take you to eat the old duck pot. I know a restaurant that makes the old duck pot taste, especially fresh and nourishing.”

Jiang Liu naturally set the appointment for the next meal.


There were currently two characters who have been fighting in Su Zi’s heart. The good angel told her that her current appetite would affect the consolidation of her cultivation. On the other hand, the bad villain told her to go. After all, the foods that ordinary people like are too magical. Furthermore, considering her status, there is really no need for her to maintain her cultivation from now on.

In the end, the bad villain got the upper hand, and Su Zi naturally agreed to Jiang Liu’s second invitation.


When Jiang Liu returned to his shop joyfully, what awaited him was questioning the two ghosts.

To be precise, currently, Mama Qian was happily watching the TV series, while the little ghost Niuniu was holding her head as she carefully applied the facial care and maintenance for herself. The old ghost, as well as Qian Duoyu who really wanted to question Jiang Liu.

“Ghost emissary, is it really good to go on like this?”

The old ghost asked bitterly. As a ghost emissary, shouldn’t he improve his ability to be qualified for his job as soon as possible?

“Why can’t I?”

Jiang Liu asked back. He had also been working hard to improve his strength. Nevertheless, who made it that his speed of improvement is too slow? Before he mastered the ghost emissary’s power, should he find a guardian who can guarantee the life for himself and Qian Duoyu?

“But your karma with that powerful person should end after she helps you that time.  Won’t she get offended if you continue to pester her like this?”

As far as the old ghost knows about those powerful people, many do not like others to disturb their lives. Since you did not have any relationship with them, what kind of excuse could you use to continue rushing up to them?

“It’s okay. After all, what are the use of having thick skin?”

Previously, at this time, Jiang Liu had prepared himself to be rejected by her. Who knew that the golden thigh was so amiable that she agreed to his invitation at once? Is it as he imagined that the other party really coveted his beauty?

Jiang Liu could not help but touched his face. Sure enough, natural beauty is hard to be discarded.  The term [beauty is the source of calamity] applies not only to stunning beauties but also to stunning men.

What’s more, golden thigh also watched the whole process of his wise fight against the red female ghost that day. The other party also praised him for his cuteness. Perhaps she also saw his inner golden soul through his excellent skin.

Sure enough, excellent people will shine everywhere.

Jiang Liu clicked his tongue as he complimenting himself. Yet, he did not pay attention to the disgusting and nauseous expressions from everyone on the side.

The old ghost almost doubted his hundreds of years of ghost life experience. When did being brazen could be considered as proud merit?

“Calm down!”

Jiang Liu patted the old ghost and Qian Duoyu on the shoulders: “Have you never heard the word, behind a successful man, there must be a more successful woman.”


The corners of the old ghost’s mouth twitched. What did this shameless ghost emissary want to prove when he said this?

“I am struggling to find that kind of woman now!”

Jiang Liu said those words as if it was a matter of fact. He deeply felt that the system threw him into such a terrible world. Yet, the higher up still did not give him any life-saving skills to survive is to let him find an invincible woman in this world and then live a happy life of eating soft rice.

[T/N: Man who eating soft rice = Man who lives off a woman]

Qian Duoyu could only cover his eyes. Now his life is tied to this unreliable Jiang Liu. Will it really be okay?

Why did he feel that it would be more reliable to turn over and become the ghost emissary to protect Jiang Liu?

After all, he now knows that Jiang Liu was shocked when he first saw Niuniu and fainted. Yet, he only felt dizzy and even managed to kick Niuniu‘s head away. No matter how you look at it, Qian Duoyu felt that he has more potential as a ghost emissary than Jiang Liu, ah.

Of course, this is his passing thought. There is no way Qian Duoyu wishes to spend his life with ghosts all day long.

After solving this strange ghost appeared on his body, he will start his own ordinary but practical life of a commonplace people.


“Su Zi, is that man who often comes to invite you out for a meal your boyfriend?”

In the dormitory, Su Zi’s roommate started to inquire her with curiosity.


Su Zi frowned. From her original memory, she knew that the word [boyfriend] means a relationship between men and women currently dating and preparing for marriage.

As a saint of the Feng tribe, she could never get married in life. However, now she is no longer restricted to living by those rules, and there is no Feng tribe in this place. Maybe she can now get married?

Thinking of the warm scene of the women in the Feng tribe get married and give birth to their children and the man who is doing housework and taking care of the children at home, Su Zi’s heart could not help but moved. Suddenly the idea of ​​marriage emerged in her subconscious.

“He is not your boyfriend?”

The roommate seemed to misunderstood Su Zi’s expression. Therefore, she cautiously advised Su Zi: “If it’s not that kind of relationship, don’t let the other party create the illusion that you are willing to accept him. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome.”

“Yes, even if he is your boyfriend, you can’t always let the other party entertain you when you go out to eat. It is best to split the expense occasionally. If the other party pays for the meal, you will pay for the movie ticket or milk tea. Or maybe you can buy a gift for the other party.”

Of course, the dormitory roommate knew that Su Zi was not the kind of girl who worshiped money. However, the most important thing is having good intentions.

“A gift?”

It was unknown if Su Zi really understands it, as she continued to chant the word gift while showing a thoughtful expression.


“The world is not peaceful nowadays. This is already the fourth disappearance case in Pingxiang.”

Qian Duoyu watched the news reports while talking to Jiang Liu.

Since knowing that the change in his body related to the worshipping trip in Pingxiang, Qian Duoyu started to pay special attention to the activities at Pingxiang.

“And here, Xu Bo. He is one of the parties involved in the elderly blackmailing case raging on the news before. It appeared that he had jumped from the balcony of his house a few days ago. Since the roof on the bottom floor helped to cushion his fall, he only broke a few bones. If not for that, he would have died a long time ago. Did you read the news? After he woke up, he said that a ghost wanted to kill him. Did you think that he really meet a ghost?”

Qian Duoyu handed his phone, displaying the recent local hot news in Pingxiang to Jiang Liu. Isn’t he a ghost emissary? It should be possible for him to see whether the other party actually encountered ghosts or not, right?

Even if Qian Duoyu did not mention this matter to him, Jiang Liu still learned about the abnormal changes in Pingxiang from some good ghosts that worked under him.

This place, he has to go there eventually.

It is just that he cannot face it yet.

“There are vegetables in the refrigerator. I won’t come back for dinner tonight.”

Jiang Liu handed back the phone to Qian Duoyu, and then picked up the car key on his way out.


Qian Duoyu’s mouth twitched. He knew that Jiang Liu was preparing to cling to his golden master again. It is a pity that he did not have a handsome face like Jiang Liu, or else he could also hug that golden thigh, ah.


The local dishes for tonight’s dinner were very suitable for Su Zi’s appetite. After dinner, she offered to give Jiang Liu a gift. This made Jiang Liu a little bit excited. Is his golden master ready to teach him some secret skills?

He followed Su Zi to the park. He closed his eyes as he waited for the surprise to appear.

It was just that when he opened his eyes, there was no secret book or magic weapon, but instead two miserable Li gui with malevolent appearance who wanted to get rid of Su Zi’s control over them.


Jiang Liu was so scared that he jumped three feet high in fright. He immediately caught Su Zi’s legs and clamped into them as he screamed to relieve his inner fear.

Did you really like it so much?

Su Zi was a little uncomfortable with such intimacy. Her face was taut as her eyes showed a slight sense of unnaturalness and shyness. After a while, she stretched out her hand and touched the top of Jiang Liu’s hair.

It seemed that the touch feels good to her hand, so she decided to touch it a few more times.

Since he likes it, she will put more effort and try to catch more ghosts for him in the future. She should try her best to win him over and make him happy every day.

T/N: I wonder if I should pity Jiang Liu, ah~

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