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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: God Stick 9

Pingxiang, the top five most fertile county town in Yinzhou, has completed the new countryside’s integration as early as ten years ago. The original private houses were overthrown as a batch of small buildings of the same size and design were built all over the place. In addition to retaining part of the farmland, the remaining surplus land was used to attract the outsider. Many villagers own shares in these fund-raising factories. Everyone’s life is getting more and more prosperous. Almost every family has a car parked in their courtyard. Those with wealthier families even own two or three high-end cars.

As the standard of living improved, it is impossible for anyone to badly treat their ancestors. These years have become more and more common for those people to build ancestral graves in Pingxiang.

Some of the filial descendants already moved the burial tombs of those years to a more regular cemetery. Therefore, whenever the day to sweep the tomb arrived, one can often see a whole tombstone with a surname. This is also convenient for future generations to worship.

Linshan Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Pingxiang. According to legend, a big boss planned to move the grave for his ancestors. For this, he had specially invited the master to investigate and inspected all the large cemeteries in Pingxiang and the surrounding area. The master then informed the big Boss that Linshan Cemetery has a good feng shui as it was surrounded by living water in the front and sheltered by trees in the back. This will bring good fortune to its descendent. Since then, the price of the cemetery plot in Linshan Cemetery has soared year by year. Except for the lucky ones who managed to set their family cemetery here initially, those buried here are rich families in Pingxiang.

Yet, even the best place is also a cemetery. Except for festivals like Qingming and ancestor worship, there will only be few people who will come to the cemetery. Even then, most will not stay for too long.

As for the night, apart from the tomb keeper, there is basically no one who will stay here. Therefore, the atmosphere was terrifying.

Someone happened to be buried in that cemetery that day, but the deceased’s relatives did not seem to be many. There was no sound of beating gongs, drums, or trumpets. Many family members even watched the dead and left soon after the burial. Only the other party’s husband sat beside the tombstone and cried for a long time. It was not until the last bus was about to leave that he finally left with slow steps.

It stood for the reason that the cemetery should also be quiet from now on. However, on the contrary, half an hour after the last bus left, two men with masks surreptitiously walked into the cemetery.

“There should be no one at this point, right?”

A man adorning a thin jacket asked his companion.

“Of course, no one is here. Except for the tomb keeper, who is going to stay at this ghost place all night long?”

The fat man looked around and shivered. He stretched out the collar of his shirt to keep out the wind while comforting his companion impatiently.

“What the hell with this weather? It is already May, yet it is still so cloudy at night. If I knew this, I would have brought my winter jacket along.”

The fat man made a comment, seeming to recognize the other party’s remarks. The thin man in the leather jacket could not help but shrink his neck and put his hand in the pocket of the leather jacket.

This thin man in the leather jacket was nicknamed Xiaosanmao. He has such a nickname due to the sparse volume of his hair. As for the tall and fat man, he has the nickname of [Zhuangzi]. These two people were not particularly familiar with each other. Both of them were rogues who got acquaintance over at a dinner party.

They will appear in the cemetery together today because they heard a way to make a fortune from their drunken friend, tomb robbery.

Of course, the tomb robbers in their mouths were far less advanced than senior Lieutenant Jin. These people have no serious occupation. They only wanted to use evil ways to make a fortune by going to the cemetery and stealing the burial goods from the dead.

[T/N Senior Lieutenant Jin-A tomb robber who said to be alive during the period of the three kingdoms]

Since decades ago, there has been no such thing as a burial item, but this custom is still being passed down. Many people are still accustomed to putting some of the deceased’s favorite objects, such as clothes, shoes and socks, mobile phones, and watches, on the side of the urn. Some wealthy people even put the gold and silver jewelry worn by the deceased in the ashes.

And these people live by stealing such burial goods.

Xiaosanmao and Zhuangzi also heard this way of making money from their friends. Seeing that their friends have used this ability to buy small motorcycles, these two impoverished bastards could not help but feel a little bit moved. Both of them hit it off and prepared to start at Linshan Cemetery, a famous cemetery for wealthy people.

Originally, they had agreed with that friend and asked him to take them for a few rounds to adapt to this job. However, half a month ago, their friend completely disappeared, and they were also unable to contact him. Even after visiting his house, they still could not a shadow of him. The two suspected that the other party did not want to teach them the craft of making money, so they simply decided to rely on themselves.

Isn’t it just stealing things from the dead? Could that dead person still call the police to catch them?

Alcohol truly could make people brave. Before those two set out, they had already drunk two bottles of white wine; therefore, they were quite courageous now.

“By the way, isn’t there a lame old man guarding this cemetery? Will the other party find us?”

Xiaosanmao followed Zhuangzi closely as he looked over at the tombstone that had formed into a dense mass. He could not help but felt scared in his heart.

“What are you afraid of? He is a lame old man. Do you think he dared to move us? Besides, what time is it now? In this kind of ghostly weather, I am afraid that the old man has fallen into his bed and fell asleep.”

Zhuangzi glared at Xiaosanmao, disgusted with his partner’s small courage. He was utterly dissatisfied with his sloppy manner. If he were to find any treasure this time, he would never bring this oil bottle next time. Not only could he save money when he finds good things, but he also did not have to divide things with the other party.


Xiaosanmao responded, seeming to think that Zhuangzi’s words really make sense.

It just that the atmosphere is too quiet. They could not even hear the sound of frogs and cicadas in this area. Therefore, Xiaosanmao still wanted to chatter to alleviate the quiet atmosphere.

“Brother Zhuangzi, are we really going to steal that old lady’s grave today? Her family is so poor, so poor that she is planning to ruin others. How could their family bury any good treasure with her?”

Xiaosanmao asked curiously. They have been walking around the cemetery for a long time, yet they have not made up their minds on which grave to steal. However, during the day, Zhuangzi suddenly notified him that he would steal from the grave of the old lady who appeared on the news tonight. This had made Xiaosanmao felt very puzzled.

The old lady in Xiaosanmao’s mouth was a well-known person in the local area. For a while, the local news media had reported news about this old lady and even caused quite a stir on the Internet.

That’s what actually happened.

Xu Bo is a second-year high school student from Pingxiang No. 1 Middle School. He often rode a bicycle to school. When he was riding through a small alley one day, he saw an old lady who had fallen down. Out of good intentions, he sent the old lady to the hospital for treatment.

The results of the examination came out. The old lady broke her pelvic bone and her calf bone and had a partial abrasion on her elbow due to a fall. If treated, it would cost at least 80,000 to 90,000 yuan. Besides, the old lady is also getting older. Therefore, she required various nutritional supplements. As a whole, the treatment and the rehabilitation will add more than tens of thousands of dollars.

This is not a small number. At least for the injured Liu Yanan, this could be considered as a sky-high number.

Liu Yanan’s family conditions were not good. Both husband and wife were laid-off workers in the 1990s. They had a daughter, but the daughter also left them due to a serious illness. All of the couple’s savings and real estate were spent curing their daughter’s serious illness. The couple also sold their home and now renting a house to cover the previous medical expenses. The only thing that can be called their greatest wealth is the two unused cemeteries in the Linshan cemetery, which cost nearly one hundred thousand in the present.

It just that the couple didn’t want to sell these two cemeteries because this couple had bought them when the price of the cemetery was not high. The family of three tombs was also there. Now their only daughter has been buried in Linshan Cemetery. Hence, for the sake of accompanying their daughter in the Underworld, the couple was unwilling to sell the cemetery’s plot.

So after the accident, Liu Yanan insisted that Xu Bo was the one who had ran into her. She then demanded Xu Bo to be responsible for her medical expenses and all subsequent expenses.

These were Xu Bo’s clarifications.

However, Liu Yanan reported told another side of the story.

According to Liu Yanan’s dictation, she was going to buy breakfast for her husband that day. They rented a village house that yet to be demolished in the county town. The distance between the houses was narrow. Under normal circumstances, only three or four people were allowed to pass side by side. No one can drive into this area. Therefore, there were many bicycles and electric motorcycles used this trail. For that reason, every time Liu Yanan went out, she will be very careful and listened to the bell ringing on the other side of the junction.

On that day, she was going to cross the three-junction path as usual. Her pace was very slow, and she was sure that there was no bell ringing at the time, but just as she was about to turn, a guy riding a bicycle suddenly ran over to her. The rider did not even have their hand on the handlebars. This shocked Liu Yanan, causing her to fall to the ground as she subconsciously tried to avoid the collision.

After that, the other party got off the bicycle nervously and sent her to the hospital. At that time, Xu Bo kept saying sorry to her. The old lady thought that the child was still young and looked like a student. Therefore, she decided not to scold him too much, thinking that he had a good attitude of admitting his mistakes and promised that he would settle the medical expenses at that time. But who knows that after the doctor’s examination, the other party immediately changed his words as soon as he learned the specific medical expenses. He told others that he was only kind to help the elderly but instead ended up being blackmailed by the elderly. This has made Liu Yanan very angry.

The two argued with their own point of view. Both sides said that they were innocent. Due to the lack of a surveillance camera and witnesses at the crime scene, the case suddenly fell into a deadlock.

Finally, after the police traffic intervention, Xu Bo’s parents accompany Liu Yanan and his husband to pay 20,000 yuan for medical expenses. Liu Yanan and his husband were dissatisfied because the subsequent medical expenses were a huge figure, which was not affordable. Xu Bo is the one who caused this accident. Why should the other party be relieved after spending only 20,000 yuan?

Xu Bo’s parents were equally dissatisfied. They felt that they were innocent. It was Liu Yanan, an old lady, who had been entangling with their family. Xu Bo’s parents, who had some personal connections, simply spread the incident to the news media and wanted to find witnesses to restore the matter’s truth and clean up their grievances.

These days, in many people’s eyes, the old man and the children are the original sins. Especially recently, many swindle cases have been done by people who set up an ‘accident’ to demand others’ compensation. Therefore, when the news came out, many people firmly believe that Xu Bo is innocent. The elderly couple was the one who is trying to make a profit by swindling other parties. This has also caused Liu Yanan to encounter a lot of abuse. Some people even went to her ward and asked her if she not afraid of retribution after her death for hurting a young student? In front of Liu Yanan, she said that Liu Yanan’s daughter died early because she tried to help her unscrupulous mother withstand the catastrophe. It was her retribution that she did not manage to leave any descendent for her family.

In this case, even if Liu Yanan’s husband finally reluctantly sold his own cemetery plot and collected enough money to help Liu Yanan see a doctor, his wife still died shortly after the incident.

Moreover, the scolding that surrounded her still yet to cease after her death. Most people think that her death was due to retribution. Xu Bo, who had clearly helped others but lost 20,000 yuan, was the most unlucky.

Xiaosanmao and Zhuangzi were also people who firmly believe that the old lady was eyeing other people’s wealth. That is because they were also that kind of person themselves; therefore, they did not feel that the old lady’s behavior of slandering the life-saving benefactor is undesirable in the face of poverty.

On the contrary, they only felt that the sum of money demanded by the old lady was not high enough. If it were them, they would demand at least a dozen or two hundred thousand dollars. How could it be so easy that they would not continue to make trouble just after receiving only twenty thousand yuan?

“Hehe, you kid knows what a fart!”

Zhuangzi sneered when he heard Xiaosanmao’s questioning.

“Do you know why Brother went there these days? Brother got a job in the crematorium just to stare at the people who send their relative for cremation and see what kind of funerals item they had prepared.”

Zhuangzi is also a little clever. To make a better profit, he actually thought of working at the crematorium.

“I saw it. When the old woman’s husband took the urn, he opened the lid and put some yellow things inside.”

Zhuangzi spits on the side: “I guess that there should be some gold ornament in that old woman’s urn. How high is the gold price nowadays, ah? Even if the value got slightly lower, you could still make at least a few hundred dollars if you sold it to the gold shops. As long as my guess is correct, we would not run this trip in vain this time.”

Zhuangzi chuckled. He could not help but admired his intelligence.

“Brother Zhuangzi, you are really great.”

Xiaosanmao’s eyes lighted up when he heard it. He gave Zhuangzi a thumbs up and praised his intelligence.

“You kid, follow me to learn.”

Zhuangzi straightened his chest proudly. A gust of wind blew his bones and hair cold, so much that he did not dare to pretend to be handsome anymore. He crouched back and accelerated his walking speed.

“This is it!”

Many sacrifice items could be seen in front of the tombstone. Some firecrackers leftover could be seen scattered on the ground. Zhuangzi used the flashlight that came with his mobile phone and looked at some gloomy black and white photos on the tombstone. He immediately confirmed the other party’s identity.

“Hurry up and remove it.”

Zhuangzi kicked Xiaosanmao. The other party could come in handy at this time.


Xiaosanmao was a little flustered. He sighed nervously into his palm before he rubbed it and knelt down. Ziaosanmao lifted the black marble engraved with Liu Yanan’s birthday and death. The urn under the stone cover was suddenly exposed.

“Brother Zhuangzi, how should we scoop it out, ah?”

Xiaosanmao swallowed, wondering if it was his illusion that the temperature was getting colder by minutes.

“How to dig it? Of course, it was done by hand.”

Zhuangzi kicked Xiaosanmao’s ass. The scared Xiaosanmao falls forward and almost smashed the urn in his hand.

“Useless things.”

Zhuangzi looked at Xiaosanmao’s unsatisfactory appearance as he strengthened his determination not to bring Xiaosanmao with him in the future.

 Zhuangzi whispered Amitabha in his heart. He then squatted down quickly and took the urn in Xiaosanmao’s hand. He opened the lid, closed his eyes, and rummaged into it. Soon he found some hard blocks from the pile of ashes and took out the object happily.

Neither the two people who had been crouching down saw the old lady in the black and white photo on the tombstone. At this moment, her gaze was facing down, and the angle was right at the position where the two intruders stood.

“I found it!”

Zhuangzi took his flashlight to see the item that he had taken out. The golden luster made him happy, and he did not even care about the ashes on it as he put it in his mouth and quickly took a bite.

“Damn, hard!”

With just this bite, Zhuangzi’s face changed.

Gold is supposed to be soft. Therefore, he was afraid that this is a copper ornament with gilt.

“This deathless old woman. When she was alive, she was a monster. And when she died, she was still a fool, which made me run for nothing.”

Zhuangzi’s face was blue and purple. He was stupefied. As far as Liu Yanan’s family is concerned, if there were gold ornaments available at home, they would have sold them so that they could see the doctor as soon as possible.

“Brother Zhuang- Zhuangzi, it looks like someone is coming.”

Xiaosanmao pushed the depressed Zhuangzi into a panic. A beam of light came towards them in the distance, as if the grave guard had come to patrol the ground.

Zhuangzi did not care about their loss. He hastily put the urn back in and then ran away in the same direction as Xiasanmao.

“It’s really a loss today!”

On the way back, Zhuangzi was full of fire, thinking about what had just happened. He seemed inattentive as he rode his electric motorcycle.

Xiaosanmao, who rode in the back seat, wanted to remind him to drive slowly. Still, thinking of Zhuangzi’s emotions at this moment, he did not dare to speak anymore. He just grasped the seat tightly to prevent himself from falling.

In the middle of the night, there was silence on the trail leaving the cemetery. Just as the Zhuangzi accelerated all the way and was about to reach the main road of the highway, a thin old woman walked out of the trail on the side. She seemed to be frightened by him and fell back subconsciously.

“Damn, what are you doing running around in the middle of the night? Do you want to reincarnate or something? “

“You fell yourself. I didn’t even touch you!”

“Fuck your mother, what with this old people ran out in the middle of the night to scare others!”

Zhuangzi hurriedly stopped his bike. He became angrier due to his panic. He did not even check the elderly’s condition carefully as he pointed to her nose and cursed.

“I tell you, this matter has nothing to do with me. You deserve it!”

Zhuangzi looked at the other party, who kept silent. He could not help but felt a little scared. Maybe the other party had fallen to death, so he took the courage and walked in to see if the other party was still alive.

“You caused me to fall!”

A slightly low and gloomy old woman’s voice sounded.

“You killed me!”

“Why lie!”

“Why refuse to admit it!”

“Why! Why! Why!”

The old woman who fell down had her hair loose. Hearing her accusations, Zhuangzi felt goosebumps all over his body.

“Brother Zhuang- Zhuangzi, look at her clothes, aren’t they looked familiar?”

Xiaosanmao, who was at a distance, shone his flashlight towards the old lady who fell on the ground and asked in a low voice. His whole body was shivering.

As soon as he finished, the old woman raised her head.

A pale face looked especially horrible under the light.

Isn’t this the face of the cemetery owner that they rob just now?


Half an hour later, another person appeared on the road.

A thin figure came over the night, dragging two thick and long iron chains in his hands. He slowly squatted down and tied the two chains to the two bodies that had been completely cold.

At this time, the dark clouds that have been covering the moon finally dispersed. The wide-eyed Zhuangzi and Xiaosanmao were clearly visible under the moonlight.


The thin figure slowly dragged the two corpses away in the direction he had come from. Observing carefully, the figure’s walking pace seemed to be a bit unstable, like a cripple.


“Su Zi, do you want to eat together after class today?”

In a Yinzhou University classroom, a girl with a round face looked expectantly at her somewhat cold roommate and asked.


Su Zi thought for a while before she shook her head and refused.

The Feng tribe people believed that whole grains contain obscure air, which will affect the foundation of Taoism. Therefore, as a saint of the Feng tribe, Su Zi has been accustomed to feed on dew and the aura of the world since she was young. Therefore, she does not have much desire for food.

“Actually, you are already thin enough; you don’t need to lose weight at all.”

The round-faced girl looked at Su Zi’s slender waist and slender thighs and said enviously.

She thought that Su Zi rejected her because she wanted to lose weight.

“I didn’t plan to lose weight; I just don’t want to eat.”

Su Zi explained very seriously and sincerely.

“Su Zi, someone is looking for you!”

At this moment, a classmate stood at the door and shouted at Su Zi.

Jiang Liu stood at the door, showing a small white tooth towards Su Zi: “Let’s go out for a meal?”

His attitude is very intimate as if the two have known each other for a long time.

Su Zi did not feel that Jiang Liu was very abrupt at this moment. The curvature at the corners of her mouth rose slightly as she nodded gently: “Okay!”

The round face girl looked at the ruthless girl who just told her a few seconds ago that she did not want to eat. It is not that she did not want to eat, but she has to see the kind of person who will invite her to eat.

To think that she lived in a desperate world where people paid more attention to their lover than their friends!

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