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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: God Stick 8

“The old ghost has been a ghost for so many years, and yet he has never encountered this kind of situation.”

Jiang Liu himself is a half-bucket of ghost emissary. He still sought the old ghost concerning this puzzling situation and wondered if he had heard similar cases.

[T/N [half bucket of water] – Someone who can’t master things that they should master]

It’s just that the old ghost’s answer broke Jiang Liu’s hope.

“Furthermore, the smell of ghost emissary on this little brother is extremely weak. Therefore, he cannot be regarded as a ghost emissary who already accepted the mark of inheritance.”

The old ghost dare not touch this mark because the inheritance totem could be considered a nemesis to any ghost. According to the depth of the ghost’s merit, the damages to their soul also varied.

Although the ghost emissary in front of him obviously did not amount to much, the old ghost is still unwilling to touch him lest he might be subjected to soul burning.

“This breath also seems to be fading. Without the blessing of merit, maybe this mark will collapse sooner or later.”

The old ghost said uncertainly: “There has never been a precedent for two ghost emissary to exist in one place. The mark on this little brother’s body also does not seem to attract the Underworld’s attention. So this old ghost feels that it is better to go with the flow;. Maybe we should let this mark be eliminated.”

This explanation was reasonable. Jiang Liu nodded while listening.

“It just that!”

The old ghost has not finished speaking.

“Having the mark of a ghost emissary, even if there is only a little bit, he should still be considered as a half underworld’s person. His father’s ability to enter his dream smoothly may also be due to this. Lord ghost, have you found out? He can actually see Niuniu and me. This also means that he can see other soul bodies floating in the world.”

The old ghost’s expression was serious, which scared Qian Duoyu away.

He clutched his collar tightly, like a little wife who had been wronged by others.

However, he did not know what the old ghost really meant to say. Yet for Jiang Liu, who had recently searched all the information related to the Underworld, he could guess what the old ghost was going to say.

Ordinary people only knew about the existence of Yanwang in the Underworld. They regarded Yanwang as the highest authority in the Underworld. In fact, this is not the case in the Underworld.

Above Yanwang, there is a real king of the Underworld known as Heavenly Emperor Fengdu.

Heavenly Emperor Fengdu, commonly known as Heavenly Emperor Yin, rules over the ghost and monsters. He has absolute power in the Underworld and controls the life and death of all things. Even so, the power of Emperor Fengdu is far more than that. He is also known as the Northern Great Devil King, who is in charge of the ghost and the demon.

Compared with the Heavenly Emperor Fengdu, who can change life and death at will, the Ten Palace Hall of the King of Hell’s authority was so minimal. They must strictly follow the book of life and death and the cycle of cause and effect, and there is no right to exempt anyone from their sin.

[T/N: Ten Palace Hall of the King of Hell – There are 10 judgment halls, and each hall will judge different sins. Accordingly, these halls were headed by 10 different King of Hell. It just that Yanwang is the most commonly known. You can watch Hoozuki no Reitetsu to learn more.]

As for the revered Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, he is one of the prisoners in the Underworld. He chanted scriptures for countless ghosts in hell for them to pass through. It is only because he is standing behind the Buddha to enjoy special status while being in hell. So much that even Yanwang did not dare to do anything to him.

The ghost emissary was an officer that worked directly under the Heavenly Emperor Fengdu. Therefore, all the ghost emissaries’ orders were also based on the Heavenly Emperor Fengdu‘s edict.

The ghost emissaries with the four mythical beasts’ mark also derived their abilities directly from the Heavenly Emperor Fengdu. According to rumors, by eating the ghost emissaries’ flesh and blood, one can obtain part of Heavenly Emperor Fengdu’s abilities. They will become invincible in the world. It is just that the ghost emissaries have memories passed down from generation to generation; therefore, they could immediately dealt with and suppressed the ambitions of those malicious ghosts.

Now it is different. Not only did there is a half-baked ghost emissary in Yinzhou, but also this Qian Duoyu, who has a very light ghost emissary’s totem yet without the edict from the Heavenly Emperor Fengdu.

The old ghost felt that this was a silent temptation to those evil spirits who had bad intentions to come and eat him.

Fortunately, with the help of that noble person, Jiang Liu had smoothly eliminated that ghost in red, causing many ghosts to remain in a dormant state for the time being. Otherwise, not only this Qian Duoyu, even Jiang Liu already been ferried to the Underworld.

Not only did the old ghost thought of this, but even Jiang Liu also had the same conclusion in his mind.

To prevent himself from creating a difficult opponent, Jiang Liu needs to ensure that he could protect himself and this good for nothing, Qian Duoyu. He could not help but feel as though his head could explode from this problem.

“Since it comes to this, you have to move in and live with me. My house is spacious, and I can also help you watch over your mother while you are at work.”

Jiang Liu could only let out a big sigh. There is nothing else that could be done. Although he did not have the memory of the original body and did not know this world’s mission, nevertheless, he cannot give up on himself and wait to become the ghost’s meal.


Qian Duoyu could only swallow his saliva. As of now, he probably realized the dangerous situation he is currently in.

Qian Duoyu glanced at the little girl holding her head, and with an overcast look, he finally agreed.


“This doesn’t seem to be her. The eyes have to be bigger.”

“The other party’s nose is awfully straight; her philtrum also somewhat shallow.”

“En, the eyes, the eyes seem to be light brown, but unfortunately, the night is too dark, so I can’t see it clearly.”

Jiang Liu hid in his room, muttering a few words here and there. As his words died down, a picture of a girl similar to the one he met that evening appeared on the computer’s screen.

Although the system is unreliable, the skills that can be bought from the system store are still very reliable.

For example, Jiang Liu can now use his super hacking skills to find the mysterious woman’s identity.

As long as there was a picture of her on the Internet, even if it was just a fuzzy picture taken by a surveillance camera, he would still be able to use it to find her. Not to mention that Jiang Liu could invade the public security system and compared all the ID photos.

What he should pray now is that the other party is not a person with no registered resident.

After a wave of investigations, Jiang Liu finally found the mysterious girl. It just so happened that the other party was a third-year student from Yinzhou University with the surname Su and the name Zi.

Jiang Liu looked at the lively and lovely photos that the other party had posted on her circle of friends and on some social platforms. Yet, he could not connect the girl on the screen with the cool-tempered girl that appeared in front of him that night.

Had it not been for the extremely similar appearance and the red mole at the same position under the corner of her right eye, he would never dare to recognize this as the same person.

It was also very strange. According to Jiang Liu’s investigation of Su Zi’s related contacts, he found out that the other party seemed to have changed a lot in the past six months.

Just half a year ago, Su Zi was just like how she had posted on social platforms. She was a very active girl who loved to make friends. She also had a wide range of interests and actively participated in club activities. However, just half a year ago, her family of three had a car accident. After her parents died on the spot in this car accident, she became cold and restrained.

Except for some of her best friends who could say a few words to her, she almost cut off all communication with the outside world.

Everyone said that she was greatly stimulated in that car accident. Still, Jiang Liu felt that it was not necessarily like that.

The change of the other party reminded him of himself.

Rebirth? Crossing? Perhaps these reasons are more in line to explain why Su Zi has undergone such a big change while also having a terrifying ability to destroy ghosts.

Jiang Liu felt that the world seemed to become more and more complicated. Conversely, after the initial panic, it seemed that this situation has become more exciting and interesting.


Jiang Liu’s guess was not wrong. The current Su Zi was indeed no longer the old Su Zi.

Thousands of years ago, there was a tribe called the Feng Clan. Everyone in the tribe believed in Heavenly Emperor Fengdu. They believed in the existence of the King of Hell. They believed that serving the King of Hell will give them the ability to control supernatural beings.

The people of this tribe can also communicate with the deities. Coupled with the hard work of the tribe for hundreds of years, they have formed a system no less profound than that of Taoism. Every child in the tribe was also educated in this way.

Due to the Yin nature of women and the fact that Yin is the closest existence to hell, the people in this tribe have a deep respect for women. Women have the greatest authority in the clan, while men play a supporting role. Every twenty years, the Feng people will elect a saint who will serve the Heavenly Emperor Fengdu for life. These saints were also the closest to the deities and the most qualified to approach the tribe’s secrets.

Su Zi was the saint of the Feng tribe and recognized as the most spiritual saint who is most likely to communicate with the true god.

Perhaps due to being born at the time with the highest Yin, from a very young age, Su Zi was already able to see things that other people could not see. Because the whole clan believed in Heavenly Emperor Fengdu, not only did no one dislike her, the tribe also treated her like a treasure and trained her with the best resources available.

[T/N: Time with the highest Yin = midnight]

It was just because they were afraid that the complete Yin Qi in her body would be defiled. Su Zi had never seen the sun since she was sensible. Let alone meeting any male tribesmen. Such a living habit also caused Su Zi to dislike going out during the day or having too much contact with the opposite sex.

Jiang Liu’s situation could be considered as an accident. Su Zi felt that the other party was the most fun person she had ever met in all her life.

She had grown up so big, yet she had not seen anyone who could confuse a ghost with just using his mouth.

It was a pity that this funny person has never appeared again since he appeared in the school’s moral education building that night. Su Zi had waited for several nights in the moral education building, thinking that the other party seemed to come here to catch ghosts that day.

I wonder if the other party liked ghosts very much. If I were to grab a few more, will the other party appear again?

For a saint of the Feng tribe who has been with ghosts since childhood, hunting ghosts is very easy for her. Not to mention that her yin and yang eyes had followed her to this body.

Jiang Liu, who was currently at his shop, could not help but shudder. He looked at the news that he had found about Su Zi and wondered what method he should use to successfully hug this female god’s thigh.

[T/N: Two people who used such out of the world method to reach the same goal. The author is such a tease in previous chapters. Let me assured you that this is a BXG world]

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