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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 103

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 103: God Stick 7

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Because of the absurd dream that he had yesterday, Qian Duoyu decided to ask for a day off from his Boss before making his way to the incense where he had bought many things previously with his mother.

There is not much difference between this shop and any other ordinary incense shops from the outside. At most, the furnishings inside are tidier, and the ritual apparatus sold inside are more refined. Moreover, the owner also looks handsome compared to others.

[T/N: I swear this author is trying to lead my pure heart away]

Adding up to so many factors, it seemed that this store was a lot more outstanding than other normal stores. Yet, no matter how much Qian Duoyu looked at it, he still could not link this store with the Underworld store run on earth, as mentioned by his father.

“Hehe, maybe I am the one who is confused!”

Qian Duoyu showed a ridiculous expression. Yet when he was about to turn around and leave while contemplating his absurdity, Jiang Liu suddenly came out of the house and was about to make his way to the noodle shop. He planned to order a take-out of a beef noodles soup from the neighbor’s shop. With a glimpse, Jiang Liu recognized Qian Duoyu at once.

Jiang Liu had a very deep impression of this person whose outfit and demeanor showed his fresh yet free from vulgar style.

“Xiaoge, are you here to buy something?”

Jiang Liu looked at his hesitating appearance. Thinking that the person in front of him might be hesitating due to the expensive item sold in his store, Jiang Liu kindly told him that he could give Qian Duoyu some discount.

“Boss, do you still have that paper money that you gave me last time? I want that one. I’ll buy more this time.”

Since the Boss was so enthusiastic, Qian Duoyu was too embarrassed to say that he did not want to buy anything. What’s more, he still felt weird for his father to appear in his dream every day. Therefore, he decided to buy some paper money to burn for his father. At least his heart will be at peace.

“Paper money?”

Jiang Liu glanced at Qian Duoyu’s expression. There were some faint conjectures in his heart.

After receiving the Underworld’s ambassador’s induction-training book, Jiang Liu finally aware of the difference between the funeral item sold in his shop and the funeral item sold in other shops. Because of the nature of his position as a civil servant of the Underworld, the shop he operated was also registered as the official shop endorsed by the Underworld. Therefore, ghosts can use only the funeral items incinerated by this shop.

In fact, this was not the case a long time ago. At that time, there was not much difference between the purchasing power in the Underworld and the living world. However, as the wind of comparison in the world prevailed, the face value of the funeral money started to increase among the living. From the beginning, it was those brass Coins, and later, there were tens of millions of banknotes burned, which had caused the stores of the Underworld to be unable to meet the needs of those wealthy ghosts. From that time on, the Underworld decided to control the funeral money’s use and set the real and the fake funeral money rules.

Hence, with the establishment of the new rules, the use of fake funeral money in the Underworld will lead those ghosts to be penalized. Yet, because not all ghosts could enter their children’s dreams to inform them of this matter, many ghosts with no connection could only receive fake money burned by their relatives, leading them to become poor ghosts. These poor ghosts were discriminated against and bullied by other ghosts, making them hard to live underground.

Later, with the expansion of civil servants in the prefecture, these poor ghosts finally had one more way out: to obtain a civil servant’s position and strive to support themselves on wages.

The Underworld has very high requirements for the quality of their civil servants. This also led to the fact that to pass the quality assessment, the current ghosts dare not make chaos in the world at will. They fear that any misconduct will influence their record, resulting in everlasting poverty with no money to spend for eternity.

In recent years, the disturbance caused by those ghosts had shown a decreasing trend by years, perhaps due to this situation related to the funeral money.

Qian Duoyu had come here especially and asked to buy his funeral money. This made Jiang Liu suspect that perhaps his father had asked him through his dream.

Yet, this situation is too strange. The conditions for ghosts to entrust their dreams to their relative are very harsh. If those ghosts can enter their relatives’ dreams without repercussions, the Underworld would have been in chaos from long ago.  Based on Jiang Liu’s understanding, Qian Duoyu’s father had passed away nine years ago. For a ghost who had been dead for nine years, it was impossible for it to suddenly gain the ability to enter his son’s dream. Jiang Liu could not help wonder if Papa Qian suddenly had some kind of adventure in the Underworld? On the other hand, perhaps there is some problem related to Qian Duoyu’s spirit?

Jiang Liu looked inquisitively at Qian Duoyu, but it was a pity that he was not capable enough. If he were to change to his adoptive father, he might be able to see the problem clearly.

“Boss, is there any problem?”

Qian Duoyu felt unsettled as Jiang Liu’s eyes boring against his body. He could not help but tightened his collar. Although this little Boss is handsome, kind, and warm, he is a straight man who cannot be straight anymore. The Qian family is still waiting for this lone seedling to continue the family line.

“Who asked you to buy this paper money?”

Jiang Liu asked with a serious face. Since there was no one in the store, he simply pulled down the iron sluice gate to prevent others from listening to the subsequent conversation.

“B- Boss!”

Qian Duoyu watched Jiang Liu vigilantly. His voice stumbled.

He was hesitating whether he should be called out for help against this pervert at this moment.

Jiang Liu never thought that this kid could think so crookedly. His sixth sense told him that this matter was very important to him. As if it was the residual consciousness left by the original body that kept forcing him to figure out this matter inside out.

“It is impossible for you to come to me on a whim to buy that paper money. Did someone give you a dream, saying that the paper money sold here is good? Or, maybe you have already bought paper money from another store but ended up being scolded by someone? “

Jiang Liu made a bold guess. The WTF expression in Qian Duoyu’s face further confirmed that he had guessed it right nine out of ten.

At this moment, Qian Duoyu no longer cares about his initial misgiving. He looked at Jiang Liu nervously as he asked him how he knew it. He then told Jiang Liu about his dad coming to his dreams these days.

“Boss, your store really has something to do with the Underworld? Are you like those big people who can communicate with ghosts and gods?”

Qian Duoyu used to be an avid book fan who chased various novels all night. However, due to the pressure in life, he had no choice but to reduce his reading frequency. From the content of his dreams these days to Jiang Liu, who suddenly guessed his purpose, Qian Duoyu suddenly had a bold guess in his heart.

That is because his dad had been entering his dream these days, and the words said by him ended up being true.

This is the official underworld flagship store in the living world. The man in front of him is the intermediary between the Underworld and the living world. Maybe he was the underworld spokesperson of this living world.

Qian Duoyu was awestruck. This identity is too awesome, ah. If he managed to forge a good relationship with such a person, maybe his father will fare better down there. Additionally, maybe his mother and his life will be better once they entered the Underworld in the future.

At this moment, Qian Duoyu was pondering over a very serious question. If Jiang Liu really fancies him, will he accept it or not?

“Did you do anything before your dad started to enter your dream?”

Jiang Liu tapped the tabletop with his index finger. There really is a problem here. How could an ordinary person with no powerful soul body withstand the dead’s frequent appearance in his dream? Furthermore, as he looked over at Qian Duoyu, apart from some apparent shadow in his eyes, there is no obvious spiritual drainage that could be detected from his body. This showed that the problem is still with Qian Duoyu.

“What have I been doing?”

Qian Duoyu started to think hard: “Does sweeping my father’s grave count?”

It seemed that all these weird things started to happen after the Qingming Festival: “I took my mother back to our hometown during the tomb-sweeping day. It was raining heavily that day. My mother held my father’s tombstone and refused to let go, which caused us to miss the last shuttle bus to leave the cemetery. Therefore, we ended up waiting for a long time in the tomb keeper’s room. Then I fell asleep in a daze before the tomb-keeper woke me up and told me that the taxi that I called had arrived. It was almost eleven o’clock at that time. My mother was in a deep sleep at that time, so I just hugged my mother and got into the taxi, and then we went home.”

Qian Duoyu racked his brains as if it may be possible to restore what happened that day by doing so.

“Where is your father’s tomb?”

As soon as the words were spoken, Jiang Liu realized that he had asked a nonsensical question. After all, Qian Duoyu had already given him the location of his father’s cemetery when he asked Jiang Liu to burn the funeral item on his behalf.

Pingxiang. Fertile county town located in the southwest of Yinzhou.

Jiang Liu remembered that the original adoptive father seemed to be from Pingxiang.

These days were enough for him to inquire about the cause of death of the original adoptive father. The other party seemed to have left before Qingming and went to Pingxiang. The adoptive father somehow contracted a serious illness and died suddenly. When the original went there, there was only a rigid body left.

Knowing the adoptive father’s identity, Jiang Liu guessed that the other party went to Pingxiang to do some business when the Ghost Gate was open during Qingming. He might have encountered some unsubdued ghost somewhere and ended up dying so suddenly.

All the weird things happened in Pingxiang. Does that mean that perhaps what happened to Qian Duoyu also inextricably related to his adoptive father’s death?

Jiang Liu did not believe in coincidence. He believed only in the truth he personally investigated.

“Wait, take your clothes off.”

Now that the temperature is getting warmer. Those young and strong boys in their 20s and 30s even put on short-sleeved T-shirts. Jiang Liu pointed to Qian Duoyu’s short-sleeved shirt and asked him to take it off.

“I am straight.”

Qian Duoyu clutched into the collar of his shirt as he shivered.

Sure enough, this gay guy is still eyeing this small green grass. Thinking of his chrysanthemum being mutilated and hurt all over the floor, his heart could not help but hesitate.

“I’m straighter than you; I’m an interstellar straight guy.”

Jiang Liu glared at him. What this kid been thinking about? It should not be that this Qian Duoyu is so hungry that he aims for him, right? This Qian Duoyu is not even as good as that mysterious golden thigh.

Seeing Qian Duoyu being coquettish, Jiang Liu decided to do the job himself. Jiang Liu pulled Qian Duoyu’s clothes off before turning him around, exposing his back to his eyes.

The back was smooth except for some acne scar. Jiang Liu put his hand on Qian Duoyu’s back, and a magical scene suddenly appeared.

On the originally empty back, a Vermillion Bird Totem gradually emerged.

Jiang Liu’s heart tightened. His initial conjecture seemed correct. Yet, how could one jurisdiction allows two ghosts emissaries to exist?

What is happening to both the original body and Qian Duoyu?

Is it really just a coincidence that Papa Qian had entrusted his son to come to the incense shop run by him?


Jiang Liu was deeply in thought that he did not realize that the little ghost girl, Niuniu, had shown up at his shop. That girl ended up seeing the scene of Jiang Liu groping the back of the half-naked man in front of him. Due to fright, she, her head accidentally fell off.

Niuniu is a good child. Niuniu didn’t see anything.”

The little girl had run to find Jiang Liu to play the game of ball tapping. Therefore, she had never thought that she would end up seeing such a hot scene when she came in through the wall.

Her frightened round head grumbled and rolled to Qian Duoyu’s feet. The headless girl then smiled shyly as she ran towards the fallen head with two hands straight out as she tried to cover the eyes like a pure child.


Qian Duoyu, who saw this scene, suddenly felt his leg softened. He could not help but closed his eyes as he directly kicked the little girl’s head. This scene had too much impact on him, so big that he had forgotten about his current situation.

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