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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: God Stick 6

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After that incident, the legend regarding the female ghost in red jumping from this building started to spread. Every night, a student would see a figure in red falling from the building, however, when they came closer, they could not find the corpse of the person who fell. 

Over time, no one dared to show up near the Moral Education Building at night.

Jiang Liu watched the girl who died in vain turned into an earth-bound spirit with grievances as she repeated the process of her death over and over again. With the accumulation of time, her grievances became heavier, and she finally showed the tendency of transforming into a Li gui.

On the seventh day after that girl jumped from the building was also the ghostliest moment in for her soul. The girl who appeared on the rooftop before the red ghost committed suicide had appeared on top of the building, bringing along a bunch of incense candles and coins. As if she wanted to redeem her sin.

Jiang Liu watched the female ghost became crazy because of her arrival. He also watched that girl jump off from the rooftop under the lure of the female ghost.

Seeing those blood, the female ghost became even more ferocious.

Since someone had finally replaced her as an earth-bound spirit, the female ghost was able to leave the scope of the Moral Education Building for a short time. She found the man who appeared that day, and like how she induced her best friend who had betrayed her, she also let the man felt the pain that she had for having to repeat her death process over and over again.

If this is the case, it can still barely be regarded as the vengeance of the red ghost. Even if the two people’s sins are far less damnable. Yet, this red-eyed scarlet ghost was obviously no longer conscious and had become a puppet thirst for flesh and blood.

The fourth student who had died had nothing to do with her. It was just because she spent too long in the study room that she ended up being chosen by her when she left the classroom.

In the long run, more innocent people will inevitably die in her hands.

For this girl, Jiang Liu couldn’t afford to give her much sympathy. It is indeed painful to be betrayed by your lover and friend at the same time, yet, when she jumped down, didn’t she think of other people who care about her and love her, such as her parents?

Didn’t she ever think that her suicide was the most cowardly behaviour? The people who hurt her do not even love her. Even if she retaliates most decisively, how long can those people’s distress last?

In particular, she hurt innocent people in the process of revenge. This made Jiang Liu unable to forgive this female ghost who had already turned into a devil.

It’s just that Jiang Liu is more curious now about this woman who stood beside him at this moment.


A slightly indifferent female voice sounded, and the illusion that had been surrounding them was broken. At this moment, Jiang Liu found that he was still standing in the original position, and the sky was still dark.

Yet, the female ghost who initially had been attacking him started to shatter. After a long roar, it turned into flying ashes.

After the red ghost disappeared, the three dead souls that she had been suppressing before also appeared.

These souls belonged to Jiang Liu’s business category. He recited the three rebirth mantras to send these three dead souls into the Underworld. Naturally, they will be judged by the Underworld of their merits and demerits.

Without the existence of that Li gui, the magnetic field that has been surrounding the Moral Education Building has finally returned to normal. At this moment, Jiang Liu felt a little bit cold as he quickly adorned his thick jacket.

Although Li gui has been cleaned up, Jiang Liu’s mood was not calm. He was exhausted and unable to deal with that red ghost, yet, this mysterious woman quickly solved that Li gui as soon as she took action.

Who is she? Is she a ghost emissary from another jurisdiction?


Just as Jiang Liu was thinking about it, the mysterious woman walked in front of Jiang Liu. After getting closer, Jiang Liu realized that the other person’s eyes were actually double pupils. Still, when he was about to take a closer look, everything seemed to return to normal. As if what he had seen just now was merely an illusion.

“So cute.”

Su Zi reached out and touched Jiang Liu’s lips as she let out a faint smile.

Her previous indifferent expression suddenly became vivid, as if the ice and snow have finally melted.

Jiang Liu was stunned. Is he being molested?

When he recovered and prepared to ask something, the woman in black disappeared before his eyes.


When he returned home at night, Jiang Liu immediately laid in bed to rest. He realized that the problems he needs to face now were still complicated.

Today, he had used the soul-suppressing charm left by the original adoptive father, but he still failed to subdue the ghost. According to his current ability, he can only draw some spells of the same rank as the palm thunder. If he were to encounter a ghost with the same rank as that Li gui again, he, who couldn’t even dig out the Soul Suppressing Talisman, might end up being cut to death by those ghosts.

“No way! I can’t be so lucky that someone will come out to help me all the time.”

Jiang Liu let out a long sigh.

The old ghost who followed him back from the school was delighted to hear Jiang Liu’s sigh. It seemed that the new ghost emissary also realized his shortcomings and began to make up his mind to improve his abilities.

“Apparently I have no other choice but to think a way to hug that person’s thighs. Then, whenever I encounter trouble, for sure, my big master will help me to solve it.”

Jiang Liu sighed once again. If necessary, it is still worth to sacrifice a little bit of skin.

Looking at the posture of the mysterious female goddess groping him today, it is evident that she had been coveting his beauty, ah.

The old ghost who was about to enter the house staggered and almost didn’t knock out his dentures.

To think that there is such a shameless and mean-mouthed ghost emissary who is not willing to work hard and just wants to win while lying down like a salted fish. Is there really hope left for their ghost community, ma?


“Xiao Qian, your complexion is not looking so good these days, are you sick?”

When he went to work that morning, his Boss looked at the shadow in his eyes and asked him worriedly, “Did you received too much work from the subsidiary company? Let me call a shot. Once this case is completed, I will give you a short holiday so that you can relax, okay?”

“Thank you, Boss. I’m fine, but I haven’t had good sleep these days.”

This Xiao Qian was actually the young man who once bought a bunch of paper-bound luxury goods in Jiang Liu’s incense candle shop. Currently, he had been yawning as he rubbed his eyes, and tried to reply with a vigour.

Recently, he had not been able to sleep well because his dad had frequently run into his dreams these days.

Qian Douyu is an ordinary white-collar worker. His father died in his third year of high school. After he graduated from college, his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and cannot survive without human care.

Due to his filial piety and distrust towards nursing home, he simply brought his mother to his side. To better take care of his mother, he rented a house not more than 100 meters away from the company, so that he could go home to take care of her from time to time.

To bear the high rental from choosing a home near the company, he had taken a lot of private work with his Boss. However, because he has a good foundation from young, even if he had to occasionally work overtime, staying up late was not a concern, and his life was pretty much happy.

The changes started to happen after the Qingming festival when he took his mother back to the hometown to visit his father’s grave.

After he returned to the city from his hometown, he started to dream about his father. In his dream, the other party complained to him about the limited land available to be used for houses in the Underworld, and how difficult it is for ordinary ghosts to live in the Underworld.

Looking at the father who lost a lot of weight in his dream, he promised to give him some good things if he had some extra money so that he could live a prosperous life in the Underworld.

Because of this promise, Qian Douyu made such a remark previously.

The effect of burning these sacrificial goods was excellent. That night, when Papa Qian entered his son’s dream, he had already put on the Fila’s leather shoes, fastened the Hermes’s belt, and held the pear 888’s phone in his hand as he got off from the Rolls-Royce luxury car.

Papa Qian strongly praised the villa that his son had bought for him. The yard is spacious enough to raise pigs.

However, as soon as the conversation changed, Old Qian started to complain about the ten million coins that his son had burned for him.

According to him, the Underworld inflation is severe now. The purchasing power of ten million coins is about the same as the living world’s one hundred dollars. The face value of the coins can easily be several hundred million, so the value of that money was simply worthless.

Because there was not much time to go back to his hometown to worship, he had to buy some delicious joss sticks at the official store in the prefecture. This little money that he had received was not enough for him to buy a few large joss sticks.

So in the dream, Father Qian asked his son to burn more coins.

At first, Qian Douyu didn’t felt that it matters too much. He only thought that he only had those dream occasionally. But later, because he hadn’t burned any Ming coins, the old man began to appear in his dream frequently. By then did Qian Douyu realized that things had gotten a little bit out of hand.

Was it really his father that he had been dreamed on?

With this in mind, early this morning, Qian Douyu immediately ran to the nearest incense candle shop and bought a whole box of Ming coins. He then took it back to the rental house and burned it secretly.

This box of money contained at least tens of billions, therefore it should be enough for his father, right?

He had been thinking about this all day. Therefore, that night Qian Douyu felt that he might finally get a good night’s sleep.

However, after he fell asleep, Papa Qian came to his dream again. Today, Papa Qian is not the same as usual. His face was swollen to a several degrees, not because from the happiness of getting the money but from getting beaten like a ghost.

Seeing the old man with a blue nose and swollen face Qian Douyu got angry. What is happening just now? Could it be that there are robbers in the Underworld?

“Son, you really going to kill this old man.”

Who knew that the first sentence of Papa Qian was actually a complaint to his filial son.

Qian Douyu was puzzled. He burned a box of Ming Coins for his father. Could it be that there was a problem with the burning?

That’s right. There is really a problem with that box of Ming coins.

“Why didn’t you buy the Ming Coins from the previous store and burn it for me?”

Papa Qian’s complaint made Qian Douyu even puzzled. Aren’t these coins all the same? What’s the difference between where you buy them?

“That is the official bank of the living world, and it sells the currency circulating for the Underworld. The counterfeit currency you burned to me later was a counterfeit coin that was not recognized by the Underworld. Hey, look at me being beaten like a pig for using that counterfeit currency. Son, you are pitting your father, ah.”

Papa Qian’s cries made Qian Douyu felt stupid. There is even an official bank in the Underworld?

What kind of nonsense is this?!

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