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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: God Stick 5

In fact, not only the old ghost who secretly followed the Jiang Liu was stunned. Even the female ghost in red who was ready to scare the Jiang Liu was also bluffed by his operation.


The cold, pungent smell slightly awakened some memories of the red female ghost when she was a human. However, in this case, why did the other party took out a bottle of Fēngyóujīng? Can Fēngyóujīng really be used to overcome ghosts?

“Wait for a minute.”

After he wiped the Fēngyóujīng, Jiang Liu gave the stunned woman in red a smile. He then screwed the lid and put it back into his backpack before he started to rummage for something inside his back.

The old ghost was shocked.

It is finally here. He felt that the new ghost emissary was about to take out his secret weapon.

The red clothes ghost also started to take some precautions. Her fingers were hooked like eagle’s claws, ready to pounce. There is no need for air blower as her long hair that almost reaches the ground was floating freely as if there is a life to it. It not only could pierce living creature but also killed people through strangulation.

Under the gaze of the two ghosts, Jiang Liu took out a box of bread and put it aside. He then took out a pair of gloves. Apparently feeling that the temperature was quite cold, he immediately put them on his hands.

Binoculars, knee pads, masks, baby warmers… They still could not see any magical items that related to ghostbusting.

“Found it!”

Don’t look at Jiang Liu’s serenity appearances at the moment. In fact, inwardly, he was panicking.

In other words, this is the first time he ever encountered a ghost who had killed people. Not to mention that he also has to subdue the ghost in front of him.

As soon as his words fell, the old ghost and the female ghost in red clothes were rushed to look at him as they saw Jiang Liu pulled out a small medicine bottle.

The old ghost pledged with his 5.2 eyesight that the words written on the medicine bottle were [Quick-acting heart-relief pills].

So the thing that the ghost emissary took so long to take out is this bottle of pills?

The old ghost doesn’t want to talk; the old ghost just wants to be quiet.

“You fool me!”

The female ghost was surprisingly angry. The dark resentment on her body rose even more. The area near the Moral Education’s building was almost covered by her resentment.

“Darn it!”

Looking at the resentment on the female ghost, the old ghost secretly swore.

Li gui is different from ordinary ghosts like him. Since its birth, it has a hundred times more power compared to ordinary ghosts. Old ghost has been a good ghost for more than hundreds of years, and even then, he was still inferior compared to this ghost who had a great resentment on her. Not to mention that this ghost had also killed several people and already being tainted with an evil spirit.

Moreover, he is still a ghost, after all. There is no such precedent where the ghost was required to help the ghost emissary to eliminate a Li gui. If this matter were to be spread, he was afraid that the ghost emissary from other jurisdictions might mock their jurisdiction’s emissary. Therefore, for a while, the old ghost was undecided if he should come and help Jiang Liu.

“I want you to die–”

The female ghost screamed sharply, piercing people’s eardrums.

“Wait a moment, I will unscrew the cap immediately.”

Jiang Liu was wearing a pair of gloves. Therefore, his movement was a little awkward. Watching the ghost rushing towards him, Jiang Liu couldn’t take care of the pile of things that hadn’t yet been packed back into his backpack. He took off his gloves as he opened the medicine bottle while running.

This is too stimulating. If he didn’t immediately take some quick-acting heart-relief pills, he might lose his life.

The female ghost instead regarded his behaviour as a provocation. Due to this, her resentment became even more massive. She wished to take Jiang Liu to the top of the building and then threw him from down to let him taste the despair of her death.

At this time, besides the old ghost, there was another person who was watching this farce.

It was a girl wearing a black windbreaker and black tights with a pair of sneakers of the same colour. Looking at her age, the other party seemed to be a student from this school. However, even after seeing such a bizarre scene, the other party did not show the slightest fear. It seemed that this shouldn’t be the reaction of an ordinary female student.

“Don’t come over, I will shout when you should come over!”

Jiang Liu put forward his proposal as he took all his strength to flee. Yet despite all that, the female ghost behind him continued to chase him, and there was a tendency of getting closer to him by seconds.

He felt that this was not good. If the female ghost really caught him, wouldn’t his mission in this world plane come to an end before it could even start?

“Scream all you want, ah. Even if you shout until your throat break, no one is going to save you!”

This was the female ghost’s subconscious answer. At the same time, she could not help but noticed that there is something wrong with her answer. Such a big conversation doesn’t seem to be suitable for the current situation.

“My throat is broken; my throat is broken!”

Jiang Liu shouted at the top of his voice for several times, hoping that will suddenly meet a great deity who will take him to fly.

In the shadows, the old ghost was already in a state of insanity. Such an exasperating and despicable ghost emissary will sooner or later be beaten to death by that Li gui. Yes, it will definitely end like that.


In this kind of atmosphere, that sound of a laugh really seemed to be out of place. The female ghost stopped chasing Jiang Liu. She finally noticed the existence of another heated energy. Before this sound, she did not even perceive the existence of that person.

She stopped and looked around warily.

At this moment, Jiang Liu’s annoying operation came once again.

Taking advantage that the female ghost was no longer paying attention to him, Jiang Liu took out two spells from his pocket. He quickly finished chanting the spell as he threw the spell at the location of the female ghost.

If it was at the last moment, this trick might not work as that female ghost could easily avoid it. However, she was currently being distracted. Furthermore, she had never thought that this cowardly man who has been chased by her could have any ability to resist her. Therefore, she was naturally being hit by this attack unexpectedly.

Two talismans of palm thunders exploded as it burned the female ghost inside out. Her body finally showed her original demeanour.

But this female red ghost had killed four people in a row. Therefore, this attack was no longer fatal to her.

The female ghost face was already looking terrible due to the consequences that came from committing suicide by jumping from a building. In addition to that, her body was also charred brown after being hit by that palm thunder. Her appearance was so bad that it was impossible to look at it directly. Seeing that, that female ghost also gave up looking at her surrounding as her anger spiked and she once again started to chase after Jiang Liu.

“Damn, why are you chasing me again? Can you stop chasing me!”

Jiang Liu continued to run forward, still chanting some words in his mouth.

The old ghost’s attention also was drawn back from the sudden anger energy, as he set his sight on the new ghost emissary once again. He then sighed silently.

It’s not that the female ghost had a faulty brain, it was this sand sculpture air of the ghost emissary that was too contagious.

[T/N: 沙雕 – Sand sculpture/ people who are naturally stupid, or people who are deliberate selling stupid to look cute or people who act stupidly]

As a ghost, what’s more, a fierce Li gui;, there is really no need for her chase after Jiang Liu like that, right. If she just used her supernatural power, could Jiang Liu ever outrun her? Therefore, why should she bother to run and chase after him?

Could it be that this is the trick that the new ghost emissary came up with to lower the Li gui’s IQ?

At this moment, the female ghost finally realized that her behaviour of chasing Jiang Liu was too stupid. She immediately stopped her actions. Just when Jiang Liu felt that he had finally escaped from the breath of the female ghosts and decided to look back, the next second, the female ghost instantly appeared in front of Jiang Liu, almost touching the tip of his nose. So much that Jiang Liu could even smell the pungent stench on her body.

Jiang Liu’s heart tightened as he realized that the female ghost had seen through his plan.

But it doesn’t matter, he was also waiting for this moment.

When the female ghost was about to attack him, Jiang Liu took the first step to stick the soul-suppressing talisman left by the original adoptive father on the female ghost’s body. There was a flash of lightning, and thunder immediately came after that.

The soul-suppressing talisman was a talisman that was a much higher grade than the palm thunder. Therefore, it was extremely harmful to Li gui. The last two palm thunders had reduced the female ghost’s levee against him, and also made it easy for him to lure her into a trap.

“Hehe, do you think the reason I was running around before because I was terrified of you?”

Jiang Liu stopped and stood perfectly straight as he looked at the female ghost who was rolling around in grievances. He appeared as if he was a worldly expert.

The old ghost not far away was shocked when he heard Jiang Liu’s words.

Don’t tell me…

Isn’t that so…

“Yes, the reason why I run before is that I was terrified of you, hahaha!”

Jiang Liu smiled triumphantly. What decade are you living in? Even ghost hunting need one to depend on their brain, okay. How could his half-baked ability ever confront this kind of Li gui? Of course, his panic is real. Yet he also used his panic to lure the enemy to his trap.

The old ghost sighed. As expected, he really could not attach any importance on this flamboyant ghost emissary, ah.

It’s just that Jiang Liu was obviously happy too early. As if being stimulated by his words, and a powerful aura suddenly burst out from Li gui’s body. So much that she was unexpectedly freed herself from the Soul-suppressing Talisman.


The female ghost looked up to the sky, and she let out a mournful scream as she moved straight towards Jiang Liu. The old ghost couldn’t even react when the sudden change occurred. Even Jiang Liu regretted his despicable mouthing.

However, the pain in his imagination did not come. When Jiang Liu opened his eyes, everything around seemed to have changed.


When Jiang Liu wanted to say something, a girl in a black windbreaker stopped him and made a silent motion to make him focus on his front.

Looking at the direction being pointed out by that girl, Jiang Liu’s pupils instantly dilated.

It was unknown when they had come to the rooftop. Currently, three people were standing on the rooftop. Jiang Liu recognized that one of the girls who was crying was the female ghost that he had faced just now. Although her face has changed beyond recognition, her breath was impossible to be deceived.

“Why, why do you have to betray me with my best friend!”

“Why, my two most important people treat me like this!”

The girl in the red dress cried as she asked that pair of man and woman who were holding each other hand together. Jiang Liu could not hear what was said between them. After the couple left the rooftop, the girl laid on the ground and cried for a long time. In the end, with a cruel heart, she rushed to the fence, closed her eyes, and jumped down.

At this time, that pair of man and woman had just walked out of the moral education building. What greeted them was the appearance of that girl who had been crushed into a puddle of mud in front of them. The eyeballs which were smashed out of their eye sockets, slowly rolled under their feet as it stared straight at them.

“I will come back for revenge!”

The red dress was stained with blood. Amidst everyone’s screams, it bloomed like a flirty and coquettish red spider lily on the road to the Yellow Spring.

[T/N: This reminds me of Jigoku shoujo. As well as Vocaloid song’s Twilight Homicide song]

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